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Alistair Kavanagh

Rock Hard, "lead guitar" and general tough guy

0 · 249 views · located in Alternate Earth

a character in “Bushido Metal”, as played by Baron Fowling


Name: Alistair Kavanagh
Alias: Rock Hard
Age: 18
Nature: Perfect Mutant
Allegiance: Anti-Authority
Standing at almost six foot and with a relatively well-built upper body, it is only Rock Hard’s somewhat immature-sounding voice that ever let on to witnesses that he wasn’t at least in his early twenties. He has jet black hair that unfortunately tends naturally to a somewhat greasy-looking shimmer, and which is cropped messily a bit below his earlobes. Rather thick glasses hide eyes of a dark slate-gray. When in civilian clothing he tends to slouch a bit and affects an appearance of confident awkwardness, but when in Rock Hard gear he stands up fully straight and lets his “natural” air of assured superiority take over. This is more of an assumed difference to further improve his disguise than anything else, though.
A perfect mutant with very much physically-orientated abilities, Kavanagh is essentially a powerhouse. His strengths lie in resilience and, uh, strength. He is roughly twice as strong as your average Olympic weightlifter, and his ability to take hits is such that he would most likely shrug off being run down by an SUV at high speed. His stamina is impressive as well, if not exactly superhuman. Other preternatural abilities include his highly-attuned senses, impressive reaction speed, good resistance to pain and a superhuman ability to withstand psychic attacks, despite lacking any active psychic powers of his own. His skin is tough and his bones are incredibly strong, but he is still vulnerable to blades and bullets. It is for this reason that he often augments his costume with a layer of kevlar.


It was a potent combination of altruism and egotism that propelled young Alistair towards a fateful career as a masked vigilante, or “superhero” if you want to stay on his good side. And though his methods may have changed for the better since that time and he may have lost some of his original naivete, it is still that same desire to do good and look good whilst doing so that motivates him to go on with the whole thing. Alistair is an idealist in broad terms, but can be very pragmatic when it comes to situations in which difficult decisions need to be made. He is aware of the occasional need for sacrifices, whether that means breaking a few of a henchman’s fingers to get to a ringleader or letting a jewel thief go free in order to nail a multiple rapist. However, he values human life above all other things, and believes all people capable of redeeming themselves. Thus, he has never taken a human life, and never wishes to. One of the aspects of his pride means that he believes that his powers make him responsible for pretty much everyone around him at any given time. It was also partially this belief in the old adage that “with great power comes great responsibility” that convinced Alistair that becoming a superhero was the right thing to go. And it was not fear that held him back before that, but laziness.


Costume: The main component of Rock Hard’s costume is a leather double-breasted trench coat which reaches down to about his knees. This was “acquired” on an early mission from a drug lord’s bodyguard, and has replaced the lycra costume he originally crafted himself to this day. It is quite ostentatious, with lots of unnecessary straps and buckles on the sleeves and shoulders, and a large pointed collar. Alistair has also adorned it with a lot of designs in dark purple studs, including on the back the flaming smiley face that he has made his insignia. In addition to The Coat, Rock Hard wears a pair of somewhat baggy black combat trousers, steel-toed boots and a pair of sturdy black kevlar gloves with reinforced knuckles. On his head he wears a sort of adapted Lucha Libre mask which bares the bottom half of his face but covers his neck. Dark purple flame designs surround his eyes.

Equipment: Uses a radio system built into his headwear to both communicate with his allies and eavesdrop on police radio channels. Aside from that, just his boots, gloves, and a light bulletproof vest he wears under his Coat.


Public History: Nothing as of yet

So begins...

Alistair Kavanagh's Story