Caldomaa is a beautiful Kingdom, but when the King and Queen announce a contest for one of their daughter's hand in marriage the kingdom is flooded with suitors.

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Kingdom of Caldomaa

What was once the prize of the Elven Kingdoms, ruled by the ancient race for thousands of years, has become a shadow of it's former glory. It's statues and art ravaged by men long ago, all that remain are their Superior system of roads that run across all three kingdoms. The climate is temperate, with cool evenings many happy couples refer to the land as Venus' pride, for Caldomaa is the perfect location for love to blossom. The Climate is so perfect that King Clement II made it a royal decree that the weather could never differ from the ideal weather patterns. Winter never starts until December, and July and August can't be too hot. This climate is kept in balance by a number of mages whose's job it is to care for the weather. To some it may seem silly but here it is just how it is done.

Before our story begins...

Once upon a Time, I believe is a prudent beginning to our tale. Once there was a princess so fair and beautiful that the Gods themselves were missing an angel in the heavens. She was blessed with powers no mage before her could dare imagine, she was able by her sixth birthday to harness the winds, and control the climate. Her father, King Clement II used this as decree that the land of Caldomaa had the perfect climate, and the perfect guardian. Around the same time a prophecy was forged, about the young princess and her extraordinary gift.

The Prophecy reads that the princess would not wed, until a man that was pure of heart and noble in intentions won her heart and that of land that she loved so. It continues to say if the princess were to wed a man she did not love her gifts would disappear, and never return. This put fear in the Princess' heart, she was her father's only child and therefore would become Queen one day, but what good is being a Queen if you haven't a king to rule with?

One day a Paladin from the Northern Kingdom of Kaareviel, he was tired and week from his travels. He stumbled upon the princess as she took her evening walk, not recognizing her face he mistook her for a peasant. He begged her for help, he was injured and needed a healer. The Princess took the man in, he was quite surprised when she took him to the castle. She sat at his bed side for months nursing him back to health, and as she did she began to feel a love for the Paladin. It was strange because she didn't even know who he was and what he was running from.

The Paladin was none other than a prince from that northern kingdom. An Ice filled tundra of fierce barbarian warriors. The Paladin explained to her that a war has his kingdom divided, on who shall take the throne of his father. on the one side he was the only son, on the other his sister Beatrice was ambitious and longed for the throne. He had come to Caldomaa to seek help from The King to reclaim his title.

The Princess swore to help the Prince gain her father's trust. Within two days, the Paladin (prince) received the army he needed to take back what was his. Before he left, he told the princess he would return for her, and declared to her his love.

The Paladin rode of to war that day, and within a month news of his victory swept throughout the three kingdoms. He returned to Caldomaa, crowned King of Kaareviel and asked the princess to be his Queen.

Our Story...

The Princess and The Paladin were married, and Ten years later celebrated the birth of their fifth daughter, Each of their daughters inheriting a gift from nature from their mother. Afterwords, the doctors informed the couple of the servility of that last birth on the now queen's body. The birth was difficult, and left the queen in a severely weakened state, it is believed her body can not handle another pregnancy.

This caused a problem for the couple, as they had no son in inherit both kingdoms they would be divide. between their daughters, and the king's nephew. In order to maintain the two kingdoms remained together in peaceful harmony. The King and Queen started a sort of contest.

"Whoever the man so lucky enough to win the heart of one of the Princesses, and marry her. That princess will be named heir to both kingdoms."

Such a contest became highly talked about, and soon men from across the globe came to try and win the affections of the fair and beautiful princesses. Of course with every good suitor that comes to call there is an equal scandalous one. Take for instance The Prince of Galirel, whom never thought of the princesses much before the contest began. Now he hath the favor of The King himself as a most agreeable man despite the boys past scandals.

Alas the future of Caldomaa is up for chance, who shall become heir and what husband shall she pick. Only time can tell, for now let us sit and watch these players preform. The end will come soon enough.

♦ The Monarchs of Caldomaa ♦

Queen Desdemona "The Fair" of Caldomaa
"Harnesses the power to become one with nature"
♦ Played by Calvazara ♦
35 - 40 years of age
♦ Face Claim: Angel Coulby ♦

♦ King Sebastian of Kaareviel ♦
40 - 45 Years of Age
♦ Played by Forget~me~not ♦
♦ Face Claim: Jonathan Rhys Meyers ♦

♦♦ Introducing Their Royal Highness(es) ♦♦

♦ Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa ♦
"The ability to manipulate the forces of nature and elements connected to it"
22-24 years of age
♦ Played by MaliceInWonderland ♦
♦ Face Claim: Chanel Iman ♦

♦ Princess Matilda of Caldomaa ♦
"The power to speak with nature."
19-21 years of age
♦ Played by Calvazara ♦
♦ Face Claim: Katie McGrath

♦ Princess Cordelia of Caldomaa ♦
"The power to manipulate and control seasons and the concepts they re-present."
16-19 years of age
♦ Open ♦
♦ Face Claim: Sarah Bolger ♦

♦ Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa ♦
"The power to manipulate every aspect of the weather."
14-16 years of age
♦ Played By MarchHare ♦
♦ Face Claim: Laoise Murray ♦

♦ Princess Regan of Caldomaa ♦
"Has not received her powers as of yet."
8-12 years of age
♦ Played by Forget~me~not ♦

Face claim: Bláthnaid McKeown

♦♦♦ The Suitors ♦♦♦

Gwayne Duke of Rosecrest
40-45 years of age
♦ Open ♦
♦ Face Claim: Richard Armitage ♦

♦ Gwayne has been surrounded by Mysterious scandal in the previous years, after his first wife’s elopement with an unknown man, and the kidnapping of his own children by that same man. He now is hoping to marry again and raise his social status wail doing it.

♦ Jaorin Earl of South Bridge ♦
40 - 42 years of age
♦ Open ♦
♦ Face Claim: David Tennant

♦ Jaorin is a kind generous younger man, who is never above helping his own people. He has been married before, but his wife died giving birth to their first child, taking the baby with her. However she did leave him three of her own children from a previous marriage, in which he treats as if they were his own. He has come now to find a wife to care for the children in a way only a woman can give, he cares little of the title, money, or land although these things do help the situation a bit. He is only looking for that in which has been missing from his life for the last five years.

♦ Desmond Prince of Galirel ♦
25 years of age
♦ Played by "By Starlight" ♦
♦ Face Claim: Jamie Campbell Bower

♦ Desmond is from the kingdom in the south, and is King Sebastian's favorite choice to wed on of his daughters. As it would mean merging all three kingdoms under one rule and restoring the glory that was once the Elvin Kingdom. Queen Desdemona is not so certain the match is well suited due to the Prince's scandalous reputation in the past.

♦ Sir Nikolas Of Jeic ♦
26-31 years of age
♦ Played by Lanaya ♦
♦ Face Claim: Henry Cavill

♦ Nikolas, has been at the king's side though it all. He's captain of the guard, and the personal bodyguard to Sebastian for as long as anyone can remember. He can remember when the princesses were just knee high, and has always had a soft spot in his heart for Princess Matilda. Now he has decided to put his cap in the ring, to try and win one of the young girls heart, after all how hard can it be?

♦♦♦♦ Other Nobles ♦♦♦♦
More Characters addable

♦ Lady Beatrice of Kaareviel ♦
38 - 40 years of age
♦ Open ♦
Face Claim: Joss Stone

♦ Lady Beatrice is the sister to the King, and although she once tried to steal his throne for herself it is all forgiven now and she is once again a loyal member of court. She hath arrived at the castle with her grown son Benedict in hopes the boy may be able to seduce one of her nieces into marriage. Little did she realize her old beau South Bridge would have come in competition. Can she stair her brother from seeing how much her son looks like the old Earl?

♦ Benedict of Kaareviel ♦
23 - 26 years of age
♦ Open ♦
Face Claim: François Arnaud

♦ Benedict has come with his mother to begin courting one of his cousins, and if this dose not sound weird to you, I advise you to think again. He isn't particularly fond of any of his cousins as they all seem like a bunch of tree hugging mages to him. However the crown speaks louder to him, and he will pursue his cousins for the power. If only he knew his birth father also had that idea in mind.

♦ Current NPC's can be taken as characters ♦

♦ Isolda McQueen ♦
"The Knight of Sumerstand"
"The Old Gods granted her a ring of Allusion, which masks her true form. She appears beautiful, seductive, and Entrancing but the reality is she was horribly disfigured after she dabbled in Necromancy, leaving her body burned and bruised. This accident diluted her mind to madness, as she believes she is the bastard child of Sebastian and Ros-Ann McQueen. In reality she only started taking the McQueen name eight years ago, after she was shamed from The Crimson Riders."
26 years of age
♦ NPC ♦
♦ Face Claim: Adrienne Wilkinson ♦

♦ Sir Gregor Caririenele♦
55 years of age
♦ NPC ♦
♦ Face Claim: Gordon Kennedy ♦

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Taking place in...

THe Kingdom of Caldomaa our primary setting

In this entrancing Kingdom lives the Five Beautiful Princesses.

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Eyes laid upon the book, reading each line, her eyes going back and forth vigorously. Upon hearing her mother's voice, however, she stopped and gave the woman her upmost attention. "I suppose not all too bad," she commented, "though he was rather silent so there wasn't too much that I needed to tolerate of him." With that said, her eyes lay back in the book.

Soon after, she was spoken to by a young female. It was Reagan, curious of the material she was reading over. Her gaze went up and over to the small child, her lips forming a slight smile. "If you would very well like to know," Genevieve moved the book and patted her lap, "you can sit with me. I would not mind reading it to you." Before there was even a chance, the young girl seemed upset, and when she herself looked she saw Reagan's idol defeated and upon the ground.

Genevieve could not understand her young sister's affection for such a brute. The girl could only shake her head and look back down. Things within the pages were much more interesting than what was going on around her. At least in a book she was never bored.

A sigh escaped through the young princesses lips. Once again she was torn away from what she enjoyed most, only to look upon the grounds to the two knights. "Honestly," she spoke, looking back down, "I've no opinion at all."

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#, as written by Lanaya
The docks were breezy, the grunts and cursed murmurs of the veteran sailors spiking the air with a childish hostility Nikolas had become all to familiar with. It would be lying to say he didn't miss the place, the beaten shanty zone that him and his father spent the majority of their time living in. Now with his new status the only thing that kept Nikolas shackled to that place was his mother and sister. Memories with his father on the docks and tending to the sails singed at his core. Some days he would sit outside of the Lysander shack, and some days he could have sworn seeing his father fixing a net or hoisting the sails on a ship. It never turned out to be true. Nikolas could not allow himself to believe his father was still alive. Only fools cling on to false hope.

His sister Aeryn was in the dirt alley that led to the entrance of their little shack. She ran about, whacking at the stray cats that littered the place and sending them scurrying about, meowing in confusion. Aeryn was a girl that could keep herself entertained with anything, and while that proved very useful out her on the boring docks, it could sometimes make Aeryn way too much to handle for his mother. Aeryn perked up, sighting Nikolas walking towards her. She always loved the frequent visits from her brother. He was the only gateway connecting her shanty life to the royal castle.

"Nikolas!" she exclaimed excitingly, throwing her stick to the ground and running towards her older brother. A smile washed over Nikolas' face, snagging her mid-air as she jumped towards him and spinning her around.

"Dear sister," he grinned, holding her at eye level after a moment, "You look wonderful,"

She gave him a small pat on the cheek, emulating a childish slap, "Liar,"

He was lying. Aeryn's face was dirt ridden, her dress covered in soot and soaked permanently with the scent of seawater. It wasn't that their mother was incapable of adequately addressing Aeryn's hygienic needs, more or less being because of Aeryn's refusal to take care of herself. She revelled in the dock-life. It was a calling gifted with freedom in exchange for material wealth. Nikolas might have revelled in it too if not for her position in the castle. His stomach sank for a moment, he wondered what Matilda would think of their quaint run-down shack by the seaside. The thought was silenced as Nikolas plopped Aeryn on the ground.

"Is mother inside?" he asked standing up and brushing himself off. Simply being in the dock area made his clothes dirty.

"Yes, she's making food!" she replied, running into the shack the Lysander's called home. Nikolas was sure there was no way to contain his sisters excitement. It threatened to burst at any moment. He wondered how his mother Anne was able to contain such a fiery girl.

The inside of the shack was one room. Big enough to house the necessities but not enough to teeter on the border of spacious. Each corner had an essential, a kitchen in one, a double bed in another, then a fireplace and a trap door leading to the basement. They didn't need a bathroom inside since there was one just down the alleyway that they were using just fine. Dead center in the middle of the shack was the worn dinner table, an artifact attesting to Aeryn and Nikolas' fathers craftsmanship. His mother Anne was by the kitchen set in the corner of the room, stirring a giant pot that was probably tonights food. As soon as Nikolas stepped into the shack she turned to face him. Both her eyes were milky white, a common symptom for blindness, but not even that could stop her from sensing when her son came back.

"Nikolas," she said softly, "You're back,"

"Did you not think I would return?" he smiled, walking up to her and placing a kiss on her forehead.

She shrugged, going back to stirring the pot. Her blind eyes stared forward through the window ahead of her, "Sometimes I think the castle holds more than what I can give you. If there is nothing here to make you come back, than why would you, hmm?"

"Exactly, why would I?" Nikolas grinned, grabbing to bowls and spoons and placing them on the table. Aeryn had already gotten her bowl and was awaiting eagerly at the promise of delicious food, Nikolas shrugged, "But there's plenty here to make me come back, since neither of you won't move into the castle with me,"

Anne smiled, bringing the pot over and setting it in the middle of the table. She smiled and cupped Nikolas' cheek with one hand.

"My dear boy, let's eat,"

The Lysander family, once again reunited ate their meal. Nikolas had to cram the food particularly fast because of the tourney and all, but that didn't stop him from acknowledging how delicious it was. Well into the meal Nikolas was wondering how he would him competing for Matilda to his mother. He was never good at caking up the truth, so eventually he spoke, throwing caution to the wind.

"Mother," he said, "What are your thoughts on me marrying a princess?"

Aeryn stopped, looking wide-eyed at Nikolas. It was more excitement than anything, but what he had just said caught her off guard. Anne, their mother on the other hand simply paused, putting her spoon gently onto the table. After a moment of silence Anne finally spoke.

"Which one?" she spoke, only audible enough so Nikolas could barely hear.

Aeryn piped up, "It's Matilda isn't it?!" she grinned slyly, "I knew it! Couldn't keep your hands clean from that competition, huh dear brother?" Aeryn smiled devilishly.

Nikolas sighed, scratching his head, "Well, yes and no -- "

Anne stood up and walked out of the shack, leaving both Nikolas and Aeryn confused. Nikolas was taken aback the most, did this not bode well with her? The last thing he ever wanted to do was disappoint the woman who basically raised him ground up, pounding into him the character and personality that made him who he was today. Anne had earned that respect and it wasn't on Nikolas' grounds to let her down.

"Excuse me Aeryn," he said, standing up and following after his mother.

It didn't take long to find her. Anne was standing just outside the shack entrance -- just standing there, staring at a blank spot on the other side of the alley. Nikolas touched her shoulder.

"Mother?" he asked.

"Nikolas.. . are you sure you know what you're getting into?" she asked softly.

Nikolas didn't have to think, "I am, I haven't been so sure of anything. Why do people always ask me that?"

Anne, turned, staring at Nikolas with blank eyes,

"Because Nikolas that's a whole different world in the castle, you think you might know how it works but you don't. You stand on the outside watching and protecting them, but do you really know? The nobility live a different life based around presentation. But you won't be a noble if you win this Nikolas, you'll be king -- royalty. Do you think just because of your tours in the army you're as qualified at this as Sebastien is? You need to realize that there's a disconnect with those things, between the regiments and ruling a kingdom. A king must look after people that may not like him, but still he does so fairly and justly. You cannot think that everyone is forced to obey like in the regiments -- "

Nikolas interrupted, his voice raising, "I would think I would know something of leadership -- and it's not about being king! It's about --"

"About Matilda? What about the duty you swore to the king? Do you think you are justifying that by allowing Gregoir to take your place? When you took that oath it meant you would put aside all these things for one thing only -- your duty! Nikolas, have you ever considered that you will not win? That you will lose? What then? Do you think Sebastien will let you back as Captain and all will be well? You've already proven yourself incapable of placing personal desires behind the needs of the family -- "

"Am I not entitled to some happiness? After all I've been through am I not allowed just a semblance of that?"

Anne paused, then spoke sincerity in her voice, "You deserve all the happiness in the world Nikolas.. . you've truly grown into a man your father would be proud of. But.. . you're a commoner, you can't change that. You bear no noble lineage, nothing to trace back to. These other knights, many of them come from a golden heritage. With your knighthood came the safety of your life, a security granted by the good king Sebastien after what you did. . ."

That angered Nikolas, "What I did? And what would you know about what I did? You never spoke to me once when I came back, lent not an ear, and you hung your head in shame! The one time I wish to do something right for once you shoot it down! I'm not the same man I used to be, dont you get it?"

Nikolas didn't say more. He stormed into the house. Aeryn sat there, tears in her eyes. The yelling from outside must have scared her. Nikolas couldn't bear to look at her. He couldn't bear to think he was inflicting pain on his little sister. What once was a pleasant family visit turned into a disaster. Nikolas went down the trapdoor, grabbing an old black pack -- inside the contents of the fabled and infamous armor of the Crimson Riders. He hoisted it on his back, climbed up through the trapdoor. He stopped at the entrance of the shack before he left, not looking back.

"Take care of your mother Aeryn," was all he said.

And with that he was off, he forced himself not to look back. He was going into this alone. The thought of Matilda was all that drove him onward. He caught a wagon back to the castle to speed up the distance.

His time in the Crimson Riders had forever scarred his reputation. They were an elite cavalry group, renowned for their horsemanship and sheer tactical prowess. Nikolas was only a secondary then, right below the rank of Captain. What the stories tell is that one night sanity broke amongst the ranks and a section -- Nikolas' section containing both Gregoir and himself broke off and started slaughtering villages and towns, anything they came across. Where the folktale and the truth divert is the reasoning behind the madness, a truth only those there that night would know. There is no justifying what took place, but Nikolas and his section were ordered by their Captain to do such things. Nikolas was hesitant first, but their Captain assured them that each village slaughtered was full of snitches and moles threatening to give away their position. Nikolas ordered the massacres to be done methodically, and word quickly spread about what happened. The rest of the section was exceuted for war-crimes, only Nikolas and Gregoir to be spared -- and in fact rewarded by knighthood. This was met with much controversy, and even now Nikolas knows not the motive behind their knighting. The Captain who ordered the massacres disappeared after that, never to be found. Nikolas hunted him from awhile, but to no fruition. His occupancy as Captain-of-the-Guard kept his mind off thoughts of revenge.

Nikolas donned his armor and grabbed his fathers horse from the castle stables. The armor alone was enough to turn heads, issuing hushed gasps of horror to circulate around the crowd. Nikolas paid them no mind. Within this armor he felt powerful. It was within Nikolas' means to prove to everybody here he was a force to be feared. As his horse clopped towards the tourney grounds people turned, pointing, fearful, shaking their heads. As he came closer he almost forgot why he was competing, until in the distance he saw Matilda sitting there in the royal box accompanied with good Sebastien, the queen, the other princesses' and Gregoir. A wave of shame overcame Nikolas. He felt selfish and dirty. This tourney was not for his own personal pride but the chance of love with Matilda. Nikolas put on his full-helm, an artifact crafted with a delicate beauty contrasted by the violent red plume running down the center. This was the mark of the Crimson Riders.

His first bout would be with a Kardellian knight. Nikolas readied himself, coming closer to the tourney grounds. Nikolas was a knight saved by knighthood and had more than enough reason to prove his worth.

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Sir Terrowin

The barbaric man smiled at Terrowin as he surrounded the elf's hand with a firm grasp and shoved down weight to of which Terrowin struggled to lift the man. Terrowin's arm sparked with pain of the tug, this action the knight sent to Terrowin was a warning, "Forfeit and you shall recuse yourself from shame."

Terrowin released the man's hand and the pulling. Terrowin closed his eyes and commanded friendly, "Someone please, umm.. Lend aid to this man rising up, I musn't hold the royals waiting."

He opened his eyes and as became walking he conjure conversation to himself,

"Give up? Give up! No, I shalln't compose a task. Better be the man who approached suffering rather than retreat from it."

He glanced at the next opponent, a knight of Kardellia. These soldiers, loyal ones, intelligent in battle.

"These knights, these well trained knights may defeat me. But... was it not I who existed without a mother fetching water? Was it not I who lived without a father hunting game? Was it not I who knitted myself a blanket of dirt? Was it not I whose siblings were dogs. Was it not I the only family I held were strangers, drunkards, and whores? Was it not I who was given the blessing to become recruit? Was it not I who wore chainmail of scars when only in youth? Was it not I who looked down upon the battlefield of men painted with blood and pierced with swords? Was it not I who have journeyed through a life of violence and defeat? Was it not I who has journeyed though a life of misfortune? Is it not I who looks at the shadows instead of the sun? Is it not I who found blessings but instead examine the curse? Is it not I who deserves victory? No, it is I.
Am I one to let it slip from my fingers? No, I shall not let it fly from me."

It was not that Terrowin has lived a life only of misery, no he has discovered enlightening moments but he drove his mind in a forest darkness. He believed anger is the key to victory. Not of this time did he unleashes jeers or taunt. Not he leaned towards the front and readied his lance.

The moment his horse neared to the knight he slung the lance but it missed, his enemy did not.

"Damn it!" he cursed aloud as he dashed to his horse.
"You shall pay, maggot pie!"

The second round began and Terrowin thirsted his lance with all his strength, stretching out in hope of striking, though his action was blind. He piled affliction in his right arm while the lance flung into the ground as also did he. He groaned when colliding to the ground. There was no need for a third round, he has already lost.

He laid there until the knight unequipped the helmet, revealing a sweaty head. Terrowin rushed up as he too lifted the helmet off, he aimed the helmet at the knight's head, but instead hurled it at the grass hollering, "Is it not enough?!"

He turned his eyes to Aleiia in the distance as he questioned in a muttered, "Am I not enough?"

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Sebastian nodded in acknowledgement of his daughters; his attention was split on the elven knight and a man he could only explain as impossible. “You did say, Sir Gregor that Nikolas was informing the men of the rules? Then who is this man darning those colors.” He said pointing to the knight wearing the colors of the Crimson riders. There were only two men still alive who bore that armor in their lives, one was highly praised and the other was standing in the box with them, and because he was certain Gregor couldn’t be in two placed at once it left only the other. “What is he doing in that!” he remarked his eyes in a boiling rage.

The Jester stepped back from the king, knowing the man’s temperament wasn’t the most easily to get along with. He didn’t know who to be more upset with over this matter, Nikolas for this betrayal or Gregor for Lying about it.

“I want answers, Gregor what is going on!” he grumbled as the frail knight tried to make sense of the saturation. He obviously didn’t know Sir Nikolas was going to pull something like this, but still Sebastian didn’t want to hear excuses. Sebastian rose form his chair in anger his eyes looking at what he preserved to be Nikolas.

The Elf from before made a monologue of some kind on the field, but Sebastian’s mind couldn’t make sense of the man’s words. Without a second thought, the elf faded from his primary train of thought as he lost to the Kalldrewllian whose name he believes is Lazio.

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Aleiia watched in horror as Terrowin had fallen. He said something but she couldn't make out what he was saying but he was looking directly at her. She didn't hide her worry then. His injuries from before must have gotten to him. Not that it mattered. She was about to tell her father that she favored this one but he seemed to be more concerned with the fact that Nikolas was not here. Aleiia looked at her sister then. Aleiia already knew that Nikolas held feelings for her.

Hoping to change the subject, as Aleiia didn't want Nikolas in any trouble for loving Matilda so much he was willing to contest for her hand, Aleiia rose and tapped her father's shoulder. She knew her father's temper. It was something she'd inherited from him but she also knew just how she could maybe distract him from his rage. "Excuse me father, I think I found my favorite." She said with a wide smile as if she were completely unaware of his rage. She hoped that in light of Aleiia finding a favorite, he might becoming even slightly distracted. "I'd like to meet this Elven knight." She asked him, playing up the 'Daddy's little girl' voice as best she could without making it obvious. "Is that alright, Father?" She asked grinning brightly.

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Sebastian's eyes winded as Aleiia spoke to him, she had found a favorite suitor already? It had only been a few minutes, how? But then he supposes she met the Mer beforehand. It was like his eldest to take the first steps, and as always her sisters would follow her example. He had no problem with elves in general, they were a good hard working kind of people however he wasn't sure Kaarviel is ready for such a change, after all there are still some older Successors who can recall The old empire, and the war between Mer and Man.

“You shall meet him at the feast, just as you will meet all the champions today.” He said his temper cooling. As the Knight of Sumerstand rode up to the man in unforgivable colors, the knight removed ‘his’ helmet revealing a waterfall of brown curls flowing over ‘his’ shoulders. A feminine voice erupted from the think blackened armor.

Image “I know those colors well and I remember you, Nikolas Lysander.” Isolda never feared a fellow warrior; before she was dishonored she was known as “The Merkiller of Kaareviel” a name she was given for good reason. “You’ve grown soft and fat!” she exclaimed, “A disgrace to those colors.”

It was Isolda the Captain of the Crimson Riders, missing for years after the disgrace that fell upon the unit. She was the Knight of Summerstand, somehow it made sense her madness and the Knight crudeness Sebastian was shocked he hadn’t recognized her before.

“Gregor, arrest that woman!” he said pointing Isolda as she grinned, in sweet delight.

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“Good, as long as he wasn’t inappropriate, I have heard plenty about that boys reputation” Desdemona grumbled, a rather unusual action for the Queen to do, she was usually gracious and courteous towards all, however Prince Desmond of Galirel did not sit well with her, perhaps it was just her motherly instincts wanting to protect her daughters from such a cad or perhaps it was something more, either way she greatly disliked the boy.

The Queen turned her attention back to the tourney, although she was particularly enjoying herself, yet you would not have been able to tell, her poise and grace was a well practised façade, many could seldom guess on the Queen’s true emotions save her husband, he always seemed to know how she felt, something which she both loved and despised at the same time. She watched as Regan’s favourite competitor was de-saddled and the small pout on her youngest daughters face showed her discontent at the situation, the queen couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

“Don’t fret sweetling, I do not think he was harmed” Mona cooed reaching out to lightly squeeze Regan’s hand in a motherly gesture.

It was then Sir Nikolas entered the arena upon his steed, donning armoury she didn’t quite recognise. Mona looked over to Matilda, her happy smile radiating from her pretty face, so Nikolas was competing for the hand the hand of her second eldest, it all made remarkable sense now. The longing stares, the fierce protection, Nikolas was in love with her daughter.

Mona shifted in her seat at this revelation, Nikolas was a good man, kind and honourable, she should want nothing more for her daughter, but he had no titles, land or wealth, he had risen through the ranks, he was not born into them and that would pose a problem, especially for Sebastian.

The Queen bit her lip as she looked at her husband, his face red with rage “husband please think before you act rashly” Mona tried to soothe, knowing it was nearly useless trying contain the King when his anger took over. Looking back at her daughters, Mona forced a smile, trying to ease their worries, however the look on Aleiia’s concerned her, following her eldest gaze the Queen’s brown hues landed upon a fallen elf who’s eyes were solely fixated upon Aleiia.

Mona almost stopped Aleiia as she rose to her feat and approached her father but she knew Sebastian’s anger very rarely stretched to his children. Her words seemed to work and Mona quickly spotted a change in her husband’s demeanour, “You shall meet him at the feast, just as you will meet all the champions today.” Mona looked at Sebastian with anger in her eyes, how could he be so dismissive.

Reaching out, the Queen gently took Aleiia’s hand, pulling away “Darling sit back down” she commanded lightly, fearing a scene being made, she made sure her eyes connected with her eldest daughters silently speaking ‘I shall talk to him.’

Matilda was stunned at her father as his anger erupted in such a public place; so much was happening in such a short space of time that her head began to pound. Pinching the bridge of her nose, the princess closed her eyes briefly, waiting for the pain to pass. Although, upon hearing Nikolas’s name come from her fathers lips caused her head to shoot up and towards her father, then towards the tourney grounds.

Toward them rode a man upon his horse donning the armour of the Crimson Riders, she rose to her feat and hurried towards the barrier, not being able to contain the smile on her face, who cared what armour he wore, you only had to speak to Nikolas to know that he was a changed man, it did not bother her what he did to feel empowered just so long as he won.

Yet her father’s anger was threatening to boil over, turning back to him her cool blue eyes narrowed “Father please!” she pleaded in protest “Sir Nikolas is a good man and I would be honoured for him to fight for me in this tourney” she replied stubbornly, she would not relent, never. Mattie wanted Nikolas as much as he wanted her and once she set her mind to something there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to get it.

Aleiia then rose and tried to sooth her fathers anger towards Nikolas by putting herself in the firing range and declaring she had found a champion and an elf none-the-less. Matilda was thankful for this and she took the opportunity to turn back towards Nikolas, her eyes pleading with his to be careful, her father’s wrath was unprecedented and it would not have taken much for him to send him to the dungeons. Closing her eyes, she let out a small, barely audible whisper, which travelled upon the wind to Nikolas’s ears. “Should things turn sour, gallop away from here and don’t look back. I shall meet you upon the opening to the Forgotten Forrest at midnight.”

After she sent her message, Matilda watched as a rider approached her knight, her eyes widening as they removed their helm, tresses of brown curls spilling down her back. Her father erupted, “Gregoir, arrest that woman!”

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"You shall meet him at the feast, just as you will meet all the champions today." Aleiia's father said and Aleiia gave a small smile, glad that he calmed a little but she felt a little dismissed, like she had when she were small and he would tell her he was busy with something when she wanted to play. Her mother took her hand and sat her down. "Darling, sit back down." She said, Aleiia sat with her hands in her lap, her eyes shifted to Terrowin's from afar. "I shall talk to him," Her mother cooed and Aleiia gave a small smile. "Thank you mother." Aleiia said and nodded and she looked over at Matilda. She would do anything for her sisters. Even if that meant putting herself in the path of thier father's wrath. She took Matlida's hand again and gave her a reassuring smile, but it faded as a rider appeared. Her helm was removed and the face was that of a woman. Aleiia's eyes widened. "Gregoir, arrest that woman!" He shouted and Aleiia looked over at Terrowin, more concerned with him then whatever was going on with this woman.

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Sir Terrowin

"A crummy round...," he muttered to himself angrily as he slung down his gauntlet and then his guard of vambrace. He identified the defeat a heavy burden. His injuries were catching up with him, he was realizing the reality of it when he glanced at the bruises formed on his skin adapted from the game. He noticed his walking pattern- a limp. He believed the pain was only his imagination, but the belief was also a wish- a dream that never came true.

When peeling himself out of the equipment he wandered without a cloth on his torso for his body was rather hot and sweaty from the armor. Shouting of the king was sounded from the royal box, though he did not bear an answer to his question of what was the matter. Streaks of scars from his recent affliction as a war prisoner shown on his chest, stomach, and back- but the marks were rather attractive in the fact they do display honor and bravery on the battlefield.

He trudged over to the barrels of ale near the tourney grounds before he wrapped his hand around the handle of a mug engulfed with wine. He stirred the liquid around his mouth toiling to understand the flavor of it, however he tasted none- perhaps that is what you should expect free alcohol.

He rested the cup on the barrel and then limped over in clear sight of Aleiia. He pointed his head in the direction of an exit of the tourney grounds with his body language speaking, 'Want to go?'

He was doubting she would leave with him, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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Sebastian of Kaareviel

Sebastian sat down his heart beat easing as the man close his eyes. His mind wandered to days long gone, when his daughters were all but tadpoles in a pond. When his biggest concern was whether or not his daughters would be seen at court that day. Simpler times, when he did not need to think of the future.

He opened his eyes to see an aged wife sitting beside him, and a different tournament before his eyes. He felt older, greyer then he had before. All but one of his daughters had fled from his side, married now with their own families. He was a Grandfather, one day his grandson would take his place upon this throne and led their people into a new age.

Now it was Regan’s time to choice her husband, she looked so beautiful. As the young men came galloping for her favor, Sebastian couldn’t help but notice her smile the same smile that he saw in his other daughter’s so many years ago. A young man, very young came, front and center lifting his helmet he pledged his loyalty and asked for Regan’s favor. She agreed and placed a garland on the man’s lance. It was rather unfair for the other men; his daughter had known this man her whole life.
“And too you, my King.” The man said, bowing genteelly.

“Good Luck, Sir. Sebastian Son of Kyren.” He smiled at the boy, his brother’s son and from the look at Regan’s smile, he champion. It was the same look he had seen on Aleiia and Matildas’ so long ago, and Genevieve’s when her time came.

Looking to his wife his kissed his love’s hand gently, knowing there time was nearly done. A new era was about to emerge, an era of a new beginning.

And they all lived Happily Ever After...

Regan of Caldomaa

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Character Portrait: Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa
Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa

"I am certainly not sure of this."

Character Portrait: Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa
Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa

"I am nervous, yes but I am excited all the same."

Character Portrait: Nikolas Lysander
Nikolas Lysander

"Know this: family is everything, and you never leave family behind."


Character Portrait: Nikolas Lysander
Nikolas Lysander

"Know this: family is everything, and you never leave family behind."

Character Portrait: Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa
Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa

"I am certainly not sure of this."

Character Portrait: Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa
Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa

"I am nervous, yes but I am excited all the same."

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Character Portrait: Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa
Princess Aleiia Goneril of Caldomaa

"I am nervous, yes but I am excited all the same."

Character Portrait: Nikolas Lysander
Nikolas Lysander

"Know this: family is everything, and you never leave family behind."

Character Portrait: Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa
Princess Genevieve of Caldomaa

"I am certainly not sure of this."

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THe Kingdom of Caldomaa

THe Kingdom of Caldomaa by HalliwellSlytherin

In this entrancing Kingdom lives the Five Beautiful Princesses.

THe Kingdom of Caldomaa

In this entrancing Kingdom lives the Five Beautiful Princesses.

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