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Lance Dakota

"Stone free to ride on the breeze. Stone free do what I please..."

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a character in “California School for the Extremely Gifted”, as played by HolyJunkie



Name: Lance Dakota

Hero Name: N/A. So call him "Lance"

Power: Healing aura, which gives him a strong healing factor, able to repair broken bones and the worst non-lethal injuries within 24 hours. Immediately lethal blows render the ability moot, (obviously) while it would take the most serious of injuries to finish him before the ability works it’s magic.

Second Power: The healing aura lets those in proximity borrow that healing factor, though it is only a quarter of the strength of his personal effect. This makes him a kind of teacher’s pet for the school physician, though he doesn’t like being held down in one place. He is also a parkour enthusiast, and is therefore fast on his feet.

Age: 17

Birthday: May 16

Year: Senior-ish, or whatever the other 17-year-olds are at, anyway.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight. Due to his personality, he prefers not to act on it.

Appearance: A tall, very fit caucasian male. Very defined musculature- at least, as defined as a 17-year-old can reasonably achieve. Though the image captures the shape of his face and all that jazz, his hair is an almond brown, and his eyes are a soothing green. He's slim, but he's strong enough to do hand-stand push-ups with great control and little effort.

Distinguishing Marks: He’s got tattoos on both arms, from the shoulders to the elbows. All of them are currently outlines that he plans to have finished once he heads out of school. The only completed tattoo is an intricately detailed gas mask with wings on his right shoulder.

Dress Style: Lightweight clothes that emphasize mobility above all else. He’s never without a tanktop at the very least, even if it’s under formal attire if he ever wears any. For legwear, he wears yoga pants or shorts depending on the weather. Above all else, lightweight attire.

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 195lbs

Hobbies: Parkour, fitness in general, sports if he can get in on it. He's especially fond of basketball, mainly due to his height.

Likes: Parkour, fitness, feeling the air brush through his hair, music, photography.

Dislikes: Staying in one location for too long, tight spaces,

Strengths: He’s physically tough, with an absurdly high pain threshold. Between his healing factor and his general toughness, it would take a lot to actually bring him down.

Weaknesses: Being tall, he cannot fit into tight spaces, which slightly limits his parkour options. While he is physically tough, his power is entirely passive and has no direct attack capability. In a real fight, he would have to rely on allies whom he would heal. His cowardice makes him a weaksauce-tier fighter in general, toughness notwithstanding.

Fears: Solitary confinement, getting an injury that is beyond his healing factor. It’s really the one reason he’s decided to stay at the school rather than start his world travels immediately: Get prepared for anything so he won't get killed while on his trip around the world. Despite the need for proximity for his healing factor to be shared, he's actually quite claustrophobic.

Personality: He’s very laid-back and free-spirited in his demeanour, and very active physically. Lance enjoys parkour, and while he doesn’t have super-speed at all, he is a fast runner regardless. If not for the fact that he doesn’t do drugs, he’d make a fantastic buddy to get high with. Overall, he's a very friendly guy with no emotional baggage. Almost as if an added effect by his healing aura, he's the kind of guy who would offer most everyone a shoulder if they needed it. When it comes to combat, however, he's a bit of a coward who would run rather than fight.

History: He first discovered his power at a very young age from a sports injury, where he accidentally broke his arm. His parents were aware of the significance of his abilities, so they had him hide this ability by feigning the extra time spent "healing" from injuries. He dropped the act often when his parents weren't around, and he always spent his early days running around. This eventually turned into a budding parkour hobby.

It wasn't until he matured enough that his parents suggested that he go to the California School for the Gifted... Well... Actually, his parents had nothing to do with the decision. They were just the first ones to find the invitation letter in the mail, since they were always home more often than he was. When he discussed the importance of the letter with his parents, they displayed openness and support... or apathy...? Lance couldn't tell which it was, but he preferred to think it was the former.

The main problem in the letter was that he was well-liked at school for his friendly personality. He had made many friends during Elementary and part of middle school. When he got the letter from the Gifted School, he was very torn about the decision. Eventually, he took his dream to travel the world when he was older as a priority over continued close friendship with his old friends. This school, designed with abnormal powers in mind, seemed to be the best path to take.

Family: His mother and father live across the continent from the campus, in Montreal. They kinda grew apart when Lance took up parkour and general stunt work around the interesting architecture throughout the city. He was rarely home besides going to sleep, and therefore is distant from his family. They really don’t have anything to say, either positive or negative. Neither parent has any kind of abnormal ability whatsoever.

Goals: Getting through this silly school so he could just go and travel the world. It's the WORLD!

FC: Jonny Weston
HEX: #2821DE

So begins...

Lance Dakota's Story

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Lance hated airplanes, even though he only had to deal with them only twice a year. They were cramped quarters, and the ceiling was too low for him to ever stand up straight. Quality of the campus aside, the school really saved a lot on plane tickets. On the bright side, at least his parents didn’t have to fork over any money for it.

It was amazing to see Montreal again for the vacation, but now was the time for Lance and his schoolmates to return to their studies down in California- hence the plane ride. Every time he boarded the plane, Lance wished his superpowers also included speed. Though he was probably the fastest natural runner in the school, he knew it would be impossible to cross the continent on foot within the two days the plane ride and the jet-lag recovery would take.

He actually never suffered from jet-lag. The rejuvenating effect of his power left him with great stamina. Most nights, he was merely doing what he did best, except in the darkness of night. The other passengers closest to him usually left the plane pumped-up and confident. One time, a gentleman with a crippled arm sat directly next to Lance, and later left the plane to find that he was able to bend his fingers again. Lance still hated planes for their cramped spaces and forcing him to sit still for hours on-end. He hated planes even when Lance saw his unintentional handiwork celebrate their good health by the time they disembarked.

His single duffel bag was picked up, and Lance left the airport with the bag slung over one shoulder, and the carry-on single-strap knapsack slung over the other. Most folks would assume he was a tourist, what with his lightweight attire, the pilot shades, and the fact that he packed light. In truth, the only stuff he brought was an empty water bottle, multiple changes of clothes, his phone, a tiny GoPro camera complete with SSD storage compatible with it, a very lightweight and sturdy laptop, toiletries, and a music player with an earbud headset that was designed for freerunners and parkour enthusiasts. Also packed was his wallet, which contained his passport and all the necessary things like cash he earned back in Canada and exchanged for US currency. Vacation time was always spent getting his cash reserves built up again.

Lance crossed the parking lot in as straight a line as possible. Oftentimes he performed simple safety vaults and lazy vaults over concrete barriers, as he was toting two bags at once. He wore a white tanktop alongside black, lightweight pants. His tattoos- which held the recent addition of the completed winged gas mask on his right shoulder- were in full view on his muscular, fat-free arms. On both wrists, he wore sweat bands that matched his pants.

At the edge of the parking lot was a car that, unlike the plane ticket, did not look cheap. Seated on the driver’s seat, the school physician greeted him. “Welcome back, Lance,” the older man greeted.

“Glad to be back, Dr. Payne,” Lance replied honestly as he loaded both bags into the trunk of the car. He closed it with a solid thunk, and then pulled his tall frame into the significantly lower passenger’s seat. Due to his abilities, he’s kind of a favourite student for the physician. Lance understood why, but it still made him feel awkward whenever he thought of himself being a teacher’s pet in any way. Sure he was a favourite among the students and was always the first one picked back in his old schools, but students were different from teachers.

“How was your trip?” the physician asked.

“It was just miserable, man,” he replied, "You know how much I hate planes."

“Anyone get healed during the flight?”

“Honestly, I’ve got no idea,” Lance replied. It was true that Lance didn’t know if anyone had been healed, but no-doubt the hours spent on the plane had allowed time for miracles to happen to someone who was aboard. He figured that if he kept this up for another three years, some statistics people would really notice a pattern happening aboard the same air route at the same two times of year. Fortunately, this flight was merely the second-last one he would take. When he went on his world travels, he swore to take boats instead if he needed to cross water. Boats were a lot roomier, and have far more interesting options for movement.

The ride was quick and quiet. Within the next half-hour, Lance spotted the familiar, unorthodox campus. Outside the ornate palace Lance had climbed repeatedly over the years were a few other cars, and many students who had already arrived, or had just arrived. Most recently was Madison. When Dr. Payne had parked his vehicle in his reserved spot, Lance hopped out and grabbed his gear.

He slipped off the pilot shades and hung them over his tank top collar before approaching Deangelo and the others. He became more cautious, but did not betray his pace when he saw that Jason was also there. From the perspective of the other students, compared to last year, Lance’s arms had significantly more ink. By the time he got within five metres of a person, they would feel a wash of rejuvenation, which Lance couldn’t help. “Hey guys, long time no see, eh?” he called in that baritone voice of his, while wearing that charming, carefree grin of his. There was a hint of French-Canadian in his dialect from his many months spent in the States, but he spoke clearly and deliberately, even with the slang he often employed.

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#, as written by tigerz

"Kade, it's time to wake up sweetie." A familiar voice called out to her in her sleep. "You don't want to miss your flight and be late on the first day." Kade slowly opened her eyes to look up at her guardian. Her vision was blurred and she grabbed her glasses off of her night stand before clearly seeing her guardian stand before her with a plate of breakfast in his hands and her clothes laid out at the foot of her bed. Kade yawned and stretched before responding to him in her scratchy morning voice. "Good morning to you too, Gemini." Kade said even though it was close to midnight. Normally Kade was a night owl but she knew she wouldn't be getting much sleep on the plane s she went to sleep rather early. She found it humorous that Gemini made her breakfast at this hour. "We'll be leaving for the airport in an hour. Make sure you're ready before then." Kade nodded and Gemini set down the plate of breakfast on her lap.

Kade downed her food quickly and got out of her bed. She jumped into the shower for not even 5 minutes before she was done and then went back into her room down the hall with a towel wrapped around her body and her long, wet, brown hair hung over her right shoulder. Kade towel dried her hair in her room until it wasn't dripping wet anymore and got dressed. She threw on the clothes she wears almost every day and then put on her contacts before putting on a bit of make up. She examined herself in the mirror and then shruged. "Good enough." She grabbed her back pack and started stuffing it with her things like rolling paper, tobacco(Kade preferred rolling her own cigarettes because the ones she bought at stores tasted like chemicals), her favorite zippo, some back up clothes, some mma gloves, cds, and her laptop. Her other things like her Ford Raptor, guitars, and keyboard were already shipped off to the school.

Kade managed to get everything into her bag and closed it before running down the long spiraled set of stairs. She met Gemini at the bottom and jumped down to land in front of him. "I take it you're ready to go?" Kade nodded and the two went into his car parked outside on the curb. The two live in the wonderful city of Chicago in a warehouse type of building that her mother and Gemini used to share during their crime fighting days. Kade had to take a flight so late at night(or early in the morning) in order to get to California in the morning and then take a taxi to where her truck is. After that, she'd drive herself to the school. Kade made a mental note to buy lots of coffee and red bull.

Gemini drove her to the airport and the two stayed silent as they drove through the city to O'Hare Airport. The radio was on play WIIL Rock(Kade's favorite rock station) and she just stared out the window as she drove. She kept thinking about how weird Gemini's story is. He used to be a twin, his parents experimented on the two and gave them powers, they got dragged into the super soldier program and merged into one super badass super soldier. What Kade couldn't wrap her head around was the fact that the government isn't still looked for him. How was that possible?

"You know I can hear your thoughts right?" A sudden rush of red filled Kade's cheeks. "Sorry..." Gemini just smiled and shook his head as he pulled into the airport parking lot. He got her bag for her and looked at Kade like he was never going to see her again. "Well, I guess I'll see you next summer." Kade ran into him and wrapped her arms around him in a giant bear hug. "I'm gonna miss you, Dad." Gemini hugged her back and Kade took her bag and went into the airport occasionally looking back at him. She hated saying goodbye to him. He was the one that raised her like his own daughter and the two were really close. Kade sighed and went through airport security and hoped onto her plane. "California here I come..."

The flight there was awful. She had to spend hours in a cramped up space unable to get any sleep with people sitting way too close to her. The only positive thing about flying was the fact that the school paid for her ticket. Kade could easily just use her abilities to travel there but Gemini would never let her do that even if she is 18. Kade had to endure the dreadful flight until they finally landed and Kade could hightail it out of there. She met her driver and he took her to where her truck was. Now she just needed to drive close to an hour to get to the school. Kade made sure to load up on coffee and red bull before she began driving so she wouldn't end up falling asleep at the wheel(which has happened before).

Kade finally made it to the school and parked her truck where the student parking was. She saw Jason's car and groaned when she realized that Kai wasn't here. "Just great..." She pulled out her phone and sent a quick message to her brother. You better get here soon or you're dead. She got out of her truck and into the school with her bag slung over her right shoulder. She nodded at a few familiar faces and then spotted Agatha. She would've gone over to her if Jason wasn't there. She shot daggers at him when they made eye contact. Boy did she really hate him.

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#, as written by tigerz

{Collab by Tigerz and ThatStupidPunk}

Image Kai got out of his bed and pulled his briefs up. His hair clung to his forehead with sweat as he breathed heavily and looked around the room for his case of water. He eventually found it and took a water bottle. It opened with a crack and Kai sent the bottle cap flying across around his room at high speeds using his abilities. Kai then took the opportunity to take a drink of his water and look down at his guest who was curled up in his bed with a devious little grin on her face as she looked up at him. "Well that was fun." He took another sip and handed the bottle over to her. Her hand reached up and grabbed it from him. She waited on her response and drank from the bottle slowly to toy with him. She knew Kai wanted to hear just how great he was in bed. "Indeed it was fun..."

ImageZoe sat up with Kai's bed sheet wrapped around her body. "Mind grabbing me my clothes?" Zoe asked him. He went around his room picking up her clothing off the floor and handed it over to her. "You're not bad for a freshman." Zoe laughed. "And you're not bad for an old guy." This caused Kai to laugh as well,

Zoe got dressed and then out of Kai's bed. She walked over to his mirror and fixed her smudged make-up and detangled her hair. Kai had left the room and hoped into the shower while Zoe finished getting ready and making herself look presentable for the first day of school. "Any tips for my first day?" Zoe asked him when he came back into the room with a towel around his waist. Kai looked at her and smirked. "Keep doing exactly what you're doing." He dropped his towel and began to get dressed. Zoe laughed and did the finishing touches to her make up before examining herself one more time. Perfect, you can't tell I just had sex with a senior. She thought as she peaked a few glances at Kai as he got dressed for school.

Kai threw on a nice white dress shirt, a pair of khakis, a green tie, a black vest, and a pair of nice dress shoes. He then went in front of the mirror next to Zoe and paid extra attention to his hair and making sure his tie was perfect. Zoe watched it all go down with a huge smirk on her face. She took a few steps back and let him do his thing until he finished. Kai then looked at Zoe through the mirror. "So how exactly did this happen?" He took out a cigarette and lit it with his zippo that had a playboy logo on the front.

"Well..." Zoe leaned onto the end of his desk. "We hung out at that one party the night before and had some fun." Kai nodded in agreement knowing exactly what she meant by 'fun'. "Smoke?" Kai handed the pack towards her and Zoe shrugged and took one. "Then I asked if I could come over last night to get a few tips on what to expect at the school." She put the cigarette in between her lips and Kai tossed her his zippo. "Thanks." She lit the end of the cigarette, took a drag, and let out a small cloud of smoke. "We ended up not talking about school at all and decided to just have some fun." She took another drag and blew out another cloud of smoke. "More than once."

Kai laughed. "That sounds about right." Zoe smirked and the two continued to smoke until they got down to the butt of the cigarette. Kai checked the time and then looked over at Zoe clapping his hands together. "Alright, you ready to head out for your first day?" Zoe nodded. "We'll just need to stop by my foster home to grab my stuff first."

They left Kai's mansion and avoided James(his guardian) at all costs so they wouldn't have to deal with any awkwardness. Kai already had all his stuff packed and in the back of his Plymouth Barracuda. Zoe's place was out of the way for the school but Kai didn't mind so much considering what went down all night. He took her to her place and she grabbed all her things before getting back into Kai's car. Kai then drove them to the school and his phone buzzed with a text from Kade. You better get here soon or you're dead. Kai would've laughed if it was anyone else but he knew his sister well enough that she actually would kill him; well, more of like seriously hurt him.

The two quickly made it into the school's parking lot and Kai parked his car. He stepped out and opened the door for Zoe. "Why thank you." Kai laughed and walked with her into the school. The two talked and laughed all the way into the building and spotted many familiar faces. The two the split off. Kai went to his sister and put both of his hands on her shoulder. Zoe went to where Jason and Agatha were smirking as she watched him get up from being tackled to the ground by a hug.

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Alex Birch

As Alex sat on the plane he looked he looked out the window, enjoying both the pleasant view and the fact that he had managed to get a window seat this time. As he watched out the window he sported a a small smile, the cause of which wasn't the pleasant view but the fact that he would soon be back in California and back at the school. He was looking forward to another year there, and was eager to get back on the ground so he could head over to the school.

Alex had attempted to catch a short nap on the flight but his excitement coupled with the snoring of a rather heavyset fellow in the seat next to him had prevented him from doing so. He looked over at the man beside him, and despite his snoring Alex was glad he had managed to persuade his parents from flying up with him, not that he really would've minded, Alex just felt it was unnecessary. When he had finally landed Alex grabbed the two bags he had brought with him, and started heading towards the parking lot. One bag was simply filled with what he'd need for the semester, some extra pair of cloths, some books, and his laptop. The other bag however was mostly filled with everything his plants would need over his time at the school, some seeds. a few flower pots, his gardening tools, and a few other essentials they might need.

Once he made it to the parking lot he found the car that his parents had arranged to be here and after placing his things in the car he started driving down to the school. Once he made it there he parked grabbed his things and made his way down to the school. On his way he spotted a group of other students with Lance, Agatha, and a rather attractive girl Alex had never seen before, most likely a freshman. Alex had briefly considered walking over and saying hello, until he noticed Jason and Deangelo. He thought better then to draw the attention of two of his tormentors this early in the year and instead he decided to keep walking. He quietly made his way into the building hopefully not attracting much attention on the way in.

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Lance ascended the front steps and pushed the huge mahogany doors with his free hand. He then crossed the lobby and ascended five flights of stairs. Last year, he only had to ascend four, but this time he would get slightly more training each and every day. His feet glanced lightly over every step as he practically flew up the stairs. He kicked off every wall that got in the way in order to maintain his momentum. He immediately set his record of ten seconds. Last year, it was eight seconds, as he had to climb less stairs.

Once he reached his dorm room, he slumped the duffel bag onto his bed and began unpacking. He slipped his change of clothes into the dresser and temporarily put the rest of his gear into the trunk at the foot of the queen-sized bed. He tossed the aviator shades onto the middle of the bed so he could take care of it later.

From the dresser, Lance slipped on a black t-shirt containing artwork of Jimi Hendrix. Every tee shirt he brought with him was a logo tee for an artist he especially liked, and he brought many of them as well as tank-tops.

Lance closed up the trunk and headed toward the lounge where most everyone else was. As he walked, he performed some shoulder-centric stretches.

Seniors… One more year, he thought, one more year and I see the world…

He was ecstatic that he was back in California. All his friends and other classmates were here, and the campus had many things he could climb over, around, under, and through. The mansion alone, Lance had climbed many times, much to the slight annoyance of some teachers. They knew about Lance’s interests and powers, so his antics have yet to have consequence.

Once he had arrived, Lance flopped onto an empty lounge chair and sank into it like a string of fresh pasta. His soothing green eyes scanned around, reacquainting themselves with the familiar faces they hadn’t seen for many weeks. He was too laid-back to instigate a conversation and was perfectly happy with simply lounging in the chair, even though two of the creepier classmates in the school were in the same room as him. Though they creeped Lance out something fierce, he still liked them... sorta... Well, more like respected. He didn't dislike anyone, really.