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Aiden Navernus

"Roaming the world knowing I can never live the life I have once lived before she died. Why have God forsaken me so?"

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a character in “Caged within a Memory”, as played by Missing Link


Aiden Navernus


Vampire, Human, or Hunter?


Is actually 134 years old, but looks 22.

Despite the stereotypes of vampires. Aiden has always been a rather nice person. He was once a rather extremely flirtatious person, but after his transformation, he no longer had the reason or feeling to flirt with anyone since his true love was gone. He is very courteous to most people, even to his wife Elizabeth. Aiden is rather quiet when he is with people, but it isn’t a rock. He has opinions and he would give them to whomever is asking him. He does care about his people and would try to protect them if they are beneath his rank (which is rather high since he is married to Elizabeth). When under stress, he closes himself off from the world and appears to be much in thought. He does not usually express his emotions to anyone really, except Darius.

Aiden has a lot of turmoil, guilt and regret within his heart. He feels as though it was his fault Emilia died, he feels that he could have prevented it somehow. He feels that it was his fault that she died. Because of these emotions, Aiden has been extremely depressed these past centuries and everyone knew, they mainly just ignored it. There have been a couple of times where he tried to commit suicide, but someone was always there to stop him. Aiden could be awkward as times by being clumsy (he has always been clumsy and his depression won’t prevent that). With his wife Elizabeth, he tries to act appropriate towards her, but he still has bitter feelings and anger towards her for killing his beloved. He knows that she is much stronger than him so he tends to keep his emotions locked in his heart. When no one is speaking to him, he can appear very cold and emotionless because of his depression. If Aiden becomes angered, he usually keeps it inside by staying silent, but if his anger rises, he could snap and would show how he really feels by threatening to kill which could be scary considering no one really knows how much anger it takes him to actually snap. Aiden can suicidal, but if he sees or finds something he wants, he would do anything to get it. Aiden hates giving up and would be willing to sacrifice anything, even his own life.

Aiden has been always interested in medicine and is very interested in the human body. He sometimes enjoys experimenting on human bodies for medical reason or for his own reasons to know here would be the best place to sink his fangs for a meal but also a location that the victim won’t feel pain, but pleasure. Because he knows much of the human body, he also knows much of the vital pressure points in humans, so he could easily use that as a weapon against them.

Brief Description
Aiden has very light brown eyes that has a slight tint of gold in them. His hair is dark brown, but there are natural red highlights within his locks that he received from his mother when he was born. His teeth are perfect and white. His skin is pure from blemishes usually a creamy complexion since he can’t be out in the sun. His body is in rather excellent condition because before he was transformed, he was in constant training to be a general for the British Army. He stands about six feet and two inches and weighs about one-hundred and seventy pounds. To the majority of the population of vampires and humans, he is considered to be extremely handsome.

All vampires has the ability to heal but his strength in healing is much better than the average vampires since he has always been interested in the medical field before his transformation. His main magical ability is: Being an Illusionist. He can create illusions that can very believable to even Elizabeth. By reading minds, he could create scenes that are horrific to his victims and then attack them while they are consumed in their own fears. He is very good with weapons and is very fast on his feet. The myth of vampires being fast is actually very true. He has quick hands and quick legs. Since he has being alive for many years, he can speak multiple languages and play several, almost all, instruments extremely well, even Elizabeth is fairly impressed by his skills in playing a cello.

He likes music: He was introduced to music when he was a human and had grown to enjoy it the more he heard it. Since music has always reminded him of Emilia, he consumes himself with music at times (that's why he knows how to play many instruments).
He likes sleeping: Sleeping allows his days and sometimes night to pass quicker. Since he doesn't really want to be part of the world anymore since Emilia died, he doesn't like being awake.
He likes blood: When he was human, he did not like this, but because he has transformed into a vampire, his taste has changed and blood is pretty much his entire meal so he has to enjoy it.
He likes cloudy days: He likes this because he can walk about with the majority of the population and pretend to be human at time.
He likes the medical field: Even while he was a human, he had always been interested in the human body and their diseases. He enjoys healing the injured and sick, and is actually kind of happy that he has a heighten healing ability from his vampire transformation.
He likes coffee: He likes it because he it makes him feel a little bit like a human.

He dislikes living: He feels that he no longer has a reason to be on Earth since Emilia died in his hands. He doesn't have the desire to live anymore and so he has attempted suicide multiple times.
He dislikes Elizabeth: Since Elizabeth was the person that murdered his soul mate, he has bitterness towards her but knows he cannot do anything against her yet, so he forces himself to act according to how she wants him to be.
He dislikes people mentioning Emilia in a bad way: Emilia was his true soul mate and he is still in love with her even though she passed away and so he still tries to preserve his memory of her.
He dislikes couples that are getting married: He becomes very jealous and sad when he sees a married coupled, especially when they are in the wedding gowns and tux. Even though he is married himself, his memories of the death of his Emilia always comes to mind.
He dislikes not being able to cure someone: The thought of not being able to save someone that needed his help, disturbs him to a great deal.

He fears living forever: He gives this because that would mean he would never return to his Emilia.
He fears causing a war between vampires and humans: He fears this because he doesn't like the idea of many lives going to waste and that is why he tries his best to obey Elizabeth.
He fears killing someone that he is trying to heal: He fears this because he feels as though he had failed in helping Emilia and feels as though healing other people would help him forgive himself, even if it's just a temporary relief.
He fears of going to hell: He knows that when he dies, he would most likely be sentenced to hell, but he knows Emilia would be in heaven and so he wants to be with her.
He fears repeating history: He fears falling in love with someone again and having them killed before his eyes.

What do they wish for most?
He wishes to be with Emilia.

Aiden was born during the sunset on November 17, 1886. His parents were Willow Navernus and Jacob Navernus. Aiden was the first boy to be born in the Navernus for centuries. He was a premature baby and because he was the first boy to be born after a very long time, he was given much attention to promote his growth and his strength as a child. As time went by, he constantly had check-ups from doctors that were paid to promote his health. Doctors started to become his role models and the moment he started walking, he immediately started following his doctors around town to watch their activities and procedures with other patients. His parents at first did not like the idea of his interest in medicine, so they made a deal with him. If he works hard onto becoming a General like his father for the British Army, then he could become a doctor after he achieves the status of a General. Aiden agreed to these terms and began training to become a General at a very young age by watching his father and doing combat training with him. Between 1899 to 1902, his father was sent to the Second Boer War and was injured during battle. He was given surgery, but he died from loss of blood. His mother became a widow but she was still happy to be with her son. One day, while Aiden walked down the streets of London, his eyes fell upon the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, named Emilia. The moment their eyes locked, Aiden felt like his world has stopped. They were shy at first, so they passed each other that day. The next day he happened to run into her at a coffee shop. The first thing that caught his attention was her laughter that filled the air. It was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, so he offered to buy her coffee and that's when their love began to blossom. Aiden knew the moment he saw her that she was his soul mate. After a year of dating, he finally proposed to her at age 22 and she said yes. March 23, 1908 was the day set to marry. The night before, he was visited by Elizabeth and was told to leave Emilia. He said no and continued with the marriage. The next day, during his wedding, Emilia was killed by Elizabeth and he was transformed into a vampire and was forced to marry Elizabeth. His life was completely ruined and he lived in despair for the centuries to come. There were multiple of times where he tried to commit suicide to be with Emilia, but he was always stopped by Darius or anyone that wanted him to be alive. He was a major contribution to the vampire league because of talents and the fact he was now the husband of the queen of the vampires.

Emilia, he loves her.

He has been secretly creating his own army along with Rebecca (he has no idea she is his secret cousin) to go against Elizabeth in case anything happens.

Can't Let You Go Even if I Die

Even though I'm young, the pain is the same
Just because I don't know the world very well
Doesn't mean that I don't know pain

Why do you lie, saying it'll be okay?
How will my heart that hurts this much
Be healed so easily?
How will I live without you?
That's why I

Can't let you go, even if I die
How am I suppose to let you go?
Whether you go or leave, fix my heart
If you can't fix it so that I won't be in pain
So that I can at least live
I wouldn't be able to live anyway
I can't let you go, even if I die

No matter how much you push me away
I'll hold onto you until the end
So that you won't be able to go anywhere

If you're really going to leave, then lie
That we should meet again tomorrow
That we should meet as we smile
If breaking up wasn't a joke, then I

Can't let you go, even if I die
How am I suppose to let you go?
Whether you go or leave, fix my heart
If you can't fix it so that I won't be in pain
So that I can at least live
I wouldn't be able to live anyway
I can't let you go, even if I die

We went through so much time together
How are you telling me to live by myself now?
I can't do that, I can't

I can't let you go, even if I die
I really can't let you go
How am I suppose to let you go?
I can't let you go
Whether you go or leave, fix my heart
If you can't fix it so that I won't be in pain
So that I can at least live
I wouldn't be able to live anyway
I can't let you go, even if I die

So begins...

Aiden Navernus's Story