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Bailey Hanson

"Everyone wants to call me bad, but why do I have to decide between good and evil? That's too fuckin' limiting, man."

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a character in “California School for the Gifted”, as played by sweatygrace



FC: Daniel Sharman, Dialogue Color: #b10505


Full Name:
Bailey Maverick Hanson.

Some people call him Hanson or B, but Bailey is fine; he used to insist on being called B, which is why some people still call him that, but recently he has grown to like the name he used to call girly.

Hero Name:
Maverick; this is a reference not only to Bailey's middle name, but also to the word's conventional meaning as it applies to Bailey's strong will and independence.

Illusion Manipulation, which means that Bailey can make people see, hear, smell, and feel things that aren't there. This allows him to look, feel, and sound like other things (functionally shapeshifting) and make people hear voices that aren't really there. The hardest of these things is to make people feel things that aren't there, but the school is helping him harness this power to inflict pain on people. He is also learning how to create entire false worlds that he can put his subject into, therefore rendering them practically insane. This is extremely difficult, however, and Bailey will likely not achieve something of such a great scale until he is in his 40s. If truth be told, he often uses this power for his own enjoyment, disguising as people's friends to get inside secrets. The only time he's ever allowed himself to be with a guy was when he cast an illusion that made him look like the guy's girlfriend.

Second Power:
Camouflage allows Bailey to blend into his environment for 15-minute bursts. Just the same as his primary power, he uses this more for his own benefit than for that of others; snooping has become very easy for him since he learned to harness this power for longer than 30 seconds.

He is seventeen.

It's been 3 years since Bailey was selected, making him a junior.

He identifies as a cis male.

Bailey is bisexual, although he is closeted. He keeps his male attraction secret, keeping it private from even his closest friends with occasional homophobic slurs.

Bailey has medium brown, tight-cropped curls that frame his pale face, which turns olive turning the summer. His cheeks turn pink quickly when cold or embarrassed, and his lips are prone to get pink, either from chap or biting; his mom used to call him her little cherub because of his curls and rosy complexion, but he grew to resent the nickname when his school friends found out about it. His eyes are grey-green, surrounded by dark eyelashes. Although not nearly at a bodybuilder status, Bailey's body is that of lean muscle; he has visible abs, but his build is that of soft athleticism. Bailey finds himself above average in terms of attractiveness, which is accurate, but minimized, considering that The California School for the Extremely Gifted has a student body that is hotter on the whole than most other high schools.

Bailey is 6'2.

He weighs 176 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks:
Bailey has a couple moles on his back vaguely in the big dipper and a triangle stick-and-poke tattoo on the inside of his left ankle.

Dress Style:
Bailey dresses like an average guy. Flannels, sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers make up his daily wardrobe. Having grown up in a rich household, however, Bailey has no issue with dressing up in a pinch; he cleans up very well.


Openly, he likes to play football, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball, and that isn't a lie, but his main hobby is art, something he would never tell anyone who isn't related by blood.

Painting, sports, taking long runs, his iPod, blowjobs, pizza, his pet snake named Eva which he left at home, weed, pierogies, science class, redheads, Red Bull, HBO, parties, beer.

Organized religion, people knowing he's attracted to guys, whiny people, lazy people, clingy people, history class, TLC, orange juice, pickles, Monster, people who say they hate the word "moist", cigarettes, drunks.

Strong-willed, independent, blatant, sociable, intelligent, protean.

Sarcastic, abrasive, cocky, deceptive, thick-skulled, licentious, probative. His powers don't behave well if he is hungry or dehydrated.

Allowing his trust fund to make him lazy, losing his powers, failure, his father.

Bailey acts like your stereotypical frat boy, and whether he likes sports because of this or he is like this because of sports is unclear. What is clear, however, is that he is privately more intuitive than his social peers. Neither good nor bad, he teeters on the edge of morality, only picking a side when those residing there can offer assistance to his personal agenda. He has no compass which puts him above going to the dark side for personal gain; instead of picking a side and blindly abiding to its rules, he makes his own rules, only obeying to the epithet of Maverick. Because of this tolerance of evil forces, combined with a cocksure and sometimes abrasive attitude, most people consider Bailey to be bad, but he considers himself to be a lone wolf, a maverick, content to be somewhere in between. He thinks this skepticism and way of thought makes him mentally superior to your run-of-the-mill good guy. Although he behaves cockily and abrasively, there is a gentleness and quick-wittedness underneath it all which manifests through his art. Similarly to how he doesn't let anyone see his art, however, no one sees this side of Bailey unless they have given him a compelling reason to trust them; such a trust cannot be built in a day. Being his friend is easy, but being his confidant is nearly impossible. Not even everyone in his immediate family has achieved such a title. Perhaps this is why he falls back on sexual contact in lieu of relationships, as a sort of coping mechanism for the lack of intimacy he feels with everyone he calls his friend in his day-to-day life.

His father was the CEO of a company, making the family worth millions. A trust fund has existed for Bailey since the day he was born, and the value of it is only going up. If his father were to die, he would be in possession of tens of millions of dollars at the drop of a hat, and his childhood has reflected this. The only reason why Bailey doesn't act like everything should be easy for him is because his mother forced him to behave like this behind her husband's back. It is something that Bailey is eternally grateful for. Although everything has been easy, from private school to private school with all the resources and tutors he needs, he has never experienced the true agony of struggle. But, because of his mother, he has never expected that things will be that simple for the rest of his life.

Bailey discovered his powers at the age of 8, when he wished that the girl next to him's hair would be cut off, and for a second, it looked like it was. He kept it to himself, but a few months later when he realized that a kid couldn't see him anymore during a playground fight, he decided to tell his mother, his closest confidante, about these developments. She decided to help him train himself, but made her son swear not to tell his father. He had no idea that his wife possessed powers, and she wasn't eager for him to find out. She's the one who sent Bailey to The California School for the Extremely Gifted, her own alma mater, not letting on to her husband what the school's true purpose was.

His mother was there for him in his early years, but as she met other stay-at-home moms at Bailey's private schools, she changed to become part of their friend group. She started going to the spa instead of staying home and nurturing her son, and eventually she hired a nanny and was barely ever home. His father was absent, often pulling an all-nighter at the office or on a business trip which lasted months, and when he was home, he was drunk. Bailey's mother suspected his absence was caused by an affair, but these concerns were always met with the back of her husband's hand, so she learned to keep her mouth shut about such matters. Although he didn't have it as bad as his mother, Bailey would sometimes get abused by his father as well. his mother had the power of fire manipulation, an ability which her son often implored her to use against her abusive husband, but she insisted that her powers were to be used for good, and if she raised a hand against someone with them, God would surely take them away from her. Although Bailey doesn't agree with the logic, this stuck with him, and may be the only thing keeping him from going entirely bad.

Bailey wants to have a prosperous career, besides his powers. He wants to be a business CEO like his father, or perhaps an aerospace engineer, since he's so interested in space and NASA. Either way, he wants to avoid becoming the cliche superhero that everyone is guilting him for not being interested in. He also wants to be able to create entire worlds by the time he is 25, something that has never been recorded for someone with his powers. The earliest recorded age for an entire illusionary world to have been created is 38. Although this is his dream goal, he also wants to be able to inflict pain using his illusions by the time he graduates, a much more feasible goal.

So begins...

Bailey Hanson's Story