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Jayson Goldsworthy

"Party? Hell yeah! Love? I don't know."

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a character in “Caelum Resort for the Rich and Famous”, originally authored by ShadowedxLove, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Jayson Goldsworthy
Age: 16
Gender: Female "The confusion is because of the name right?"
.~.`.~.`. .~.`.~.`.

103 lbs
Height: 5'0
.~.`.~.`. .~.`.~.`.
The movie West Side Story "What, I love movies like that."
Pizza "My favorite food of all time!"
Music "I take after my mother in that department but I don't have a favorite song"
Singing "Again all my mother."
Partying "Don't care where or when."
Drinking "Whenever."
Dressing up "I'm not materialistic but when I get the chance I like trying on different outfits."
Wearing too much make-up. "I hate putting that crap on my skin."
Snobs "I don't care about your things or money."
Being called a snob. "You don't know me if you say that."
Being called a slut. "That would be crossing a very serious territory."

Biting her lip. "I've always done that."
Singing randomly. "It happens so what?"

Personality: Jayson has a very dominant personality and won't take crap from anyone. She's also a good friend and loyal to those she actually cares for. She's rebellious and doesn't care about getting in trouble. Jayson doesn't care much for money and has dislike those who are very materialistic and brag about things they have. She loves to party and drink. A lot of the time its a combination of both. Jayson is also searching for someone to love and someone to love her.
~.`.~.`. .~.`.~.`.
History: Jayson's mother is a singer/model while her father is a movie producer. She grew up being raised by her multiple nannies and a bit of her mother. Her father was always gone so she never really had a strong relationship with her parents. Jayson doesn't like mentioning them or where their current whereabouts are.
(She doesn't have siblings and doesn't talk about any other family members.)
Household income: "Too much." It varies each year due to her parents' careers
Other: Jayson does a bit of modelling but not often and she likes to be independent. She doesn't rely or look forward to her trust fund and doesn't like being dependent on someone for money.

So begins...

Jayson Goldsworthy's Story

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Hello child/children,

You have been accepted into my mansion, also known as Caelum Resort! Yes, it may be a mansion, but we have luxuries such as a private movie theater, massive swimming pool, amazing party area (comes with amazing parties), hiking areas, and so much more. Keep this letter, as it will be your guide for a few of the things in the resort.

Description of the resort:

On the first floor, you open the large oak doors to an open foyer. To the right, you'll find a dining room and kitchen. To your left, you'll find a pair of "floating" stairs and a massive living room.

If you go on up to the second floor, you will find your rooms. On one side, you’ll find the rooms of Jayson Goldworthy, Cole Carter, Kari Milton, and Kay Sundermann, as well as an unused room (right to left). On the left, you’ll find the rooms of Elise Colt, Erin Beckett, Abia Crane, Liese Sundermann, and Jude Crane.

On the third floor, you'll find my room. You will NEVER be allowed to enter, unless I have given you permission.

Here are a few things you should probably know about my resort:

- All event itineraries will be either slipped under your door each day. They feature anything from group hiking to movies in our theatre to our famous parties.
- All attendees of the resort can drink as they like!
- Kitchen is open from 5am to 12pm. Breakfast is served at 10am, Lunch at 12:30pm, Dinner is at 5:00 pm. All meal listings will be posted on the sheet with your event schedule on it every day!
- What I say, goes!

You must be at the resort by this friday (if you have a reason why, then I'll be a little more flexible), or you will be not let into the resort . I trust that you all must have your own private jets or porsches, hmm?

I hope to see you soon!

Margerette Brown, your official hostess

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Jayson grinned as she finished reading the letter given to her. She had just finished packing her bags to head to the resort and read over the letter once again. She had thought about the other people that would be there and wondered what they'd be like. Jayson shook that off as she put on her black leather jacket over the pale pink spaghetti strap shirt she had on. She wore black shorts and black combat boots. Jayson looked over at the mirror and decided to straighten her hair. Once that was one she grabbed her phone and put it in her back pocket.

Once she looked over in the mirror once more she deemed herself ready and headed downstairs with one of her suitcases and the duffle-bag she had. She made sure to have the letter given to her kept safely to have it like the letter said. After putting all of her luggage with the thankful help of the butler she got in the driver seat of her cherry red camaro. She sighed lightly before she pulled out of her family mansion and headed for the Caelum resort to a long-awaited get-away from her usual life.

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Jayson had just arrived and was in the room that the letter said was hers. She had put her luggage on her bed when she suddenly heard noises downstairs. "Jude! Jude, get back here!" she heard a female call. She went out of her room suddenly remembering other part of the letter. Jayson remembered the name Jude come up as the owner to one of the other rooms. Jayson let her curiousity get the best of her and she started walking towards where she heard the female. She was thankful that she hadn't gotten lost on her way throughtout the large mansion.

Jayson approached the girl whilst picking her hair into a messy bun. Her black-painted fingernails brushed away the few stray strands away from her face and approached the girl she saw. "Hi, I'm Jayson are you staying here as well?" Jayson, though she'd never admit it, felt a bit nervous as she came face to face with the girl that just yelled after whom she assumed would be her brother. Even through the nervousness she kept her normal nonchalant composure.

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Kay and Liese alike were a mess pulling up to the resort. Though Kay had managed to brush out his hair, it stuck out in odd places as though he'd slept on it while it was still wet. While the look was normal on Liese, Kay found that it hardly suited his rather formal style of dress. He would usually wear it with an air of casual nonchalance, but now, he knew, he just looked like a mess. Granted, they had just been on a plane for the last few hours, crammed in with hundreds of other living, breathing bodies. Kay was visibly uncomfortable. Liese, on the other hand, now completely indistinguishable from his twin, leaned one arm out the window while he fiddled with the rental car's key. So many hours ago, Kay had asked why they'd taken their mother's car, and, in reality, he didn't know. It wasn't an expensive one like their father's modified-to-the-nines Mercedes, and it was hardly the old Camry they hadn't gotten around to selling. It was just what had been available.

This rental, on the other hand, was a completely different beast. Kay had been ecstatic to see the thing, though Liese stated straight-faced with regard to the sleek, elegant machine before him. The engine made hardly more than a purr, which he could appreciate, but aside from that he couldn't have cared less about it so long as it moved. When Kay had finally straightened himself out to his liking— Liese was on the verge of making a quip about how high-maintenance he'd been today— he stepped out, put the roof back in place, and handed the keys off with gusto to the valet.

"So," Kay spoke after a half hour of silent on-and-off napping in the car on the way from the airport, "Where are our rooms?" He glanced at Liese, holding in a sigh— he looked just as much of a mess as ever. Sometimes, he wished he'd actually try. But there was no response from Liese; he'd gone missing in a second's time, slipping into the shadows without a word. After a quick glance around to gauge his surroundings, he had more than enough information to make his way to the door. Liese was already leaning on the wall nearby, absorbed by the tiny screen of his phone. He glanced up and spared a wry smile, then drifted in alongside Kay.

The two boys were tall ghosts, each drifting in on silent footsteps. Just as they moved to enter, a voice sounded out in front of where they stood. Liese glanced over to the source: a dark-haired girl on the steps, it seemed. There was another voice, this one belonging to another girl. Kay and Liese stood side by side, unspeaking, Liese slightly slouched and Kay with some ridiculous grin on his face.

To himself, Liese just sighed.

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Abia groaned as Jude ignored her, venturing into the mansion to find his room. Another girl approached her, offering her name and asking if she was staying here. Caught of guard, she blinked rapidly and looked at the girl in bewilderment for a few moments before realizing what was happening. "Oh, yes, I'm staying here. It's nicr to meet you Jayson. My name is Abia." She glanced around and noticed two other males standing near by. Oh dear, why was she attracting so much attention?

Jude, why did you leave me here? she thought and offered a small smile to them before looking back at Jayson. She anxiously toyed with the camera resting on her stomach.

Looking down at her feet, she heard two more cars pull up and two female voices call out rather loudly. She cringed a bit at the sudden escalation in volume around her. Papparazzi was one thing, people who actually wanted to talk to her was another.

Meanwhile, Jude was wandering about the mansion. If ever there was a boy with no sense of direction, it was him. He had begun to meander through the resort in an attempt to find his room but could for the life of him not remember anything the letter had said. "This way or that, Chess?" he mused, thinking of the infamous cat from Alice in Wonderland.

As if on cue, a blonde appeared who could have well been Alice herself. She was quite pretty if Jude did say so himself. 'Alice' smiled at him, though he wasn't sure why. Had he forgotten to zip up his pants again?

"Hello," he said, smiling back. "You wouldn't happen to know where the bed rooms are, would you?" He could hear two female voices calling loudly, bit ignored them for the time being.

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Elise stared at the boy as he smiled back and replied, "hello, you wouldn't happen to know where the bed rooms are, would you?", to which Elise replied, "I was kind of hoping you could tell me" she said as she chuckled. She grabbed her luggage and place her beside her before she could speak again, "I'm Elise Colt" as she let go of her luggage, extending her arm towards the boy confidently.

Soon after she heard the female voices intensify, yet again she couldn't quite understand anything they were saying, along with the voices there seemed to be a lot of noises coming from outside the resort I just hope it's not the paparazzi was all Elise could think of.

Elise knew that some of the teens, if not many, would have heard of her dad's rumors, she just hoped they wouldn't treat her differently because of it especially the boy with the pretty smile that stood in front of her. She wished to have fun at the resort and spend time away from her parents constant arguing, and the always meddlesome paparazzi.

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