Micah Lattson

"I don't know. Why should I be here anyway?"

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”Maybe I’m a poet, maybe I’m just skimming stones. You’ll never know and I’m not telling.”

Back to Basics

Full Name: Micah Grayson Lattson ii

Nicknames: Mikey, Mikes

Age: Twenty

Gender: Male

Birthdate: August Third

Birthplace: Boulder, Colorado

Role in Pack: Hunter

Purebred or Mutt: Purebred

First Impressions


Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 139 LB
Build: Lanky
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Scars or Markings: Scars across knuckles and a number of straight little white lines across his upper arms.
Brief Written Description: Standing at no particularly impressive height, Mikey carries himself with an extraordinary air of being bigger than he is. First impressions peg his high held jaw and arrogant downglance, as well as his shapely form and attractive attributes, and peg him as a prideful bastard; which is exactly what his every motion emulates. His strides are long and his eyes held as though his vision is far above whoever he’s talking to, even if he remains shorter than the above average man. He prefers comfortable, fashionable clothes to anything particularly judged masculine or tough, and has been known to paint his face here and there for social occasions; elagence is his main objective when not set out for action, in which case he forgoes it for a gentle air of efficiency in fashionable but practical clothing with greatly measured and carefully matched motion in his gangly extremities.

Digging A Little Deeper


Quirks and Faults
Picks his lips when no one’s looking and has a tendency towards self destruction, he also keeps his nails long and dog ears pages. [x]
Being left well enough alone [x] Being overly respected [x] Poetry [x] Pack mind [x] Keeping to werewolves [x] Hunting [x] Purebloods {x] Sitting still
The unexpected [x] Not having a plan [x] Being dragged into things [x] Being in complete control over people at any time ever [x] Lemons [x] Most mutts, his brother excluded.
If Micah’s honest with himself he never really wants to leave the pack, he just wants to see them well fed and taken care of and surviving. He’s hopelessly proud of them and wants to protect them. He’d like to have someone he trusts completely but as it stands that’d simply be a bonus to happy pack life.
People seeing through the pride is definitely one of the top of Micah’s fears; he’s deeply insecure and doesn’t hugely like to show it off. It upsets him when others realize it so he doesn’t wear it on his sleave. He’s terrified of flying, and prefers to stay away from bridges and heights as well.
Micah can bluff his way through anything. He’s fantastic at putting emotions on his face, but better at taking orders. He’s not half bad with a medical kit either.
Easily spooked and with a soft, easily broken interior, it takes Micah a long time to get over pains in his life, and he tends to be defensive whenever his mood dips. He’s snappish and flippant during these times, and often other times as well although he means it humeorously.

Under My Skin


|Proud, Stubborn, Self-Blind, Self-Destructive, Largely Self Loathing|

One must examine Micah firstly by the faces he puts on; the proud one he shows to his pack, which exploits his purebred bloodline and shows how good an asset he is, he's not sure if that one's so much a survival tactic for the pack or for himself so his self esteem doesn't crumble. Either way, he's good at it. Micah is the absolute best person he's ever met at seeming like an irredeemable proud asshole. He likes it that way. He despises proud people, and has since he was a child, but Micah values his own last shreds of dignity and self care a little more.

His haughty exterior is often what lands Micah out of trouble; often times no one trifles with a proud hunter because no one needs to. They read him as an underling taking too much pride in what he does. This couldn't make Micah happier; some bit of him likes to be forgotten and swept aside. It means he doesn't have to deal with the production of interacting with people fact to face for very long.

The truth is, it all stems from this single, recurring, nagging sensation in his belly; Micah is incredibly anxious. Even moreso when around people. His brain kicks into overdrive too often when he's around people. He shakes and without putting up an impenetrable wall of pride, his hubris is exposed. He's an incredibly weak-willed individual when caught during anxiety, although tends to be stubborn in his convictions. He's intrinsically endlessly contradictory, and more often than not will double back on what he's saying if you're listening just to make sure you're catching what he's saying.

Beyond all that, Micah's a self-conscious, but good humored wolf with a tendency to enjoy being ordered around. It makes things easier; thinking's too hard sometimes, when the anxiety kicks up or the entire world feels heavy, so he enjoys the way the pack fits together and assists him in that. Even if he acts like he's above them, he genuinely loves them all and desperately wants to do everything he can for them; often to and past his own loss and unhappiness. It's rare he goes to someone for help for himself, and prefers to see the pack taken care of first; they're the best family he's ever had.

That said, Micah is an intrinsically lonely person with no one he feels he can trust 100%, the closest being his brother but in his words that's "not the same". More than anything he'd love to have someone he could trust. Or at least someone it wasn't so hard to talk to.

Diving Into The Past



Micah was born just outside of Boulder, Colorado and just after his older half brother by the same mother; the other hunter by the same pack. From the get go while there seemed to be nothing medically wrong, Micah was a distant child with a tendency to ostracize himself from his brother and playmates. It wasn't that they were mutts, either; he'd been subject to the interaction of purebloods from a young age and still found little companionship. He enjoyed more playing with the family's dogs and sitting alone listening to soft music or spoken poetry. He was in love with ideas from a very young age, but could rarely find any footing in the physical world around him. This was a problem which concerned his mother, and although she took him to doctors, it was ascertained Mikey would grow out of his distance.

He never did; in his first years at Junior High he'd managed to so far outcast himself it was drawing concern from the teachers. Micah neither cared for schoolwork nor his peers, and hardly connected with his family. His bonds were largely set with objects; a favorite stuffed dog from childhood, a dog collar, a blanket. Everything else felt like added, volatile and unpredictable stressers-to-be.

That isn't to say that Micah was unaffected by his peers in the slightest; the things they said to him offhand and the two-feet-diameter halo of avoidance he received in middle and high school, although partially Micah's fault, still wiggled their way under his skin and set about helping the process of dismantling the young werewolf's self esteem.

That said, there was no traumatic turning point for Micah, there was no death or loss or sickness that made him the miserable shell of a person pretending to be whole he is today. It was simply years upon years of spending his every waking minute with the full realization that while he was pushing people away, no one had the heart or gave enough of a damn to push right back and try to befriend him anything more than a silly, shallow way. He despises himself for that; partially because it's his fault and partially because he feels like he's putting it out there that he's a weakling who can't solve his own problems, but the thing is he was born with a certain sense of being lost and it hasn't faded. Even in this new town, he's confused and lonely and lost but simply wants to put his whole heart into whatever his pack does or orders him to do.

How often do you get online?: At minimum once a day
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: Once to four times a day
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