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Patrick Valencourt


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a character in “By Which We Were Born”, as played by Magix


Patrick Valencourt

The Talker



Patrick has the ability to communicate with anything the mind can imagine. People, animals, even inanimate objects. It's a telepathic ability when he touches something, so sometimes you won't see him talking to something, just staring at it. However, when he isn't touching something it's all done verbally. So if he wants to speak to an animal across a busy street, or a bike around a corner, it doesn't really matter he can talk to it. This ability isn't limited to what a human could normally hear, if he's communicating with something he can hear it crystal clear a mile a way or two feet. Although he does need to be able to picture the object, thing, or person and know a general location to be able to communicate with em though.

With power, comes sacrifice however. He'll be quite fond of his ability talking to whatever he can. However the more he talks to the more he looses his own sense of self. It's not that noticeable at first, however eventually it could leave him not knowing who, or what he was. Although his personality will remain completely intact, people change when they start to not know who they are.

Personality wise, Patrick is one complicated guy. He's really a nice guy, as long as you don't get too offended by a sarcastic sense of humor. He's always out looking for friends and talking to anyone that will talk back (sometimes even people who won't talk back). When he's alone he loves to daydream, and if his attention isn't constantly gripped by something he'll often be daydreaming. He has a really short attention span and he's easily influenced by what people have to say. He's very loyal to his closest friends however and would do anything for them. Although that also sets off a pretty bad jealousy that he has streak in him. While he doesn't care what people really think about him, if he isn't praised or if he messes something up, he easily will become very upset about it and lose confidence in himself. This also goes with the jealousy thing, because if he gets jealous his confidence drops to a lower level then he already has. He's very opinionated and not one to hold back much either if he really wants to let it go. Although that's partly because of how emotional he is.

Brief Description
He stands at an even 6' tall, and weighs roughly weighs 178 lbs (most of it being muscle). He isn't the most built person, however he is a fair bit above average. He works out once or twice a week to keep tone and fit. His clothing normally is pretty relaxed, a simple pair of Jeans and a shirt usually is fine. He had a flame tattoo on his left arm, as depicted in the picture, although he doesn't wear the elbow pads, and obviously doesn't carry around a sword. The tone of his voice is average, not to high and not too low. He doesn't talk down to people, although if the situation allows it he will often be sarcastic. Anything for a good laugh, right?

- Talking
- Long walks, in fact the longer the better.
- Having a Good time. After all who wouldn't enjoy that?
- Having as many friends as possible
- A Halfway decent Conversation and up
- Anything to do with the outdoors
- Traveling
- Reading
- Art
- Music, although he's quite particular on the genre.
- Kids, deep down he's still a kid at heart.

- Snakes, in fact he's quite afraid of them
- Upsetting people he likes
- Authority
- Abstract foods
- Heights

He's pretty athletic and possesses a pretty good amount of physical strength. He's a good listener, and is really able to relate to people's feelings (even if he'd never been in their situation before).

He has a bad temper, that will often get him into more trouble then was necessary. He's very loyal to all of his friends, and would do just about anything for them, allowing his enemies to use them against him. His sarcasm will sometimes upset people, since he doesn't really know when to cut it out or calm it down. He fears innocent people getting hurt because of anything he's done. This can lead to him backing down from a confrontation and enduring, rather then solving any problems. One of his biggest weaknesses besides his anger though, is his insane jealousy streak. When he gets jealous he gets mad, and it's the kind of mad that negates the not wanting to hurt innocent people thing.

He wears this as a pendant around his neck. A gift from his mother from when he was born.

New York born and raised his whole life. Patrick was always the popular guy in School. He always had tons of friends, and just seemed to have a natural nack for making friends. Although his family life wasn't bad at all either. His parents weren't overbearing and he had enough free reign to be able to do what he liked. He was always the life of any party he went too, and while he liked to drink he didn't let himself get totally shitfaced often. His parents, being parents would get upset when he did, although that didn't stop him when he was in the mood to get shitfaced. That is until lately. He recently had a friend who was in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. It left him thinking about his own life, and just how fragile it was. He's decided that he wanted to start traveling, not that he'd stop partying though. He just wanted to ease the partying a bit and start to live life to the fullest. His first stop was New York City, a great place to start his journey from.

To Be Determined.

Nothing comes to mind at the moment.

So begins...

Patrick Valencourt's Story