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Ahnik Mousavi

"One moment I'm here, and the next I'm anywhere."

0 · 671 views · located in California School for the Gifted

a character in “California School for the Gifted”, as played by greenmousee




Ahnik Mousavi

Nick Name:
Skipper (only by his older bro)


Second Power:
Not a power but enhancement, has a 2nd Heart






Tall, Dark Handsome?


151 lb.

Distinguishing Marks:
Tattoo on Left Arm

Dress Style:
Mostly Casual




| Watching TV | Drawing | People Watching | Running | Traveling |

| Tea | Long Runs | Books | Dogs | The Internet |

| Schoolwork | Organized Sports | Swimming | Rainy Days | Chocolate | Too Many Questions|

stealth, speed, intelligence, loyalty

-Panicking/Stress may cause unintended teleportation
-Water messes with his teleportation ability
-He's quite sensitive

| Death | Drowning | Asphyxiation | Not being able to save someone he really cares about | Cats |

Ahnik lives life with the flow. He just wants to live doing what he enjoys and discovering more as he does it. He is quite judgemental of others, and tends to have an opinion on everyone before really getting to know them. Thus he might seem like a narcissistic conceited guy to some people. He does like to hang around those who he has become friends with, although if you ask him he prefers to be alone. Ahnik is secretly a hopless romantic, and gets over his problems with people if need be to attempt to woo his crushes.

Zurain Mousavi
| 43 | Ahnik's father, he has the same ability as his father. | He's not on good terms with his father |

Navin Mousavi
| 22 | His older brother who graduated and is quite famous... His ability is Omnivoice | They are very close |



Ahnik was known to be the more reserved one compared to his older brother Navin. He was only one when their mother left their father, Zurain, to raise the boys on his own. They lived a simple life, Zurain working two jobs, whilst Navin helped watch Ahnik. Navin was twelve when he first encountered his ability, once Zurain found out that his eldest son had an ability he focused all of his efforts in developing and helping Navin learn to control and strengthen it. This focus on Navin, put some distance between Zurain and Ahnik.

It was at age thirteen that Ahnik discovered his super ability. It was a casual day at the house, with Navin waiting on a phone call from an agent since his singing career was beginning to go somewhere. Ahnik was flipping through the channels on TV, and stopped on a AD for a cruise. The AD showed happy families, enjoying themselves on this enormous ship with so much fun looking things. Ahnik still looking at the promotional AD, casually asked Navin "Hey Nav, You think Abbu will ever take us on one of those?" Navin looked up from his phone to glance at the TV, "Ahnii, you know Dad doesn't like Boats, plus we don't have the money. Maybe when I'm older and when I'm extremely popular I'll take you." Navin replied. Ahnik was very disappointed as he slumped into the cushion of the couch, and groaned. He wished with with all his heart that his family would be different, or at least he could have a chance to go to one of the cruises. His mind solely focused on the cruise in that moment, and in the blink of an eye he fell into a giant pool. His body now fighting for survival, he never learned how to swim so he desperately clawed at nothing to try to get to the surface of the pool. He was pulled out by a woman who saw him falling in. "What's your name, we need to find your parents, are you okay? We need a life guard here, where are they?" Ahnik was confused as to how he got here, he looked around and he was pulled onto the edge of the swimming pool of a cruise ship. He was on a cruise ship, how? His heart rate increased, and he slowly got up while the woman wasn't paying attention, and ran. He ran through crowds and crowds of people trying to figure out what was going on. He really just wanted to go home, he wanted to go home. With that prominent thought circulating in his brain he looked over the shoulder to check if that woman noticed he was gone, but alas there was no woman there anymore. He was suddenly aware that he was back at his own house, now standing in the middle of the living room in front of the TV soaking wet from the dip in the pool of the cruise ship. He noticed that Navin was in the kitchen corner shaking uncontrollably whilst on the phone with someone. He called out to Navin, who in surprised dropped the phone, turning around he saw his younger brother there and without hesitation he pulled Ahnik in for a tight hug. "Abbu is coming home, I think you're just like Baba." was all that Navin said. Later that day Ahnik was informed that he possessed the same ability his father has, teleportation.

That was when the family found out that Ahnik could teleport. Zurain finding out that his youngest son possessed the same power as him, set out to teach him everything he knew. Ahnik was also born with a second heart, which he didn't know about until he was fifteen. When Navin was old enough he was selected to attend the California School for the Gifted, and then Ahnik was selected as well when he was of age. He actually was a freshman when Navi was a senior at the school. Navi after graduating went to pursue a singing career, and has made it big, he's very famous right now part of an extremely popular boy band which consists of Omnivoice super ability possessing boys.
Before he was selected to attend the School, at age 15, he had an incident where he almost drowned. At the ER, they discovered that the only thing that saved him was his second heart. Now he avoids things like swimming big time, with fear of drowning. He took up running with hopes to be in better shape, as well as to keep his mind from going back over the horrid memory.
He found out he was allergic to chocolate not long after, it was strange since he never really thought about the fact that he's never had chocolate in the 15 years of his life. And to his surprise he was allergic, which wasn't too much of a disappointment because he didn't care for eating it. But the reaction he had to his allergies brought out another fear of his asphyxiation. He couldn't stop his airways from swelling which was the one of the worst feelings he's ever experienced and hopes to never have to go through again.
He just wants to be himself, he doesn't want to become anything big like his older brother.

Face Claim:
Avan Jogia


So begins...

Ahnik Mousavi's Story

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Ahnik sat in a lounge chair within the school grounds waiting for people to show up. He's teleported a billion times to the window at the lobby to see if anyone has finally decided to make an appearance. He himself could make an appearance later when everyone is already situated inside their rooms. Technically he's been here quite a few times over the summer, teleporting to places he's been is a specialty of his. He's picked his room a week before the first day of school by teleporting his stuff with him on one of his spontaneous visits to the school. He loved how quiet it was when the school was empty, the staff working here weren't too happy to see him around but what can they do. Summer in general has been quite a bore, except joining his brother, Navin, on his world tour because that's entertaining as hell. Made Ahnik feel a bit more human, and added to the growing list of places he can now visit in a blink of an eye. Over the summer he's been to a handful of premieres for various things mostly because of his brother's worldwide reputation. He's been spotted by paparazzi in distant countries within the same day, people don't question such strange occurrences anymore. So after two weeks of going to all of his favourite places and visiting all his favourite friends from around the world summer became something he had to suffer through. He wasn't one to admit it but actually enjoyed how school work gave him something to do. As long as it wasn't an organized sport he was on board with it.

Waiting what seemed forever wasn't going to happen so he decided to have tea in Amsterdam and maybe smoke a joint while he was there, whilst his fellow peers got their asses onto the camp grounds. Within a blink of an eye he was at the corner of the cafe that he walked into only once in his life, but that's enough for him to be able to come back. He decided not to teleport straight into the cafe, as that might arouse some suspicion which he definitely didn't want to deal with at the moment. Ordered himself a to go cup of chamomile, lemongrass, and rose petal tea, whilst they were brewing it, he ducked into the corner of the cafe before teleporting back to the lobby window to see if anyone has arrived. He noticed a figure off in the distance and teleported closer to see who it was. Ahnik noticed it was Dakota, another rising senior who he's seen around school throughout his studies but hasn't had much interactions with. This might be a year to change that, he looks fit which could mean a buddy to go on long runs if that's even what Dakota was into. He almost forgot about the tea he ordered, until he recognized the receipt in his hand that he held onto. Teleporting back to the cafe corner he walked back up to the counter to face a pretty girl who gave him a lazy smile before handing him the tea. He took his tea and walked out with a small lit joint before he found himself strolling around the city sipping his tea and enjoying himself a bit more before the school year started.

He found himself in the lobby of the school yet again when he finished his joint and had an effective buzz, plus the remains of his tea were cold so he decided to check up on the situation at school. He teleported back to the window to find that the lobby is actually occupied with others, way to be less dramatic with his entrance. He sighed as he leaned against the window sill observing the usual commotion of the first day back at school that always gave him a warm feeling.

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Alex Birch

As Alex sat on the plane he looked he looked out the window, enjoying both the pleasant view and the fact that he had managed to get a window seat this time. As he watched out the window he sported a a small smile, the cause of which wasn't the pleasant view but the fact that he would soon be back in California and back at the school. He was looking forward to another year there, and was eager to get back on the ground so he could head over to the school.

Alex had attempted to catch a short nap on the flight but his excitement coupled with the snoring of a rather heavyset fellow in the seat next to him had prevented him from doing so. He looked over at the man beside him, and despite his snoring Alex was glad he had managed to persuade his parents from flying up with him, not that he really would've minded, Alex just felt it was unnecessary. When he had finally landed Alex grabbed the two bags he had brought with him, and started heading towards the parking lot. One bag was simply filled with what he'd need for the semester, some extra pair of cloths, some books, and his laptop. The other bag however was mostly filled with everything his plants would need over his time at the school, some seeds. a few flower pots, his gardening tools, and a few other essentials they might need.

Once he made it to the parking lot he found the car that his parents had arranged to be here and after placing his things in the car he started driving down to the school. Once he made it there he parked grabbed his things and made his way down to the school. On his way he spotted some of the other students, many of which he knew. Though he took no time to make his presence known.

As he made his way to the school, he took in the familiar sights. It was good to be back, he could feel the joy, and eagerness emanating from the local flora, just as glad to see Alex again as he was to be back. Once he made it into the school he looked around the school, many of the students were in the lobby. Alex took a deep joyful breath. It was good to be back.