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Aduro Demens

“When Hell becomes present in our world, our world will become present in Hell, and I represent our world.”

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by Areno


• Full Name: Aduro Demens.

• Nickname: Just Aduro, cause it’s his first name.

• Gender: Male.

• Age: 24

• Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, yet extremely difficult to seduce or mesmerize.

• Height: 6’4”

• Race: Human.

• Class: Demon Hunter.

• Skills: Born from the profession of hunting down the malevolent forces of Niluxiel, the Lady of Hell, Aduro has learned to strike quickly and stealthily upon opponents who are far more powerful than he. He has performed various “accidental deaths” to victims of demonic possession and while he has never been fully-convicted of murder due to lack of evidence, he is still viewed as a death-bringer to those who know of him. To put it simply, Aduro has the skills of an experienced assassin, but he does his killing to those already inundated by evil.

• Weakness: Overly-powerful demons. Aduro has never confronted a devilish being of the hierarchy of Hell. Since he has dealt with common and minor demonic entities, he can deal with normal mortals with relative ease if they pose no true skill in combat or detection of those concealed within the shadows.

• Equipment: Aduro dons a satchel strapped to the left side of his waist, filled to the max with silver-headed bolts for his steel-and-ash-wood-crafted crossbow. A silver short sword is also sheathed in a wolf hide case beside the satchel of bolts. On a more obscured note, Aduro carries a silver dagger in his right boot. When not wielding his crossbow, he usually binds it to his broad back using various black leather straps that connect to his vest.

• Personal Quote: “When Hell becomes present in our world, our world will become present in Hell, and I represent our world.”

• Description: Aduro weighs about two hundred and twenty pounds, muscular and lean. His physique is rather tenacious, for he must be ready for battle with the agents of Hell at any and all times. His eyes are a cold steel-gray, making him appear rather callous to every situation other than demon-hunting. He has a grizzly five o’clock shadow beard, connecting to his sideburns and flowing down either side of his face to wrap around his lips in a goatee manner. Aduro is adorned with dark brown curly hair, usually combed back on his natural widow’s peak. He wears a sleeveless, black leather vest tied tightly across his chest with a wolf fur collar, showing off his muscular arms to any who look upon him. Black trousers conceal his legs along with a pair of boots.

• Personality: It is terribly arduous to try and receive the compassionate attention of Aduro, or even allow him to have sympathy or empathy for those he meets. He is truly careless of other humans, and desires only to kill the unholy.

• History: Aduro, like a crusading mercenary, has been hired by numerous people of diverse origin. Kings, nobles, knights, and peasants have all been in need of his aid, due to possessions or just overall demonic behavior in certain locations. In all, he has dealt with over a dozen demons separately, each taking weeks to track and defeat. But to go farther back in time, Aduro was born into a wealthy family in the city of Thoav. His childhood would be deemed as somewhat rough to a normal person, but Aduro is no usual child. His mother died of an internal-bleeding disease when he was eleven years old. His father raised him mostly and since he was a prosperous barterer who circulated trade throughout Calisma, he was absent most of the time, leaving him alone with his older brother and his nanny. He lived in the lap of luxury, but that all ended with the demonic possession of his brother. It happened out of nowhere, and it was utterly random, yet it was a truly traumatizing experience for Aduro. Religious officials were brought in to secure the demon within a private room of the Demens Manor, and it unfortunately ended with the demise of his brother. After the event, Aduro left with the religious officials without the consent of neither his nanny nor his absent father. He learned their ways and when he turned twenty years old, he traveled out on his own to hunt demons that terrorized the society of Calisma. Now four years since his demon-hunting start, he has wandered into Paetax looking for another job.

• Anything Else: Nope.

So begins...

Aduro Demens's Story


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#, as written by Areno
The bay horse on which Aduro was saddled upon came toward the small cliff edge. He peered down the slow descent of the winding cobblestone road, appearing similar to a wavering scarf as it apathetically lowered down the cliff until it met flat land. At that point, the cobblestone road straightened out and led to the open gate of Paetax.

Three guards wielding halberds in their hands and short swords at their hips were positioned at the raised, steel fence gate. Two of them were on either side of the entrance while the third stood at the center, making entrees pay the capital tax. Several trade wagons were entering the city along with bands of rag-clothed peasants—probably from the outskirt villages of the capital coming to view the spectacle of the crowning.

Aduro made his way down the cliff path until he reached the flat land, and the hooves of his bay horse clacked against the stone road. He gripped the reins of his horse tightly, his steel-gray eyes observing the environment outside the walls of Paetax. Several stalls were set up for those who didn’t have enough gold to enter due to the levying tax. A small throng had been created from those types of people. They participated in idle chat without care, and Aduro would catch random words and phrases throughout conversation as he passed.

The demon hunter trotted up to the gate entrance on his horse, his right hand releasing from the rein of the powerful beast and lowering to his hip to fetch ten gold coins from his coin purse. Piling them up in the palm of his hand, he approached the center gate guard.

“How do you do sir?” The guard asked, a subtle smile stretching across his face, though somewhat concealed by his grandiose helmet with eagle wings stretching out on either side.

“Just take the money and let me pass. I’m in no need for delays,” Aduro replied dropping the ten gold coins into the open hand of the guard. With his comment, the guard’s countenance changed from a smirk to a scowl. With a quick hand movement of his gauntleted fist, he ushered Aduro to enter Paetax. And so he did.

Aduro continued down the main cobblestone road of Paetax, past the impoverished hovels and alleyways filled with drunks who had no clue what was occurring this day. There were always those kinds of low-lives in the major cities of Calisma. It was sickening, but oh so common. As he wandered on though, a tavern with a neighboring stable came into view.

In one fluid motion, Aduro released the reins and slipped off the saddle of his bay horse onto the cobblestone street. When he gained his footing on the ground, he took hold of the reins once again and led his horse to the stable, tying the controlling strings to a wooden post outside the tavern. He did it quickly and with precise execution.

When he was finished tying his horse, he meandered back onto the street, heading straight for the magnificent castle that was at the center of Paetax. As he did this, ravishing structures came into view: large mansions, luxurious medium-sized homes, and even stone towers that overlooked specific neighborhoods of the royal city.

Aduro passed through another gate, but this one belonged to the royal castle and was defended by the hierarchy of the Kings Guard. Gold plate armor adorned their anatomies, and flowing capes of violet streamed down their backs. There was no tax for this gate, for it simply led into a vast courtyard with a fountain of ever-flowing water and beautiful gardens.

Aromas of flowers filled Aduro’s nostrils as he entered the courtyard on food. A massive crowd of men and women had gathered here, their talk and gossip filling his ears with an unending audible tone. His eyes narrowed from the overbearing noise until he reached the grand doors of the castle, where a battalion of Kings Guard had been stationed, warding off those not invited into the throne room. The leading officer of the battalion stood at the center, a scroll gripped in his hands.

Ambling up to the officer, Aduro’s eyes scanned him thoroughly. He was a hulking man, and his strength was obviously noticeable. He was a veteran, but not too old—late twenties perhaps. “Aduro Demens,” the demon hunter stated clearly, his eyes still indifferent to his surroundings, even if they were immensely glorious. The officer nodded and looked down at the scroll, his eyes drifting downward until he gazed upward and nodded again at Aduro. The officer moved to the side and Aduro entered the throne room, his hands submerged in the pockets of his trousers.

On entering, three guards approached him immediately. “Your weapons please,” the guard demanded, displaying his open palm. Aduro shook his head, obviously irritated as he unsheathed his silver short sword, his satchel of silver bolts, and his crossbow. He handed them all over to the guards and they returned to their positions at either side of the hall.

The floor had been made of marble, and a violet and gold carpet glided down the corridor until it went through a door and led all the way up to the empty palatial throne. A monumental crowd of people had gathered in the throne room, and a good amount of those invited were standing in the hall that Aduro was traveling through. Simple chat was being executed, but Aduro took no heed of their dialogue; he continued on into the throne room, for it was now time for him to wait for the crowning ceremony.

The setting changes from Paetax to Calisma


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#, as written by Areno
The demon hunter stood relatively close to the throne after he had squeezed through the overwhelming throng of people. He was, perhaps, fifteen yards diagonally from the soon-to-be king. With a scene that seemed to pass within mere seconds, Aduro had caught most of it. The conversation carried between the now-vanished princess and Rydas had not been fully heard by the hunter, but his ears had caught the name—Niluxiel. The name of the satanic mistress whose essence hung over Calisma like a dark set of storm clouds.

A pool of blood was accumulating at the foot of Rydas, the lifeless but undoubtedly brave individual lying in his arms. Instincts seemed to overtake Aduro as the princess was absorbed by an ethereal force. He pushed nobles aside with his powerful arms, trucking through the crowd until he was in the main aisle way.

It was a hectic environment. Those who were simply shocked stood still, their faces blank besides their drooping jaws. Those who were frightened beyond belief simply ran. Screaming echoed and rebounded off Aduro's eardrums as he came into the eyesight of Rydas.

The demon hunter waited for the commotion around him to somewhat die, until the blood of the prince's savior soaked into Rydas's royal clothes. Aduro had traveled to Paetax to receive a job, to get a bit of coin in his pocket, and without even knowing it would happen, he had been plunged head-first into, perhaps, one of the largest demon hunts of his life. The princess's malevolence was Niluxiel's doing no doubt, there was no other explanation.

"My liege," Aduro said, bowing before Rydas and his motionless hero. He bowed before the new king, although it wasn't the crowning ceremony he expected, in front of all those who had attended. "Terror has befallen you it seems. But you should know, the gods are with you. I present myself to you, Rydas Errion, for I am a hunter of the more foul things in life. I know the powers of the devilish mistress when I see it, and I—Aduro Demens—respectfully would like to aid you with this matter."

The demon hunter looked up at the prince, grinning. He then stood, adjusting the fur collar of his leather vest.


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#, as written by Modesty
Rydas Errion
• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I know the powers of the devilish mistress when I see it…

Green eyes flashed towards the figure that seemed to allude the guards who still stood, taken aback by the sudden calamity. The words, though pretty, spoke more truth than riddle and there was a look of guarded knowledge that assessed the man as he rose. The Prince narrowed his eyes. He had long since learned that simple paths were wrought with unseen danger and yet time was of the essence. Again, there were more questions than answers hanging in the air but this man, this hunter seemed ready and willing to resolve.

“Demens…” He said, letting the name weigh on his tongue. There was something unsettling about the grin of the man as fallen blood stuck cloth to skin. “Come with me.”

“Sire!” Gasp a guild councilman at his side. “Surely you’re not trusting this vagabond. For all we know he is involved in this bewitchery.”

Rydas grit his teeth, “Same could be said of you, Haeth. My sister did just aim to slit my throat. The fact is that we just don’t know, but until you have more answers than him I’ll take council in anyone willing to lay hand.”

Haeth, whose robes announce a high station in the mage council, was left speechless and mouth ajar. The Prince rose a bloodstained hand, finger beckoning over a captain who shook off the daze to oblige. His hand stiffened in a formal salute, body ridged before his king.

“Tarn. Assemble the legion. Send messengers out to Thoav, Vaekor and Rousillen. Send scouts to Orranli. Double the guards at the gate. Subpeona anyone that might have knowledge of incursion, bring them to the library. Any that wish to pledge their lives to the cause can seek audience of me there.”

The words tumbled out forceful, sure. Decisions were quickly being made. The commander in him was defaulting despite the terror that shook him to the very core. Still his skin prickled with unsavory magic, even as he turned to Demens again.

“Lets get going. I want to know what you know…”

Even as he spoke his boots began to walk briskly towards the libraries.


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An (un)expected reunion
Bardon Arris

Paetax Bardon Arris An (un)expected reunion Bardon finally reached the city of Paetax. As he expected, he was too tardily for the coronation. Quite late actually. He didn’t blame anyone as he probably knew that he wasn’t going to be there anyways. As he rode his steed to the gate, he was stopped by the guard. He noticed that there were more guards at the gates than last time he came around; has something happened?

”Decline your identity and your reason to get into Paetax, sir.” One of them said. For a moment, Bardon wanted to make a joke about it, but he knew that he would be chased down if he was going to.

”My name is Bardon Arris and I’ve came forth to see the king to inform him of recent events,” he said in a serious voice, looking down.

”The king does not wish strangers to seek an audience, sir. May you go back where you came from,” the guard replied as their weapons were closer to Bardon.

”You thrice-damned fools. You never listen, do you?” A quite familiar voice said. Bardon rose his head to see what he expected; his dad. He bit on his bottom lips; the anger about him was still burning, but the situation he got in wasn’t the most comfortable to execute what he wished for.

”S-Sorry, Dar. W-we won’t forget next time.” The guard stumbled over his words, letting Bardon get inside the walls around the city, sort of speaking.

”You better be,” Dar simply said as he looked up at his son with a bit of proudness in his eyes. ”It’s been a while, isn’t it?”

”Not long enough, apparently. Still serving the kingdom as I see.”

Dar knew the tension between them, but he always tried to act like it was nothing. They walked along the paths, Bardon trying to find a stable where he could put his horse for hold. ”Yes. I know I’m getting old, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak for that much.”

”As I see.” Bardon simply replied, finally locating a stable. He jumped down of his horse, giving a certain sum to the stable owner for the fee, and walked past his dad. Dar still followed him. ”Say,” Bardon said, ”It seems the number of guards is unusual. Did something happen?”

”Oh, yes. You see, as far as I know, Rydas almost got assassinated. It appeared the culprit is Sena, but it seems that the King had other thoughts about the cause. As far as I know, it is Sena, the princess.” Dar answered, quite certain of his idea. It made him remember of Lucious a bit, which made him remember why he was here at the first place.

”Never sell the bear’s skin before one has killed the beast.”


”It might have been the body of Sena that did this, but who knows what was in her mind.”

”You sound like one of those crazy villagers ready to believe anything.” At that moment, Bardon quickly stopped into his tracks and turned fully to look into Dar’s eyes.

”When you have seen the devil itself, you are to believe in it.” He was about to walk away, but Dar asked right away:

”What brings you here?”

For a moment, Bardon looked down, remembering of everything that lead-up to this moment in a flashback. Once it was done, he looked up at Dar with a serious expression that seems unbreakable. ”I was to protect a friend of mine, but a creature like I have never seen before took his life away. I came to let the King know that those people aren’t that crazy after all.”

Dar didn’t understand what type of creature it was, but from the look of his son he wasn’t surprised if he was being serious. He frowned. ”So, you do seek for a hearing with him after all. Well, you are in luck; since the recent event, he is open to every bit of information he might get for anything related as an incursion.”

”Great,” Bardon replied, but didn’t gave a smile. He crossed his arms. ”When will I have the chance to talk to him?”

”How about right now?” Dar smirked a bit, knowing it is what his son wanted to hear.

”Sounds good.” Bardon replied, indicating to lead ahead.

Dar soon started to walk in direction of the castle, chit-chatting a bit more. ”You have to know that he will be quite edgy. He won’t accept foolish claims.”

”As expected.”

”When you have time, you should come home. Your mother would be glad to know you’re still alive.” For a moment, Bardon felt like his heart skips a beat. Yes, it has been a while since he saw her. He would be glad to see her. Then his mind wondered about that other girl; Rosa. Does he wish to see her back if it was only for a few minutes.

”I’ll try to see if I can do that.”

”Good.” Dar simply commented as they approached the castle’s libraries. He stopped there. ”There you go. Good luck, my son, because you will need of it. I wish to stay, but duty calls for me.” He laid a hand on Bardon’s shoulder and shook it a bit. Bardon smiled a bit.

”Thanks, father.” He simply said as they walked on different ways. Once he entered into the library and located the King, he bowed before him, but keep his distance.

”I came forth to bring some information, your Majesty.” He said, waiting for an answer. He noticed that there was another man beside him, someone which he do not know of.