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Adrian Blackwell

"If you think my pack and I are giving up that easy then you have another thing coming."

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a character in “By The Harvest Moon”, as played by (Irrelevant_Tea)


”Messing with one of my pack members is like messing with me personally. I wouldn’t advise you to do it.”

Back to Basics


Full Name:
Adrian Pierce Blackwell

There aren’t many ways you can shorten his name. It’s usually just Adrian that he goes by, sometimes Pierce. And, of course, there’s Alpha, which is used by his pack when they’re, surprisingly, feeling respectful. Some like calling him “Addie,” trying to be cute. He doesn’t enjoy it too well.

Twenty-Seven [27]


January 24th

Dubuque, Iowa

Role in Pack:
”The big, bad wolf. Naturally.”

Purebred or Mutt:
”I come from a long line of werewolves. My father, his father, and my father’s father’s father were all alphas.”

First Impressions



198 lbs.


Hair Color:
Sandy Blonde

Eye Color:

Scars or Markings:
Adrian has his share of scars from rowdy pack fights that ended a little crazy, to actual fights he engaged in when he was younger trying to prove his worth. Many graze his back and chest, but there is a prominent one that runs along with left side of his sturdy jawline. Now that’s quite a story.

Brief Written Description:
Adrian can be quite the intimidating fellow when he stands at his full height and pulls back his broad shoulders. He is fairly well-built due to being active and having the need to keep himself put together. Working out is something the alpha prides himself in regularly, feeling that he has to be at the top of his game physically to lead his pack (though he isn’t the bulkiest/strongest). In his wolf form he is naturally a little bigger than most, this being the strong alpha bloodline that swamps his ancestry. Though, Adrian isn’t the hugest werewolf out there, and that could possibly be why he’s constantly try to go above and beyond- to prove to others and himself that he is fit to be alpha. Underneath thick fur of multicolor which ranges from deep browns, blacks, red colors, and gray around the muzzle and throughout his coat, is evenly corded muscle. He’s strong, despite the lean, not extremely bulk look of his human form. In said human form the alpha has a pair of eyes the color of the sky on a cloudless day, yet in his wolf state of being they are that of melted gold (in certain lighting).

For attire Adrian usually opts for comfort rather than to impress. He likes wearing a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt. It’s much easier to navigate in and tug off when going to shift. He also likes wearing worn, plaid button-ups. When needed to dress up, this alpha can do that just fine as well. Actually, he doesn’t look half bad in a suit, but don’t tell him that. He doesn’t need his ago stroked.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
Adrian collects stamps like his grandmother used to do. He received her old collection of them in a small tin and he’s taken it with him during his travels, adding to it when he can. He feels like if he keeps doing this that he’ll always have a part of her with him. It’s a bit odd and he’s been called out about it on more than one occasion.
He only eats one thing at a time if he has a large plate of food in front of him. However, he usually shovels the food into his mouth. It’s a wonder if he actually tastes it.
Adrian is a bit on the defensive side. He doesn’t take negative comments too lightly, and tends to get angry a little too fast. This is one of his biggest downfalls.

Adrian is, for the most part, living his “dream,” so to speak. When he was in his father’s pack he always dreamt of getting out on his own, starting his own pack. Creating his own family, if you will. He is also hoping that his pack is able to become the protectors of Moonglade, and has the dream of becoming a real “role model” for younger wolves.

Since the pack started, Adrian has had a gut-wrenching fear of them, his pack-mates, leaving him. The thought of them leaving is almost unimaginable since they’re the only family he really has left now. He’s also afraid of something bad happening to one of them; either a terrible illness or death. Since a young age, Adrian has always had the fear of letting people down. Due to the fact that his father constantly belittled him, he’s weary of letting others, mostly his pack, down.

- Natural Leader -
Although Adrian is a hot head, in times of dire need he is good at ordering those where to be, what to do. He keeps a level head when others tend to lose theirs all together. However, that is only when the time truly calls for it. He’s good when it comes to fairness and always tries to do the thing that is best for his pack as a whole, putting them first.

- Hardworking –
When he sets his mind to something, he works hard to get it done promptly and effectively. He knows things aren’t just handed to you, and that you have to strive towards something to earn it.

- Easily Angered –
Little snide comments towards him or his pack truly tick Adrian off. He detests those who backtalk and holds respect highly. Even when joking, some remarks set his teeth on edge. There is a limit to things, after all. When he fumes it’s best to leave him alone until he cools down.

- Ruthlessly Protective of Loved Ones –
Adrian is extremely protective, nothing short of possessive, of those he cares about and deems family/close friends. Those who have earned his trust have also earned his loyalty, and that’s something the alpha holds close. He would die for them, and that isn’t a lie.

Exercise || His Pack || Homemade Meals || Raw Meat [wolf thing] || Being Outdoors || Order || Respect || Women || Feeling Needed || Winning/Getting his Way || Competition || Gummy Bears || Alcohol || Cold Months || Being Around Others || Hunting [especially as a pack] || Affection [secretly] || Helping || Seeing People Happy || Sex || Being Alpha || Safety || Proving Himself || Moony Lake || Moonglade in General ||

Crude Taunts/Remarks || Outrageously Loud People || Bland Tasting Food || Extremely Sweet Tasting Things || Threats [particularly made towards his pack] || Disrespect || Someone Challenging His Authority || Carelessness || Waiting || Judgment || Being Told What to Do || His Parents [specifically his father] || Ditzy Women || Failing/Losing || Public Embarrassment || Heat of the Day ||

Under My Skin



| Supportive , Confident, Impatient, Loyal, Quick-Tempered |

Adrian tries to be supportive when it comes to whatever his pack-mates want to do- individually and as a whole. Their aspirations are important to him, he values them, and tries to help them achieve whatever it may be within reason. The feelings he felt in his past tend to leak over into present day situations. Not wanting others to feel the way he used to, he tends to be a little too gung-ho to help, sometimes to the point of completely overbearing; sort of like an eager, dorky dad trying to help his child with a science project, yet only to get in the way and leave his kid ultimately annoyed. Nonetheless, there is a point where Adrian knows he’s getting too smothering and will back off, leaving them to figure things out and get it done on their own. However, he’s always there to help when needed.

Like most people who are in certain areas of power, Adrian holds a certain confidence about him. Actually, his confidence dances on the borderline of plain cocky. He’s an alpha, what do you honestly expect? The thing with confidence is, it can be a terrific trait to have or a completely dreadful one. With Adrian, it’s a little on the bi-polar side. For a positive, he is absolute in his ability to be alpha. He knows how to go about things, having grown up under his father’s strict hand, and is good enough to nudge pack things in the direction of running smoothly. As for the negative effects of his cocki- I mean, confidence. . Adrian knows he’s a fairly attractive guy, and he uses it to his advantage. He tends to be a deadly flirt. Though, when girls come onto him strong he may become a bit finicky. Also, his confidence could lead him to getting hurt. He’s too sure of himself in fights and such, and tends to go into things thinking he has everything in the bag.

Ever heard the saying, “Patience is key?” Well, Adrian never received that key. He’s terrible in that aspect, to be frank. Having to wait around for something to happen grates on the Blackwell alpha’s nerves. If he asks a question, he’d prefer it answered then and there, and if you’re supposed to meet him at a certain time you better be there when you say you’re going to be. He’s not extremely unreasonable, he just hates his time wasted, especially when it comes to petty matters. Plus, being an alpha, he has a lot of things to do and get done. Time spent not doing those things is time misused, in his eyes.

Behind the gruff layers of Adrian there is more than one good thing about him, believe it or not. He is a fiercely loyal man, a very werewolf-ish trait. His pack comes first before anyone else. It’s been that way for a long time and he doesn’t plan on changing it. He’d defend all of them with everything he has, until his last breath. Think of a hen. . A pissed off hen who flogs everyone who tries to get near her chicks. Okay, maybe that’s the wrong example since Adrian is a 6’3”, full-grown man, but you get the idea. Don’t hurt them and he’ll return the favor and not hurt you. He just wants everyone safe. Safe and sound and somewhere close where he can keep his eyes on them. Is that too much to ask?

Like stated above, the Blackwell alpha is pretty quick-tempered. This is another trait he can thank the werewolf lineage for, and his father, naturally. His dad was always quick to anger, and in turn Adrian is as well. However, he’s really trying hard to rein this in. His father is the last person he wants to be like, and when compared to him he gets a rather horrified expression on his face. Alas, it’s easier said than done. When someone flips his switch to “enraged” he likes to stalk off and be by himself. That’s when he tends to turn to working out, pushing himself to work out the anger. Although, there are times when Adrian will explode. And, just for fair warning, no one wants to really see that. He tends to say things he doesn’t mean and hurt feelings. He feels bad afterward, of course, tending to find the person he hurt and try to suck up, bribing them with things he knows they like. Tears are the man’s almost kryptonite. He crumbles like a house of cards if someone starts crying in front of him.

Diving Into The Past



Growing up with strict parents is one thing. Growing up as the only child of strict parents who also are the Alphas of one of the widely known packs in Dubuque, Iowa is another. Adrian was never given the privilege of actually growing up like a “normal werewolf child.” He was constantly watched by his parents, Emmanuel and Samantha Blackwell. “Every mistake you make is a mistake that looks bad on us.” His father would lecture him, Adrian sitting in front of him, and if being in his wolf form he would have had his tail tucked between his legs, head hung low. He could never do the things normal kids were expected to do. Like, get into mischief for example. When his parents weren’t around they would have their betas watching him like predatory hawks, waiting for him to mess up hungrily. When he did mess up, which was often, the consequences were always ones of great extreme. His father would make him shift and would prod the pup to try and fight him, eventually getting to the point where he would simply pin his son down and snap in his face in a declaration of dominance. Then, Adrian was to get scolded by his mother who was almost just as bad, though she was not as physical. She just. . Definitely was not the “cuddly” type.

The only light Adrian had as a young child was his grandparents on his mother’s side, Bill and Marie Prescott. They were also in the pack, and when something went wrong he would escape to their small home which was just across the field from the pack’s homestead. His grandmother would coddle him, bake him things, and more importantly simply show him affection he so desperately craved. He would spend long evenings at their home, setting in front of an old fireplace, rummaging through an old tin full of stamps. Sadly, at the young age of thirteen his grandmother was taken from him. A rivalry pack from the town over came to start trouble and most of the elders were lost- Adrian’s grandmother included. He grieved for a long time, but perhaps not as bad as his grandfather. Bill and Marie had been mates for fifty years. The loss was too much for him, and not a month later he quite literally grieved himself to death. Adrian was left alone.

It took him a long time to accept his grandparents’ passing. He fell into a slump, a depression that he thought he’d never get out of. However, his parents did not let up on him. His mother seemed to hardly bat an eye when everything occurred. They were heartless. As Adrian got older, closer and closer to stepping up and taking his father’s place, he became forming ideas of his own. Without his grandparents, the pack held nothing for him. They were close-minded and didn’t allow mutts to join. This is itself annoyed Adrian. Also, there was too much pressure on him from his father. He wanted to lead, he knew he would be good at it, but not good enough to live up to his father’s unrealistic expectations. Emmanuel would continuously remind his son of how much of a “screw up” he was. And how, ”If your mother could have more children you would be replaced.”

Eventually, Adrian had enough. At the age of twenty-two he told his parents he was leaving. In return they told him that he was no son of theirs, and that he was disowned. Trying to take that with a grain of salt, the werewolf left and started his journey to find his place. He did a lot of travelling through-out a couple years, and eventually stumbled upon Veronica Brooks. As they got to know each other a little better, they discovered they were both looking for the same thing. So, they decided to start a pack of their own. The Blackwell pack has been going strong for a few years now, and he looks at his pack-mates like family, like blood. He truly cares about them. It’s got to the point that Adrian decided to was time to settle them into a town to protect. This is where Moonglade comes into play. Thinking of his pack, he plans on doing everything in his power to claim the town as theirs.

How often do you get online?:
Pretty much every day, unless something comes up where I absolutely cannot get on that day.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
Every time someone has something posted to where my character(s) can reply to it. :) So, every day or every other day, depending. Thank goodness for summer!
Well, since I’m the GM I don’t necessarily need this. :P

So begins...

Adrian Blackwell's Story

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The air was cooler now. The blood pumping through my veins slowed down and my heavy breaths with intermittent gasps eventually slowed down as well. I let out my first calm exhalation. The whole morning I had used up in order to get a sense of the landscape town, or rather the landscape of the woods surrounding it, and I used up the past few hours for what I aimed to be a light nap. But then three hours turned into four hours, and four into seven. Before I knew it, I was waking up at 5 o'clock in the evening, sweat drenching my sheets, and images of my dream gently teasing at my recollection. "At least it wasn't real," I said to myself, trying to focus on the coolness of my body rather than the heat burning through my head. But I knew, deep down, that the events that transpired within that dream were, at one point, my reality.

I rose from my bed. There was no need to spend the rest of my evening staring at a random spot on my ceiling, contemplating the justification for my being. The town still had much to be explored, and I wanted to be back inside before nighttime. I changed out of my shirt, put on one that wasn't soaked in sweat, and threw on some shoes and pants before heading outside of the homestead to see the town. Preferably, I would have liked to accompany Adrian on his endeavors, but perhaps my sleep caused me to miss him on his way out. I didn't bother looking around our new homestead to find him, I was sure that wherever he was, his antics would lead the way.

"I'm heading out!" I yelled back into the homestead before closing the back door. I didn't know if anyone was inside, but wanted to make sure that if they were, they would know of my absence. Of course, by "they" I was primarily thinking about Ronnie. She was like a sister to me now, and that made me afraid of a number of things. But perhaps my greatest, though very irrational, fear was that I'd leave the house one day and that she'd wake up thinking I was no longer there for her. I paused at the door for a moment, wondering if I should just take a quick peek back inside, but then decided I was being silly. "I should just get going," I thought to myself, "Ronnie can take care of herself..."

"Ronnie!" I yelled back into the homestead after reopening the back door, "if you're in here, just know that I'm heading out! I'll be back before sunset!" With my worries brought to a minimum I closed the door again. I wasn't even sure if she was in the homestead, but now my mind was again at ease. I hurried down the steps of the homestead and began on my way to town. The sun wasn't far away from setting and I still wanted to check out a good portion of the town. "Maybe I should have checked if Adrian was in the homestead before heading out," Ronnie wasn't the only one who worried me. "Have I always been such a worrywart?" I thought in my head, "must be the town."

I then headed towards town......after yelling back inside to Adrian, then Lou, about my whereabouts in case they were still in the house.

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Lindsey Fillin


I was drawing when I heard Randolph yell to Ronnie how late he was going to be out. I only presumed he was heading towards town, because honestly, where else would he go? I had an urge to go and join him, but I really didn't talk to him much, and I wouldn't want to make the situation awkward.

I looked down to see what I was drawing. This may seem peculiar, but sometimes I draw subconsciously and I don't even know what I'm drawing. I looked at the former blank sheet to see something that I would mostly see in my nightmares. The setting was a forest, with tall and beautiful evergreen trees on a full moon night. There way a clearing, and something seemed to be lying in the middle of it. I didn't want to think any further of what it was, because in my heart I felt as if it were lifeless, dead. But my thoughts carried on out. It was a wolf, or at least a cadaver of one. Not any wolf I recognized, however. Not me, not my pack mates. Next to it - No, cuddling it - was a wispy human-like figure. I was utterly confused. What did this mean? I decided to ignore it, and jammed it into my sock drawer, where there were more pictures than socks.

I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of hot green tea. I really didn't like that picture. What if it was someone who died? Or someone whose going to die… Or maybe it was nothing. Maybe it was just my sick, twisted mind. I actually hoped it was."Dammit… No more tea bags?" I crossed my arms and started to pout. Maybe I should've told Rand to pick up some before he left.

Oh well.

I put on my shoes, grabbed some money out of my purse, wrote a note saying that I would be out for a quick grocery run, and headed out the door. If I ran into Rand, I would just give him a friendly smile and continue my way to the store. I wouldn't have wanted to bug him.