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Isabella Mollohan

"You'll have to go through me first."

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a character in “By The Harvest Moon”, as played by CaptainHooligan


Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde

"It's my job to lead and I'm going to make damn sure I do it right. My pack deserves that much."

Back to Basics



Full Name:
Isabella Tate Mollohan

She's heard all sort of nicknames, Honey, Sugar, Dibble, Turkey-bird..etc, it comes with the whole southern hospitality thing.But, due to the rarity of a female Alpha, Isabella goes by her alias; Isaac. It keeps her pack off the radar, and gives them a chance of not being challenged. The pack refers to her as Isa or Tate, though. Some stick to the respectable term Alpha, others jokingly add Miss. The chance of Isa being called Isabella is as narrow as the chance of a pack having a female alpha. Then again, anything can happen. Her mother use to call her salt and pepper because of her dusty coat color as a wolf, but only her mother can get away with that.



May 2nd

Mobile, Alabama

Role in Pack:
"The one, and only."

Purebred or Mutt:
"It's a long story really."

First Impressions



128 lbs.

Lean, Slim

Hair Color:
Honey Blonde

Eye Color:
Forest Green

Scars or Markings:
The Alpha has her fair share of scars from fights, yet her most dominant one isn't from a fight. The long, jagged scar runs across her right calf. When she was smaller and just beginning to understand the whole "being a wolf" thing she wasn't paying attention and stepped near a snake, which caused her to jump back and stumble down a small cliff which she rolled down and ended up hitting multiple rocks on the bottom. The other scars aren't noticeable. There isn't really a day the Alpha isn't without a cut, scrape, or bruise. She's known for getting a little too tough with play fighting and messing around.

Brief Written Description:
Isa practically radiates attitude, even if she's simply standing there; one hip cocked to the side, hands on her hip, and her head cocked to the side as if she’s judging you. She walks with a swift pride that hardly goes unnoticed. She makes no effort to hide her authority. Her hair itself is a bit uncontrollable, unpredictable; much like her mood. Her asset is the only thing that frustrates her, the only thing she has never seem to actually control - her hair has a natural wave to it, some days her hair may actually have volume. Her hair has a mind of it’s own, for years now she’s just let it have free reign, she finds no need in styling it. The only hair products she owns: an untouched hairbrush and a huge can of hair spray. Not messing with her hair, finding it a waste of time. So naturally, it has its days of the full on messy, tossed away, look. This unruly hair sweeps to the left, most of it finds home all bundled on her left shoulder. She rarely tosses her hair into a bun or ponytail, only when needed.
Framed by is Isa’s blonde hair is her smooth tanned face. She spends most of her time outside, so her skin is always evenly tanned. Isabella’s facial features are very defined. She has high curved cheekbones, a full mouth, almost too-big eyes framed by scrwany lashes, and a "too pointy for her liking” nose. Her eyes are nothing spectacular, just a deep bright shade of emerald green, and the shape of her other features makes them look even larger than they are, plus the magic of make-up. Her face is usually dawned with a sly look, like she’s up to something. Nine times out of ten, she is. Her brows are usually furrowed and her eyes wide with excitement. She has several “signature” looks. Her smirk, her grimace, her innocent look, her confused look, her angry look, and her disgusted face. Isa is proud of her set of perfectly white teeth, with long canines to match.
As for her physical shape, it’s soft and curved, very deceiving to the venom within. She may have a soft shape, but don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of her lean, slim muscle when she moves or is doing some strenuous activity. She has a small waist and wide hips, to her discomfort, along with sturdy thighs. Her appearance is lithe and a simple distraction to the fact that she is Alpha, and she isn’t afraid to exert her dominance.
Surprisingly Isa's natural blonde hair transfers to her wolf-self, even the fact it's beginning to grow darker is transferring. Her wolf has dark white coat with a blonde undertone, that is beginning to grow darker, giving her a peppered look. To her disappointment her hair's nature transferred to her coat, some days her coat is slick and well kept, other days it's full of knots and is too fluffy for her liking. Her wolf is very lean, much like her human form, the slim muscles can be seen flexing under her coat. She's agile and speed comes naturally, she's flexible but anything. Her wolf is very feminine and cannot be confused with a male. Her canines are anything but feminine, she has sharp teeth and claws make up for her lack in masculinity, she can easily think her way out of situations. She isn't afraid to bare her teeth, and add a menacing growl.

For style, Isa is very open. If it fits, she’ll wear it. Though she’s typically seen wearing sweatshirts, loose hanging tank tops , graphic tees, blouses, skinnys or shorts. She’s been known to just grab something out of the laundry and put it on. She finds no need for style really, I mean if she’s gonna go wolf and rip it, why spend money on it?


Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
Southern Accent
Growing up in Alabama has given this Alpha a distinct voice. A voice that isn’t as nearly as soft as you would expect. Her voice is bit husky, almost challenging..usually challenging. It’s the voice of reason, the voice of control. Yet, this voice is soaked in that nice Alabamian accent. Sometimes she'll get ahead of herself and stumble over a few words or pronounce one wrong, luckily she's known to just laugh it off. She'll address her pack as "ya'll" without even realizing it.

Devil's Advocate
Isa wants her pack to be independent, to think for themselves, and come up with solutions quickly when they're in trouble. So, she's learned to always be the "other" voice in an argument. She'll take the other side just for the sake of arguing, wanting her pack to stand up for themselves. She'll always ask, "Why?" "Are you sure?" "What about this way?"

Since she was young, Isa always had a thing for pretty flowers. She use to pick them and put them in a vase, but they soon died. She found a solution though, once she picks a flower she puts it in a book (Her Deathly Hallows hard copy) and presses them, reserving them. No one knows about this, she likes to keep her flowers a secret. Everyone knows of her four-leaf clover obsession though. She can't pass a clover patch without stopping and looking. All her clovers end up in the same book as her flowers.

|| Control || Her Pack || Relaxation/Naps || Stars || Funny Shaped Clouds || Old Cars || Cheesy Jokes, Puns, Pizza || Music || Lightening Bugs || The Smell of Rain|| Clovers || Nature || Dirt || Arguing/Fighting || Challenges || The Sense of Desire|| Winning || Fairytales || Drinking Buddies || Spontaneous Adventures || Deer || Snow || Being Relied On || People Who Listen || Throwing People the Birdie || Having a Place to Call Home ||

|| Being Disrespected || Not Being Taken Seriously || Birds in the Morning || Loneliness || Irony || Pitch Black || Sour Smells || Bees || Hospitals || Elevators || Putting Her Pack at Risk || Complete Silents || Fear || Reckless Behavior || Needing Help || Fire || Being Ignored || Interruptions || Losing Track of Time || Staring || Humidity || Shrewdness || Mockery, Scorn, Ridicule || Being Looked Down On || When She's Not Given a Chance to Prove Something or Herself ||

When she was younger, Isa dreamed of playing major role in a pack, having the desire to be needed. Her pack needs her now, they need her to lead and that's what she's going to do. Her dream has evolved to include her pack now. She wants to find a place where her pack is comfortable, where they don't need to worry about moving around anymore, a place where they can settle down and do what they're suppose to do. Protect the humans. She wants Moonglade and she knows once they conquer this, the pack will be more confident in themselves.

Panic Attacks
These rarely occur now that she's taking medicine for them, but she does become panicked in crowded spaces. It triggers the body's natural fight-or-flight response and she becomes much like a cornered dog. She's been known to shove her way out of these situations or just turn and run. Either way she ends up wide eyed, trembling, with rapid breathing, and a heart beat that is through the roof. Most of the time you just have to calm her down and make sure she's breathing slowly and that she's not too dizzy too stand up.

Peer Pressure
It's not something that commonly happens to the perverse Alpha. Yet, on rare occasions Isa has fallen into the trap which can influence a person to do something against their will. She doesn't want to be pressured by other packs and Alphas. She wants to run her pack how she wants to, not how people expect her to. She wants what is best for her pack and will do anything to make sure they get the best, but she's terrified she may be influenced to do something she thinks is beneficial and it turn out to be harmful to her pack. Leading to them abandoning her.

She'll go against her instincts if it means bettering the pack. She knows no limits when it comes to her pack's well-being. Once she puts her mind to something, it'll get done or she'll die trying. Procrastination isn't in this Alpha's dictionary.

Sure, Isabella seems to be a hard-ass, but in all honesty she's like a momma bear to her pack. She knows their needs and can sense when one is in danger. She is very motherly, when you walk into the house everything is clean and orderly. She makes sure all the laundry is done, takes care of anyone when they're sick, and makes sure each of them has eaten their supper (which isn't too hard, thanks to the wolf appetites.) She makes sure Moxie has her cigarettes, and makes sure there is always coffee in the morning. Micah is more of the loner and gets anxious around people, but Isa makes sure to have at least two conversations with him daily, just to check up with him. She's been known to yell at Andrew for keeping strays in the house, but she's never does anything to really get rid of them. She keeps the kitchen stocked for her little cooker, Haven, and makes sure she's near her when a thunderstorm is threatening to hit. Jason has a temper, but she's learned she can easily control it with chocolate covered raisins. Lastly, her Beta, Shard is her right hand man (well technically her left since she's left-handed) and she knows he's more for the passive way of handling things, so she tries to tone it down, she lets him daydream some days, and she makes sure to smile or laugh at his jokes even if they aren't funny, but hey, she owes him that much since he keeps her level headed.

Isa learned at a young age that if you mirror the way a person acts, they're more likely to put their guard down. She can be very deceptive and cunning to make the outcome more beneficial for herself. This leads to a lot of people calling her two-faced and not trusting her. Luckily, she's learned to be herself around her pack. Other people? Not so much.

Moody, bad-tempered, and sulky. Some days Isa can just be having a bad day and she'll go off on the person closest to her. She doesn't mean to, but sometimes she just gets overwhelmed and stresses out. Most consider this "childish" behavior. So, yes, she does act pretty childish when she's stressed. She will lock herself in her room and not communicate for a few hours, but it usually doesn't last long. Sometimes to let off steam she'll have a few drinks. She just needs a way to channel her anger and aggression so she doesn't take it out on her pack.

Under My Skin


|Devoted, Headstrong, Cunning, Persuasive, Supportive|

At least one detailed paragraph. Really try to get inside of your character's head. Not every little detail is required, but be as descriptive as you can! You should explain both positive and negative traits. No one is perfect!

Diving Into The Past



Growing up in the system was anything but a fairytale for the small blonde


How often do you get online?:
How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
Whenever I want

So begins...

Isabella Mollohan's Story