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Damien Fuhrer

"Could I get any hotter?"

0 · 250 views · located in Fictional Boulder, Colorado

a character in “Cabin in the woods”, as played by MiraMija


”Could I get any hotter?”
”Remember the Name”

”Age is but a number."
Nickname: Dame or D. but he prefers Damien
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Openly Bisexual
Role: Alpha wolf
Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

”I know. My sexiness if too much for you to handle."
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Dark Coffee Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210 lbs
Skin Tone: Olive
Body Markings: A cross tattoo on his right shoulder. Scars of war are commonly found around his body: he is the alpha and has to maintain that power.
Physical Description: He is tall and very physically built, but he's not like a body builder. He still maintains a small silhouette somehow. His muscles are clearly visible on his limbs, and his icy blue eyes tend to frighten normal humans... or maybe attract them.

”Don't ask, just receive. "
+ - Heights. The whole thing about being thousands feet over ground level scare the shit out of him. He will tolerate it to a certain point before he goes absolutely nuts.
+ - Loosing the attention that people give him would be traumatizing for him. He greatly relies on the attention of others to keep himself going. He's afraid that one day, he might loose those people that actually care about him.
✓ - Romance. He loves the whole romance thing. Kissing, dating, and going out, but his favorite is getting dirty with guys or girls.
✓ - Eat eat eat!!! He loves to eat food. All of it. Even the foods that taste disgusting to most. He will eat anything with no hesitation.
* - Obnoxious and rude people drive Damien absolutely crazy. He doesn't understand how they can be so inconsiderate to those around him.
* - Damien doesn't like making big decisions, even as the alpha. He knows he has to, and will always make the right choice, but he doesn't always like it.

Interest: None Yet
Father – Status Unknown
Mother – Status Unknown
Sibling(s) – A younger sister currently in college.
History: Long and painful. Damien was always the different kid. No one wanted him. He always asked for attention, and always got it, but never in the way he wanted it. He would be rude and throw tantrums, getting him negative attention. That reputation stuck, and that's how everyone knew him. It was one painful way to grow up. He tried to change, but nothing was working, so he gave up, and embraced it. He turned into his player attitude.

So begins...

Damien Fuhrer's Story

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The sun was bright and the day warm. It was a perfect day for a werewolf to just hand out. Damien woke up early and was just walking around on his own. He was bored with his life at the moment. Everyday the same thing. It was a little boring to him now. As he walked around the quiet woods, he thought about all kinds of things. The people in his pack. The freaking vampires. Humans that thought they were just myths or mythical creatures. It was such a weird world. Damien froze, hearing some rustling leaves. He zoned into his surroundings, and looked to see what it was that was making those sounds. Not to far from his location, a deer was hanging around, poking it's nose in some grass. Damien couldn't help but smirk. It's been a while since he made his own kill.

He climbed up a tree as stealthily as possible for a big guy like him and made his way through the trees, closer to the deer. He bared his fangs, ready to pounce on the poor animal. The deer looked up, as if it heard Damien. And as the deer was frozen there, Damien took this chance to pounce before it could escape Damien's grasp. The creature squealed as the man's fangs pierced it's neck. After only seconds of struggle, the animal was still. Damien was covered in animal blood, but hey, he was a werewolf. He wiped his mouth of blood with the clean part of his shirt and then thought of what to do. Should he bring it back to the pack, or just eat it himself. He was the alpha... but... he wanted it for himself...