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Caged Bird

Cedar City


a part of Caged Bird, by Artsydaze.

The Capital of Alder

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Cedar City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A busy port city, this bustling capital is always alive with merchants and sailors.
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Cedar City

The Capital of Alder


Cedar City is a part of Alder Kingdom.

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The Historian [2] The Narrator of this Tale

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Day 1, Evening.

The following afternoon was a blur of engaging conversation with hardened veterans, a drunken brawl or two and finally oblivion. Aleph abused of the mead a little too much, as he woke up in the evening with no recollection of the past few hours.

The good new was that he somehow landed himself a beautiful maiden. The bad new was that her screech when he announced that no, he had no interest in marrying her gave his already hangover self a killing headache.

A stumbling escape was a matter of course.

Making his way through the busy streets, the prince couldn't help but think that he forgot something important....

Bah, at least he was wiser to not do that again... hopefully...

The young man now found himself in the market square, being hailed by what seemed the entirety of the merchant population, all wanting him to buy their wares. Luckily, the circlet around his throat would make sure that he did not have to pay for anything and was able to take what he wanted.

The sun was slowly making it's way down in a beautiful show of red as it slowly dissapeared behind the castle in the distance.

The evening was his.

Aleph was no longer Fatigued.

Aleph lost 1 Knowledge.

Aleph gained 1 Wisdom.

Aleph is now Hungover.


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Day 3, Midday

β€œYes, Your Highness!” Saluted the remaining guard as they dragged the surviving Goulashian to the dungeon to be led to the torture chamber followed by the two exhausted princes who insisted that they be present to interrogate the prisoner. Two hours passed until the soldier confessed how his squad infiltrated the kingdom and more importantly the castle.

β€œI can't believe it, our own mines were worked against us?!” Say one of the Torturer's assistants in disbelief after the fact were laid out for all to so by the now badly bleeding captain. This information was a shock to all.

β€œWe must execute him at once before his comrades come to seek him out, let's get this over with, gentlemen!” Said the Torturer to the men present.

The preparations were swift and the event grand as the Kingdom knights patrolled the street in case more Goulashians arrived and merchants installed stalls around the town's plaza, a festival already in place to celebrate the kingdom's victory over the small group of Goulashians that day.

The execution was conducted flawlessly as it was drawn out until the sunset, the populace cheering as Goulashian blood was shed on the town's square by the muscular Executioner of the kingdom. The people's blood-lust was sated for now, though the festival seemed to be ready to go on for quite some days.

As the last drop of blood dripped from the cooling corpse, the captain of the guard approached the princes present.

β€œWhat are your orders, Your Highness?”

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