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Samara DeVries

"I can fix that. And if by chance I do not know how, I assure you I will learn." WIP

0 · 330 views · located in Nassau, and the Surrounding Waters

a character in “By Blood or By Gold: Pirates of Nassau”, as played by stealthpanther




[img]PLACE%20SMALL%20IMAGES/GIFS%20HERE[/img][img]PLACE%20SMALL%20IMAGES/GIFS%20HERE[/img]{ Samara DeVries }

{ AGE }

She introduces herself as Alvar, and pretends to be a man at almost all times.

While usually the carpenter of a ship doubles as the 'surgeon' and doctor, Samara would like to be the doctor for a ship

{ SHIP }
Doesn't have one yet

She stands about 5'4", and weighs about 138 lbs

Just A Brief Description Of The Characters Appearance



Father= Marchese (Marquis) Ludovic DeVries
Mother= Marchesa (Marquise) Maria DeVries
Brother (younger)= Victor DeVries
Sister (younger)= Cassia DeVries

Let's get to know your character!


-Fine foods
-The sea (and water in general)
-A good singing voice
-Fixing someone using medical knowledge and techniques she's learned

-A fight to the death
-Smoking/ pipes
-Being wrong
-Storms (especially thunder)
-Pig meat
-Purely political marriages
-Long beards
-Stupid superstitions

-Making a mistake with medicine
-Being forced into a loveless/ political marriage
-Food with holes or unusual/unexplained disfigurations
-Toads (not frogs, just toads)

-Determined and doesn't give in easily
-Studious and eager to learn
-Polite and well mannered
-Won't dismiss someone or their worth just because of social status
-Appreciates someone with ambition

-Hates to be wrong
-Likes luxuries and occasionally bemoans not having them always at her disposal as she did growing up
-Is picky about her food
-Doesn't realize if she's in the way or impeding someone
-Can sometimes be a know it all

{ Other Details }
Samara has been impersonating a man for several months now, and acts the part at almost all times.


Samara was born into luxury, her father a Marquis of Italy. Born into such privilege, she naturally had the means and opportunity to become educated. While at first she studied as girls did, she soon took interest in her younger brother's studies as well. She watched him practice swordsmanship when she got the chance. On the rare occasion she and her brother had time alone, she begged him to teach her what he knew, and gained a basic knowledge of combat.

Unfortunately, her younger siblings both ended up having weak constitutions, and often suffered chronic illnesses. A physician frequently tended to Samara's siblings, and it was then that she became fascinated by medicine. She followed the doctor everywhere, asking questions whenever he was not busy with her brother and sister. She studied in earnest, absorbing everything like a sponge. Samara took notes, read every book on medicine she could get her hands on, and dedicated almost every ounce of free time to furthering her knowledge.

Unfortunately for her, as she grew older her family sought to get her married to the best suitor they could acquire for their eldest child. Samara was less than thrilled about this, and despite every protest and objection, the matter was settled. Though she had always been well behaved and obedient to her family, Samara could not bear to be forced into marriage- a political one no less. With a heavy heart, she fled from home. She left a note bidding her family well and apologizing for all but refusing marriage.

She sought to catch a ship, though she found it was much harder as a woman to do so. Even making sure to disguise herself as a common girl, she found leaving so easily to be more difficult than she had imagined. Sailors were almost exclusively male, and she wasn't traveling as a noble with servants or prior arrangements. The most absurd reason, however, was the occasional captain or sailor who deemed having a woman on board as unlucky. Preposterous- surely!
Unwilling to risk staying in Italy and get found, Samara cut her hair and disguised herself as a male. Since then, she has hopped from ship to ship until arriving at Nassau, trying to figure out where to go now.




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So begins...

Samara DeVries's Story

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Green-flecked hazel eyes gazed upon the tavern with an air of wonder, curiousity drawing her towards the foreign building like metal to a magnet. Having arrived only a night ago, Samara had yet to explore the sea port town as much as she would have liked, and only now stumbled across the lively looking establishment.

Turning to catch a passerby, the young woman carefully spoke in what she thought was now an all-but-perfected male timbre. "Begging your pardon, but what manner of place is that?"

The man regarded her as though she were daft, brows furrowed as he gruffly answered her anyway. "You got rocks in yer head boy? That's Madame Aja's Tavern. Hottest spot in town." Samara looked affronted at the insult, all but glaring at the retreating figure even as a burning embarassment filled her veins and colored her face. She didn't much care for looking a fool, even if she logically had no way of knowing otherwise. She had half a mind to curse out loud, but force of habit prevented the expletive from being released. Instead, she turned to marvel once more at the pub, feeling excited in spite of her less than pleasant exchange.

Sure, she had heard of such things, for they were mentioned often enough. But she grew up in high society, and as her parents emphasized, no respectable aristocrat- especially a woman would be caught dead in such a place. It was for common folk- or so she was told, and such establishments were beneath her.

Despite her upbringing, Samara couldn't keep from feeling a growing excitement, intrigued by the thought of finally being able to freely set foot in such a place. It would seem almost silly, but even something as common as this was an adventure to her- stepping into forbidden territory. The sensation was the same thrill she always got when about to learn something new, and Samara relished the feeling. Mind made up, she headed to the building in question and pushed open the door, heart racing in anticipation.

The sight stopped her in her tracks. Whatever she was expecting, this was not it. It was far livelier inside than it appeared, and quite the mix of patrons could be seen. No one social class seemed to dominate, nor did the rules she grew up with seem to apply. The scent of alchohol and admittedly good-smelling food reached her nostrils, along with the occasional hint of perfume from the brothel ladies.

Samara glanced around, catching sight of a group of sailors throwing knives at a target upon the wall. A cook placed fresh hot meals in front of several seated patrons. And, to top it off, a fight seemed to have broken out between a single man and a group of rather pissed off looking pirates. She let out an invouluntary gasp at the struggle, seeing a fine dark haired man intervene with a tackle to one of the attacking pirates. She had honestly never seen people truly fight before, and the brawl caught her by surprise. Perhaps it took away from the guise of her being a male, but she couldn't hide her shock. Was this common place in taverns?

Samara felt a strong urge to move, to do help. But how on earth was she to do such a thing? She had sparred with her brother whenever he would indulge her, but never had she been in any position to defend someone. Her thoughts were interrupted when a fighter stumbled back from a punch, the figure narrowly missing her as she stepped back to avoid the brawl.