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Mimi Gregory

"Old enough to know, young enough not to say no to a good party and a challenge!"

0 · 611 views · located in Horizon City

a character in “By Now”, as played by ThePlastic713



ImageName: Charlie Michelle Gregory
Nicknames: Charlie, Char, Shelly, Mimi
Feel free to call me Mimi. It's my favorite of all my nicknames!
Age: 21
Old enough to know, but young enough not to say no!
Alliance: Rebel
*points to hair color* Duh.








Sexuality: Heterosexual
I did experiment, but I find I like guys way better!

There's a lot of thing I like, but here's just a few!
+Changing her hair color
+Getting new piercings
+Her tattoos
+Doing her make up

I probably dislike more than I like, honestly...
-Healthy food
-Being hung over (though she loves drinking)
-Working (she's not lazy...she just doesn't like work...)

Eremophobia- Fear of being oneself or of lonliness
Ophidiophobia- Fear of snakes
Rhabdophobia- Fear of being severely criticized
Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries

Make up
Hair coloring
Hand to hand fighting

Explaining her feelings
Being confidant
Talking about things that scare her
Being normal

Personality: Mimi has a big issue with self confidence, which may be why she is constantly changing her appearance with her hair and make up. She doesn't think may guys like her, but she tries to at least act confidant. Mimi does her job well and without to much complaint, but sometimes she does get distracted by FC: Josh Ramsay. It's not her fault he's really good looking!
She is sometime over the top, but not generally mean. The term bubbly is well used bythose who know her best. Mimi is the fun, upbeat, usually smiling, perky type person. However, you don't want to get on her bad side, as there is really no getting off of it. She has a mean streak, tho she is really good at keeping that hidden. Mimi likes to laugh, and keeps her smile on most of the day. However, when she gets home, she will complain about her day, loudly, to her three cats; Lock, Shock and Barrel (named for the Nightmare Before Christmas characters). She wants a relationship badly, as she thinks it will boost her confidence, but she doesn't have the courage to ask FC: Josh Ramsay on a date.

This is sad for me to talk about, and I don't like things that make me it goes...

To say Mimi grew up in a normal house, with a normal childhood, would be a total understatement. She had a mom, a dad, two brothers, and a sister. They were a happy family, by all notions of the word happy. Her parents had jobs, she and her siblings went to was good. That is, until the fire. One day, when Mimi and her younger sister were at their self defense class, their apartment building caught fire. They came home just in time to hear the Peacekeepers say there were no survivors. This broke Mimi, and her little sister.

The normal childhood meant Mimi was brought up in family environment, receiving all the basic needs i.e. Food, shelter, parents, love, care, education, sports, etc etc. Some children become victim of sexual abuse, violence, child labour and some are nurtured as an orphan, but that was never the case for Mimi and her siblings. They were loved, and with that suddenly gone for her and her little sister, they were scared.

However, Mimi knew she had to keep it together for her little sister. So, she got a job, dropped out of school, and tried to make it work for them. They were homeless, parentless, and missing their big brothers terribly, but life wasn't awful. One day, while Mimi was at work, her little sister ditched school and never came home. This crushed Mimi. She went into a spiraling depression that took about a year to clear up. By this time, she was 17 years old. She got a better job, an apartment, and her cats. She met FC: Josh Ramsay, and they've been friends ever since. However, as of late, she's found herself falling for him.

Other: She has a lot of tattoos. 1st is a cherry blossom and the japanese symbol for dream and is in memory of her missing sister.She also has a kingdom hearts tattoo on her chest. She has and elvish quote on her shoulder. She has the elvish word for β€œfriends” on her wrist. She has the night elf crest tattooed on her forearm and last she has a chest piece with 6 butterflies and its for her mom, dad and brothers. She also has a tattoo of espeon on her arm. She has a tattoo of No Face from spirited away on the back of her neck. She has a mario star, a soot sprite (from spirited away). She has portraits of her cats across her back. Lock has a monoclonal, Shock has a bow tie, and Barrel has a top hat.
Mimi also has a lot of piercings. Two on her top lips, snake bite style, one on the bottom lip, her septum (nose) are on her face. She has her ears pierced six times on the right and 4 on the left, including her industrial and traigus. Her nipples are also pierced, her belly button, and her lady parts. She wants to get her eyebrow done, and also wants a teardrop dermal.

So begins...

Mimi Gregory's Story