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Jin-Ho Song

"Physics are my play thing, as you shall be."

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a character in “California School for the Gifted”, as played by Slybop


Powerful/Major Lazer
Jin-Ho Song
Hero Name:
Kirin: The name of an asian mythological holy beast who was even higher than the dragon in the celestial order. It governed storms and lightning was its will. Jin-Ho deemed it appropriate.
Magnetic/Electrical Manipulation:
Jin-Ho has the ability to generate, absorb and manipulate electricity on several different levels of physics. This allows him to alter the bases of physics to do a multitude of strange things such as using it to phase through walls or interact with aspects of electromagnetism. Jin-Ho can emit enough electricity to kill a man several times over from a quick shock.

Jin-Ho also requires a conductor for his power. Meaning he cannot shoot electricity through the air at a target, unless the humidity was extreme like of that in a sauna or shower room. Rain and Snow are also a good conductor for his abilities. barring those, he either needs physical contact with a target or contact with an electro conducting material, like a metal railing both are touching or a copper wire or both in a pool. Metal rooms or kitchens become death trap to his enemies. He can also use his ability to lift electro-conducting materials into the air and shoot them as if he was a living Rail Gun. Though he has far less control over these objects than a telekinetic would.

Jin-Ho has on occasion shown the ability to perceive things in the different electro-magnetic spectrum, allowing him to literally "see" in infrared and even radio waves. Though he has little control over this ability and it often appears at in opportune times, often leading to extreme headaches. The color of his electricity is purple.
Second Power:
Hyper Intelligence:
It is unknown whether this is just a natural state of Jin-Ho or an actual power, but Jin-Ho is incredibly intelligent, able to create and understand things that should be far beyond his grasp. His I.Q. is off the chart and the people at the institute believe it has something to do with the amount of energy his brain receives from his other power.

Jin-Ho has short, black hair, styled into a casual look and has brownish-grey eyes. He is tall, thin and wears slim, rimless glasses. He also has a habit of pushing his glasses to the bridge of his nose or adjusting them somehow when seeking to clarify an idea. His build is thin and lean. He has no muscle bulging out and his body is very flat. All of his muscle is whipcord tight and lean like a runners build or an acrobat. His skin is rather pale and he has a very smooth complexion.
Distinguishing Marks:
Long thin scar across his right cheeck
Dress Style:
Jin-Ho prefers designer wear with his fashion sense leaning towards a modern classic look interspersed with trendy items of clothing. Jin-Ho is always impeccably groomed, dressed appropriately for any occasion, and is naturally stylish and neat.
He was forced to learn the piano at a young age but he has grown to enjoy playing it. he often finds himself playing when sad and often creates his own music. Jin also has a talent for computer software skill and is a more than competent "Hacker" as some would put it. Jin of course would never use such a vulgar word.
-Training: Like all members of his family, he was thoroughly trained in Tung Tsu Do, while he is rather proficient in it and its martial weapons, earning a black belt with 2 red stripes, he is far from a master.
-Intellect: Jin-Ho is a certifiable genius and is excellent at thinking on his feet and is definitely more of a strategist than a warrior.
-Water: Being submerged in water can cause physical harm to him as electricity will forcibly discharge from his body and make him unstable.
-Ignorance: Jin-Ho is pretty ignorant when it comes to how common people live and doesn't know how to do many things that a normal person would see as trivial.
-Water: Taking a shower or standing in the rain has never been a big deal, but being completely submerged can make his body begin to violently discharge electricity. He he also has a psychological fear as he nearly drowned as a child.
-Disappointment: Jin-Ho needs to earn his fathers approval no matter what, he will achieve his impossible dream.
Jin-Ho is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detached, and sometimes threatening when need be. Jin can always be seen as a very calm individual and barely anyone has ever seen him flustered. His voice is rich and deep and is rather musical in its tone. He can usually be seen with a soft smile on his face with half-closed eyes, which gives him a rather vulpine look, as if he was up to something. He is incredibly logical and is rarely outwardly ruled by his emotions. You can always rely on Jin to keep calm in bad situation and come up with sound and logical advice.

However due to his calm and logical demeanor, he can often come across as detached. Jin seems to watch the others and life in general as if he was not directly affected by it. Like a scientist overlooking an experiment. He can be somewhat manipulative and often pulls the strings of people to shape events. Jin is incredibly charming and well-spoken and is able to emulate emotions he is currently not feeling very well, even able to produce tears on command. Due to this, people who often think they are close with Jin, often truly know nothing about him. He is quick to discover pertinent information and often withholds it until a time where it would either benefit him or would be interesting to watch. Jin tries to assume an indifferent demeanor and many from hid old school called him "The King in the Shadows". He is very polite to people who are in power or related to it, and claims he only helps people who can benefit him somehow.

However, deep down, Jin is an incredibly caring and selfless person. He will often go out of his way to help a total stranger for no gain of his own. He dislikes seeing strangers being taken advantage of and will often try and help, usually with subtle means, though. You see, Jin doesn't wish anyone to know how kind he is, he'd rather keep up th cool detached facade so no one will get close as he is afraid of letting people in. He doesn't want to compromise himself as it is logical to keep your own survival most important in this line of work. Which fights against his secret nature to help anyone he can. It is in fact his greatest secret and he hides it well.
Jin-Ho was born on November 22 to the wealthy and illustrious Song family. There are the 1%, and then there are the 1% of the 1%, that is the Song family. The Song Group is a world wide Health Care Zaibatsu that has connections all over the modern world. Half the medical specialists in Asia work for his family. Not only that but they have a multitude of subsidiaries for more adventurous purposes such as theme parks, shipping and high-end retail products. To say Jin-Ho grew up privileged is an under-statement.

Even from a young age and despite being the third son of the family, much was expected from jin-Ho. He had to be perfect in every way as his every action would reflect upon his families illustrious name. His father, Oto guang Song, expectations for him were extreme. It was not good enough that he accomplished everything his brothers had at his age, his father had seen that, he must do more if he were to meet his approval. He couldn't remember when, but gaining his fathers approval was all he craved and soon, he had ambitions of becoming the heir apparent of the Song Group. As the third son, most thought this was impossible, though he was a certifiable genius with an I.Q. of over 280, incredible social skill and graces and a quick mind for business, competing with his equally qualified brothers seemed to impossible. Not to Jin-Ho, however, he thought of it as a game worth playing.

However, his dream soon gained an almost impossible hurdle in his way. At the age of 12, he began to show signs of him being a Special. His family did an amazing job at keeping it secret, but it was obvious he had become a liability in his parents eyes. The only solace he got through those days was the company of his older sister Bae Kwang-Song. she was more of mother to him than their real mother. though she had already been married off, she visited often to listen to Jin-Ho's problems and make sure he was alright. Bae was the only one Jin-ho felt he could be his real self around. He misses her terribly. Despite becoming the Black sheep of the family, Jin-Ho was not going to give up, it was not in his nature. His dream, even today, still lives on.

He was discovered by the recruiters while he was working for his doctorate in medicine. It was a tradition for the Song men to become doctors and work at the hospitals they owned, as to be a successful business man, you must know your business better than anyone. One night during his internship(He had gotten through rather quickly due to him starting college at the age of 13, there was an attack on the hospital. An explosion destroyed all three of the hospitals generators. Someone had intentionally sabotaged it. Without power, many of the patients would begin to die and surgeries could not be performed. Without a second thought, Jin-Ho ran down to the Generators and began to power them himself. While powering the generators, he also managed to fight off three strange men with the ability to turn normal objects into explosives Disgusted by their very being, Jin-Ho fought them off and eventually subdued all three, all while maintaining the power. Near the next morning new generators were flown in and installed and Jin-Ho nearly died. He was then recruited into the institute and has been here for a short time. His parents forced him to go, even though it was not what he wantd to do with his life, he agreed. Though it is not what he wanted out of his life, like everything, he is determined to excel at it.

Oto Guang Song/Father/59/Normal
Bong Giu-Song/Mother/55/Normal
Han Dok Song/Eldest Brother/ 36/Normal
Chung-Ho Song/Elder Brother/27/Normal
Bae Kwang-Song/ Elder Sister/24/Normal

-Become Heir apparent of the Song Group
-Excel at this institute
-Find something worth believing in
-Find someone he actually might be able to call a friend

So begins...

Jin-Ho Song's Story