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Samantha Lasavik

"She is of my blood, of course I trust her."

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a character in “Caged within a Memory”, as played by Missing Link


Samantha Noir Lasavik

Cousin to Elizabeth, extremely loyal to her.

Vampire, Human, or Hunter?


Appears nineteen, but is actually over three hundred.

Samantha is a carefree creature. She can be very humorous and a joy to be around at times. If she isn't paying attention, she can become very clumsy. She can be extremely shy and would hesitate perhaps sometimes even stutter when she is in front of someone she admires but doesn't usually talk to. She loves trying new things and she also enjoys reading books. She doesn't take criticism very lightly. If she is insulted, she would of course have her feelings hurt and she does try to improve herself...but she stays bitter for a while after being insulted. She takes pride in her blood and in herself. Unlike her cousin, she is very kindhearted. She is willing to protect other vampires that may not like her, or even protect humans at times (depending on the situation). She isn't afraid to speak her mind the majority of the time. Samantha has a very short temper. If she becomes annoyed or bothered she would not hide her annoyance or raising anger, she would gladly show it. Just like her cousin she can become very vicious to those she despises, but she is more forgiving than Elizabeth. Since Samantha has been around for a rather long time, she knows how society works and has learned to blend in with the humans easily. She can become cocky and underestimate others sometimes because she is of royal blood.

She is completely loyal to Elizabeth, that being said, she isn't very fond of the way Aiden treats Elizabeth at times. Though she keeps her mouth shut about that, her forest green eyes would be glaring at Aiden at times. For Elizabeth, she is willing to lay her life on the line to protect her. She knows that Elizabeth does not like females that much and she knows that she is probably no exception, but she does try to best to prove her loyalty to her.

She wishes to have Darius attention, but is at times intimated by his appearance when he is around her so she at times try to avoid him to not become embarrassed. She knows that Darius is extremely close to Aiden, but has not decided how she feels about that relationship yet.

Brief Description
Samantha is extremely beautiful. Her eyes are forest green that could hypnotize those that look into her eyes. Her eyes can change colors depending on her mood from dark green to vibrate light green. Her skin is completely flawless and she has a hint of color in her cheeks because she tries her best to stay warm (so she uses some magic that she learned from Elizabeth to achieve that effect), but her complexion is naturally pale. She also has long brown hair that is usually loosely braided and it reaches right above her buttocks. She is thin but her muscles are firm and in shape. She stands about five feet and four inches. She is considered short to the majority population, but she doesn't care much of what people think of her height. She weights about one hundred and five pounds. Samantha enjoys wearing light colors such as white, light greens, light blues, etc along with black.

Her special skill is her enhanced speed. She is much faster than the majority of vampires, but that also comes with a trade off; she is a bit weaker strength wise. At the beginning of modernization she has learned to control electricity (which contributes to her speed). Her stamina is a bit weaker than most vampires as well because it takes a lot more energy to use electricity. She knows how to wield a sword that's made of silver and can run electricity through that sword as a stronger attack. Without her sword, her strength is significantly weaker. She has extremely good senses.

She is extremely good at computers and finds hacking very enjoyable. She is a very good singer. She is also a very skilled painter and drawer.

She loves the full moon; it calms her down.
She loves blood; she is a vampire after all.
She enjoys singing; Samantha has a beautiful voice and isn't afraid of performing or showing it off.
She secretly enjoys painting herself, but is to shy to show her work to anyone.
She loves watching other people draw and paint.
She loves cats; she finds them very cute.
She enjoys music and likes going to concerts.

She dislikes cigarettes; it's a sticky smell that makes her feel disgusted.
She dislikes Aiden, but she doesn't hate him.
She dislikes criticism; she can be cocky at times so when she is brought down to reality she is insulted.
She dislikes losing; Winning makes her feel good about herself and losing frustrates her.
She dislikes arguing with those she likes.

She fears not being able to prove her loyalty to Elizabeth.
She fears Elizabeth losing her thrown; if she loses the thrown, Samantha will be thrown away from the vampire embassy.
She fears of losing her status with the counsel.
She fears of being alone.
She fears dying without accomplishing anything.

What do they wish for most?
Samantha wishes that Elizabeth would trust her more and she also wishes to fall in love.

Samantha was born in 1701 into a family of nobility in a country what is now known as Russia. Since she was born into the high class, she never had trouble with money, but she never had freedom. Being a female during this time, she could not go anywhere without her father or a male escorting her. She became jealous of the middle class when she sees the females of that class traveling by themselves. One day, she decides to run away during a family reunion and that's when she runs into Elizabeth. Almost immediately, Samantha was charmed by Elizabeth. That day, she returned to her mansion along with Elizabeth. Samantha and Elizabeth hung out every night after that. She began to tell Elizabeth how she felt about the restrictions in her life and then Elizabeth gave her an offer that Samantha couldn't reject. To be free. Though Samantha agreed, it took Elizabeth to change her about three years; changing her at age nineteen.

Her father had previously promised Samantha to Elizabeth and Samantha found this out one year after she met Elizabeth. Her family had strong ties with the Sawyers. Before her transformation, she traveled to Prussia/Germany with her father for a business meeting and there she met a man named "Arminius". He was much older than her but still extremely handsome. He was gifted in the painting and would paint portraits her. Samantha became very fond of him, even admired him. So she began to follow him and learn his skills of painting by watching him. She fell in love with Arminius despite the age difference and gave him everything before being transformed. By 1722, most of her family moved away Russia to avoid the Russo-Persian War and one night Elizabeth decided to change her. She was told not to visit Arminius anymore and to follow Elizabeth. Reluctantly, she agreed and left Arminius to follow Elizabeth. When Arminius found out that Samantha will never return to him, he disappeared from the public eye.

Samantha never forgot Arminius, but she never looked for him after she devoted herself to Elizabeth. As time went by, Samantha focused on strengthening herself but found her speed is much more easy to improve so she concentrated on that skill. That left her strength lacking a bit behind the regular vampires. When the world was introduced to electricity, Samantha was the first vampire to play with the idea of manipulating it and so she found a way to achieve that ability, but realized it was extremely draining and hard to control at times so she requested a special sword that could help her control the waves of electricity.

Because she had been Elizabeth most of the time she saw new vampires join Elizabeth's clan, but she was very attracted to any vampire. Samantha was not at near Elizabeth when she took Aiden as her husband. If she was, Samantha would probably reject the idea. Soon after that, she laid eyes on Darius. His appearance, his behavior attracted her to him. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew where he came from. The first time she saw him, Samantha did not greet herself to him until later on when she was forced to. She wasn't being rude, she was just nervous. After she was forced to introduce herself to Darius by Elizabeth, Samantha began to watch over Darius with interest, even while he was married...but she never took action. By watching him from afar, she learned how he was, his personality. She simply admired him but choose to stay away because she always became flustered when he is around and she would rather avoid confrontation, but she does secretly wish to be with him. At times Samantha actually leaves small presents for him when he isn't around whenever she sees him in a bad mood in hopes to bring his mood up, but she never left her name. She also secretly tries to protect him even though her duties belong to Elizabeth.

Darius Novak

Samantha has a fetish with blood (like most vampires). If she managed to get a large meal she would take the blood home and pour the blood into her bathtub. After that, she would unclothe herself and lay in the blood. The feeling and smell of warm blood intoxicates her and she becomes extremely relaxed. She loves bathing in warm blood. That's a fetish and she keeps it to herself. Not many people knows that she loves to bathe in her food. She's also never been married or been with a male vampire.

In you and I there's a new land
Angel's in flight
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music inside
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
What's left of me what's left of me now

I watch you fast asleep
All I fear means nothing

In you and I there's a new land
Angels in flight
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music inside
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
What's left of me what's left of me

snwod dna spu ynam os
My heart's a battleground
snoitome eurt deen I
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
snoitome eurt deen I

You show me how to see
That nothing is whole and nothing is broken

In you and I there's a new land
Angel's in flight
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
My sanctuary my sanctuary yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music inside
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
What's left of me what's left of me now

My fears and lies
Melt away
wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

So begins...

Samantha Lasavik's Story