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Carter Monroe

"Giving up is always an option, but never my choice."

0 · 351 views · located in Moonglade, Colorado

a character in “By The Harvest Moon”, as played by 143xinfinity


❝You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.❞


Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.



||{Full Name}||
Carter Jullianna Monroe

Carter{preferred}||Julie,Anna{pack mates only}||Monroe{okay}




December 6th (Sagittarius)

Oakland, Maine

||{Role in Pack}||
Hunter One

||{Purebred or Mutt}||


Better to be strong than pretty and useless.


115 lbs
Carter is very petite, being she is the smallest in the pack.
Although, she does have a few muscles here and there, but
mostly she is built like a stick.

||{Hair Color/Style}||
Carter recently changed her hair color from brown to blonde,but
is thinking of changing it back to its original color./Her
hair is usually covering up her face from her beanie hats. She
doesn't like all those hair styling gadgets and such.

||{Eye Color}||
Carter's eye color is crystal blue. When people stare into them they assume that
they're staring out into sea. Although, she has
really dull, sad-like eyes, and usually her eyes tell what mood she is in.

||{Scars or Markings}||
Carter has a few minor cuts and bruises from previous
werewolf fights, but other than that she's clean as a

||{Brief Written Description}||
Carter is really attractive in person, but of course she disagrees.
Instead, she thinks she's this beast who everyone loathes. She never
ever wears makeup, she despises it in fact. She thinks being caked with makeup is unnecessary,and
people who use it are just trying to hide their "crater face".
Carter is also a tomboy who loves boy things, and hates the fact
that people always puts her down for being different.


Intelligence is the ability to avoid work, yet getting the work done.


||{Quirks and Faults}||
●Picks, or bites at her lip scabs.
●Bites the inside of her cheek when thinking.
●Excessive cracking of the knuckles.
●Tends to act on impulse, can be both good and bad.
●Lacks self-esteem and confidence.

Food||Beanie Hats||Stargazing||Adventures
Sudoku puzzles||Video games||Winning||Dares
Nighttime||Winter||Climbing trees||Nature
Car rides||Playing the Guitar||Activeness
Drawing||Literature||Dogs||Supernatural||Bare feet

Full Moon||Happy Endings||Bullies||Judgmental people
Being insulted||Makeup||Losing||Immaturity||Ignorance
Daytime||Alcoholic beverages||Drugs||Summer||Needles||Sexism
Laziness||Prissy bitches||Being stared at||Squirrels||Wearing shoes
The Mollohan Pack||Injures||Dishonesty||Shortcuts||Fires||Wolfsbane

Carter dreams of becoming a Veterinarian that'd way she
can help animals in need, or start a werewolf clinic. Her second
dream is becoming a Country guitarist.

●Antelphobia; the fear of not being good enough
●Death of a pack member
●Falling In Love

Carter has the strength to build up fast reflexes which help her
quickly duck away from any hits and move around faster. Her second
strength is speed. She's able to dash through the underbrush without
any hazard.

One of Carter's weaknesses is her smell. Although werewolves
are suppose to have "heightened" senses, Carter wasn't always
the best sniffer. Another one of Carter's weaknesses is her temper which
can cause a lot of jeopardy because once her temper takes control
she doesn't know what she's capable of.


When it comes to matters of protecting my pack, DO NOT mess with me! Because I become the most relentless creature you'll know.


|Hot-headed, Quick-witted, Curious, Logical, |
Carter is hot-headed when it comes to, well, anything. She tends to loose her temper over the littlest of things, and when she does it's as if she's a whole different person; a beast if you were to say. She doesn't mean it, but sometimes she just goes through these various mood changes that take control. Under all
the anger and frustration, Carter is very quick-witted. This is the main thing people don't recognize right away because she always feels isolated from the world to the point where they think she's some ignorant girl. Carter is a very unusual young woman, to put it mildly. She doesn't really care too much about partying, popularity, or what the future beholds. Rather, she is concerned with what she sees as more important: Who is she and why is she here? She does not pretend to be someone who knows the answer to these questions, but she doesn't hide the fact that she's trying to find out.


No fear. No excuses. No boundaries.


How Carter was first brought into this world remains unknown, however, she was welcomed into a middle-class household that found Carter left at their doorstep as an infant. Her foster parents, Barbara and George Monroe, searched everywhere for Carter's birth parents to return and claim back their daughter, but no one had showed up. So, they decided to adopt her into their family. Now Carter is living in the Monroe household with five other boys. Growing up, Monroe was a very odd girl. Unlike most six-year old girls who found interests in Barbie dolls and tea parties, Carter on the other hand liked to spend time outside getting muddy with her older brothers. She was always phenomenal at running, climbing, and her appetite was quite unusual for a girl only the age of seven. Her foster parents thought it was strange. They scheduled Carter to one doctor appointment after another, but she seemed fine then. There was nothing wrong, but each day Carter was somehow getting worse both emotional and physical. She started developing mood swings, and suffered from flu-like symptoms daily. Whenever her foster parents took her to see a doctor, they always told them the same thing: She is fine. So, they gave up. They gave up hearing only what they know they'd hear. Until one day her foster parents found Carter in her bedroom as a werewolf, and they kept it their little family secret ever since. However, they knew they had no way of raising a werewolf let alone how to train her, but they managed until Carter was welcomed to the Blackwell pack where she meet others in the same condition. Carter loves her life as a werewolf, but sometimes she wishes she was more on the side of being "completely" normal.


How often do you get online?
Everyday, All day. Unless I get my laptop taken away for some
reason, or since I'm ALWAYS on my laptop my dad
has one of those days when I need to take a break this is
because I just have strict parents like that.

How often can we expect you to be able to post?
Always. I'm always searching to see if anyone made any new posts.
So, I'm always posting out of the blue and out of boredom.

Loyalty and Dignity

So begins...

Carter Monroe's Story