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"Men? *Laughs* their no more than buffoons"

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a character in “-C O N D U I T -”, as played by BubbleYum



Name: Hollow

Age: 18

She is a:
Hollow is an experienced huntress, usually she uses her famous flamed arrow, to not only kill her victim but to burn them too. Hollow is not only a great archer, she's amazing with camouflage and usually wears dark clothing to match the forest floor and trees.

Personality: If you said Hollow had a funny bone in her body you must be some kind of liar. Hollow is one hundred percent serious, she never plays, though she enjoys smiling and occasionally laughing.Hollow is a natural born leader, she is confident in everything she does. Bossy and sometimes rather sarcastic. She rarely lies and speaks whats in her mind, no matter if nice or not. She thinks the world rotates around her and sometimes she can be extremely selfish and self-centered though most times she's rather nice.. it all depends if she finds favor in you. Hollow is not sensitive .. she's far from it. She's extremely hard and tough and rarely shows mercy especially to Men. She expresses her feelings almost all the time.. weather anger or sadness. She is often praised by those higher in command ,as she is very responsible and appears to be older than she seems. Jealousy rises from her peers,as she is very loved by the Guardians and such.

Swift and steady Hollow stands 5'7 with her long arms and legs. She's has a slim figure, a average bust and wide waist. Her long dark brown shoulder length hair, emerald green eyes that shimmer in light. Pale, snow white skin that are extremely sensitive. Rosy red cheeks that make her appear younger than really she is very strong with her arms and a sturdy runner, not so much with hand to hand combat. She cannot shoot from short ranges and is not the best listener, she doesn't have good ears. She has thin dark eyebrows, almond shaped eyes that observe her surroundings. A round head with thin pink lips, freckles dance across her nose and much of her cheek. She has a average build and long hands and she has a scar that goes down her leg, the beasts scarred was her first time hunting.

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears:
Hollow is fond of the outdoors, the crisp cold air. The animals that live upon the woods, the exotic leaves and creatures, although she loves the outdoors she fears most animals that dwell in it. The beasts they call them, the crazy women-eating beast that will rip off your intestines. Maybe her only true fear is herself, she never felt completely powerful is always afraid she is not the best. She dislikes water and most bugs, she also dislikes cooking and regular housework. She finds favor in hunting, dancing and singing. Even though most people don't know she sings.. she enjoys singing and listening to the birds of the sky repeat the same patterns. She loves the fire like explosion her arrow makes as she draws it back and shoots.

Thoughts on men: Despite the fact, she has never encountered a man before, she has heard stories of how they were all once living together how the olden ages.. women will live with men and even raise kids with. As time passes her hatred for men grows stronger and she has no mercy for them, she vowed that they day she saw a man she would kill them for the pain they made her ancestors encounter.

So begins...

Hollow's Story


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Her timid, almond shaped eyes sprung open at the speed of light, her body fell awake her nose smelled the crisp air that surrounded her. She sighed as tiny pecks of dust pasted her eyes, she yawned loudly as she stretched out and resisted the urge to jump out of bed. She scurried into the bathroom and bathed and dressed herself in a mud-colored tunic. She slipped into sturdy worn-out boots whose laces are breaking apart, she tied her shoulder-length hair into a ponytail that barely touched her back. She easily stepped out of her small tent, grinning of course, she was excited to start the adventure as she slung her bow behind her back.

Prior to the day before, she was practicing shooting her arrows her feet meeting with the crunchy leaves that fell and laid upon the floor. Her eyes dimmed she hid behind a small bush and narrowed her eyes and watched the little rabbit that was running around as prey. She took out one of her arrows and pulled back her draw string narrowed her eyes and aimed for the rabbits little pupil and boom. In a literate blink of an eye, the rabbit was dead and she slowly walked over to retrieve her bow from the rabbits eye. The rabbit was all white with a pink nose and long whiskers and ears, the rabbit was chubby and had a lot of meat and the blood dripping from it's eye stained the furry coat. She quickly left wiping the juicy ink like blood of the tip of the arrow with the palms of her hands.

She watched as her fellow sisters packed the last of the things onto the wagon carried on this year by the water and air conduits, although this method was much faster she liked the horses much better since she herself had nothing much but a fat dark brown female cat named Bontaya, who was to be staying at her tent taking care of by her fellow sisters. Nervous she bit her lower lip waiting, awaiting for their adventure to be gone and to travel afar away from home a part of her wanted to stay..a part of her wanted to be brave and go. 2 months she wondered with nothing more than the wilderness as a friend and the crisp cold air for comfort.

Her eyes scanned the area she spotted some people she knew, they were all joining on the journey. She walked over to Leotie on of her favorites for some reason even though she had a fire like temper, she was still pleasant to chatter with. She looked down at her feet and raised her head and smiled at Leotie and greeted her. "Are you well prepared?" she asked now wondering if she supplied everything she needed to survive. She waited for her to answer and smiled before walking away and greeting some of her sisters such as Assah and Aria, whom seemed to be indulged in a conversation and didn't want to disturb them.

She sat down and was approached by her blood mother whom seemed to have been crying recently. "Mother?"she asked "Why do you shed tears on such an exciting day?'. Her mother stared at her with her green eyes much like her own, her same round face and complexion and basic body features, just older and with more wisdom. "Be careful" she muttered before kissing her on the forehead and running back to their tent, which she was not in when she woke up. Hollow did not have any blood sisters and this meant her mother was her only blood family. She didn't take the words lightly because of the reasons, she waited waiting for the time to leave. She was not just excited she was curious, she wanted to see the animals that she would encounter while there, the weather changes and patterns, her bow and arrows were also in top condition nothing less. She was ready, but her gut was whispering doubt feelings to her brain, warning her this was not the best idea. She shook it off she didn't become who she was by listening to her gut.

The setting changes from the-caravan to The Land


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#, as written by shmband
Leotie glanced to Hollow and offered a subdued smile. It was difficult to know if a pleasantry from a huntress was truly on amiable terms or whether there was something to be read between the lines. However, Hollow's simple question seemed innocent enough.

"I hope so." Leotie replied, "Half the challenge with these journey's is that you cannot know for sure whether you are preparing for a hiking trip or an ambush."

She eyed the girl as she continued towards the other Huntresses, paying heed as Hollow's mother approached her and kissed her as though it would be the last time. Nobody was under any illusions that these trade routes weren't dangerous. The understanding between the settlements of the women and the nomadic male groups was less stable that one would be comfortable with, but it was difficult to imagine that the men would be bold enough to attack a caravan of this scale. It wasn't as though anyone could fail to recognise the mutual dependence men and women had on each other, even if it did seem to extend to nothing more than the continuation of their race. That was a topic Leotie didn't much like to think about, since she personally hoped that it would be a faculty she would never personally have to contribute to!

With an impatient sigh she returned to her hut and gathered the things she had already prepared for the journey which were not loaded onto Azalea, her horse. Pulling the wolf pelt over her shoulders always felt like a sort of 'point of no return' when it came to the execution of any given task. It wasn't something she chose to wear at any other time, and in some ways it helped to demarcate the times of action from the times of ease. It also felt like it gave her body a bit more of a balanced weight whilst carrying her polearm.

With everything she needed, she returned to where the caravan was gathering, noting that the crowd had not yet grown much. With another sigh, she took a few steps towards the three huntresses and stood nearby. There was no point standing all alone and sticking out like a sore thumb.

The setting changes from the-land to The caravan


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Hollow breathed in and out felt her heart pounding upon her tight chest. She coughed, a sudden feeling of dizziness arose. What was happening? she thought biting her lower lip, till it bled. Her mother had excused herself and sobbed away into the tent. She was nervous, too nervous. She wanted to quit and not go, be taken care of and eat some warm soup... but then this was her first mission, her first adventure. After her last one ended in a drastic fight, which she lost most of her vital memories..and blood.

She glanced back at the girl she was recently talked to. She was not well-know, nor did she want to be or so it seems,she herself never seemed to make real friends, maybe some acquaintance who occasionally waved and said ''hi''. She was now surrounded by a group of girls chattering about the upcoming adventure. She gulped, held her breathed and forced a smile. The closer it seems to leaving the sicker she gets. She held her stomach as a young girl and her engaged in a small conversation. She stood kicking muddy rocks with her worn out boots, the wind blew her hair blew to one side covering half of her face, as about know her hair was disturbing her she gained a rubber band and tied her hair together in a messy ponytail.

She found her lazy pussy cat wandering in the grass, trying to hunt. She couldn't help but chuckled, it was surprising seeing something so fat engaged it self in such activities. She chattered a bit with a girl named Brea, she was young and tall and everything Hollow is and it was like for her looking in the mirror, by now the feeling of homesickness had drifted and

The humid air had a sudden chill to it as the departing transportation made it's way around and suddenly a gasp of goodbyes overfilled the air, although she said goodbye to her mother she skimmed the crowd looking for her again, saying goodbyes to random strangers she didn't know, even their first name. By now Homesickness has showed it's ugly head...and she couldn't help but barf, up her previous meal on the shoe of a girl she perceived her name was Assah?
She looked up at the disgusted girl wiped her mouth and disappeared in the crowd. In hear mind only one thing ran "Punk ass bitch"