Nelly Adessi

"I'd shoot you if I didn't have to do paperwork after it."

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Nelly Deidre Adessi



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Hot Headed | Unorthodox | Hardworking | Intimidating | Astute | Tough
Nelly can be best described as a firecracker. She's good at her job and she knows it and if anyone tries to get in her way she can easily run them down. She doesn't stand down when someone is trying to push her into another direction but at the same time she knows who's shoulders to rub and who to talk to get the things she needs and if that means stepping on toes than she will certainly step on those toes and thanks to it she has the tendency of getting on peoples bad side. Many peoples bad side. Nel has that charm to her though, if she does manage to tick someone off she usually fixes it with her flair and actually is chummy with several other colleagues but she does have a tendency to push people away. So she has a limit to how far she gets to know almost everyone, she doesn't like when people get involved in her things and doesn't like getting involved in others. It's just how she is.


Quirks & Habits
Can be a bit of a smart ass | Clicks her Nails together when thinking | Constantly Purses Lips | Always wears her black sunglasses

Thunderstorm | Dawn and Dusk | The Job | A Challenge | Closing Cases | Animals | Reading | Movies and Television

Dead ends | AA | Liars | Stern People

Falling off the wagon




Nel was brought up with a cop as a father as well as her two older brothers. She never once thought that she would be following in their footsteps but things change, something she knows all too well of. Her father was a beat cop and almost always had the tough neighborhoods, maybe because he looked like, seemed like a tough guy. Or maybe he simply just took them because he figured he could change things. He was a well liked officer and believe it or not more then one regular books actually liked the guy. The funny thing is it was a bright day, a nice day when they got the call. It was the call no one ever wanted to get but always knew that there was a chance. Every time the phone rang your heart would stop for a few seconds until you took it of the hook and simply uttered "Hello." Nel was in school when her mother got the call, an hour later she was at the hospital waiting in the ICU waiting for a answer to if he was gone or not. She had her fingers crossed the entire time that it would be good news but when the doctor finally arrived it was not as she had wished. The kicker was that it was actually a really nice day out.

Her brothers were easily seven years older then her so by the time she was heading into high school they were headed into the academy. They had made up their minds about joining the force when they lost their father and they kept to the promise. Her oldest brother Jeremy is a detective in DC while the other quit the force and joined up in the army when she finally graduated high school. Nel was headed to college for a medical degree when halfway through it did a complete 180 into criminal justice. Her mother would rank it as one of her dumber decisions while Nel would say it was her best decision. She graduated the force at the top of her class and was immediately met with a job. Her rookie years went by with a flash and she was offered an undercover gig that she gladly took. It would be something that would look good on the résumé and would also give her added experience.

The undercover gig took almost four years with over a hundred arrests and drug busts. There were several times where she thought her cover was blown but it was simply her nerves getting to the best of her. This was also around the time she started drinking. By the time the operation was over she was a full blown alcoholic. She liked to think of it as being a functional alcoholic, she did put people behind bars with almost screw ups, but it had become far to much of a problem to keep her around. She was left with two choices; get cleaned up or lose her badge. It may have taken her several weeks and a many loud conversations but she wound up committing herself and started going to AA meeting on a regular basis, although she does tend to skip some nowadays. It's been several years since the events and they are mostly behind her now and has been working with the Albuquerque Police Department as a homicide detective.



Face Claim
Vanessa Ferlito


150 Lbs. She's fit and anyone that's gotten on her bad side can attest to it.

Hair Color
Dark Brown

Eye Color

She has several small tattoos; A dream catcher on her left shoulder blade along with the quote "Do what you fear and Fear disappears." just below her neck, A star on her left outer wrist, A spade on her inner right wrist, Her former partners anniversary on her right bicep and lastly a small black bar on her left tricep from a cover up.

So begins...

Nelly Adessi's Story

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“Who the hell is calling?” She groaned rolling to her back and lazily kicking off the blankets. She had probably only been home for a good five hours a fraction of which she spent sleeping. And of course with her luck as soon her eyes shut the annoying beeping of her phone would go off. With her feet resting on the cold wooden floors she grabbed her phone which was resting on a chair in the corner and glared at the screen. She cleared her throat after reading the glow of WORK lighting up on it and answered it. “Adessi.”

“Listen up we have a body over at Cherry’s I ne-”

“You want me to deal with a dead stripper? Can’t you put Brook on it? Or even Marks?” She rubbed her eyes and made her way out of the room and into the kitchen. Hearing a sigh on the other end of the line was all she needed to hear to know that this wasn’t some ordinary case and if she was going to be functioning she’d have to be awake.

“Not a stripper and I need you on it.”

Snuggling the phone between her cheek and shoulder she grabbed a cup and placed it on the counter with one hand while the other was reaching for the coffee pot. “I had a feeling you were gonna say that. I’ll be out of the house in five.”

“Good. One last thing you’re not gonna be working the case alone. You’ll be meeting them at the scene.”

“Wait, what?” She took a sip of her coffee immediately regretting the decision realizing she had forgotten to add anything to it. “Hello?” Looking at the phone the words CALL ENDED shown making her roll her eyes. He always managed to get her to agree to things she didn’t want to do and he knew she didn’t like working with anyone, not since Jay. But what was she to do? Especially with him being in charge, she just had to suck it up and hopefully close this thing relatively quick. Nel practically downed the cup of coffee before hopping into a quick shower. Once she got into her jeans and plain white shirt she headed out.

She hadn’t looked at a clock yet but it had to be around nine in the morning, it had that smell in the air that gave it away. Dew. She kicked the newspaper that rested by her car over to the door giving the street a quick look. It would be a lie if she said the job didn’t make her a little paranoid, when you become a cop you just start to see things differently and being a homicide detective has made her see people in a different light. There have been more than one occasion in which the person doing the crime was the last person that you would think. But you live and you learn and no matter what nothing will ever be as bad as it was her first year, not something she ever likes to talk about. It’s pure embarrassment and the only people that ever tend to bring it up are her brothers.

It only took around fifteen minutes for her to arrive at the lot which been well blocked off for the most part. However it still brought many prying eyes and onlookers, nothing too bad considering this wasn’t the best neighborhood to be in. Right now it’s simply anyone working at Cherry’s, people who live near by and the saps that are coming to Cherry’s first thing in the morning or just leaving from last night. She parked under the overpass and made her way behind the yellow tape flashing her badge when she had to. The forensic team was combing the area, a lot of area, too much traffic thanks its prime location and drug deals being the more innocent activity.

“Detective Adessi. My partner arrive yet?” She asked one of the officers.

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ImageThe night before had managed to get onto Elliot's top ten nights since living in Albuquerque. It was the first time in almost a year of working on the force that she had two days off in a row. Of course, this meant celebration. And that is damn well what she did. Elliot had somehow made it back to her apartment, probably with the help of her roommate; most likely at some hour in the early morning. The sound of a phone buzzing near her head pulled her from her stupor, just enough for her to life her head and feel the sharp shooting pain of the hangover that tested her ability to function. She had been sprawled out on her bed in a full-blown starfish position with one leg resting halfway off of the bed. Someone had told her once, that if you ever go to bed too drunk and you feel like you're on a boat, you just stick your leg off and you'll be fine. Like an old wive's tale, Elliot followed the rule like it was her religion.

However, at the sound of the phone, Elliot's leg came back in to find it's way onto the bed as she rolled over. "God. Seriously. It's my day off." She groaned angrily as her hand fished underneath her pillow to find the source of the annoyance. Finally, her hand found what she had been looking for, and she pulled the phone free. Glancing at the one object that she would much rather toss out of the window, the caller flashed a number she knew all too well. Elliot never saved the number for work, hell, she only had a few contacts she actually saved.

"What do you want? I'm off today." She snapped into the phone after she pushed the speakerphone button and resting the cool device on her forehead. As if it would make her head feel any less awful. Closing her eyes, Elliot let out a slow breath of air to try and alleviate the superstorm in her head.

"Yes, well we have a case and we need you on it." The voice responded just as sternly into the phone. It was then that Elliot opened her eyes and reached over to her nightstand. Pulling out the top draw, she reached in and tugged free what she believed to be the best creation on Earth. Ibuprofen. She was quick to throw back three little orange pills before following them with a large gulp of water.

"Is it really that important that you have to call me on my vacation?" Elliot asked as she started to sit up all of the way. She figured it was important if they were calling her. They were typically good at leaving her alone on her days off, probably because they were aware of her... hobbies. Although Elliot was a partier, she never brought that side of her to work. This was probably how she managed to keep her job. The silence on the phone told Elliot that it was, in fact, important.

"Fine." Elliot groaned into the phone as she let it slide from her forehead into her hand. Rising from her bed, she made her way through her apartment to navigate to the bathroom. "What time is it?" She asked with a small grumble. Her apartment had plenty of windows that typically gave her an idea of what time it was, however, Elliot had prepared today for a massive hangover, so every blind in the apartment was closed. For all she knew, it was somewhere between four in the morning and noon.

"It's about a quarter to nine. We've got a body over at Cherry's," The voice responded into the phone, and it was loud enough to feel like bombs were going off in Elliot's head. Moving the phone to rest on the bathroom sink, she lowered the volume a little as she cringed. "You'll be meeting your partner there." The voice finished before hanging up. Elliot stared at the phone like the voice had spoken in a foreign language. Partner?!

Glancing up angrily in the mirror, Elliot decided that there wasn't enough time to shower off the scent of beer and cigarettes she had acquired from the bars. Changing into dark jeans and a grey button down shirt, she clipped her gun to her belt, tucked her badge and phone into her back pockets and gave herself a quick once-over in the mirror by her front door. Her hair was a disaster, she looked like she had ridden a roller coaster backwards. Running her fingers through her hair a few times in an attempt to calm the mess, she rolled her eyes just before giving up and made her way to the location.

Elliot had picked up a coffee along the way from a small stand on the street. Fortunately, she was within walking distance of the place. Her apartment was located just on the cusp of what people would consider to be a bad neighbourhood. To the naked eye, her apartment was plotted on the last decent street before the area started to go downhill in terms of appearance. However, for someone living in the area, there was about a block and a half until the area really went south. Arriving at the scene, Elliot flashed her badge when need be as she slid up the sunglasses she had managed to slip on before leaving. She was definitely thankful for them.

Making her way closer to the scene and further from the tape that kept people from seeing what was going on, Elliot found a group of officers who seemed to be waiting around for something. "Detective Adessi. My partner arrive yet?" It was the cue she was hoping for that would make the morning start off a little more smoothly.

"Yeah. Right here." Elliot started as she approached all the way, taking a sip of her coffee. "Detective Park. Elliot Park." She added as she looked at the taller woman. Elliot hadn't worked with another woman before, but it still didn't put her negative mindset about partners at bay. However, as much as she didn't want to work with the woman, she sucked up it and decided to go with it for the time being. Especially since she didn't need anything else to worsen her headache. "Shall we?" She asked as she started towards the crime scene.

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Turning on her heels she looked over the black sunglasses that always lined her face and took a quick glance at this new partner. Great.Nel’s track record with partners verged on horrendous and those of which were other females tended to be even worse. Conflicting differences and what not."I'm Nel. You can call me that or Adessi. I don't really care." She dragged off turning away from women pressing her glasses up to their usually spot with her finger. It wasn't too clear to her if that came across as rude but it didn't matter at the same time.

As she looked towards the crime scene Park walked by her "Shall we?"
At least it seemed like she wanted to get this thing on the road and finished up as much as Nel did. The last thing Nel wanted was something that would take night and day. Fingers crossed this thing will be closed in a day or two."Let's do it."She replied following suit.

The scene was nothing she hasn't seen before. A young man, most likely in his twenties, propped up against a lamp post. If they were lucky enough this thing will turn out to be some type of gang or drug related hit. It's a usually occurrence in these parts. The only hard part about solving a case like this would be figuring out which lowlife pulled the trigger. "What do we got?" She kneeled next to the body.

"Well we have an ID here," the coroner handed the plastic evidence bag to Nel. "He has several puncture wounds, mainly on his torso, along with marking on his hands and arms but I'll know more about that when I get him on my table."

"Glove." She made a gesture with her hand in a way to which the coroner handed the box over. Plucking a single glove from the box she fit her hand through it and grabbed the wallet out. The coroner kept speaking, primarily to Park, of the body as she went through the wallet."Now there's blood in various places all around leading up to the ally over there." He pointed to a spot under the overpass."I'm positive that's where this whole mess started."

Grabbing one end with the evidence bag and going through it with the gloved hand. It almost completely covered with a layer of dark red blood. It wasn't at the point of being completely dry but it was on it's way. There were two sets of ID's in front of several other cards in the small clear pouch that rested on the inside of the wallet. Jason Julio Rodriquez, 24, roughly eighty dollars still in tact. "Well it wasn't a robbery." She showed the cash to Park.