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John Nicholas

"Many people blind to the truth question my motives. It's simple, really. I want Mankind to be free from its sinful shackles. Citizens of Cruisland, march against the Setian Plague!"

0 · 478 views · located in Terra, the First Year of the Era of Strife

a character in “By Blood and Iron: A Tale of Terra”, as played by StormerJohn


Stolen from Google Images (I can't find the artist)
Aliases: The Rebel; The White Monarch; General of the White Army; The First Consul of Farsivil
Race: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Empire/Faction: The White Army/The Farsivillian Guard
-Hair: Dark brown; usually with Mousse and swept to the right. Styled in a pompadour fashion.
-Eyes: Dark brown.
-Facial Features: John's facial features are that of a Chinese man's. However, he has a sharp jawline, and rather high cheekbones.
-Frame: Mesomorph.
-Weight and Height: 52kg, 1.78m
-Skin Complexion: Fair. Still has the yellowish tint of the pure Tsin native.
-Clothing/Armour: John Nicholas always changed his undershirt and underpants, but he only wears one uniform: his combat uniform. The combat uniform is dark blue in colour, with a rather high collar. His uniform is trimmed with gold, with two fringed epaulettes on both shoulders. He has some steel underneath the uniform to protect him. His helmet is a rather odd combination of a pickelhaube and a stahlhelm, but is nonetheless trimmed gold. The pickelhaube's signature pike is, of course, there. He also wears a common steampunk gas mask made of steel, brass, and leather. He wears black bloused trousers with black combat boots.
-Weaponry: As a general, John Nicholas is armed with a sabre, a White Guard ceremonial dagger, and a 9mm pistol that chambers twelve rounds. Occasionally, he carries a rifle, as well.
-Miscellaneous: Binoculars for vision, and, of course, some water.
Personality: (At least one paragraph)
  • Mankind
  • Virtues
  • Strength
  • Power
  • The Being
  • Set and his men
  • Vices
  • Absolute freedom
Biography: John was born into a family of soldiers serving the Cruislani Kingdom and Empire. His father, who was born in the time of Cruisland's transformation, was still quite strict, and was different from other children. He was more conservative and significantly more nationalist than other children of his generation. The people around him enjoyed their newfound freedom way too much. Within a few years, prostitution was legalised and was at an all-time high, corrupt businessmen monopolise businesses and take the money for themselves, brothels were set up, and people were pleasuring themselves way too much. The media corrupted the youth. Luckily, his father, who was raised by John's iron-fisted grandfather, Nicholas II, was not corrupted. He became very incorruptible, and very devout to the Faith. John, however, wasn't like his father. He grew up around corrupted kids, went out all the time, and was influenced by the School of Frankfurt: the leading education organisation in Cruisland. It was also this school which corrupted the minds of children. John began to have a rebellious phase in his teenage years, but at the age of fifteen, his rebellious phase abruptly ended. Nobody has complete details of how John was freed from the School of Frankfurt's grasp, but according to John, it was a sudden awakening. He began to be loyal to the faith, and started to mend his bonds with his strict father.

John thought that it would all be over in the first election he could take part in. The candidate he had chosen was a conservative, the son of a former general, and a war hero. However, he lost by a landslide. John was furious, but the only thing he could do was write. He was great at writing. He wrote a letter against the School of Frankfurt, and upon them getting the letter, he was banned from nearly all institutions. His dreams of becoming a lawyer were swept away. He joined the military, but not as a fighter. In fact, he just wanted to be a recorder. However, his allies still depended on him and trusted him heavily, because he didn't just sit back and record. In fact, sometimes, he was in the frontline with the soldiers, carrying his own rifle. One day, his officer was shot down, and the XO was wounded. He was the first candidate to lead temporarily. He lead his platoon quite well, organising the disorganised force while under fire. Through a swift manoeuvre around a hill with more than half his platoon, he caught the enemies off-guard, and decimated them. He was recognised by his superiors, and he was offered a place as a field officer. He accepted reluctantly, but he passed the candidacy. He was assigned as a lieutenant, and was assigned to lead a platoon of rookies who had never seen a real firefight. He lead them in another incursion, and suffered nearly no casualties, save for a few wounds.

However, as he sat there, he began to remember his true mission as a patriot. He remembered the values his father taught him. In one of his incursions, he stumbled upon an ancient library. There, he read about the Old King, an immortal, from an old book about the history of ancient Cruisland: Farsivil. He read, and read, and became interested. His minds were filled with dreams and ambitions, but he knew that he would not be able to fulfil these dreams as a lowly lieutenant. He climbed the ranks, higher and higher, until he was a brigadier general. There, he met people like him: nationalists. However, he also met more progressive generals. These he deemed his enemy. One fateful night, John began to weave a plan. He gathered all of the nationalist generals to his side. He showed them what a true Cruislani was: a man against the modern world, against absolute, unrestricted freedom. The generals were filled with a sense of patriotism as the young general spoke. He declared a coup among the officers, and immediately, all of them agreed to take part. He was made the leader of this coup.

The coup began on one morning with an announcement to radio stations. The soldiers loyal to the nationalists arrested the officers who dared not join, but the progressive generals were safe. The government officials were quick, and escaped when the coup was at its climax. Several dozen citizens who attacked police died on the day of the coup. Eventually, the coup was declared a failure because the loyalists forced the nationalists back. Though the coup failed, the rebellion had begun. Nationalist citizens took to the streets, waving the flag of imperial Cruisland. The progressives, who now took control of slightly over half the army, suppressed the rebellion with bullets. The nationalist generals and the rebellious soldiers joined once again, and rebelled with the citizens. The Farsivillian Guard was born that day, with John at its helm. Now, his armies march west from the Eastern Deserts, prepared to liberate the people from their vices.
  • Shooting at the range
  • Fencing
  • Writing
  • Constructing and designing
  • Drawing/sketching

So begins...

John Nicholas's Story