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a character in “-C O N D U I T -”, as played by Kuukakulily



Name: Tala
Age: 21 summers

She is a: Guardian, though she had a somewhat late start at it. Tala didn't always want to be a Guardian. In fact, she longed to a Conduit, but she lacks the power to become one. She began her training as a Guardian at the age of 18 and has since found it to be her calling. She has come to devote herself entirely to the art of battle and trains as often as she can so that she may catch up. She has had her sword and shield since she began training as a Guardian. Tala is trained in other weaponry such as spears and pole-arms but prefers her sword and shield to them. She is also physically able to wield heavier weapons such as cudgels and maces but finds them somewhat unwieldy. When in battle, she likes an open approach, preferring to stand on equal ground with all opponents be they men or women. She finds stealthier attacks somewhat unfair, but will use them if the need should arise. She has a fairly high tolerance for pain and has a somewhat greater endurance than the younger Guardians. She would like to try new ways to use her shockwaves and has tried to channel them through her sword, but her attempts have been unsuccessful thus far.

Tala is a somewhat solemn individual. Her mother died of an illness while Tala was still quite young and despite having the support of her fellow sisters, she has felt alone ever since. She feels inferior most of the time and longs to better herself. She works hard at everything she does, whether it's crafting armor or slicing up dummies on the training ground. She has been known to be quick-of-wit and is more intelligent than Huntresses give Guardians credit for. She's not as clumsy as Huntresses claim either. She is nearly the opposite. It takes a certain grace and flexibility to wield a sword and she does so with apparent ease.

Some say she is strict when it comes to training and battle and they would be correct in assuming so. She becomes somewhat impatient when a Guardian trainee fails to follow the directions she gives them and will lash out if the trainee does not correct their mistake. She can be considered a leader of sorts on the battlefield and again becomes impatient when orders are not followed. That being said, many find it hard to talk with her, fearing a mean rebuttal, but Tala secretly craves social interaction with her sisters.

Description: Tala is of average height, standing at five foot seven inches. She has a little more muscle than most, including her fellow Guardians, which allows her to wield a better variety of weaponry. Despite her impressive muscle mass, she is flexible and graceful, enabling her to have a better advantage on the battlefront. Her eyes are an eerie green which many deem akin to the eyes of a cat. Her black hair is longer than most, having been growing it since her mother's death. Many would think that is cumbersome on the battlefield, but she ties it up into a braid to keep it out of the way. Her cream colored skin is marked by a tattoo going around her left leg. She wears mostly leather armor , with a few pieces of metal on her more vulnerable areas. When not in her armor, she can be seen wearing more casual clothing such as green tights and loose green tunics.

Likes, Dislikes and personal fears:Tala likes the relaxing coolness of the harvest season, as well the flowers in the spring season. She likes training and knowing that she has accomplished a job well done. She has a great love of making armor and weapons. Many have praised her skill at working with various types of metal, bone, and stone.She likes the feel of her blade cutting through anything, be it flesh or cloth.

She has a personal dislike of failure and hates the sour taste it seems to leave in her mouth. She fears things she can not see nor cut as well as having a great fear of abandonment. She believes her fear of abandonment stems from her mother's death. She greatly fears the unseen such as spirits because she can not do harm to them if she needs to defend herself.

Thoughts on men:
She has been old many stories of men from elders. Stories of great hairy beasts who will take you away in the dead of night. She feared them as a younger girl, but over time she has come view them only with distaste. She has met a few, but all have died by her hand in a most gruesome way. To her, they are not as scary as the elders made them out to be and it is this confidence that could get her hurt someday.

So begins...

Tala's Story


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Tala rose from her small bed as the purple light of dawn shined on her through the window. She gave a large yawn and stretched as the light shone brilliantly on her lovely skin, warming her to a degree. Today would be the day that she was to go on her second trip to trade with the bigger village of Eagle's Wing and she was a bit nervous for it. She was certain that should the trip not go well, the blame would be placed on her as she was the oldest Guardian. She ran a tough brush through her long, black hair and hoped the trip would go well. She set about finding her clothing and armor in her little hut and upon finding it, slipped the lighter bits of armor on. She packed the remainder of the clothing as well as supplies need for repairs to armors and weapons. She also packed a whetstone, a handy piece of stone that sharpened weapons to a fine, deadly point.

Tala braided her hair in a slow, meticulous manner. She always enjoyed doing so and it reminded her of how her mother used to plait it for her. There was no mother now to play with the hair she so valued in life. There was nobody but Tala in this little hut built for two. it was true enough Tala valued her "sisters" so to speak, but she felt they never truly understood her the way her only flesh and blood did. Illness and disease had been a large factor in killing her own ancestors off, leaving her to hope she didn't fall prey to it as well.

She sighed as the morbid thoughts ran through her head. It's best not to dwell on this, she thought to herself It will only make you all the more anxious. She finished plaiting her hair and grabbed her sword and shield. She strapped them securely onto her back and grabbed her deer hide pack of supplies and left her hut. The morning was inviting and women were setting up booths to sell their produce and such at market. Tala mulled over buying an apple before her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of crates being loaded into the trading caravan. She looked around to see Aria using her power to load crates onto the caravan. What a waste of energy. she thought absentmindedly. Aria then turned in the direction of the stables and Tala thought it best to get her horse, Pema, from the stables as well. Dismissing the idea of buying an apple just yet, she made her way briskly toward the stables.

Upon arriving just behind Aria, she saw that the stables were a little crowded with some of the trading party. She didn't feel very much in the mood for conversation today so she gave a small nod to Aria, Brea, and Seren and saddled up Pema for the trip. She quickly finished the task and gave Pema a once over making sure that sh felt well enough for the long journey. She gave a satisfactory nod to herself and lead Pema from the stable out into the daylight.

Tala came to a stall and bought an apple for herself and Pema. As she was feeding Pema her apple, Aria was getting atop her horse. She walked over to her and spoke. "If you'd like, you may give this apple to your horse. It will be a long journey after all." she said holding out the apple for Aria to take.