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"You can always trust the untrustworthy because you can always trust that they will be untrustworthy. It's the trustworthy you can't trust." - Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

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a character in “By Blood or By Gold: Pirates of Nassau”, originally authored by Kaeru, as played by RolePlayGateway



"When you are a hero you are always running to save someone, sweating, worried and guilty. When you are a villain you are just lurking in the shadows waiting for the hero to pass by. Then you pop them in the head and go home... piece of cake."

Nine Lashes || The Void.



Image{ N A M E }
Tarvak Volkhov.

{ A G E }

{ M O N I K E R }

{ C L A S S }
A mercenary, contracted assassin, pickpocket, thief, spy, pirate. If you're offering enough money, he can be anything or anyone you could want.

{ S H I P }
The Harbinger, serving under Captain Jack Janye.


{ H E I G H T }
Approximately 5'11".

{ B U I L D }
All things considered, Deadfall isn't exactly skinny, but he's not too bulky either. He's on the borderline of being skinny, in truth, but he's got enough strength in him to get things done if need be.

{ A P P E A R A N C E }
Despite his profession and generally rough personality, Deadfall is a well-groomed lad. He takes great pride and care in his appearance, always making sure that his clothes are spotless (or at least as clean as possible) and his hair is well-washed and knot-free. It is rare that he'd grow out his beard, but not impossible, as even then it would be well-maintained and neat upon his face.

Deadfall as a fairly plain appearance, really. He doesn't go out of his way to stand out, despite his evident cleanliness. He's the sort of guy your eyes just kind of skim past, which - despite what you may be thinking - is a good thing when it comes to his profession, as he'll often need to blend into the background. Although, some would say he's not exactly hard to look at. He's more pretty than handsome, however, which he has always hated about himself.

Example Outfit #1 - Pirating.
Example Outfit #2 - Wealthy Civilian (cover).
Example Outfit #3 - Poor Civilian (cover).


{ S E X U A L I T Y }
Instead of saying that Deadfall is either one thing or the other, it's safer to state that he's heterosexual when he's sober; any other time is questionable.

{ F A M I L Y }
Deadfall was raised by his father, Kosyak, who is a known Smith in Nassau. As far as he knows, his mother was a whore, but not the same whore that mothered his 16-year-old sister, Alya. He has long since disowned most of his family, but still keeps in touch with Alya when she needs money and such.

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }
Despite all the cruel remarks, witty comebacks and generally annoying ways, Deadfall has a few good qualities to back him up. The first of which would be his determination. Once he has been given a job, there isn't anything he won't do to see it through. It is through this that he can be thought of as merciless, single-minded, and sometimes even dangerous. However, with his overabundance of concentration and determination, there comes the fact that his loyalty is not so much earned as purchased. It is rare that he'll commit to anything without a good enough pay, and can be easily be persuaded to switch to the highest bidder, therefore making him untrustworthy, though he accepts payments in more ways than one. It's hard to figure out what'll switch him.

On another note, Deadfall is often considered to be playful, in most ways, and generally just a happy person. He loves to make light of most situations with some sort of light-hearted joke. In this sense, he is known to be highly facetious. As well as this, he can be considered somewhat gentlemanly, with a dapper appearance to accompany this. He's the sort of guy that will pull a chair out for another without question, or to pay compliments without expecting one in return. Or, in other words, just being genuinely pleasant to be around.


{ L I K E S }
+ Alcohol.
+ Trinkets.
+ Money & profit.
+ A good sense of humour; witty banter.
+ Chaos and drama.
+ Good company.
+ Written stories.
+ Amusing situations.

{ D I S L I K E S }
- Feeling cornered.
- Captivity.
- Grumpy people.
- Soberness.
- Cold weather.
- Children.
- Bad company.
- Being out-witted.

{ F E A R S }
- He doesn't fear open water as much as being in said open water.
- Being captured.
- Torture.
- The idea of heaven and hell; the afterlife.
- Getting dirty.

{ G O O DXH A B I T S }
+ He'll never take a life unless it's part of a written contract.
+ He shows respect to those who earn it.
+ He's a strong believer that women can be just as deadly and frightening as men; this was, of course, only after meeting Robyn.
+ He's strict on personal hygiene.
+ He often thinks things through before he does them.

{ B A DXH A B I T S }
- He drinks like nothing you've ever seen; quite often, actually.
- He steals things, a lot. Usually he'll sell them, or keep them for personal use.
- He'll take any contract offered to him, if the pay's high enough.
- He often allows money to take over his priorities.
- Much like with the money, he is often tempted by the possibility of sex.


{ H I S T O R Y }
Being the son of a respectable smith, Tarvak was born into a life of common luxury. While his family weren't exactly wealthy, they also weren't poor. He and his father got on well enough, and had enough money in their pockets to buy food and clothing when such things were needed. Tarvak was being groomed to take over his father's business once he passed, which was an idea that didn't exactly appeal to Tarvak's free-spirited nature, and desires to travel and generally just live the life of a free man. He wanted to drink and fight and sail. In truth, he just wanted to escape his family. He'd always been the boy who wanted much more than he could have or handle, which is something that followed him into his adult years, and corrupted him.

It wasn't until he turned seventeen that he made his first attempt at pursuing these dreams of his, when he snuck out to visit the local tavern. Little can be said about what actually happened on that night; Deadfall can't remember for the life of him. The only thing he does remember, which just so happens to be the most important detail, was that this was the night where in which he shed his old name, and was given Deadfall as his moniker. That was the night in which he made the decision to abandon his family life.

He was recruited immediately by a cut-throat, much like Deadfall is today. Even Deadfall does not know why, but the father figure he calls 'Ol' Man' took him in, provided for him, and trained him. It took a few years in whole, but eventually he became skilled in most areas of Mercenary work; stealing, sneaking, fighting, assassinating, etc. You name it, and it was most likely taught to him. He took to it well, because it was the life he'd always wanted; one of adventure and chaos. It was during his training that Ol' Man realised what he'd actually clocked on to when he recruited Deadfall.

Of course, little did he know, Deadfall loved money. He loved the idea that he could get more money than what the Ol' Man was providing him, and so he took to his own path. He relished the idea that he wouldn't have to give 80% of his pay to a man who used it solely for whoring and such. And so, as he worked alone, his money was his own, and he didn't owe it to anyone but himself. However, being along was, well, lonely. And if there's one thing you should remember about Deadfall, it's that he hates being alone. He needed a profession where in which he worked with others to achieve goals, and that gave him enough money that sharing with others wouldn't be so much of a loss to his own personal wealth. He needed the Pirates.

He joined a crew the first chance he got, aboard a ship called the Harbinger. That was about a year ago to this day, and while he holds no real desire to leave them, he's still open to the possibility that he could be purchased for a higher price than he's earning through his work with the crew.


{ F A C EXC L A I M }
Ben Barnes.

{ C O L O U R S }

So begins...

Deadfall's Story

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The night in Nassau is as it always was, warm, but now a welcoming warm, it was like standing near a funeral pyre, there was nothing welcoming about it. Pirates came and went, merchants selling their wares, trading with said pirates, bars and taverns ringing with the sounds of breaking glass, music, chattering and cheering, brothels alive with the sounds of moans and screams of pleasure and some times pain.

On this dark kingless island, a woman walked, her dark eyes focusing on nothing, yet seeing nearly everything. A dark skinned beauty, hair flowing down in unbound tresses, her curvy body hugged in a boiled leather corset, long skirts twisting around her long legs as she walked, a pilfered belt with a large golden clasp hung around her waist, with a cutlass in much need of a wet stone in it's sheath on her right and a dagger on her left, a cotton men's shirt, left slightly unbuttoned, teasing the bounty beneath.

This night was not unlike night she earned her name, not known to all, but one day, one day soon would be feared by all, as here, walked the Crimson Lady, Robyn Sheva.

She rounded the corner, entering the tavern/brothel, where men looked at her oddly. Women pirates, while not uncommon, were still quite a sight. A fact she knew, but the fact is, she wasn't a pirate, not yet. No, instead, she was thief, having stolen the belt from a pirate with limited control of his hands. He thought himself a taste of her, and only found the taste of his own blood as it bubbled up his throat, shortly after she plunged her favored dagger into his gut.

She took a seat at the bar, and ordered a tall glass over rum, paying very close to the eyes that were on her. No blood was to be spilled here, not in Madame Aja Rai's establishment, not unless a man wanted to go un-fucked for the evening, which was good for Robyn, it was unlikely that someone would try something foolish.

"Quite the cutlass you have there, Lass." said a pirate well into his cup.

"If you do not want to see it in use, then I suggest you move along." said the woman, as her cup set in front of her. The pirate laughed. "Oh listen to you, such a brave girl," he said, brushing hair from in front of her ear. Robyn smacked his hand away, causing his crew to all stand up. The pirate waved them down.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Wrong question."


"That's not the question you should be asking me, you should be asking, if I care enough to know, and the answer to that, is no."
Robyn took a sip of her mug, only to have it knocked from her hand, the contents spilling on to the floor.

"You've got quite the balls for a woman." He said, anger now at Robyn's nonchalance. Robyn turned to him, her face a mask of boredom and amusement.

"I could say the same to you." she said, her voice as calm as ever.

He snarled, slapped her across the face, and grabbed her throat, shoving her against the bar top.

"You want to know how big I am, I'll show you." He said, kicking the bar stool, and straddling her thighs.

"Well then, I certainly hope you fuck harder then you strike." She said, a crooked smile upturned her lips. He began to squeeze and with that, Robyn rose her leg, jarring his manhood upward. He groaned and let go, only to have Robyn slam her knee into his face as he doubled over. He popped up before hitting the ground backwards unconscious.

His crew stood up then, seven men, maybe more and Robyn sighed. She didn't really know how to use the cutlass she stole, so she didn't bother with it now, especially since no blood was allowed to be shed here. "Fucking hell." She said, her hand going to her dagger.

It was nearly freed from it's sheath with a booming voice shouted, ending all the noise in the tavern, even some of the sounds of sex going on in the upper rooms.

"That's enough of that!"

Robyn didn't take her eyes off of her soon to be attackers, but they turned from her.

"Leave the lass alone," said the voice, soon revealing himself to her as he passed through the crowd of men. A tall man with a small monkey on his shoulder walked up, his heavy foot falls echoing in the now silent room, long stringy grey and brown hair, a large hat atop his shoulders, scars lining his weather beaten face, and apple in his hand. He stopped just a few feet from where she stood, biting in to his apple while the monkey screeched. Robyn reached for her dagger.

"Peace, Lass, I'm not gonna hurt ya," He said, waving her down with both hands as the juice from the freshly bitten apple ran down his face, and on to his beard. " See I'm unarmed." he said, turning his hands so that she could see there was nothing but the apple. Robyn's eyes merely narrowed.

"I'm Captain Jack Jayne of the Harbinger, who might you be, Lass?" He asked her.

"A memory." She said and moved to the door, only to find herself blocked.

"A Memory... hmm, I think I would remember you..." He said with a gap-tooth smile.

Robyn turned up her nose. "Look, I like you, Lass, so why don't I but you a drink? As...payment for this sorry sap's actions?" He said gesturing to the unconscious man on the floor.

"What's your angle?"

The old pirate laughed, his monkey jumped up and down, howling as if it too were laughing. "Well, I suppose a romp the sack upstairs is out of the question."

Robyn titled her head, incredulously. He laughed again. "No angle, I just like a woman who can hold her own, come, join us, drinks on me." He said and Robyn took a deep breath. She didn't know what she was getting into but she was starving, all she could afford was a drink, when actually she needed a meal.

"Throw in a meal, and we'll talk." She said, and the old pirate laughed as the tavern resumed it's noise.

"What's yer name, lass?"

"Robyn, Robyn Sheva," She said, and let her dagger slid in to it's sheath, making sure it was loud enough that he knew it was there, she walked up to him and then passed him, looking for a seat. She found the one he'd been sitting in and she eyed the one beside it.

" the bird?" he asked, standing next to her, and offered the seat, much to the confusion of his crew.

"No, not like the bird."
Robyn smirked, patted his chest, before she walked by him and taking the seat offered.
"Robyn as in, 'Robyn you blind.'" She
She crossed her legs, and twirled two gold coins between her fingers. The crew gasped, while Captain Jayne looked impressed, he laughed.
"Oh I like you."

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Character Portrait: Robyn Sheva: The Crimson Lady Character Portrait: Captain Jack Janye of the Harbinger Character Portrait: Deadfall Character Portrait: Aja Rai Character Portrait: Dáire Esbon Character Portrait: Xerxes Gaspari
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Dáire felt so ready to pummel this guy, this scum. He wondered why he hadn't done so when he had the chance, why he didn't just slit his throat while he slept. Well, Dáire wasn't that kind of guy, he didn't like the though of killing another, not unless times got desperate. No he usually went to his book of spells and other information such as myths, legends, hidden places, curses, and more wonders. It was quite thick, and heavy but Dáire had been carrying it around most of his life since he sold everything he owned and became a Gypsy. Some pages are filled with ancient text that he cannot decipher, a language he is unfamiliar with that he is dying to understand. The book was wrapped in cheap leather; looked quite rugged and a bit damaged but it was strong, this was bound with strong, thin rope which he had managed to fiddle with so that it was attached to one of his belts and hung off the side of his thigh. Dáire would usually look through this book when he had a troublesome enemy like the Captain, and would pick a curse he though was best for them and simply lay it upon them. That way he didn't need to kill them and they could live a miserable life. It may sound selfish or cruel but it was how Dáire had lived this long.

"Why you-" Just as the pirate got up and was about to lash out at Dáire, a woman that all knew, stopped the fight instantly. It took her no fists or weapons or even a threat. Just soothing, calm words and the wave of her hand and perhaps the unfamiliar male he held a pistol to the Captain's head had a little something to do with it too. Who wouldn't back off? None the less the asshole of a pirate looked as if he was hypnotised or something, it was so odd, even he himself suddenly felt calm just from her touch, and usually Dáire hated it when people touched him without asking. This time was different.

He had heard of her and seen her a few times, knew her name, it wasn't rare to find someone at least bring her name up once in a conversation, but he had never conversed with her. All he knew was that she was in charge. He felt relaxed as his gaze moved to her, but at the same time he had a confused look on his face. She mentioned food and his stomach instantly growled impatiently. Dáire placed his left hand on hi stomach and felt a tad embarrassed about his loud stomach. "Food... Yes that would be nice." He finally replied as he rubbed the back of his head; the corner of his mouth raised ever so slightly to form a faint smile. He wasn't much of a people person when he wasn't being fake and trying to swindle money off people. When he was being himself he was a bit awkward.

The Gypsy's eyes shifted to the man who wielded the pistol, a very attractive man in his opinion. "Thanks." Even if the guy didn't do it to be nice and did it for other reasons, it certainly helped Dáire's situation, that was reason enough to thank someone in his opinion. Dáire felt a tad curious as to who he was on his way to speak with, but it was none of his business and he didn't much feel like being nosy

Dáire had been so caught up in the moment, he had completed missed the new faces that had entered the establishment. When the hell did they get here? He didn't realise how much he really blacked out and blocked out everyone when he was furious. There was even some guy at the bar counter ordering food casually, right near Dáire, and he hadn't even noticed him; oh wait make that two men, gosh he was terrible tonight, way off, not as cautious as usual. Or better yet the strange looking guy doing business with the bartender. Now that was odd, he wish he knew what in the world they were exchanging. An employee was also close by he hadn't seen when he first walked in was cleaning the tables, seeming to be keeping a close eye on them. At first Dáire wasn't sure why, almost forgetting about the little spat that broke out earlier before realising.

Okay, his mind had caught up with all the new faces, none of them were enemies as far as he could remember, so he now he can relax just a little. He followed Madame Aja to a table and seated himself. He couldn't remember the last time he had something actually good to eat as the plates of food were brought around to them by the beautiful, redhead, cook. The food presented before them looked breathtakingly delicious in Dáire's opinion. His face lit up just at the sight of the food "Thank y-" But the cook was really busy and just as he was about to thank her, she was gone after a kiss from Aja, "you." He finished his sentence feeling a little daft and felt like shrinking down to the size of a mouse for a moment then. "Calm down Dáire just be yourself. Wait no don't do that, shit." He thought to himself, attempting to make himself feel more comfortable which failed. His eyes trailed off for a moment as he noticed another unfamiliar face speak to the female cook, he had no idea what they were talking about, couldn't hear over the mash up of loud voices that filled the Tavern.

"When you asked me to eat did you mean literally eat food that was on you or- because I don't think I could afford this food if that were the case." Of course the images in his mind were far more dirtier than how casually he made the sentence out to be. A small grin formed on his face as he looked Madame Aja in the eye and began eating the food with much delight.