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Full Name: Ava Ambershard

Nickname: Av’

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual with just a pinch of bisexuality

Height: 5’10

Race: Human/Cursed

Class Assassin

• Stealthy – Ava’s years of training have left her with a subconscious trait of walking silently and blending herself into the background.
• Night Vision – Thanks to her working at night, Ava has gained impeccable night vision. It’s not superhuman of course but better than most peoples.
• Weapon Proficiencies – Ava is a deft hand with a sword and bow although her line of work often calls for swift attacks and fleet footing over brute strength.
• Dextrous/Athletic - Fleet footed and dextrous Ava is quick moving and incredibly athletic, often gaining entry to places otherwise inaccessible by climbing whatever she can.

• Cursed – Before she was born a curse was put upon her adventurer parents, causing their future children to all bear the evil mark of a demon.
1. Blood Lust - Ava has a thirst for blood and must drink to sustain herself and to stave off the more negative effects of the curse. She still needs normal food and drink to sustain her body however.
2. Allergy to Silver – The curse brings with it an allergy to silver and Ava would react almost as though she had been burned should it pierce her skin.
3. Aversion to Religious symbols – Although Ava herself is not inherently evil, her curse is still demonic in nature and due to it being from before her birth, she has been left with an aversion to religious relics, holy symbols leaving her feeling slightly light headed.
• Light Armour – Plate armour isn’t known for its quiet nature and as such, Ava will wear whatever is lightest and most suited for her aims. Usually this is leather armour though on occasion she will wear leggings and a light shirt. This does of course mean that if she were to take a blow in a sword fight in would likely be fatal.
• Socially Awkward – Although when in disguise or blending in Ava knows what to say and when, it is more of a mental script to be read out depending on her situation. When put into social situations of her own she is inexperienced with talking to people and what is ok to ask and what isn’t, often asking inappropriate questions and putting her foot in her mouth.

Equipment: Ava loathes to go anywhere without her weapons, keeping two curved short swords on her at all times and her bow slung over one shoulder.

Personal Quote: “I will kill anyone for a price.”

Description: With impossibly green eyes, pale skin and unusually elongated canines Ava is hardly an ordinary woman at any stretch. Her curse only affecting her physicality in the slightest of ways but hardly leaving her totally normal. She is rarely seen wearing anything but black, either her leather armour or on occasion a lighter clothing to aid in being totally undetectable if the need ever come across, even going barefoot to mask her steps on certain occasions. Thus far she has managed to escape most scarring, only showing one small arrow mark from several years prior on her left shoulder.
arrow wound from several years prior on her left shoulder.

Personality: Ava’s solitary childhood has left her slightly disjointed from social conduct and although she has learnt much over the years there are many social graces that are entirely alien to her. She enjoys the company of others and tries to make conversation when the opportunity presents itself although her inexperience often leads to embarrassing ends. On the occasions in which she successfully holds a conversation with someone, Ava is surprisingly talkative, curious about the world around her and the lives that others keep as well as the stories of various acts that people commit through their lives.

History: Ava’s history begins with her mother Maya, a cleric and adventurer. Her party was tasked with the hunting of a demon named Calibast whom had been terrorising the local areas. The endeavour cost her party many months and ended in one glorious stand against the demon. Despite fighting bravely, all were lost and the Calibast saw fit to spare the Cleric’s life deciding it more amusing for him if she were to live with his taint forever.

It was from the Demon’s curse that Maya discovered her pregnancy and his wicked laughter that filled her ears as she was left to fend her own way out of his cavernous abode. Eventually, Maya managed to escape and fled to a distant village leaving behind her past and praying for the demon’s curse to be false. Nine months later her daughter Ava was born.

She was a sickly child, often being ill and falling over requiring constant care from her now damaged mother whom could never forget the demon’s involvement in Ava’s condition.

Ava was not a popular child, her unusually elongated canines and pale skin leading to her nickname ‘Vampire’ from the other children who would usually follow their mocking with jeers and other profanities. Instead, Ava found solace in books, at first it was just her mother’s small book collection but eventually Ava was devouring anything she could get her hands on, from cookbooks to epic tales of adventurers, her favourites however were the books of the lands famous assassins and thieves capable of feats of dexterity of which she could only dream.

As Ava grew, she began to feel a growing emptiness inside of her at first no more than a niggling such as that of slight thirst but soon she felt as though she were starving and dehydrated yet neither at the same time. The unfortunate girl could never decipher what was the cause of her requirement until one day whilst reading in the woods she witnessed a bandit attack; as frail as she was she could nothing but watch the attack unfold.

It took what seemed like mere seconds for the bandits to cut down their prey and finish picking their corpses before vanishing back into the trees. Gingerly Ava made her way down towards the caravan. It was here she encountered a survivor, he was bleeding profusely from a wound on his neck and begging for help but Ava’s cravings were too strong, instinctively she bit into the man’s throat, finally satiating her curse’s hunger.

Ava knew she should be horrified with herself for what she had done, she was a murderer and worse than that she had literally drank the man to death but she didn’t care she felt so alive for the first time in fifteen years she felt complete, her empty void satiated. As Ava stood to return to her home a voice echoed through her head, “At last.” it spoke simply and sinisterly but once more Ava couldn’t care what demonic pact she had just entered into she felt incredible!

It took almost a quarter of the time it would usually have taken Ava to return home, her feet seeming to move with a much greater speed then she had ever been capable in her life before, her constant dizziness subsided for an undeniable clarity.

Her mother could not hide her pleasure to see that her daughter had seemingly finally escaped Calibast’s curse even going as far to tell her daughter the story of her unusual birth. Ava was distraught, the knowledge that her lineage was anything but as normal as she had been lead to believe.

Things changed for Ava from then, she retreated into herself and stowed away regularly in the night to feed her sinister craving, at first starting with small animals from the village before she learned to use weapons of her own and took to hunting in the forests but nothing could compare to the human blood she had first drank from.

Several years past with this continuing pattern and although no animal blood gave her the same rush Ava sustained her cravings enough to keep herself satiated enough to grow into a fine archer and swordsman. She eventually decided to leave her home in the dead of night to take up the profession that she had idolised in her childhood. Donning the black garb of an assassin, she began to create a name for herself across the kingdom of Calisma, becoming an impressively skilled assassin with a gruesome calling card as she drained her victims of their blood.

Anything Else: Other details of note.

So begins...

Ava Ambershard's Story


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Magna Romea & Ava Ambershard
(A collaborative post with Skwidge)

Ava’s boots made little noise as she wandered through the busy streets, it felt like it had been days since her last hot meal and she couldn’t even begin to remember the last time she’d slept in a real bed. Her last contract had turned into a dud; she was ambushed almost as soon as her boots touched onto the property, another trap to catch those of her noble profession.

Her hands reached down to her coin purse as she continued along the street, foraging for anything that could buy her food. She needed to get some work soon, she might even have to consider offering to guard a merchant at this rate, that or doing some banditry herself. Her digging had come up fruitless, as she knew it would. This was around the tenth time she had checked in the past hour alone.

‘Damned bastards!’ She thought angrily to herself turning away from the street filled with the rich aromas of warm food. She had no idea where she was headed of course, it was her first visit to the capital city all she had to go on was her mother’s tales when she was still a child and even then the kingdom itself had changed in more ways than one in that time.

Her aimless wanderings eventually took her into what she assumed was some sort of communal ground for festivals though with all that was happening in the city today it was still packed with people, it seemed there was little she could about that today. Eventually the growing pangs in her stomach forced her to stop and Ava took what little refuge she could find from the throngs of people. Leaning her back against a tree Ava allowed herself to slide down until she was left sitting against the trunk with her knees hugged tightly to her chest, her head lying defeated on her knees.

“Now what the fuck do I do?” she asked quietly to herself.

Brilliant orbs steadily followed a single form as it stamped along the cobbles, easily threading through the throngs of people. Every twitch and quirk of this figure's form was duly noted, nothing missed. Muscles suddenly tightened and the orbs dropped from their prey, now revealing a new scene. Smooth stone warmed from the shade by a small figure soon grew chilled and uncomfortable once more as a silent thud pressed into existence and the earth gave way to small paws. Sleek and dark, a tail twitched in the air, and the form stood at a lax position, but not for long. Soon she was shifting through many feet, darting under stalls, scenting the air for every rich morsel that drifted about. A grin seemed to appear upon the feline's face as she stalked towards her intended destination. As she had seen from her perch upon the walls, the figure she sought was slumped against a tree, looking pretty irritated indeed. This was an unfamiliar face, this she knew, as she was quite aware of everyone's presence in her city. It was her duty to check out most everyone, or at least it was quite entertaining as to how they reacted. Toying with them as she would a mouse or an insignificant person. And they almost never realized it until it was too late.

The feline paused suddenly as a foot landed mere inches from her. A low hiss rumbled through her form, and a yelp was given in return as the offending woman spotted her. Magna smirked cheerfully, though she did waver in her path in order to take the one less traveled by. No matter what her confidence level was, she wasn't stupid. And having your tail stepped on was a very unpleasant experience. Pushing aside such harrowing thoughts, Roma quickly slunk towards the tree. She came to a sleek stop, motion never stopping as she shifted into a sitting position and sliding her tail over her front paws. With a slightly tilted head, Magna's eyes fixated upon the female's form with an intense gaze.

Ava's eyes didn't flitter away from her boots for some moments as she attempted to imagine money into reality. After some time, the slight breeze created from the bustle of people around her made her look up at her surroundings. At first glance all she saw was the continuing hoards of people bustling towards their ends, shopkeepers and revellers alike but then as she made to rest her head back on her legs she noticed an admirer. An eyebrow raising slightly Ava held a hand out to the unusual feline. It's eyes were inlike anything she'd seen before, almost turquoise in colour. "You're not a normal cat are you?" Ava asked the new companion as she stroked it's soft fur. "It's ok. I'm not normal either." she added, with a slightly sinister smile that showed her unusually long canines.

Magna barely deigned to sniff at the outstretched digits before her. She grew wary as any normal cat should, and tilted her head backwards as the woman attempted to touch her. At her question, Magna tilted her head to the side and blinked once, obviously confused. "Meow?" The vocal slipped past her lips, but as soon as she felt those fingers on her fur, she got up and turned right around. Blood reeked from this female, something was not quite right with her. While Roma wasn't entirely against this individual, she did not like her presence in this city. She tilted her head back to gaze at the woman, and her tail tip twitched lightly as she faced forward once more, keen on enjoying the food of the night.

Ava sat back against the tree as the cat turned back around, toying with the idea of following it. Cats had little meat on them and her curse was currently satiated so she had no reason to hurt the small animal, not that she would have done unless desperate anyway but it was something that she had been faced with once before already. Deciding that she had nothing else to do with herself beside sitting and mourning her empty stomach Ava pulled herself to her feet and walked after the small feline. She couldn't place why but for some reason it felt strangely as though she was supposed to have followed. Then again she had just spoke to a cat, perhaps she was just hungrier than she realised.

Magna's ear twitched and swiveled slighty to display the slightest hint of annoyance at the prospect of this woman following her again. Her instincts set her on edge, warning her against this stranger, but she knew that they were only base animal ticks, so she remained steadily walking, her ears trained on the almost silent footsteps behind her. While she didn't make that much noise, other than her rumbling stomach, Roma could tell where she was by the faint scents that followed the stranger. Her tail shifted and she tilted her body in order to turn down a new path. She was walking backwards to the stands that held the rich aromas of bread and treats and meat. Almost jokingly Roma considered herself the guardian of the upper part of the city, near the castle. She kept her eyes and ears open for whatever she could in order to protect herself and the few that were relatively close to her. She constantly sent in anonymous tips to the guards around the city when things were going awry, but even with her edginess towards the stranger, she knew how bad an empty stomach was.

After padding for quite some time, the cat came to a momentary halt in order to build power in her back legs and propel herself up onto a wooden stand. The merchant behind seemed only slightly surprised, and in a welcome sort of way. "Ah, it's the little kitty that's stalks about. How ya' doing puss? Hungry?" Magna looked up at the man and purred, parting her jaws slightly and running her tail over the smooth wood. "Alright, alright. Here you go, but this is all you get." His hands moved about behind his trade, soon producing a few chunks of meat for the feline. It was only once Roma was gulping down the meat that he realised someone else was there. He wiped his hands on a cloth before engaging the stranger. "My, haven't seen you around these parts. What are you here for?"

It occured to Ava how mad she must be as she walked. She was following a cat she encountered randomly in a city that was likely filled with strays and pets as though this cat was going to turn into some sort of feline divine ready to grant her money, food or work. Hells, odds were she would soon be at a strangers doorstep stomach growling and looked more like a beggar than an assassin. Maybe begging was a feasible option at this point. Shaking her head at the thought Ava continued on her pointless journey, at least there might be a hayloft she could sleep in for the night. Her feline companion continued to lead her never seeming to take routes that Ava would have struggled with which although seemed odd she was thankful for, at least thinking about her own madness took her mind from her hunger.

This momentary distraction was shortlived as the smell of succulent food once again filled her senses. "Urgh, cat's are sadists." she whispered to herself as she began to consider walking back to the tree before suddenly the cat was sat atop a stand. Oh great, a butchers. Thanks cat. she thought sarcastically to herself, making an attempt to leave before she was spotted. Shit! What do I say? Oh hi... I followed this cat here for no reason, could I possibly have some free meat? Yeah, that won't make you sound like a whore or anything. Damnit Ava! You can sneak past guards and talk your way around diplomats you can handle a little shopkeeper! she barated herself. "H...Hello," she began slightly shakily. "I umm, came from a city up northways... I'm an adventurer." She attempted, trying to think of a story quickly, telling people of her profession tended to be a bit of a conversation killer. "Could you happen to spare something in return for a guard or anything could you? Or maybe I can hunt something for you? Please sir, I'm so hungry." There was a definite look of pleading in her eyes, usually Ava would hate to think of herself as anything but a noble assassin of great stoic brilliance but it was more often than not that she was doing something that could be taken as the total opposite.

As this woman made sad work of conversation, Magna turned her head to stare at her steadily, and the shopowner watched amusedly at this young lady's attempts to explain her situation. "Ah, speak no more. A friend of the puss can be a friend of mine, I suppose. I can't spare much, but here." He produced a thin slab of meat which was uncooked, but he grinned benignly as he handed it over to her. "Make sure she doesn't get into any trouble, now." It was unknown whether the man talked to the woman before him, or the feline perched upon his stand. He soon scratched the cat's ears, making no apologies for the uncooked portion of his offering, as it was nice enough to even give that much. Besides, the lady looked resourceful enough. "Now get on your way, if you're an adventurer, you'll surely want to hurry up to the castle to get a good spot to see the coronation."

Ava could barely contain her hapiness at the gift. "Thank you sir!" she nodded thankfully. "I swear I'll repay you as soon as I can, you have my word!" It was true, lying came naturally to her when she was playing the part but this time she was telling the truth. She turned to leave towards the castle stopping for an extra moment wondering whether the cat would follow but she eventually decided that even if it did she couldn't exactly call out it's name and expect it to suddenly have bonded to her. In the end she decided to just see what happens, so far that had worked out for her in the capital and who knew? Maybe her luck would hold out.

Magna blinked lazily, watching the girl's appreciation with little interest. She simply rose to her feet and stretched, leaping down to the ground once more before licking a paw daintily. She didn't even give the woman a last glance as she slipped back into the crowds, swiftly making her way up to the castle in order to prepare for today's events.


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Ava Ambershard

Having managed to finally quench her stomach pains Ava walked much happier and with not a moment to lose, her equipment had begun to become heavy. As she walked through the streets, she was reminded of the revelry’s of the day’s celebration and had decided to turn up towards the castle.

Ava’s nimble fingers and the castle’s uneven surface made for easy climbing and it wasn’t long before Ava found herself opening one of the high windows that were scattered across the castles walls. Checking each way before entering Ava pulled herself out onto the wooden walkway, she was high above the coronation but it seemed that the main focus of guards were several floors below her and she shouldn’t meet with much of a retaliation. Her boots made little noise as she walked over towards the railing to watch the ceremony far below.

She smiled slightly as the Prince spoke his oath, she had changed several political outcomes in her short career but they had all been aimed at removing problematic higher-ups. It seemed almost poetic that she should be here looming over the prince, as it was an almost guarantee that the next non-guild assassin in his presence would likely be his last.

“If any are present with claim to the throne of Calisma, and do so which to challenge sovereignty do so now or be forever sworn to peace.”

Ava rested her head in her hand as the bearded man asked but her smile was quickly wiped from her face as a new aura entered the room, it made her feel sick to her stomach and she instantly recognised the presence. “Demons!” She groaned to herself. This wasn’t good demons rarely brought anything good with them and evidently Rydas had made a powerful enemy. The sickening feeling only intensified as the flash of blood enveloped the still prince, the princess and the stupidly brave guild member.

Ava knew she had to get out of here quickly, her two sets of clothes were both obviously that of an assassin and when an assassination attempt goes sour with no one to blame the eyes would quickly turn her way, she had to move quickly and pick up a disguise.

She half ran half jumped down the stairs the sickening in her stomach putting her off from her training and her footsteps much less quiet than usual and almost as soon as she reached the bottom of the spiral staircase she was greeted with a rank of pikes. ”Halt!” one of the pikes wielders spoke. ”In the name of prince Rydas you are under arrest.

Ava could only grimace as she raised her hands above her head in surrender, there was going to be no point in trying to talk her way out of this so it was better to wait until they locked her in a cell and plan her escape from there. She was turned briskly the pikes still trained on her as they placed the shackles around her wrists and a bag over her head. The bag seemed unnecessary but who was she to complain and before she could even give a shunt of protest she was being led up towards an unknown room.

After what seemed like an age Ava was forcibly pushed down onto her knees and the bag ripped off however it wasn’t the cell she was expecting by any means, books lined each of the elaborately decorated walls and it was obvious this was one of the royal libraries. Glancing off to one side Ava could see she wasn’t the only person in the room either, another had been seemingly brought in as forcibly as she and was currently on his knees beside her. Glancing the other way Ava could see a muddle group of adventurers, aristocrats and guards whom had joined the congregation and then Ava’s eyes found the final occupant of the room, the prince himself. This could possibly be bad. Very bad. Breathing slowly Ava sank lower; although her demonic curse was only noticeable to those trained, she could feel the overbearing presence of a paladin in the room so it was possible that she could be blamed for the earlier events by misunderstanding.