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Catherine Audrey

"We're all human here, well most of us. Okay maybe not even most of us maybe just like, 2%. Maybe a bit less. I don't know. I'll shut up now."

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a character in “By Blood or By Gold: Pirates of Nassau”, as played by AppleSauce




ImageImage{ FULL NAME }
Catherine Aubrey

{ AGE }

None so far

Although she had no official class on any ship, she is an excellent Doctor and Navigator. Although she has some weaknesses in both categories. As a Doctor she becomes extremely nervous when performing on children, and extremely nervous when navigating in harsh, dangerous territories. The pressure gets to her, disabling her from working properly.

{ SHIP }
"Does a little row boat count?"
No. No ship as of yet.


ImageImage{ HEIGHT & WEIGHT }
5 ft 6 in or 168 cm. 55 kg or 121 pounds.

Catherine is at an average height and weight, slender, curvy (but not voluptuous), soft, porcelain looking skin and delicate, soft facial features. However her face shape is fairly sharp with high cheek bones. Her hair is dark brown, long, thick and wavy and dry. She has stunning, big blue eyes.



Her mother is a simple, English woman, perfectly fine on her own and living, comfortably. Although there's is hardly anything know of her father, she was told by her mother that he died at sea, no details. Whether it is true or not is another story Catherine is yet to find the truth about. It was rumoured that her father was some creature of reptilian features. Others say her mother was cursed when she was pregnant with Catherine, thus causing her transformation every night. There's a lot of theories that Catherine doesn't know from truth to fiction. By this point she doesn't give it much thought but she has always wondered why secrets are being kept from her when it comes to her father.

Catherine is a very odd woman. She looks quite approachable, young, almost innocent but most regret it when they speak to her. She's not afraid to ask questions just to cure her curiosity, she will ask question upon question and is known for being quite annoying at times. She loves to talk with all kinds of people, sometimes she plays the ditz and oblivious babe many claim her to be, just because she finds it funny. Catherine is bored easily and will travel place to place, go on her own little adventures or even tag along with some stranger. She may seem unintelligent but she is far from it. She can very well take care of herself and others with her great skills in Nursing and Navigation/Geology. She loves the world and wants to see every inch of it, even if it gets her killed eventually, she'll die happy.
Catherine can make the weirdest jokes out of no where that you might not expect from her. With a happy smile she may just make a very dark joke or even extremely crude joke. She likes dark humour, likes the idea of turning something horrible into something amusing. She's the type to come out of nowhere and ask the most ridiculous question. But, because of all her questions, it has made Catherine a very clever and wise woman, she knows about almost every local on the most infamous island which she finds is the most fun place to be at.
Catherine is only ever quiet when things go sour for her situation, when she feels like there's no way out of a problem he turns very negative and grumpy towards people. When she likes someone, she'll find it harder to approach them than others as this is when she feels most shy. In a fight, she's not the strongest but she's great at defending herself, her defence is top notch, she's quick, nimble, has many tricks up her sleeves. Which is needed when you come up against someone who's obviously stronger than you. Not much of a force goes into her physical fighting unless she's furious.


ImageImage { LIKES }
Humans | Anatomy, exploring, jokes, weird things and people, little trinkets, anything out of the ordinary, animals, the colour red, talking, games (cards, gambling etc), and potatoes.

Pirates (only because to her they smell bad, other than that she thinks they're cool), being told what to do, hypocrites, cocky people, being under estimated, losing.

Drowning, suffocating, dying with regrets, impossible decisions, relationships. She's afraid that as soon as someone see's her other form at night that they will leave her instantly in disgust. Seems to also have a bit of a fear of sharp objects or weapons, they make her cringe when she instantly pictures that sharp object impaling herself or another (unless she dislikes the other person).

Catherine always double checks everything, never goes anywhere unprepared, with companions always asks if they have everything and even lists the things they should have, knows her way around very well unless she hasn't been there before, she can read, write and navigate, has a great knowledge of flora and fauna, knows about different plants and creatures, myths, knows what could be or is poisonous, venomous, deadly. Asking questions sounds annoying and bad but it gives her a lot of information and thus she makes quite a bit of dosh for being a bit of an information broker.

Jumping to conclusions, sometimes acts like she knows everything about someone, can seem like a bit of a smart pants, doesn't always think of how others feel when she speaks or how it might make them feel, can be annoying, sometimes too talkative.


Image{ HISTORY }
Since she was born she was always restless. As a child she wandered off countless times giving her mother a heart attack here and there. Always wanted to know what was beyond where she was allowed to go. Curious of the unknown, always keen to learn and discover. As a kid she always asked everyone questions, but some were a bit put off by the fact that she wasn't completely human. Others found her adorable when they didn't see her at night. Eventually as she matured, her mother and herself were fine money wise where they lived, they were lucky in that sense, was a good thing that Catherine was clever, was pretty good at gambling. That money she won helped them out quite a few times with more to spare. She never broke the law though, committed no crimes until one day she was framed and blamed for the murder of a man she had spoken with briefly about frogs or something. Of course many people believed this accusation because of her so called monstrous transformation, which wasn't even that bad in her opinion. To avoid there being any trouble for her mother, know very well the town had planned on killing her for this crime, she told her mum to play along as she held her hostage and finally made her escape, heart in her throat with not even a goodbye. She had a male friend who believed that she was innocent who helped her escape in a small ship, not one for vast travels, that allowed her to at least get to another town where she was unknown where she could try and make a living and possibly travel elsewhere, which she did. And after many travels, sneaking on ships and also going legitimately on ships, she found that the island where many pirates belonged; here she felt most comfortable as she could be herself as there were others just as odd and deformed as herself.
A little important information, every night, she transforms, it's not a huge transformation and it's not intentional either, she can't stop it from happening. What features change are her skin, it changes to hard, thick, reptilian flesh, this makes it harder to penetrate her skin with a sharp object. The whites of her eyes turn yellow and the irises go black, this allows her to see well in the dark. Her nails grow thick and hard and make it quite easy to simple rip the flesh off someone's body with these claws. At her current age she isn't too bothered about others seeing this side of her but when it comes to being with strangers on a ship she tries to keep it hidden to avoid fear, confusion and possible death.


Zooey Deschanel


Monster - Detektivbyrån

So begins...

Catherine Audrey's Story

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ImageCatherine was a normal looking woman; her soft facial features gave off the impression of innocence and a good willed person. But she wasn't innocent at all, good willed well sort of, as best as she could be. Her long, dark brown, beautiful thick hair was wavy, quite dry, and a bit messy. But her eyes was what got peoples attention the most. She had bright, big blue eyes, that always seemed rather eerie to stare into; felt as though those eyes of hers could look straight through you, past that mask and into your soul. Her sweet smiles and positive attitude were quite misleading as she wasn't always happy or positive, but felt it was the easiest way to approach people and start a conversation.

Because of this rather innocent vibe Catherine projected, many underestimated her, thought they could take advantage of her and treated her sometimes like a kid, baby talking her. Which she found annoying but played along, feeding their mind false accusations before finally stunning them with what she truly was. She found it amazing how comfortable people usually felt around her, even though most of her smiles and happy attitude wasn't an act at all, for all they knew she could be pretending to only later kill them and take their dosh. An amusing thought, but she wasn't that kind of person. She believed in fairly gaining money, most of the time. Catherine was a bit of a hypocrite sometimes.

Catherine looked younger than what her age actually was. Which was why it amazed a lot of men especially, when she would out smart them in a game of cards and leave with all their money. Which didn't always go down as simple as that, a frail looking woman, could easily take your money back off her right? Wrong. She was nimble, agile, quick to avoid and defend herself. She could easily get out of a sticky situation after much experience in her life time.

Aside all that, Catherine was just a simple explorer, adventurer, Doctor and Navigator. Mainly personal though, she is very afraid of growing too fond or attached to someone and then being betrayed or thrown aside for what she really is. What is she you might ask? Well, many would call her a monster but she liked to go with unique.

Catherine always found that wearing men's clothing was far more convenient, comfortable and simply better in general for moving around so much. She couldn't recall the last time she wore a dress or a skirt, she found it simply attracted annoying and unwanted attention. Her brown pants were a bit baggy, held up by a thick, black belt and he baggy, long sleeved, white shirt was kept messily tucked into her pants. The bottom of her pants were also tucked into her knee high, faded black boots. She dressed casually and comfortably, a bit lazily really but she made it look good. Good enough.

It was night now, Catherine's usual normal form was no longer seen by the public. No at night her skin changed to that of a reptiles, thick, difficult to penetrate, rough looking but still strangely smooth, like a snake. The whites of her eyes were a yellow colour and her irises were now completely black. Her nails, long, thick, hard, could easily penetrate and remove a lot of skin and possibly limbs. Yes in this form she was no longer frail but instead, what most would call, a freak. However on this island where many freaks would roam, she felt comfortable enough to wander around in the open, sure some would stare and point, but most were used to it. She felt confident like this.

The female was closing in on the popular Tavern and Brothel now, she could her loud, rowdy noises, some of pleasure and others of pain. Rather odd mixture of sounds she thought but it was the most fun to be at. You always found strange people there that she loved to drown in questions. The reptilian woman nonchalantly entered the Tavern with a cheeky smile on her face that would make you think she knows something about you you don't want her to know. As soon as she entered, she noticed the brawl that had took place, a little pack of Pirates who acted like dogs were out numbering a poor man who seemed to be doing quite well despite the unfairness of the situation, but was still getting quite pummelled. Until another man stepped in to help and also began punching one of the Pirates in the face. Her face lit up with excitement as she clapped her hands together in awe, she looked quite thrilled to be watching such an event. "Yeah you get those dogs!" She cheered from the entry as another entered, nudging her as they pushed past from her being in the way. "You could have said excuse me ya block head. Jeez! People can be so rude huh?" Catherine said this with a familiar tone as she moved herself from the entrance and directed her question at a random person who was nearby. A very pale and skinny, tall man. She liked the look of him, he certainly stood out with those glassy white eye with dark slits along with other features. She was glad that by random she had turned to this strange man, who was obviously inhuman. "Whoa you look pretty cool!" Catherine's black eyes widened as a big smile formed on her face. She leaned forward, tilting her head to the side as she studied him closer. "What's your name? I'm Catherine, are you a local here? I don't think I've ever seen you before, I'd definitely remember you. How did you become like this? Did you accidentally drink a magic potion you thought would make you stronger? Because I know this one guy who did that once and his WHOLE head turned into the head of a fish! It was so funny, hard to take him seriously." Catherine finally took a breath, it was a bit hard to talk loudly over all the loud people in the Tavern and talk a lot as well. She turned for a moment, leaning against the counter she studied all the people as a thick, claw tapped on her chin inquisitively, there were many she wished to speak with but first, she'd chat with his guy. Turning back to look at him she spoke again. "There are some odd people here tonight huh?"

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As soon as another fistfight started, the bartender slid from the back with a small pouch. He came up to Irukandji and swept the pouch to his hands. He weighed the pouch a bit and ran his fingers across the surface, getting a feel for the items inside.

"Yes, this'll do." , he said as he let out a menacing grin.

The bartender let out a nervous smile and said with a low tone: "Next shipment next week, yes?"

"As always, yes.", he said as he swept the pouch in the pocket of his pants. He then shifted his gaze back towards the bar and laid his elbows on the counter behind him, but something was off. He heard a subtle murmur somewhere, it wasn't there before. It was growing louder than the noise in the rest of the tavern. In fact, it was growing rather irritating. It was actually growing really really irritating. One by one his sharp teeth were revealed as his eye twitched and his frown grew wider. He finally jerked his head left, and saw a girl right out of a fancy french ball. Then he realized this girl had been talking to his ear this entire time, initiating a thought process: Was she a whore? Pretty good looking for one, save for the skin condition. But what about the fact that she isn't soliciting me? No, she isn't a whore. . . maybe an escort? This whole situation is awkward. I can't deal with this right now . . .

What the fuck do you want?, he hissed.

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Image"Wow that was rude. But it's okay, I'll forgive you, just this once!" Catherine's facial expressions were quite enthusiastic as well as her speech. She wasn't fazed by the angry look he was giving her or the sharp teeth, he wasn't the first unusual looking character she had spoken with. And there were occasions when someone would try to physically harm her from simply talking to them. People were too touchy sometimes in her opinion.

The reptilian woman tilted her head to the side slightly once more and studied his face more carefully. "You have pretty sharp teeth. How sharp are they exactly though? I mean can they bite through my arm? Oh we should see if they can pierce my skin!" With much excitement Catherine clapped her hands together, she was quite curious to see if those sharp teeth could pierce her thick reptilian skin. And well, if they did then he could fix herself. "Oh and what I wanted was to know your name." Catherine leaned forward slightly as she spoke "I'm Catherine, I don't think you heard me earlier!" She made sure to speak loudly and clearly, sort of slowly on purpose as if he didn't understand what language she was speaking, then stood up straight again. "God I wish these noisy brutes would keep it down a bit, I can't hear myself think! It gets annoying raising your voice continuously as you talk you know?" She wasn't sure whether or not this guy would possibly try and harm her or not yet; some people just lash out at others because of trust issues, which she can't blame then for feeling that way in this place but still, shouldn't stop you from having fun. Nonetheless, if he did harm her, depending on if he landed the attack or not, then she might leave him alone, she wasn't the fighting type and preferred to stay out of any kind of brawl. Didn't want to waste medical equipment on a silly fight.

Catherine turned to look at the other people in the Tavern once again, watching the brawl happen before them. She began to remember the strange looking man had made some kind deal with the bartender as they had exchanged something she didn't quite catch the look of. She was a bit curious but assumed it was goods for the Tavern and in return, money. Rubbing the back of her head, messing up her already messy, dry, thick hair, she turned back to the man before her and smiled. "What will you do after this? I mean, after hanging around here?"