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"The way we act doesn't define us, it's our choices that do so."

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a character in “Caged Wings”, as played by TheFlag


Gabriel (Gabe)


"Power controls everything. Without power, we'll never be able to free ourselves."

The Basics

Species: Avian Hybrid
Full Name: Gabriel
Age: 15
Birthdate: 7th March
Gender: Male

Height: 5'7
Weight: 99lbs

Personality Gabe is naturally quiet and reserved for the most part, always keeping his cool no matter what the situation he rarely loses it. Gabe most of the time is a loner, it's not that he doesn't enjoy being in groups it's just he enjoys some time alone once in awhile, to reflect on himself and his actions, but he does enjoy being in a group and having an occasional laugh, due to being accepted by others like himself. Gabe also isn't big on the whole group scheme, as he didn't really develop the necessary skills to do so, so most of the time he'll often fumble over words and generally be awkward in the presence of people he doesn't know, but with people he knows and trusts he is fine with, and has no problem speaking clearly, with them. Gabriel is rather laid back most of the time and is easy going, he prefers not getting involved in situations unless it affects him or the group directly, meaning other's actions don't really faze him good or bad unless it has something to do with him or the group, or in his case is really, screwed up and is something the devil wouldn't even commit. Gabe's general demeanor is somewhat anxious, but calm, collected and intelligent. Gabe loves learning new things, no matter how small, as he enjoys figuring out the world and how it works.

Gabriel is not a naturally friendly person, and he'll often treat people at first with disdain and generally be cautious of the person, however if he begins to warm up towards the person he'll adopt a friendly and more caring attitude towards them. Gabe possesses a dry sense of humor, and quite a wit as he often cracks a few jokes, trying to ease the mood with them, his humor mostly consists of literal observations, and one-liners, he isn't naturally a comedian however and tries not to turn everything into a joke. Gabriel possesses a radical realistic outlook on situations, and is nothing but practical, he deals in cold hard facts, and tries to deal with them in such a way that every loose end is tied up neatly, he could be classed as a perfectionist, but is sometimes sloppy in certain situations. Although at times Gabe can be funny, he is most of the time serious and takes in every angle into consideration, he hates people who are constant optimists, and hates people who are happy all the time, he tries to be as realistic as possible in situations, and makes no effort to cover up this.

Color: "Maroon. There's something about it that's, familiar."
Food: "Dark Chocolate especially if it contains nougat and caramel.
Drink: "Water. It may be simple, but that doesn't stop it from being delicious."
Hobby: "Whenever I have some spare time I usually read. Does that count?"

History There's not much really to say about Gabe's past. His mother was addicted to crack cocaine, and so was he as a embryo in his mother's stomach, his left lung was weak, and he was going to be born with several disorders, doctors estimated that he would die shortly after his birth. That's when the School showed up, they offered to purchase him from his Mother's womb at a expensive price, they reassured her that Gabe would live a perfectly fine and live a life free of any addictions, or disorders. Gabe's mother due to wanting him to live, and to buy more drugs sold him without regret to the School.

Gabe inside his mother's womb was extracted, and then experimented on, and turned into an Avian Hybrid. Gabe's life at the School wasn't very pleasant. All he can recall are the experiments and cages there, but he managed to deal with it. As Gabe progressed through life at the School, he grew resentful at the freedom others got, after his abilities got strong enough Gabe decided he didn't want to be here longer. But escaping the School would be no easy feat. He remembers several times trying to, but not chalking up the courage to do so.

Code: Angel

Power Gabriel is massively psychokinetic, giving him a large variety of abilities which in he can use. For instance he can read the minds of others, and if necessary take control them, or send them information, like telepathy. His mind reading ability is constantly on, and is frequently overbearing this gives Gabe a constant migraines, the thoughts he reads aren't always words, sometimes they're pictures, or particular feelings. However if a person concentrates to block their thoughts, Gabe wouldn't be able to pick up on it naturally, he'd have to concentrate on that particular person and break through their defenses, some people however Gabe can't read at all, this is the same for mind controlling and his telepathy. Gabriel can also control the minds of others, he can do this by mentally issuing a command to the person, or possessing the person altogether (when he does this, his body goes unconscious, and he doesn't have access to his other abilities in the person's body. If the person he possessed dies, he'd be sent back to his body.) this works more effectively if he's speaking to the person and has eye contact, he can only do this to one person at a time, it works instantaneously if the person is taken by surprise, but like his mind reading it can be resisted, and some it won't work on at all.

Gabe's other mental ability is telepathy he can send his thoughts and information to others, this doesn't have to be with words though, and is mostly used to share complex ideas with others quickly, like his previous abilities, it can be resisted and if the person doesn't want him sending them his thoughts, they can mentally stop him. Gabe's perhaps most bizarre ability is precognitive dreaming, he sometimes very rarely gets a glimpse of the future, but it's brief and is not certain, he usually gets these when the migraines get very intense. Gabe's last ability is telekinesis, he can pick up objects with his mind, and manipulate them, he can't exactly lift a person yet, but he'd have enough force to push them off there feet or send them flying. Gabe is immune to attacks like mind reading and mind control, this is a self-built in mechanism by his brain, to protect him from others like himself. Unfortunately Gabe's ability isn't all amazing, if he overuses it which can easily happen, he could cause himself a brain hemorrhage or seizure, but mostly commonly he renders himself unconscious, this sometimes happens randomly due to his mind reading ability. Like all his abilities, they are slowly getting better as he gains more control, and experience over them, the one that has show most improvement is his telekinesis.

- Reading, as he likes to pretend he is elsewhere.
- Flying, as he loves the thrill of the wing.
- Intelligence, he enjoys people to intellectually spar with.
- Adrenaline, he loves the rush it brings.
- Being alone, gives him time to think.

- The darkness, fear of not being able to see.
- Death, hates the thought of dying.
- Being deceived, what's there to explain?
- Arrogance, he hates people who're full of themselves.
- Scientists, they did splice his DNA after all.

Writing Sample: Gabriel's eyes slowly scanned the forest's clearing, he heard the familiar sound of bird's chirping as the sun rushed passed the leaves of the tree's and into the clearing, the simple sight brought a small grin to Gabriel's eyes, as he felt a warmth enter his stomach "This is beautiful..." he gasped. Gabriel leaned forward, gripping a nearby tree and using it as support as he navigated himself over a particularly large root which he had nearly tripped over earlier. Gabriel pushed passed tree and into the clearing. As his hand brushed passed the tree's base he noted the bark's rough texture, and saw three parallel claw marks run down the base.

Gabriel felt a slight panic echo before he relaxed, his shoulders sagged back down at his side, and the pupils of his eyes slowly returned to normal, Gabriel let out a huff of relief which managed escaped his lips. If there was anything out there he probably would've heard its thoughts, the migraines weren't so bad here, the only thoughts that entered his head were the animals, which weren't really words, more like pictures which was a lot more bearable than people's thoughts, still the sheer amount caused him to wince.


So begins...

Gabe's Story

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The adrenaline began to kick through Sam's veins. They were running, running as fast as they could for their very own lives. The steady rhythm of her pulsing movements unfolded into an accelerated pattern as she took off on the side of the highway. The rise and fall of her chest became quicker, signaling the anxiety that had been curling inside of her. Her head whipped around, looking back at the forest they had now paced through. The rocks pushed into her bare skin when she skidded to a hault.

"Flynn!" Her eyes met the dark headed boy who had jumped onto the now swerving car. Her eyes widened in shock when the fear crept over her body. "Hold on Flynn, I'm coming!" Her foot pressed against the steaming asphalt, pushing forward to now continue running. Breathing heavily again, Sam dodged the nearby cars that had been honking crazily as she strided alongside the onlookers. "Flynn!" Her voice choked in anguish as an abundant arm wrapped around her chest, causing her breath to shorten into a gasp of air.

"Heh..." The deep voice chortled in sarcasm. "You're not going anywhere, Experiment #467!" Her back pressed against his bare chest as he pulled her in tighter, making it hard to exhale even more. She flinched, trying to pulse forward away from his clutches, though all efforts of her strength failed. Erasers... Fuck.

"Get the hell off of me!" Sam pressed her arms upward, trying to break away from his grasp while his fur dragged against her fragile wings tucked inside of her pale shirt. She wasn't an experiment now, not this far into the plan. She heard him snarl when he took her wrists, swapping her face around to meet his. Teeth clentched, the beast before her took in heavy breaths as he curled his strong hands around her own. It was truly disgusting: another experiment like her used for the evil of mankind. Well, it wasn't really a man.

"You're going back home..." The brute growled, creating an abominate smile across his face. Sam wasn't going back home, it wasn't even home, the School was pure hell.

Sam returned the smile that was now inching across her face. "Not today." Forcing her head down, Sam widened her mouth and bit her teeth into the rough skin of the eraser's hand. It let out a deep roar as she sped away, heading twards the nearby cars once more. Her muscles tightened when the roar echoed through her ears. Flynn? She ceased to a hault, taking in the sight before her. Many cars had stopped to observe the ongoing scenario before them. A man lay to the side of the road, holding his knee in pain. She assumed the car that had a colossal hole in the windshield belonged to him. Turning her head in a different direction, many humans began staring at her with confused and odd looks. Sam shrugged, now looking up at the sky. There, flew Osprey and Flynn with grins across their faces. Sam let out a small pang of laughter as she studied them, wings spread out and free as can be. The sun reflected across Osprey's face, making her hair glow to match her angel like features. "Having fun up there?" Sam smirked again as she watched their wings swish through the atmosphere. A piercing scream rang through the air as all of their eyes widened. Sam's knees locked as she spiraled her head around to the highway. Other erasers began running towards her with their gravid footsteps. The members of the flock were scattered around the street, now meeting Sam's eyes as she gave a slight nod. Indi, Gabe, and Evain returned the notion. Sam's gaze met the sky, looking up at the clouds.

It was time to break free.

Her bare feet pressed against the surface, jolting her body forward up into the air as her wings arranged into the ambience. She curved them into the atmosphere as her feet lifted off of the ground. The wind begin to flow around her body, pressing against her skin. She looked below her, observing the now violent picture. Her eyes met an eraser, who snarled under his breath.

"Let's go everyone!" She swirled through the air, the flock following close behind.

Plan A= Success.

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#, as written by TheFlag

"Fucking! Run!" Gabe shouted desperately hoping any member of the flock could hear his warning, although he was sure they were all running, because in the midst of the panic he could still hear their thoughts, all except for Osprey of course but he was sure she was following. But that wasn't the main reason he figured they were all running, as he could easily hear heavy footsteps crunching the twigs and leaves on the forest's ground, and a chorus of gasps for air of also filled the forest's background, he also could make out a few silhouettes in the forest moonlight. But what was really worrying him were the snarls of the Erasers which were right behind them, and were slowly but surely catching up.

But he couldn't think about them right now, he had to concentrate on running, and avoiding debris on the forest's floor. But it was hard when their thoughts were right in your head, and the last place Gabriel wanted to be right now was inside a Eraser's head as it isn't very pleasant, he knew from experience however: right now he was hearing several. Dashing through the forest, breathing heavily Gabe could hear the thoughts of the Erasers behind which had gotten louder and clearer, it wasn't words though more of several feelings: of violence, death, fun and a common goal, through the brief scurry of thoughts he also got an image of a Eraser sinking its teeth into Gabe's corpse.

Gabe gasped wincing as the familiar sound of static entered his ears, he stumbled over a log almost falling flat on his face, while another flock member leapt gracefully over it, he muttered incoherently. Gabriel was slightly fazed before he regained his balance. Gabriel quickly stuck his hand out, gripping the base of a tree stopping himself from falling. He quickly pushed passed it, before turning to see a the flash of fur whiz past the tree, his eyes widened and he felt a panic slowly rise, he began breathing more heavily before darting forward. He could see the forest's end and relief washed through him, as he made on final push out of the forest and out into the open. He fell to the ground fast, and when his head automatically looked up he noted that he and the others had emerged from the forest into a highway, "Perfect..." he grumbled quickly.

He didn't need to be told to get up, as he pushed himself quickly off the ground narrowly avoiding being ran over by a car. Gabriel winced as a crowd has been drawn towards them, as they curiously wondered what was going on. But that wasn't the worst, Erasers had already began spilling out of trees, but they were out in the open now, and freedom was in their grasp he wasn't about to let it slip away so easily. One particular Eraser lunged towards him, Gabe raised his hand protectively, and instinctively a blast of telekinetic energy forced the beast backwards, but unfortunately that wasn't enough to bring the beast down, Gabe stumbled backwards as if the blast had seemingly affected him too, as the Eraser laughed and walked towards him Gabe made eye contact and spluttered the word, "Kneel..."

The Eraser struggled for a moment before collapsing to its knees, Gabe then violently punched the Eraser in the jaw, it knocked the beast down but in the process hurt Gabe's hand which he shook quickly trying to ease the pain. Now that his problem had been dealt with, he looked around noticing Osprey and Flynn had taken to the air, he noted Sam was below them and she casually asked "Having fun up there?" then a piercing scream ran through the air, Erasers began pouring out of the forest faster now, he locked eyes with Sam who had nodded he returned the gesture before, pouncing off the ground taking flight into the air.

As Gabriel sped past upwards, he laughed like a mad man still in awe of what had happened "We're home free, baby!" he yelled happily, punching the air with his fist, until pausing and coughing slightly embarrassed, it took him a second to regain his calm and practical composure. He flew forward and past everything, until spotting Osprey and Flynn appeared with Indi in their grasp, "Sam! Indi's hurt!" Osprey yelled, before Indi claimed that he was just tired and that he was fine, he then gave thanks to Osprey and Flynn, Gabe lowered his altitude before saying clearly, "That was close. Is everyone alright?" he asked curiously.

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#, as written by Haas33
Osprey narrowed her eyes at Indi. Just tired? Okaaay. She slowly let go of him and hovered, her wings outstretched, her feathers ruffling in the breeze. Her wings were just barely moving, enough to keep her in the air. She looked over to find Gabe. "That was close. Is everyone alright?" she heard him ask. She inspected herself, to find a nice sized gash on her thigh. It stung a little, but other than that she was fine. "yeah, what about Sam? She in the air yet?" she asked, looking downward. She circled, and then twirled, so she was looking at the sky, still hovering. She leaned over, her head dipping to the ground, doing a little loop-the-loop, her eyes closed. "We are finally free," she said, listening to the chorus of exasperated howls from the Erasers below her. A thought occurred to her. "Where do we go now?" She asked. She wiped away the blood trickling from the cut on her thigh. "I don't suppose anybody has a bandage?" she asked.

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"We rock!" Indi had met the flock now. Sam rolled her eyes when he muttered that they were "Mighty bird people..." She wondered, What is the media going to think about this? Avian-bird freaks on the run? Fear began to press against her chest though she pushed it aside. Her main priority at the moment was the flock, her family.

Sam couldn't help but have a tendencie to smile when something was accomplished. Her wings curled through the air in circular movements, causing her to swerve in different directions. Her eyelids closed as the wind whipped along her skin, making small goosebumps emerge.

"Guys, come on! Indi's hurt!" Sam's eyes flashed with a burst of anxiety. Hurt? What! He was fine just a second ago- She ceased to a hault in the air to then flap her wings in another path. Indi had a pattern to cover up things, he usually wanted to become positive with his natural bubbly personality. A burst of energy flowed through her veins as the rest of the flock flew alongside. A lump encroached in Sam's throat when she met Flynn, who was carefully lifting Indi.

"It's not that dramatic... really. I must just be a little... tired." Indi paused. Sam looked at him, studying him closely. She sighed, taking in a large exhale of the fresh air. She really was worried for everyone's safety. They were together now, the flock made a promise to stick together.

"Indi, tell us when you need help. I can't risk anyone now..." Sam turned her head, looking out at the flock. Everyone did look tired. Sam's eyebrows furrowed. She bit her lip, a natural habit when pondering about what to do.

"That was close. Is everyone alright?" Gabe, who also matched the now fatiuged group, stared at the rest of the flock with a stern expression. Sam gave a slight nod while scanning the group.

There were six. There were six. Only six.

A tight pound flickered across her chest, feeling as if she was being punched. How is this happening? Sam looked at the group again, taking in the familiar features. Her head met her hands again, now looking down at the clouds.

"Jubilee... Avalyn." Her head shot up as the anxiety returned once more. No, not anxiety, anger. "What if they got seperated from us at the School?" Jubilee... Avalyn. Sam shuttered in fear. What if the erasers have gotten hold of them? They couldn't be that far... She imagined the horror on the girl's faces, especially Jubilee- the youngest of the group, the girl who felt like a little sister to Sam. Avalyn too, she was strong, Sam knew they would protect each other. She looked up at Gabe.

"We need a plan."

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#, as written by Haas33
Osprey looked around. Damn it! How could we loose flock members? Her eyes caught sight of a figure, far away, back in the direction of the lab. The naked eye wouldn't be able to see that, and most likely not the rest of the flock, but she could, eyes like a hawk. She kept her sights on the hovering figure and gentle elbowed Gabe behind her to get his attention. She pointed off into the distance and another figure caught sight in her view. They were each pretty far away, one clearly closer. "hey. I think I see them," she said, tapping Flynn, another one who was flapping nearby. "Jubilee and Avalyn." she narrowed her eyes in concentration. She could faintly make out their faces. "Yeah! It's -" she was cut short as another image dipped into her view. "Um, yeah we need to get out of here," she said, expertly twirling in the other direction with one graceful flap. "Now! They brought out the Chopper!" She yelled, grabbing Sam and Evian, now the closest to her, in the direction away from the chopper that she could hear now. The steady Wump, wump, wump. of the blades rotating round and round. It was coming their way. And the Helicopter was hunting for some bird kids.

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"Well do you have any ideas?"

Sam narrowed her eyes and gave a slight sigh. Her gaze drifted towards the flock, all looking tired and worn.

"I suppose we could make camp-"

"Yeah! It's -" Osprey stopped in mid-sentance. Sam furrowed her eyebrows looking into the direction where she now observed the threat. They brought the damn chopper! "Um, yeah we need to get out of here-" Shit.

"Indi, Gabe, Evain, Osprey, Flynn, fly to the nearest-" A gush of wind rushed above Sam, who was now looking up. Osprey? She was circling through the air in a fast paced motion. "Osprey!" What was she doing? Another rush of air encircled Sam as Indi, who was now hurdling himself towards something, bursted through the atmosphere. Sam's mouth gaped open. "Ok, another change of plans!" She exclaimed, flapping her wings quickly through the wind. "Evain, Flynn, and Gabe, fly this way, i'll make sure the others catch up!" Ussuring what was left of the group towards the right, Sam followed behind the wings in front of her that were now pulsing in a hurried manor. The beat of the chopper faded as they flew faster and faster, Sam still looking to see if the rest of the flock was following behind.

They weren't.