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Kay and Liese Sundermann

Unity can be found in opposition, but solidarity is only truly shared among blood.

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a character in “Caelum Resort for the Rich and Famous”, as played by AiteCipher


Kay Berkeley Sundermann
Liese Emlen Sundermann

Sixteen. Kay is technically older than Liese, but neither one really seems to care.
Born September 20th in St. Louis, MO


As identical twins, Kay and Liese share the same well-formed facial structure and endlessly dark hair. They're both on the spindly side, with Kay being the more muscular of the two, and have long fingers well-suited to keyboards of both the musical sort and the technological sort. Both share the same squint, as well, being severely nearsighted; Liese tends to wear his glasses more often than Kay, but they both prefer contacts. They have their mother's green eyes with a hint of their father's brown around the edges. The dark rings around their irises are thick and, when paired with their long lashes, can seem very feminine. Over all, they aren't the most manly-looking of people.

Being tall, what muscle Kay has built up over years of soccer and dance doesn't much show through on his body. Typically, he's been quite the attractive one to the girls, with somewhat-long hair that's manageable but can fall into his eyes at times. Kay is never without a boyish grin on his face and is quick on his feet. Though he doesn't bother with expensive designer clothing, Kay is always well put-together, often wearing some of his own designs. He has a trusty black metal watch that's clearly been put through Hell and back.

Liese, on the other hand, takes after his father more, staying tall and spindly and somewhat unkempt. He's the type of guy who would be rather attractive like his brother if only he'd bother trying. He's likely to be found alone with circles under his eyes from the night before. He has a keen sense of color but doesn't bother using it in his dress despite the constant nagging from all of the family for him to start modeling his brother's designs. He has an observant glint in his eyes and is prone to spacing out.

Casual. They honestly just don't wear expensive clothes, as they weren't brought up with them and still don't really care about fashion. Kay tends to be better put-together, while Liese leans toward the "I-just-woke-up-and-don't-give-a-damn" side.

Kay weighs 156, and Liese weighs 141.


- The arts
- Piano
- Socializing
- Humor
- Things that are aesthetically pleasing
- Flirting

- Computers
- Psychology
- Logic
- Peace and quiet
- Efficiency
- Violin
- Sleeping

- Lying
- Violence
- Self-destructive behavior
- Self-absorbed people
- Seeing sadness in anyone
- Being alone

- Being told what to do
- Unintelligent people who think otherwise
- People who flaunt their vocabularies
- Other people
- Noise
- Pop music

Having been raised in a household where intelligence was highly valued, both Kay and Liese have a natural tendency to need to prove themselves to others. Additionally, Liese is never without a computer, and his violin won't be far away. Kay doesn't play piano much anymore, but when one's nearby he won't hesitate to pick up a tune. Kay has a daily stretching and practice regimen each morning for when he returns to his dance studio and can tend to be a picky eater.

Born to Calvin Sundermann, the head of a California tech startup who made it big, and the beautiful yet brilliant Erin Montgomerey, intelligence has never been a question in Kay's and Liese's lives. Though both parents worked, they were educated early on, with both parents recognizing the importance of raising children who knew how to think. Both have been taught to be free-thinkers and can be quite opinionated, though it's Kay who tends to speak his opinions first. Though he was the second-born by a good couple of minutes, Liese was the first to start reading, and Kay has always been a bit jealous of him in that regard. In general, however, Kay has always been the favored child, being the sweet and sociable one paired with Liese's complete aversion to human interaction.

The boys have always been close, having had their own shared language since before they spoke. Growing up on an expansive mountain property, they never had many friends through elementary school and are more alike than either would like to admit. Their bond is intense, even if they have distanced from each other since entering high school. Liese has already graduated and takes part-time college courses while aiding his father in running the business, but Kay wants to finish high school and live as normal a life as possible. For this, Liese is somewhat conflicted in his feelings about his brother and doesn't fully understand him as an intellectual.

Neither of the boys is particularly well-versed in human interactions; they were raised by very free-spirited parents and spent their formative years far away from any sort of media influence, so both are odd and a touch nonconformist. Kay is surprisingly inept when it comes to socializing, though he does love it. Neither has ever had a girlfriend, having been too occupied with their other interests to even bother.

Both are instilled with a love for nature and a good helping of California liberalism. Because of Kay's somewhat opinionated and certainly outspoken nature, he easily finds conflicts among his private-school peers, most of whom come from old-money families and are very traditionalist by nature. Liese is more accepting of others than Kay, and when he's angry he's likely to just sit and fume silently than do anything. Both can be extremely insensitive towards others, but it's more likely that Kay is the one who doesn't realize he is doing so.

Kay is outgoing and friendly, and he comes off as a bit feminine at times, especially when delving into the realm of aesthetics. He has a keen eye for design and a creative mind to complement it. He's also a brilliant dancer and can be a showoff, at times. Kay has a mild caffeine addiction and can have a sharp tongue when he goes without for long enough. He's secretly a very judgmental person and won't truly open up to anyone who doesn't share his personal beliefs. He is the type of extravert with a need to be liked by those around him and can become depressed quite easily.

Liese is more reserved and introverted, preferring to be alone with his computer or on the phone with his father. He's reluctant to participate in anything and gets migraines often from a mixture of natural inclination and a heavy lack of sleep. Out of all the people at the resort, Liese is most likely to be found sleeping at completely inappropriate times in odd places. He's kind-hearted but very hesitant in showing it. When he's stressed, Liese will play the violin to take his mind off things, but he won't play a note if anyone is around to hear.

They both have a love for film noir. Liese's musical tastes really only include classical and electronica (and Lindsey Stirling), but Kay's open to almost anything. Kay has a taste for sweets and really loves chocolate cake. Liese is certainly a frozen yogurt person.

Calvin Sundermann (father)
Erin Montgomery (mother)

Household Income
Multiple millions and rising. Their family's technology products are becoming ubiquitously owned among city folk.

Kay is right-handed; Liese is left-handed but taught himself to write with his right. They're in neighboring Stella Rooms, of course.

So begins...

Kay and Liese Sundermann's Story

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Hello child/children,

You have been accepted into my mansion, also known as Caelum Resort! Yes, it may be a mansion, but we have luxuries such as a private movie theater, massive swimming pool, amazing party area (comes with amazing parties), hiking areas, and so much more. Keep this letter, as it will be your guide for a few of the things in the resort.

Description of the resort:

On the first floor, you open the large oak doors to an open foyer. To the right, you'll find a dining room and kitchen. To your left, you'll find a pair of "floating" stairs and a massive living room.

If you go on up to the second floor, you will find your rooms. On one side, you’ll find the rooms of Jayson Goldworthy, Cole Carter, Kari Milton, and Kay Sundermann, as well as an unused room (right to left). On the left, you’ll find the rooms of Elise Colt, Erin Beckett, Abia Crane, Liese Sundermann, and Jude Crane.

On the third floor, you'll find my room. You will NEVER be allowed to enter, unless I have given you permission.

Here are a few things you should probably know about my resort:

- All event itineraries will be either slipped under your door each day. They feature anything from group hiking to movies in our theatre to our famous parties.
- All attendees of the resort can drink as they like!
- Kitchen is open from 5am to 12pm. Breakfast is served at 10am, Lunch at 12:30pm, Dinner is at 5:00 pm. All meal listings will be posted on the sheet with your event schedule on it every day!
- What I say, goes!

You must be at the resort by this friday (if you have a reason why, then I'll be a little more flexible), or you will be not let into the resort . I trust that you all must have your own private jets or porsches, hmm?

I hope to see you soon!

Margerette Brown, your official hostess

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"Got the computer?"
"Which one?"
"The laptop?"
"I get that. But which one?"

The sun was bright with the sound of two voices bickering in the open mountain air. There was a moment of flurrying and a mess of black hair followed by a brief bout of silence soon shattered by laughter. All it took was a single glance shared between the two mirrored faces to set them both into peals of laughter. Excitement hung heavy in the air, and for all the anticipation lying heavy in their stomachs, they couldn't catch their breath long enough to pull themselves together.

"Get in the damn car already," Kay snickered, flipping his glasses up onto the crown of his head. He glanced over to where Liese sat cross-legged on the hood of the car, his laptop propped up on his knees. With a familiar ease, he glided over with a joker-like smirk and flipped the lid. "This is a cross-country endeavor. Get your act together, and let's go."

Liese straightened himself, moved slightly, then stilled, his own grin just as evil as his brother's. "And if I don't?"

"Well, as I recall, the internet's pretty slow out here."

Liese's momentary air of stony silence crumbled away, and he had to suppress another round of laughter before sliding off the car and into the passenger seat. Kay followed, circling it and checking the trunk before pushing the key into the ignition. He adjusted the mirrors, toyed with the seat's settings, and finally unclipped the roof of the car from the windshield and set to pulling it down.

"Remind me again why we're taking Mom's car?" Kay reclined, kicking his feet up onto the dashboard as the roof slid back with only the slightest hiss. Though it was brushed into his eyes, his hair was neat, if not ruffled on top from the too-many trips he'd taken to and from the house. He'd have rather asked one of the maids to help them— it was their job, after all— but Liese had all too correctly noted that the poor girl probably wouldn't have been able to even get the hefty bags off the ground when it had taken him, his brother, and a good deal of strain to do it before. In the heat, the work was bearable; in the humidity, it was much less so.

It was for that the two awaited their escape with bated breath.

Liese held the letter in his lap, letting his eyes follow Kay as his hands worked the convertible's top. He wasn't partial to letting the wind in his hair, but a little air could hardly do any harm on a stagnant day like this. The air was heavy, almost soupy to breathe, and his sweatshirt clung to his skin not with sweat but with the water he'd briefly run over his head just an hour before. Waking up at noon, he'd hardly had time to shower when Kay had barged into his room lugging an empty suitcase, screaming his head off at him to get ready. Unlike him, Liese didn't need days to pack— his outfits were practically uniforms: jeans, assorted button-up shirts, and maybe a hoodie or two. Simple. Throw in a shower and an apple, and he was good to go.

Well, almost. There was the matter of his computers. The convertible was spacious enough for the two once he'd thrown out one of Kay's suitcases, but the damned thing had gone back in within minutes. They'd struggled for the next half hour trying to rearrange things, his brother running back and forth from the house to put things back and haul things out. Finally, they'd gotten it all to fit.

With a grin, Kay stepped on the gas. Their adventure had begun.

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Kay and Liese alike were a mess pulling up to the resort. Though Kay had managed to brush out his hair, it stuck out in odd places as though he'd slept on it while it was still wet. While the look was normal on Liese, Kay found that it hardly suited his rather formal style of dress. He would usually wear it with an air of casual nonchalance, but now, he knew, he just looked like a mess. Granted, they had just been on a plane for the last few hours, crammed in with hundreds of other living, breathing bodies. Kay was visibly uncomfortable. Liese, on the other hand, now completely indistinguishable from his twin, leaned one arm out the window while he fiddled with the rental car's key. So many hours ago, Kay had asked why they'd taken their mother's car, and, in reality, he didn't know. It wasn't an expensive one like their father's modified-to-the-nines Mercedes, and it was hardly the old Camry they hadn't gotten around to selling. It was just what had been available.

This rental, on the other hand, was a completely different beast. Kay had been ecstatic to see the thing, though Liese stated straight-faced with regard to the sleek, elegant machine before him. The engine made hardly more than a purr, which he could appreciate, but aside from that he couldn't have cared less about it so long as it moved. When Kay had finally straightened himself out to his liking— Liese was on the verge of making a quip about how high-maintenance he'd been today— he stepped out, put the roof back in place, and handed the keys off with gusto to the valet.

"So," Kay spoke after a half hour of silent on-and-off napping in the car on the way from the airport, "Where are our rooms?" He glanced at Liese, holding in a sigh— he looked just as much of a mess as ever. Sometimes, he wished he'd actually try. But there was no response from Liese; he'd gone missing in a second's time, slipping into the shadows without a word. After a quick glance around to gauge his surroundings, he had more than enough information to make his way to the door. Liese was already leaning on the wall nearby, absorbed by the tiny screen of his phone. He glanced up and spared a wry smile, then drifted in alongside Kay.

The two boys were tall ghosts, each drifting in on silent footsteps. Just as they moved to enter, a voice sounded out in front of where they stood. Liese glanced over to the source: a dark-haired girl on the steps, it seemed. There was another voice, this one belonging to another girl. Kay and Liese stood side by side, unspeaking, Liese slightly slouched and Kay with some ridiculous grin on his face.

To himself, Liese just sighed.

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Abia groaned as Jude ignored her, venturing into the mansion to find his room. Another girl approached her, offering her name and asking if she was staying here. Caught of guard, she blinked rapidly and looked at the girl in bewilderment for a few moments before realizing what was happening. "Oh, yes, I'm staying here. It's nicr to meet you Jayson. My name is Abia." She glanced around and noticed two other males standing near by. Oh dear, why was she attracting so much attention?

Jude, why did you leave me here? she thought and offered a small smile to them before looking back at Jayson. She anxiously toyed with the camera resting on her stomach.

Looking down at her feet, she heard two more cars pull up and two female voices call out rather loudly. She cringed a bit at the sudden escalation in volume around her. Papparazzi was one thing, people who actually wanted to talk to her was another.

Meanwhile, Jude was wandering about the mansion. If ever there was a boy with no sense of direction, it was him. He had begun to meander through the resort in an attempt to find his room but could for the life of him not remember anything the letter had said. "This way or that, Chess?" he mused, thinking of the infamous cat from Alice in Wonderland.

As if on cue, a blonde appeared who could have well been Alice herself. She was quite pretty if Jude did say so himself. 'Alice' smiled at him, though he wasn't sure why. Had he forgotten to zip up his pants again?

"Hello," he said, smiling back. "You wouldn't happen to know where the bed rooms are, would you?" He could hear two female voices calling loudly, bit ignored them for the time being.

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Elise stared at the boy as he smiled back and replied, "hello, you wouldn't happen to know where the bed rooms are, would you?", to which Elise replied, "I was kind of hoping you could tell me" she said as she chuckled. She grabbed her luggage and place her beside her before she could speak again, "I'm Elise Colt" as she let go of her luggage, extending her arm towards the boy confidently.

Soon after she heard the female voices intensify, yet again she couldn't quite understand anything they were saying, along with the voices there seemed to be a lot of noises coming from outside the resort I just hope it's not the paparazzi was all Elise could think of.

Elise knew that some of the teens, if not many, would have heard of her dad's rumors, she just hoped they wouldn't treat her differently because of it especially the boy with the pretty smile that stood in front of her. She wished to have fun at the resort and spend time away from her parents constant arguing, and the always meddlesome paparazzi.

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Kay Sundermann
Imogen Dudley

Kay was instantly attracted to the surrounding noise, his grin only widening as she shouts grew louder. People were arriving, and with them, the promise of fun. He drifted beween the growing mass of people, finding his way to a blonde girl— why not introduce himself?— and nodded his head in greeting. The girl he'd first seen, Abia, was already rather halfheartedly engaged in some conversation, and he wasn't about to interrupt them; that would be rude, and rude he was not. Here, as he made his way to the front door with long strides, was a girl holding a bottle of something or other. Was that Grey Goose? He wasn't much of a fan of drinking himself, but it wasn't as though he had a problem with it. "The place is really warming up, huh?" The words slipped off his tongue as though he was born to speak them, and he had a natural ease to his demeanor.

This girl was a loud one, and she was certainly interesting, given the bottle she'd left on the table. At this point, Kay wasn't really sure whether he loved it or despised it— so, really, now was the time to decide, he supposed. Having just spent the past twelve hours as close as in the womb to his brother, Kay needed some social interaction, and he really didn't give half a damn what form it came in. Liese was about as talkative as a rock, with his eyes constantly trained on his computer half the time and shut tight for some well-deserved rest the other half.

Regardless— he extended a hand with a light smile and added, "Nice to meet you. I'm Kay Sundermann. You?"

Liese Sundermann
Erin Beckett

There was noise in Liese's ears. This noise was not pleasant. He considered, for a moment, muffling the burgeoning migraine with his hands over his ears, but Liese decided against it, knowing full well how childish it would look. Granted, all he wanted to do was curl up in a corner and go to sleep like a little child— but that wasn't an excuse for acting strangely enough to draw stares. He hadn't had to deal with so many people since high school. Admittedly, that wasn't exactly very long ago, though, so the feeling was familiar in a somewhat nauseating way.

All he really wanted to do was find his room and unwind, to sit by himself for a good hour before possibly introducing himself to the others. Unfortunately, it looked like he'd have to wait for Kay, since he was the one with the keys in his pocket. Approaching his brother would mean weeding himself into the conversation between him and the girl he'd wandered over to, and that wasn't anything he was excited about. Liese was content to lean against the wall with his hands in his pockets, waiting for it all to die down until he could take his things and leave. It was what he'd always done, and now was really no exception.

"Hello?" A voice called, loud but somehow not annoying even though it was in his ear. Liese's migraine pulsed between his ears. He could feel the hammering of the blood rushing through his temples. It was female, with a nice tone to it. He glanced over to the source, finding a face he recognized somewhat but couldn't quite place. A singer? No. Probably someone he'd seen on the Internet.

The familiarity of this face in the rush of the crowd allowed him a small burst of calm, and, though somewhat odd, for him, he replied to the girl in a voice identical to yet softer than his louder brother's, whose voice echoed through the room, "Hi there," he paused, not sure what to say, "Are... you looking for something?" He'd straightened up from his admirable slouch, appearing to at least make some effort to look vaguely respectable.

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[OOC: If you saw the last post, please ignore it, we will continue with this one c:]

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Erin was pleasantly surprised as someone came to speak with her not very long after she called out. The boy was very nice, but his face wasn't one she recognized. "Hi there. looking for something." She smiled as he spoke. "Hi, I was looking for something actually." She glanced at the girl who had come in behind her speaking to a boy who was strikingly similar to the one standing in front of her. She looked to him and looked back at the other one. While a little confused she dismissed it, smiling back at the guy in front of her.

"I was looking for my room so I could put my things up." Realizing she hadn't introduced herself properly, she held her hand out for him to shake. "My name's Erin, Erin Beckett. It's nice to meet you."