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Caged Bird » Places

Places in Caged Bird

This is a list of locations that can be found in Caged Bird.

All Places

The continent of Severn

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         With another enemy now fallen, Aleph smiled in happiness, for that meant one less man to deal with. Now they knew what had been used against them, and now they could use it to assist him. Aleph had the basis of a plan, but of course he would at least need another's mind on the matter. Considering he had helped in the battle, Roland sounded like a good choice for this.

"Captain, I would wish to speak to you and Roland in private about certain... matters that I believe would benefit us to some degree." he spoke. "I believe making use of the mines to lure Goulashians in would work wonders, and a second or third ear would well be appreciated."

The continent where all started...

Cedar City

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         Day 3, Midday

“Yes, Your Highness!” Saluted the remaining guard as they dragged the surviving Goulashian to the dungeon to be led to the torture chamber followed by the two exhausted princes who insisted that they be present to interrogate the prisoner. Two hours passed until the soldier confessed how his squad infiltrated the kingdom and more importantly the castle.

“I can't believe it, our own mines were worked against us?!” Say one of the Torturer's assistants in disbelief after the fact were laid out for all to so by the now badly bleeding captain. This information was a shock to all.

“We must execute him at once before his comrades come to seek him out, let's get this over with, gentlemen!” Said the Torturer to the men present.

The preparations were swift and the event grand as the Kingdom knights patrolled the street in case more Goulashians arrived and merchants installed stalls around the town's plaza, a festival already in place to celebrate the kingdom's victory over the small group of Goulashians that day.

The execution was conducted flawlessly as it was drawn out until the sunset, the populace cheering as Goulashian blood was shed on the town's square by the muscular Executioner of the kingdom. The people's blood-lust was sated for now, though the festival seemed to be ready to go on for quite some days.

As the last drop of blood dripped from the cooling corpse, the captain of the guard approached the princes present.

“What are your orders, Your Highness?”

Aleph is no longer Confident.

Aleph is now feeling Festive.

Roland is now feeling Festive.

Alder Kingdom Cedar City Owner: RolePlayGateway

The Capital of Alder

Alder Castle

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Roland Windsor

Roland put on his best smile for the presentation, trying to look as noble and gallant as possible. However a blood curdling cry interrupted the event. From the balcony Roland could see a squad of Goulashian warriors attacking, they fought the guards and observers alike. He was shocked to say the least, and was even more shocked that he was defensleess. What could he do besides flee? He could see that Aleph had already grabbed a sword, and from what he said it sounded as if he was going to fight along the guards. Though he didn't know Aleph in any sense, he would not leave him to fend off the Goulashians with just a handful of guards at his back, besides, what good is a king that cannot lay down his blood for his people? Roland would turn to one of his brothers, "Find any available guards you can, send them here. I'll help with the defense." And with that Roland made his way down to the ground where the fight was located. Even though he wasn't very strong or sturdy like Aleph, he was nimble and quick on his feet, he didn't plan to get into the thick of it too much.

Once on the ground level with his brother Aleph, Roland would sprint over to a nearby fallen Goulashian, grabbing his hatchet and wooden buckler. The hatchet was probably even better than the swords he was used to using, it was small enough to promote quick attacks. He felt the wooden handle and tried to center his balance, steady his body aswell as his mind. From the front a Goulashian woud cut down one of the guards, blood spurtting all over his face as he charged forwards towards Roland. It was frightening, but blood was starting to pump through his body, his heart raced. Similar to Aleph, he liked it. Roland could predict the Goulashian soldier's attack, his arm was slightly back as if he was going to strike with a vertical slash. Roland hopped back, avoiding the attack by a goot foot or two. Fear flooded his body, the flight for fight instinct urging him to flee, but he wouldn't. Even though he wasn't a warrior at heart, he wasn't a coward. Summoning up all of his bravery Roland would lunge forth, the Goulashian man still unstable from his last attack. It was an openning, and a big one at that.

This Goulashian wasn't exactly skilled, he seemed to fuel his attacks with rage only to leave himself open afterwards. Roland with aim a horozontal slash at the enemy soldier's neck where his skin was exposed. Roland's hatchet lodged itself into the man's neck, and he fell to his knees. Roland would pull the hatchet from his neck, blood spurtting all over him and the groun around him. His eyes widened, he had killed a man for the first time. This feeling...This feeling...It...

It felt great.

Roland kicked the Goulashian in the chest, causing him to fall back to bleed out on the ground. Adrenaline rushed through his body, he regrouped with Aleph, following him and watching his back, whether he chose to flee or fight.

Alder Kingdom Alder Castle Owner: RolePlayGateway

The royal castle of the Alder Kingdom.


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         Day 1, Night

Aleph's first night was spent pitifully chugging jugs upon jugs of water provided by those sympathizing but unyielding servants. Between gulp the man learned that all of his brothers were wither sleeping or our into town at this time of night and were therefore unavailable. After successfully escaping at his fourth try the water torture as he took to call it, the prince found his way to the barrack by sheer luck.

Then came the sparing from hell.

The guard were more than ready to help him with his swordsmanship and taught him quite a bit, the problem was the sound. That sound that made a puddle of agony out of his brain. That was not the wisest thing to do, no doubt about it.

The sparring did go on for the rest of the night, however, and toughened the man up some. Fist came attacking, then blocking, parrying and finally riposting, all in a symphony of grunts and wacks of the wooden practice swords. Roland was ready to sleep now as the sun peeked over the horizon. His bed sounded like a siren call to Aleph.

Aleph was now Fatigued.

Aleph lost 1 point of Wisdom.

Aleph gained 1 point of Strength.

Aleph gained 1 point of Speed.

Aleph gained 1 point of Toughness.

Alder Castle Barracks Owner: RolePlayGateway

The dwelling and training area of the castle's guards

Royal Library

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Roland Windsor

Roland would be lead through the winding corridors and passages. He would walk grand stair cases and pass through decorated door ways, it took longer than expected, but since this was his first taste of new scenery in a long time he didn't mind. Such a vast collection of knowledge excited him, he knew very well he would spend much of his time in this library, as an old saying goes, knowledge is power. While he didn't learn all that much, it would be enough to plan his next moves. The merchants would be a good ally, money is the blood of an empire, and any good ruler must know how to manage it. Perhaps Roland would hire one of the merchants to teach him the ways of trade, perhaps he could even arrange some trade routes with far off kingdoms. The warriors didn't interest him, they were simply soldiers afterall. The aristocrats would also make for lucrative allies, maybe he could marry into one of their families, or perhaps arrange a deal to gather their support.

He took care not to think ahead too much, he was still fatigued and he could feel it more now than ever. He figured after several hours of reading he deserved a break. Roland would call for one of the guards, he would order the guard to tell the palace chef to prepare lunch, he was feeling quite famished at the moment. Over the next few hours he would do something he hadn't done in weeks, write poetry. It was an unconventional skill, yes, but it is undervalued by most royalty. What can sway the hearts of maidens more than sublime poetry? It was an indirect means of gaining control, to make the daughter of a wealthy man fall in love with you, or the daughter of a shrewd politician, maybe even the daughter of another king entirely. Plus it would be much less taxing on his body.

Alder Castle Royal Library Owner: RolePlayGateway

The royal library is the most extensive source of knowledge of the kingdom.

Prince's Tower

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         Day 1, Morning.

Dawn was peeking through Aleph's barred window as guard quite suddenly intruded upon his quiet world. Bowing, they greeted him with a slight reverence born for the deeds of his late grandfather.

“Your Highness!” They said in unison, straightening from their bows to salute. After a moment, the guard who seemed to be the leader of the group took it upon himself to explain what in hell was going on.

“Prince Aleph, your brother King Ferdinand have passed away in the war against the filthy Goulashians, leaving the throne empty for the taking and letting you free. We came here as soon as we could to warn you against your brother, as they will surely try to assassinate you to secure their claim to the throne. Be careful, and take this circlet as a proof of your royal status!” Said the man, gesturing to another guard holding a velvet cushion holding a magnificent circled holding the royal crest on it's bejewelled centre.

As Aleph accepted the circlet and tried to come to term to the various life changing facts being thrown his way, he was also presented with a hooded cloak. 'To leave your identity a mystery if you so wish' said the guard that handed him the garment.

“What do you wish do do this morning, Your Highness?” Said the first guard with admiration and worry in his dark eyes.

Alder Castle Prince's Tower Owner: RolePlayGateway

Your home and prison.

Alder Kingdom

The continent of Severn Alder Kingdom Owner: RolePlayGateway

Your kingdom