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Cherry Iwasaki

"I've got everything under control!"

0 · 359 views · located in C.B. Academy

a character in “C.T. Academy”, as played by Laseu


I'm in charge around here!

Name : Cherry Iwasaki

Age : 15

Nationality : Japanese/Korean

Gender : Female

Height : 5'1''

Weight : 49kg

Appearance : A high metabolism makes up for Cherry's bad eating habits, resulting in a not so muscular yet slim and lean body. Her cherry hair goes down to about her waist, and though she finds it hard and tedious to take care of she never seems to find the time to cut it. She normally wears a plain T-shirt and shorts, followed by a simple accessory such as a necklace or bracelet of some sort. She also wears an old, black rimmed pair of glasses, and is almost never seen without them.


Personality : Cherry tends to be a bit conceited, considering the fact that her grandmother put her in charge of helping out the incoming freshman. She relishes the feeling of being in charge, and takes her role very seriously.

  • Eating
  • Listening in on other people's conversations
  • Being a conceited hypocrite

♥ Manga/Anime
♥ Dramas
♥ Lecturing

X People pointing out her flaws
X Being wrong
X Touchy Feely moments
X Getting dirty

  • She sucks at expressing her emotions
  • She gets extremely uncomfortable during touchy feely moments
  • She hates touching people, and people touching her

Background(OPTIONAL) :

Other : She's a sucker for praise.

So begins...

Cherry Iwasaki's Story


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Character Portrait: Cherry Iwasaki
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#, as written by Laseu
"Grandma, it's ten! The new students will be arriving soon, won't they?"

Cherry pressed her face against the cool glass window, and peered towards the parking lot where the bus would be arriving soon. She took a step back, readjusting her glasses. After suffering through tedious and difficult courses throughout middle school, Cherry was thrilled at the thought that she was finally here, where she belonged. She had spent her entire summer memorizing the layout of the building, and understanding the inner workings of Cherry Tree Academy. She would be the one everyone would have to look up to, trusting that her memory wouldn't fail her. Though her grandmother constantly reminded her that she was also a student, she still liked to think that she was at least a little bit ahead of everyone else.

"Yes, yes they will. While this old woman makes her way down to the cherry tree, would you like to go and greet them?", the elderly headmistress replied. Cherry nodded her head eagerly in response, and began making her way down and out of the ancient three-story building. Her grandmother and previous headmasters before her had never found the need to rebuild the school building. After all, most of their time was spent outside. Cherry grinned, catching several petals on her tongue as if they were snowflakes. Cherry Tree Academy wasn't called "Cherry Tree Academy" for no reason; the blossoming branches of cherry trees added a pink hue to the blue sky above them, showering the ground with a coat of pale pink. She leisurely made her way towards the parking lot, keeping an eye out for the bus.


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Character Portrait: Kinshi Madara Character Portrait: Cherry Iwasaki
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Kinshi Madara

"Kinshi!" He heard his mother call loudly from downstairs, "Kinshi dear! You're going to be late for school!"

"I'm up!" Kinshi knew what would happened if he didn't get up, so he hopped off his bed, stretched his arms, and got to changing. As usual, he didn't brush his hair, leaving it being all messy and swiped everywhere as he always did. It was apart of his character, and appearance after all. He quickly changed into his school uniform for school, and headed down stairs. He expected to see an amazing breakfast, as he did every morning, but only saw his mother drinking coffee while writing music, "H-Hey... t-the food..." Kinshi said slowly, a bit saddened as his stomach seemed to have grumbled.

"You woke up too late today dear." His mother said, not drawing her eyes from the music as she added on another note, "Go on and walk, and along the way, here."

She tossed him a piece of sweet bread as he caught it in his hand and sighed as he said goodbye and headed outside with the bread already in his mouth, heading for the bus stop. Kinshi saw someone waiting there as well, someone who had an interesting color of pink hair as he raised his hand and said loudly, "Good morning~!" He obviously didn't know who it was, a female most definitely, but he was an easy going type of person, and always was friendly to others at first sight.


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Character Portrait: Atsushi Ōtani Character Portrait: Kinshi Madara Character Portrait: Cherry Iwasaki Character Portrait: Katia Morella
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#, as written by Laseu
Cherry Iwasaki

Cherry smiled at the messy-haired boy, giving him an equally energetic wave of the hand.
"Hey there! Welcome to C.T. Academy!", she shouted out across the field of students exiting the bus. The boy looked like a delinquent if she'd ever saw one, but hey, it was too soon to judge. She wove her way around the crowd of students, pulled her neatly folded copy of the day's schedule out of her pocket, and handed it over to him.
"Here, you'll need this! The assembly's about to start, so we better get there soon. I'll see you around," she said, before running off towards the assembly.

As Cherry approached her designation she was surprised to see that it was already crowded with students. Students had already begun taking their seats, and they were filling in quickly. Taking a seat in the back row, Cherry peered around the spacious area. There were students of all different types of nationalities, some of them exotic looking and others not. As she gazed around, her eyes stopped on a small and eccentric looking girl with two long strands of black hair tied up in a pigtail. The girl seemed to be conversing with a male student with strawberry blonde hair who appeared to be her complete opposite. The male student was offering the other one his seat; a gesture that she had though was long gone in the population of high-school boys.

"Testing, testing, 1,2,3!"

Cherry quickly reverted her attention back to the front of the room, where her grandmother now stood.


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Character Portrait: Atsushi Ōtani Character Portrait: Kinshi Madara Character Portrait: Cherry Iwasaki Character Portrait: Katia Morella
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Katia noticed a girl with bright pink hair come in and thats when she had noticed the varied ethnicity of all the other students there. She sighed lightly feeling the nervousness creep back in. She shook that off as she looked at the rest of the students. She saw a boy who had massy black hair and blue eyes. She looked over at the other students who were conversing with one another until the Headmistress came on. "Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!".

Katia focused her energy on the headmistress completely and awaited for her to continue speaking. Katia had never been in such a school as Cherry Tree Academy. She had noticed a few things and inferred that puntuation was very important. She kept this in mind as she listened intently to the headmistress.