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Kasper Farlow

"I may be new, but that doesn't mean I don't know what i'm doing."

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a character in “By The Harvest Moon”, as played by CaptainHooligan


Hells Bells - AC/DC
"Family is everything, blood or not."

Back to Basics



Full Name:
Adahy Kaspian Farlow
Given to him by the Elders in his old pack. It is Cherokee tradition that once a wolf hits maturity the elders are to choose a name that suites the wolf's nature, this being said Kasper's name stands "Ghost in the woods." The Elders spoke highly of how the young wolf could move without making a sound.

When Kasper first met Adrian, he introduced himself as Kasper, deciding it would be best to keep his Cherokee name to himself. Most people call Kaspian, Kasper. Actually no one calls hims Kaspian. Simple as that. That's how he likes it. Yet a few of the female members of the pack have decided Kas is a more suitable nickname for the newcomer. Kasper dreads the day one calls him, Kassie or even worse Kassy-poo. Some of the male members like to tease him and call him Newbie. Others, Omega. The only one allowed to call him Omega without getting a taste of Kas' attitude is Adrian, just because he's the Alpha.



December 21st

Cherokee, North Carolina

Role in Pack:

Purebred or Mutt:

First Impressions



188 lbs.


Hair Color:
Ash Brown

Eye Color:
Chestnut Brown, mostly. Kasper has a condition called "heterochromia iridium" which causes his left eye to have a blue splotch in it.

Scars or Markings:
He has a white scar across the bridge of his nose, where it was broke when he tried jumping across a river when he was smaller. Other scars adorn him from fights to falls, nothing too serious.

Brief Written Description:
Perfectly built for life as a werewolf, he has the body that seems to be chiseled from stone. He's not too muscular which leaves him toned and firm, like women like a man, with broad shoulders and a small waist. Kasper was was blessed with a naturally athletic build. Tall, muscular and toned, he has no problem with revealing his body to the world. His well defined muscles are the result of years of hard work being a hunter when his father was Alpha. His skin is naturally a light brown, tanned from days in the sun.
Coming in at 6'1 he’s learned to duck under low doorways and so on by now, of course, but that doesn't change the fact that he has to sleep spread-eagled on his bed, limbs hanging off the sides like a drunken spider, simply because the thing won’t accommodate his entire height. He’s actually known for sleeping on the floor. When Harrison sleeps is the only time he really "opens" up. He’s long and well-built, with a certain kind of natural dexterity about him that doesn’t precisely translate into grace as such, but he can make it work when he takes a second to think about things. He has very good hand-eye coordination and he can stay steady on the hardest of tasks, it's the simplest of ones that trip him up (No pun intended). His hands are calloused as most guys his age are.

Though most people have to crane their necks a bit to talk to his face rather than his torso, it’s not a bad face, as they go. His nose is maybe a little crooked, perhaps broken a time or two too many, and his whiskery beard is maybe not shaved quite as often as it should be, but his features are well-enough assembled, his teeth in rather remarkable condition and his sharp canines sometimes seem to sparkle in the sunlight. He has a nice smile. Miles brown hair is about as wild as you'd think he would be, it's usually unkept and he simply runs a hand through it, when he does that in the sun you notice the reddish tint that is hidden under the curls. His chestnut brown eyes have a hint of mischief about them, just a glimmer nothing more, but it’s there for people who know how to look. Some comment about how shy and innocent he looks with his “big brown eyes.” And boy does Kas soak it up when the ladies are lost in his eyes. He rarely scowls, though has been observed with the occasional contemplative frown. Looking pass his frown though you'd find a rather soothing voice, a deep voice, not too deep, but just enough to where it sounds mature. Though his hair isn't very well kept, Kasper is.

Not much unlike his human form, Miles' wolf form comes as a second nature to him. He is a larger wolf, not the largest in the pack. His wolf is muscular. Lean. Being a wolf is second nature to Kas, so he's quiet and agile, and prides himself on how far he can jump. When he was smaller he would jump over anything, including trying to jump over a wide river, ask him how that turned out. Unlike his human self, the reddish color of his hair seems to taken over a bit, the brown has a mind of it’s own, some spots being a darker brown while others fading to white, he even has grey scattered in as the red simply fades in. His muzzle is adorn with many scars that are clear, while his coat is rough and looks quiet knotted. Lastly, his warm brown eyes turn a very cold gold, almost yellow, color, his left with a dark golden splotch. His human form and wolf form are almost opposites, when he's human he controls his emotions, but as a wolf he relies on his physical nature and he isn't afraid to exert his power or physical brute strength.
As for clothing, Kasper is usually in jeans and a tank top or loose tee, just because that's what he's comfortable in, even his comfiest of clothes are pretty well thrown together. Usually he wears a leather jacket just to add to his silent, bad-boy persona.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
Thinking Too Deeply
Kasper runs his hand over his chin and messes with his facial hair. He'll often pull his lower lip between his teeth and perhaps sketch things in the air with his fingers. Other times he will just blankly stare when he's trying to figure something out. He knows no boundaries when he has to solve something. He could be pondering something for days.

Not only does he walk around in his sleep, he also eats. He remembers nothing, but he'll wake up in bed cuddled up to an empty box of oreos. Everything apparently happens in his sleep. He's know to be an avid sleep talker also.

A habit the wolf is trying to kick, but it helps him relieve stress.

|| Family || His Pack || Nighttime || His "smokes" || Liquor || Coffee || Food || Late Night Conversations || Blowing Shit Up || His Leather Jacket || Fast Cars || The Ladies || Manners || Tradition || The Mountains || Supportive People || Compliments and Encouraging Words || Hunting || Did I Already Say Food? || Quiet Thinking Time || Trust ||

|| Opposition || Overbearing People || Anything Fat-Free or Diet || Sour Candy || Lies || Flat Areas With No Cover || Second Guessing Himself || Being Wrong || Having Nothing to Do || Being Rushed || The Sense of Danger || Clingy People || Not Having His "Personal Space" ||

Becoming a wise Elder all the pups look up to, the one that you see surrounded by eager looking wolves waiting to hear a story. Kasper wants to enlightening people, he wants them to soak in his words and look up to him. He was once told by an Elder in his tribe, "There is a battle of two wolves, inside us all. One is evil. Full of jealousy, anger, greed, resentment, lies, inferiority, and ego. The other is good. It is joy, hope, love, peace, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth. The wolf that wins? It's the one you feed. Which one are you feeding?" He dreams of being able to truthful tell people he fed the good wolf.

Kasper doesn't do well in crowds, he gets finicky. Complaining about how people are breathing his air, stepping on his shoes, touching his butt, and so on. He becomes a huge whiney ass when he's in a crowd. He only wants to get away, he fears he'll get caught up and have nowhere to hide.

Enclosed spaces
It is more than likely the wolf in in. You know what they say about cornering a dog? Well get Kasper stuck somewhere with not must room to roam, he'll start foaming at the mouth. He's gotten violent from just being locked in a closet, This wolf has an escape route and exit plan for everywhere he goes.

Being new
A childish fear that he'd never admit to. He wants this new pack to welcome him with open arms and feed him with affection, he wants them to be his family. It frustrates him that he wants their approval, but he doesn't want to be a "dud." He wants to prove himself to the pack and be a worthy, respectable member of the group.

Although he can be a bit obsessive when obtaining information, Kasper is full of knowledge. Don't let his bad boy look fool you. He's that popular kid who jokes around and makes it seem like school is a bore, yet he scores the highest on the test. Kasper learned at a young age to hang onto every word an elder says and to learn from your mistakes. He's holding back at the moment, he's new and doesn't want to come across as a wise-ass.

His name doesn't mean "Ghost in the woods" for no reason. Kasper has a way with moving, he knows how to move with the ground. He is one with nature, which is something he grew up learning. Kasper is the type to go around and sneak up on people just for the hell of it. Yet, his ability to go undetected is very efficient when it comes to hunting and fighting. He jokes that he's a younger, better looking James Bond.

Easily Frustrated
If Kasper can't figure something out right away, you can take by the furrowing of his brow and the low growl in his chest that he is frustrated. When frustrated, this boy seems like a different person. He gets cold, indifferent, and sometimes will just ignore everyone around him. It doesn't happen often, but when it does. It's advised to keep your distance.

Not in a creepy way, more so he's obsessive with knowledge. It's a thirst he can't quench, there is always something new to learn and Kasper is more than eager to dive head first into the ocean of ideas. His priorities are skewed when it comes to learning something, he puts it higher up than it should be. His younger sister use to tease him about if he kept learning at the fast pace he does, his brain will explode.

Under My Skin


|Pragmatic, Resourceful, Blunt, Zany, Charming|

Kasper is the one to call when a steady hand is needed. Practicality and level-headedness is second nature to this wolf. He finds himself usually being the voice of reason in most scenarios, he likes to see both sides of a story. Kasper will come across as a bit rude at first, it's a fact that he has accepted, but he's one that doesn't "beats around the bush" with social pleasantries. He wants his pack to just be real and honest with him, and him the same with them. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in most settings, so Kasper found himself under a lot of pressure with being new, which he finds exhausting so he usually avoids making "small talk" and simply sticks to just being the "newcomer." You see, Kasper would be perfectly comfortable with his own thoughts. He thinks a lot, and is usually caught daydreaming. He loves to have problems to figure out, puzzles to solve. He does get incredibly lonely, so he's begun to open up to his new pack turning to one of them to bombard and share his discoveries with. He's begun to crave the authentic and sincere connection with this pack.
The "newcomer" does have an enormous heart, and a penchant for generosity. However, one might not know, that when presented in a loving environment this kid showers in the love and generosity, and is more that humble in return. Furthermore, he has this capacity for patience and temperance, which makes him an excellent mentor or mediator. Yet, he needs his freedom – going for the “lone wolf” vibe.
Doesn't talk unless he has something to say, or a newly discovered joke, or to throw in a pun. This wannabe bad boy is a sucker for comedy and he loves seeing his pack joking back and forth. He looks like a damn pup when the pack gets laughing, he's a kid at heart. So, get him to talk about something he's interested in, and he could go on for days, he'll blabber and gush for hours like a teenage girl. What he needs is a reason to interact. He doesn't interact for the sake of interacting. If you want to talk to the kid, just start talking. Don't worry about being polite.
He values the pack he has found. They have a loyal ally for life. Once you have earned his respect as being a person of substance, you're in. He's primarily looking inward, paying close attention to his own thoughts and emotions. Keeping them in line and under the radar. He doesn't like to express his emotions and is almost incapable of paying attention to other's emotions.
But don't think he doesn't how to relax and have fun. He's not a thrill seeker and definitely nowhere near being an adrenaline junkie. If there is too much talking or noise going on, he tries to drown it out or control it. He appreciates quiet time and may become a bit of a control freak to get it.
Despite his thick skin and his ability to carry on through situations that would put most people in a straight jacket, somewhere inside the cocky Kasper lies self-doubt, a mass of insecurity, and resentment toward his own choices. Reiner is very insecure, not about physical appearance…more so emotionally. Because he’s always burying how he feels the emotional lapses are explosive. He's found out that he wasn’t made of stone and that he could be broken, so he covers it up with shrugging things off, pushing it away, and hoping to laugh it off. The mistakes made in his life were like below the belt hits and he has carried those feelings for a very long time, buried inside and not mentioned until the finality of everything finally started to make the walls that he’d set up crumble. Time has showed that he could snap under pressure and shows a part of him that happens to come in violent bursts. He covets and he scorns for his own needs. Inside of him there’s an internal war, and there always had been, even as he was in the midst of a more tangible battle. He hardly lets this piece of him win him over and it’s often only when Kas is either way too tired or really trusts someone that people see this sensitivity and mournful acceptance of who he is and who he’s become. There’s more layers to him than just being a cocky goofball.
Kasper has become a very visible crutch-type attachment to alcohol, smoking and food. He's indulgent and gluttonous with all of them. Obviously, for different reasons. Using liquor as a coping mechanism, smoking as a stress reliever and food of any kind as an emotional pick-me-up.

Diving Into The Past



Being born on the night of a full moon was a somewhat big deal in the Cherokee Tribe; so when Ezhno Farlow announced his mate, Jacy, and himself were proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, the whole pack began to swarm towards their beloved Alpha to congratulate him for the good news. Caspian was their first born, which meant he was the first in line for the title of Alpha once his father stepped down. Kasper lived an easy life the first few years, he had everything handed too him on a silver platter. He was living the life, that is until the day her mother announced she was pregnant again. The young four year old was ecstatic, he was going to be a big brother. And so, his little brother Theo was born. The youngest Farlow took after his mother, light brown hair and blue eyes, whilst Kas took after his father. The oldest Farlow began to notice subtle changes, even though he was only five, he knew he wasn't going to get all the attention he was use to receiving. So, he took it upon himself to find more attention.

He found it in his pack Elders, the young pup could sit for hours and listen to the stories the wise wolves had to tell. The years passed by quickly as the stories grew more interesting. Kasper was now seventeen and would still sit cross-legged like a pup to listen to these stories. One morning his story was interrupted when his father poked his head in and ordered Kas to follow. It wasn't normal for his father to be so curt. Kasper bowed his head in respect to the Elders before hurrying to follow his father. He was informed a new pack had traveled through, but left some stragglers. It was his job to investigate. Without a word, Kasper was comfortably his wolf-self as he snuck through the woods. He caught scent of the stragglers, but one was more overwhelming. A mutt. His pack didn't necessarily look down on the half-breeds, but they weren't particularity fond of them. He quickly asked his father what he should do (easily done with the whole Alpha telepathic thing). Investigate. Something Kasper was use to doing, so he did. He noticed two of the three scents were beginning to fade but the mutt scent stayed strong. He came across a clearing, one where he heard faint weeping. Keeping his distance he noticed a small red headed girl sitting alone, face in her hands.

Kasper arrived back to his pack, bare-chested and pants now shorts, carrying the small red head. The pack never commented on her being a mutt, she was instantly accepted and named Petunia. Or, "Tuna" as Kasper liked to tease his new sister. He found someone new to give him attention, someone who would actually sit in front of him and listen to his stories. Life was good for the Farlow Pack.

Then it came time for Kasper to receive his Tribe name, Adahy. Sure, he was a little late in receiving it (four years to be exact, but no one is counting). Once he received his Indian name, his whole attitude began to change. His father had made sure to lecture the eldest on how it was next in line to be Alpha. Adahy began to patrol longer, listen to the Elders' stories less, hunt more, not play as many games with the pups, spent most of his time barking orders instead of joking around. He was filling his father's shoes maybe a little too well. He was twenty-one, and his mother had decided her son didn't really to experience the life of a young adult. She turned to the only one that could talk sense into Kas: Tuna. The small six year old went up to her brother, who was sitting quietly in his normal spot by the river, one day.

"Kassie, why don't you play with me anymore?" She asked, her small voice soft as she sat beside her brother. Something clicked in Kas, it was like the blindfold had been lifted from his eyes. That single question, changed everything. Kas began to play more with his sister, but he also began to smoke, he began to drink, and party..he began to live like a wild "normal" young adult. This rebellious streak led to Kasper receiving more attention than he ever had before. Most of it wasn't the good kind but the other, the other was something else. Something he had been craving for so long. He spent more time away from the pack, he was literally becoming a ghost in the woods. He learned to party, to flirt, and to get girls. Soon it came to a point where he slept all day, partied all night. The wolf was spiraling towards disaster.

His father stopped him one evening, demanding if the wolf knew what he was doing. Kasper exploded, he began to yell about how he never got to live his life how he wanted. The young wolf was silenced when his grandfather entered the room, simply out of respect. Soon the three generations of Farlow's were finally having the conversation about what attention Kasper really wanted. He didn't want to be Alpha because he received attention that he hadn't earned. People looked up to him just because he was Alpha, not because he was Kaspian, the wolf who did something great. Kasper declined his right to the position of being Alpha, he told his father Theo was more suited for the role.

It wasn't long til Kasper decided to leave the pack, he didn't like how people looked at him. As if he done some terrible wrong. He knew deep down that he wasn't fit for the role to lead. So, he entered the life as a lone wolf. It was one he enjoyed, one that no one could view him as something he wasn't. Because he was in fact, alone. For three years Kas was more of a drifter, he traveled a lot, slept in too many motels, and ate at way too many iHops. Then he found himself in Colorado, finding a pack who also seemed to be drifting. He decided to finally make a name for himself. He ran into the Alpha, Adrian, "accidentally" at a bar. And he simple put out his hand and said, "Kasper."


How often do you get online?:
Uhhh, yes
How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
Please and thank you

So begins...

Kasper Farlow's Story