Haven Lovett

"You have me, and I know that might not mean much, but it's something, right?"

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”I just don’t want anyone getting hurt.”

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Full Name:
Haven Cheyenne Lovett

Haven goes by, well, Haven but she does have a few nicknames. There’s Have, Venn, Venny, Chey, Chey Chey, Love [due to her last name], Lovie [last name], and so forth. Her grandpa used to call her Rabbit because when she was a young kid, before getting braces, her front teeth sort of looked like a rabbit’s. She likes receiving nicknames and gives them a lot. So, don’t be surprised if you’re called something off-the-wall.

Twenty-Four [24]


November 3rd

Savannah, Georgia

Role in Pack:
”I don’t necessarily see how, but hey! I like my role.”

Purebred or Mutt:
”Don’t remind me.”

First Impressions



125 lbs.


Hair Color:
Dark Brown/Black

Eye Color:
Chocolate Brown

Scars or Markings:
Haven has always been a klutz. From childhood on she has managed to trip and stumble on things a regular person wouldn’t. Due to this, she has quite a few small scars here and there. What can you do? She was also a rowdy child, naturally. It’s not uncommon for her to earn a new cut or bruise on the daily; she’s just so clumsy! When it comes to cooking it’s a wonder she does not burn the house down. As for tattoos, Have does not have any as of now.

Brief Written Description:
Being of average height and stature, Haven isn’t one to catch someone’s eye in a crowded room. She’s a “plain Jane,” and that she is okay with. Unlike most girls, she doesn’t really obsess over her appearance. She isn’t a slob or anything by far, she just doesn’t try “perfecting” herself. Her hair falls to almost the middle of her back. She styles it differently, sometimes straight, other times wavy or curly; it is naturally wavy, to the point of curly. However, she likes wearing it in a side braid, out of the way most of the time or up in a messy bun/ponytail. Said hair frames a face with sharp, innocent facial features. Her eyes are wide, giving way to her emotions, to her disliking; she cannot tell a convincing lie. Beneath her eyes is a rounded nose and full lips covering a straight, white smile (the straight part thanks to braces). When she smiles large dimples are exposed, and no, you can’t poke them!

Although her hair is a dark brown now, it is naturally black. Not too long ago she decided it was too dark for her liking and put brown highlights through-out it. Alas, her wolf form did not take to the change. Her wolf’s fur is still midnight black in color, yet one part of her scruff has a small splotch of white/gray on it and there are a few hairs like that, which she presumes is effects of the dye, to her embarrassment. Her wolf form is slim and lean, like in her human form (with small muscles), and slightly smaller than average. She has an advantage when it comes to speed and stealth (though she’s almost too clumsy to be stealthy), yet her strength isn’t the best. It doesn’t stop her from wrestling like one of the boys, grant you. In her wolf form her eyes are a glinting, pale gold.
As for attire she wears whatever she feels like. It mostly consists of a worn pair of jeans, hoodies, tank tops, tee shirts, and so on. She does not have a set style.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
Haven tends to hum without knowing she’s doing it. When she cooks, she hums. When she’s doing the dishes, she hums. You get the point, right? She usually doesn’t realize she’s doing so unless someone brings it to her attention.
Have gives out nicknames to pretty much everyone she meets, especially those she holds close. Some that she calls just about everyone is: slick, skipper, Hondo, and so on, and so on. She rarely calls someone by their actual name, unless the topic is serious that they are discussing.
She tells everyone they can do whatever they want, lifts them up, and tries keeping them going. But, when it comes to herself, she isn’t all too confident. She doubts practically everything she does, and hardly ever feels like she can achieve things she wants, most of this stemming from her parents.

In the aspect of actual dreams, Haven has a lot of them. Her mind runs wild through-out the night and most times she cannot sleep well. As aspirations go, she has a couple of those, too. The she-wolf dreams of one day being able to actually finish getting her degree, since she was attending college when she was turned. She also dreams of actually settling down in a town again and try to living a “normal” life to the best of a werewolf’s ability. The Mollohan pack being able to stay in Moonglade would be fantastic, too.

Haven fears being abandoned. She fears never making anything of herself, as in contributing to society, helping. She has a silly fear of getting too attached to someone, yet she gets attached easily so you can imagine her dilemma. She also fears loud noises; thunderstorms are an absolute no-go. During the times it’s storming she is glued to one of her fellow pack-mates’ side. Clowns also make her skin crawl and the movie It leaves her with horrid nightmares.

Haven is very open-minded. She looks at things from all aspects and angles, never quick to judge. She’s not one to judge on silly things like appearance either, and tends to let people have the benefit of the doubt. If someone is rude to her, she simply assumes they’re having a bad day and didn’t mean it. She tries keeping a bright outlook on things.
Not being one to shrink back from a threat or challenge, sometimes Haven can be considered a little too big for her breeches. She lives for adventure and it’s not surprising when she goes into things head first, if not for a bit of adrenaline. Though her opponent may be three times bigger, she’s not one to back down if they prod her to fight. This, in itself, is good when protecting the pack.
Haven likes to laugh and tease, enjoying bringing smiles to other people. She’s good at diffusing an argument or heated situation in general by tossing out a corny joke or something crazy that leaves someone utterly confused to disperse anger.

Heart On Sleeve
Haven takes little, rude comments to heart. Criticism eats away at her, because, it all actuality, she is her worst critic. Harsh things said to her, especially about her, lingers in her mind and truly hurts her feelings. She was teased a lot about this when she was younger.
Being someone who tends to always have a dimpled smile on her face, or one who cherishes laughter, loving to laugh (although her dreaded snort when she really starts laughing embarrasses her), Haven detests seeing others sad. If one was to cry in front of the young woman she would immediately crumble and try making them happy. This in itself is bad. She is easily manipulated and it has happened in the past.
Physical Strength
Being easily bested muscle-wise, when it comes to a fight of only using brute strength, Haven would most definitely lose every time. She’s better at using her wit and speed. Although, she has a thing for wrestling and her slim muscles do not stop her from trying to take down one of her male pack-mates.

The Pack || Sweets || Baking/Cooking [she might as well be the pack chief] || Helping Others || Animals [they hold a soft spot in her heart, naturally] || Learning || Adventures || Moonglade Falls [she sneaks off to the waterfall quite a bit] || Starry Skies || Running || Corny Jokes || Cheesy Pick-Up Lines || Rain [water in general] || Storytelling || Playing Guitar || Christmas Lights || Laughter || Music [especially Old Rock] || Light Colored Eyes || Cuddling & Hugs || Big Sweaters || Fall || Halloween || Celebrations || Pumpkins || Happiness || Meaningful Conversation || Playful Wrestling || The Outdoors || Daises || Books/Reading || Honesty || Carnivals/Fairs || Movies [definitely the cheesy ones and 80s] || Lip Singing || Slow Dancing || Beanies || Swimming

Criticism & Insults || Thunderstorms || Arguments || Yelling || Spicy Foods || Tense Situations || Animal Abusers || Animal Testing || Crowded Places || Laziness || Being Alone Long Periods of Time || Fighting || Loud Noises & People || Crying/Tears || Rules || Being Scolded || Her Parents || Feeling Left Out || Lying/Liars || Being Uncertain || Politics || Judgment || Rivalries || Being Told “She Can’t” || Restricting Clothing || Spitefulness || Burning Food || Letting Others Down || Wolfs bane || Seeing Others Hurt || Unfairness || Traps || Manipulation || Arrogance || Extreme Cold || Hangnails

Under My Skin


| Friendly, Adventurous, Gullible, Insecure, Compassionate/Affectionate |

Ever since a young age Haven has been a friendly girl. According to her third grade school teacher who watched her stand at the front doors of the school talking to everyone who passed, “She never meets a stranger.” Actually, she quite enjoys meeting others and getting to know people. Maybe that’s why she would probably be better as a sentinel, although she takes on a lot of different pack duties. It possibly comes from her love of learning. When you meet someone and start getting to know them, you learn things you didn’t know. Like Have says, “Every person you meet knows something you don’t.” And, it’s true. With every person she talks to she aims to leave them with a smile. On more than one occasion she’s been told that she’s easy to talk to. She carries an inviting air around her and it isn’t rare to see people gravitate towards her time to time.

It isn’t surprising if you pass the young she-wolf’s room during the night and she’s nowhere to be found. She has a terrible tendency of wandering off and snooping about, especially if there are woods near; she really loves forests and, oddly enough, really likes trees, of all things. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it has yet to maim the wolf. Haven actually stumbled upon Moonglade Falls before the rest of the pack, then drug them all out there to it, gushing about how beautiful it was; and yes, she made everyone go against their will. It also isn’t a surprise to find Have pulling a pack-mate along on one of her crazy escapades. Being easygoing, she’s up for just about anything and tries things at least once, and due to her bravery can get herself into quite sticky situations. She has been scolded for gallivanting off more than once without telling anyone where her destination is (this being, she doesn’t exactly know herself). Besides the possible danger she can get herself into, it is never a dull moment adventuring with Haven Lovett.

A bad trait of Haven’s is her gullible-ness. Although she loves to joke and tease, some things simply go over the young woman’s head and she truly believes it. If someone were to do the joke, “Why did Suzy fall off the swing? She had no arms! Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Not Suzy!” With that, Have would probably reply with, ”Poor Suzy, is there anything I can do? Is she okay? Can she knock some other way?” She’s just. . Almost too gullible. Serious pick-up lines tend to escape her, too. With this, she also believes the little, mean things people say. Like with her parents, when they told her she wouldn’t amount to anything, she honestly believed them. She still carries it with her to this day. However, don’t take her a fool, because she isn’t. Actually, she’s very intelligent, especially when it comes to things book-wise. Sometimes, you let people think what they want. Then, later, you can surprise them with the truth.
Stemming from her being gullible and such, Haven is also fairly insecure. Not necessarily appearance-wise, but when it comes to her own ability to do something. With new tasks she automatically thinks she can’t do it, though her being brave and stubborn pushes her to do it anyway. Then, if she succeeds, she realizes she, indeed, could do that thing, and she feels silly for doubting her ability to do it. Alas, it doesn’t start her from doubting and criticizing herself the next time. It is something she has to work on, and she has been, but when you get something beat into your head for so long, it’s hard to change.

Haven’s possibly biggest personality trait is her compassion. She cares for people and their well-being, even those she just met, sincerely. This is most likely due to the years she spent taking care of her siblings. Nonetheless, Haven has a big heart. She loves cooking for the pack, making sure they have full bellies, and taking care of them when they feel bad. She’s very playful and if she notices someone in a bad mood she tends to joke around with them until they at least crack a smile, and don’t get her started on wrestling. She is a physical person as it is- combine that with a feisty she-wolf and you have a troublesome combination. A pack-mate could be simply walking by her and all of a sudden Haven could have them tackled to the ground, or, at least, try to have them there. She’s always trying to best one of the males in a wrestling match. Have also has the tendency of playing music on the radio in the kitchen while she cooks, then lip-sing to whoever manages to find his or her self in the kitchen with her. It’s humorous, to say the least. The young woman also shows affection quite a bit, if it’s cuddling and or hugging someone upset or simply resting a hand on their shoulder so they know at least someone’s there for them. She blames the “built up love” from her human life, but never dares to go into detail. Haven is Haven, take her or leave her.

Diving Into The Past



Being the eldest child of four other siblings has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: You can boss your younger siblings around. Disadvantage: They hardly ever listen, and did I forget mention you’re stuck watching them all the time? Haven is the eldest daughter of Richard, known as “Richie,” and Jessica Lovett. Due to being the oldest, Have seemed to slip through the cracks when it came to attention. Plus, by the time her parents got home from work (never before eight) they both seemed too tired and aggravated to give any of their children much attention. By the age of eleven Haven was to watch a five and nine year old brother, and two six year old twin sisters after school. She wasn’t given much of a “social life,” but she didn’t really complain too much about it. Her mother worked at a salon and her father worked in a bottling factory. Both were, in all actuality, dead-end jobs. When Haven got older she found it ironic that her dad’s name was Richie since they were practically poor. Every day she was to cook for her siblings (breakfast and dinner), help with their homework, and of course, whatever else they needed. If you asked them, Haven was their mom. She doctored “boo-boos,” she read bedtime stories, and she listened to their complaints and crying. Somehow, she always managed to have time for her schoolwork which was done in the wee morning hours. Haven, along with having a soft spot for her siblings that she held dear, had a soft spot for animals. Every time a stray would come to the house, she’d feed it, and you know what happens when you start feeding one. . They usually stick around. This really annoyed her parents, especially when they started finding hurt rabbits in her room that she claimed to be “helping feel better,” and toads, and lizards; Have was fearless when it came to things other young girls were squeamish of.

When Haven got into high school a lot of things went wrong. Her mother’s salon burnt down which left her at home and angry all the time. Her father started coming home later and later, staying after work to “drink with the guys.” Haven had to get a job to help pay the bills that seemed to be piling up, which left her brothers and sisters home alone with an “angry mama bear.” Then, when she finally got home in the late evenings and tried getting school work done, her mother would belittle and take things out on Haven that she should have her husband. ”You’re not going to amount to anything! What makes you think you will do any better than me and your deadbeat father? You’ll be here with us forever. You’re stupid. Dumb. The only chance you have is to marry a rich man. But wait, who would want stupid Haven Lovett? Hah! Just face it now. You are nothing.” This, along with other things, was told to Haven on the daily. At these comments, an emotionally beat Haven would stow away to the woods behind their home, dragging her school bag and guitar along with her. The remarks wore on her though, to the point she started believing them herself. Nonetheless, she continued her studies, putting schoolwork before friends and other things, but never her siblings.

Her senior year, Haven Lovett decided the path she wanted to take in life. So, without second though, she excitedly applied for a scholarship to a veterinary school in Kentucky. With anxiety eating at her the rest of the school year, and parents who told her she wouldn’t do anything out of high school, and that she “better keep that diner job,” you could imagine her surprise when she received a letter in the mail one day. She had received the scholarship. After graduating high in her class ranks, Haven went on to veterinary school. It was her escape and the freedom she desperately needed to find herself and simply explore. Although, she called home constantly to check on her brothers and sisters. At the age of twenty-two was when Haven was bit and turned. She was still in veterinary school, soon to graduate (having a delay in doing so sooner), the evening she went exploring out through the woods behind her dorm because it was a full moon. She had taken her guitar to pick around on, not to disturb her roommates, and plus, she figured “Why not?”- it was a beautiful night. Biggest mistake she’d ever made. Sitting leaned back against a tree was when she was attacked, and honestly, she doesn’t remember much after that.

When she was forced into the Mollohan pack Haven was quite bitter. She detested her sire and what she had been turned into. But, it didn’t take her long to warm up to them. They actually became the family she always wanted. After a couple months she finally forgave her sire, and they’re, naturally, okay now. Haven loves her pack and would do anything for them. She can’t imagine a life without them all in it anymore, though she dreams of one day being able to have a semi-normal life with them.

So begins...

Haven Lovett's Story