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I never asked for this

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by Romaneck


Full Name: Azevrec, previously to his conversion he was Tom Chalk
Nickname: Aze
Gender: male
Age: 32
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: about 5 feet and 3 or so inches
Race: Human
Class Cleric

Blessed: Like all those who work for the holyness of Deud, Azevrec is immune to poisons and diseases, he can extend this blessing on others if they should fall ill
Dumb luck: It is something that cant be properly tracked, but it would seem that Azevrec has been at the wrong places at the wrong times and still been able to make it out, is his god watching out for him
Charm: able to cool down seething murdering rage into just seething rage, Azevrec always had a way with words it seems


Stressed: So many things are happening so fast and he cant keep track of it all, he rarely can keep focus on anything and will bulge to pressure
Civilian: All he knows about fighting is that he must look for the nearest exit when it happens


Badge of Lead: a badge that was given to him and marks him as the leading figure in Deud´s church

Personal Quote: I never asked for this

ImageA middle aged man that would be attractive if he could put some time into his self care and effort in how to sharpen his features. Azevrec is in no way an intimidating individual, he soothes conflicts by simply looking and his expressive face can cause laughs with his weird and unique range of faces, like the others in the clergy of Deud he has long hair and a beard that might be getting just a bit too long

He has a sun soaked skin after more than a decade working under the sun back at his farm and a skin that has been tested by all of the dangers that a city such as Paetax could throw at him, his hair is often a dry mess that tangless between his eyes and could make with some proper care.

Insecure and full of doubt, Azevrec fears he never really grew out of Akdov`s shadow and constantly tortures himself wondering what the priest would have done in his stead and if Deud approves
He is a chicken, if threatened he will run to the hills first chance he gets yet despite this he can make sharp tongued comments and really has trouble grasping the concept of shame.
Yet all in all he is a firm believer than every stranger is a friend he just has not got to meet, he is puzzled as to why people have so much separating them from each other and cant become friends or be easy going as he is, he will always try to work out agreements between those who would clash with each other, some call this a weakness but to others this is exactly why he is fit to be the base of the new church


The middle child of a family of 9 children (thus the 5th) Tom Chalk never believed destiny had anything in store for him, his father was a pig farmer, as his father before him, as his father before him and as his father before him and so on for all of their recorded history, their insignificant lot of land was not affected by the sortilege wars, nobody cared about their existence and they in turn did not care to know about the world.
What was it then that drove him out of the Chalk farm to go into the capital of all things? well he was fed up, being the middle child he was not looked upon for nothing, he wasn't the leading first born or the spoiled latest baby from mom, he was the insignificant stain amongst the insignificant farm of pig farmers... there had to be more than life than this .Regrettably there was, Tom Chalk walked to Paetax and soon found himself to be completely useless and devoid of any talent, he tried his best to make some coin running errands and just trying to get by somehow... this last one as what led him to a weird priest who claimed to have a belief revolving around partying, since Tom Chalk had to chose between enduring the vexing rituals and behaviors of the priest or starving he chose the first.

This led to him learning to read, embracing a new name and involving himself in rites and procedures he never really kept a good track of, so the day came when Akdov ventured forth to save the king of Calisma or slay a dragon or something, Azevrec was not really putting much attention, but he left him in charge of the whole flock of believers, the old man had always rambled about weird quests and rift walkers and the such so he expected him to return... when the news that he had died while successfully retrieving a relic known as the panacea and leaving him entitled to a large reward and the responsibility of establishing a new church worthy of Deud... Azevrec almost had a mental breakdown. But now he rises uncertain about what path to take or if his faith is true or just a convenience that got him through rough days, he is troubled due to the civil unrest in Paetax, every day the atmosphere for a riot is just ripe and the new King does not seem to be the owner of the people or the noble´s affection... if he could only make them see, than when they bleed they bleed the same, then perhaps he will be the high priest the city needs

Anything Else:

All that he can say is that none of what is coming is his fault

So begins...

Azevrec's Story


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“Now accept Deud as the supreme and One deity my child” Said the priest as he pushed the cup against the woman`s lips, she was crying and Akdov could only hope it was of joy, for he now knew that the pain was gone, kind as he and his religion were today was not the time to be gentle she had to drink the whole pint in one sip or the ritual would not please Deud and no healing would be done, but she did not waver she swallowed it whole and even coughed when she was finally done.
The crowd around them murmured a little while being awestruck by the little show that was going on

What’s next will leave them baffled

He stood up grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her to his gaze and then left her standing there, the whispers and talk began to increase and Akdov grinned “Look at the power of Deud simple folk, this woman had a broken leg yesterday and now she walks proudly thanks to the blessings of the lord!” the people looked at each other in astonishment, he turned to the woman and said in a tone in which only they could listen “Go child, go with the blessing of the one whom you have pleased with your devotion and joy and fear not for its loving gaze is set upon you keep pouring drinks to the thirsty in the Hurried Hag and Deud will be satisfied by your actions” she smiled and nodded as she ran away, she had not been able to run in weeks.
The crowd moved aside as he walked along and his acolyte was quick to join him “Most impressive priest” the young lad said, he was one of the few other members of the clergy of Deud in this heathen city of old “Do remember acolyte, that Deud will only care for those that bring joy to the great hall, that woman despite being of a foreign god had a lifestyle that pleased the lord and as such her body has mended, we are not miracle workers by any stretch we simply look over the flock and are blessed to mend their pains”

They arrived to their “church” a building half collapsed outside the city walls, it had been a farm before but lighting struck it and the family had been consumed in a fire, since none wanted to claim a cursed ground Akdov had been quick to move in and gear it to be a worthy place in which Deud might look and smile.

There were the few faithful and devout, they still did not number a hundred much to his dismay but the believers increased slowly but surely he went to the altar and gathered their attention “Believers!” he shouted and drew their looks “It is not the title a man holds or the one who sired him that Deud looks upon when it shares the blessings of joy” they looked uneasy, he had never addressed them like this before and change meant trouble “The noble king Errion is in need as you might know, yet cultists and priests of lesser gods have tried their methods and failed and now Deud looks to his priest on Paetax to deliver the solution to a man that keeps the peace that the lord cherishes so” he waved to his acolyte to get closer and tried to reassure the lad, he had a look on his face that made it clear that he would rather be anywhere but there his suspicion were correct, without Akdov to lead the Church he would have to begrudgingly step up as the priest of that sect “I present you to Azevrec he will lead the party in my absence and I ask you to support him in my stead for the path of Deud while merry is never easy”

Azevrec had drowned him with questions and doubts, the lad was regrettably not ready but few are when the time required them to step up, Akdov had told him to refer to the tome of truth for guidance and remember the trials and rituals of Deud to lead the guests of the lord`s party.
He finally arrived to the Black Vagabound and the barkeep recognized him “Vinny” he said as the man recognized him “Priest? We are not in serving hours I’m afraid” Akdov shook his head “Tis true I come here for a good drink but I`ve come here to assist the king as well” the barkeep, Vinny, laughed out loud “You assaulting the brewery to serve the king?” it was a shame that despite his work Deud was still not taken seriously “Aren’t you a funny one, get me a drink damn you!” the barkeep did as he was told and began combining a brew for the priest, he had apparently memorized his favorite.
He found that his favorite seat was occupied by a woman, if her hair was shorter, the armor heavier and a beard to cast no doubt one would easily mistake her for a pretty and attractive man, but a man nevertheless
Near the counter, a man that could have been mistaken for a shaggy dog if not for the size and the fact that he did not walked on all fours also could be found at the counter, they looked like a merry lot he sat between them in the counter “Don’t mind me” he looked around and was amused by the company
First he noticed the woman with the lute, he could swear he had seen her before maybe even last night; she was a newcomer to the bars of Paetax but won the patrons with her songs
There was the slim girl who seemed to be ignoring everything around her, she looked like a religious one and could be well in a deep prayer to her unworthy god, he would make an effort to show her the errors of those paths, starting by the fact that she was drinking water “Vinny, fetch that woman something to drink and put it on my tab”
He saw then a young woman who had yet to take a good bite out of life, she did not seemed to pay much mind to her mage seal, well after all concealing that was against the law, or was that only on Queran?
Then there were the remarkably unremarkable 3 lots that made Akdov clutch his coin purse to check if it was still there of it weighted the same, they looked like rogues or thieves in their shadowy figures and capacity to blend in made him uneasy, it was hard enough for a priest to get coin and to have these wicked fellows prey on honest men was something that he was not looking forward to traveling with.
Finally a man garbed so well that all he needed was a perfume and powered cheeks and maybe a pair of men behind him agreeing to everything he said in order to complete the set of rich and spoiled, this must be the one that promise all that gold, Akdov caught the cup that slid from the other corner of the counter and drank it in just one sip.

Let’s see what you’ve got


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"Allright now try standing" this was the fifth time in the day that someone had come to see him, word had spread fast that there was more weight to the words of this eerie church that was suspected at first, Azevrec could not blame them really, when he first met the priest Akdov he would have never believed a word of it, he believed the man believed in what he said but when the things that could not happen began to happen, that was when Tom Chalk fully embraced his beliefs and became Azevrec "Does it hurt?.

And now Azevrec had to deal with the tasks that some others would frown upon, he was one of those priests that was quickly gaining the approval and affection of the low people, he did his best to heal the wounded, tend to the sick and nourish the hungry, but in all honestly the people he aided were bright like a sack of bricks, Azevrec unlike other priests had yet to do anything flashy, he could not shine like the moon or make water into wine orm ake the blind see, all he did was bandage the wounds, make some splinters, clean the infection, put salt into the soup and prepare medical tea... but the people already spoke in whispers and behind his back that he could do all sorts of things, everything he did took a wild spin when he wasn’t looking "How did you do this to yourself anyway?"

There had been this time he simply poured more water and potatoes into a soup to feed the hungry and the next morning people were speaking about how he had somehow managed to grow potatoes to feed an entire street and that he had the ability to instantly fill a pot with food, it was troubling him how his message of peace and reconciliation was getting forgotten in the wake of the needs of the lowlife of the city, some of which was rarely ever pleasant and educated folks "Was chasing a puss across dem roofs sir, not the helpful kind"

"That’s good, try walking now dear" Aze held the girls hand as he saw how she limped forward cane in hand, he was on his way to meet the prince and the ones who had been with his mentor, Akdov, in his final hours, but then a girl had fallen from a roof and they had gone to the nearest miracle maker "Id wadger I can get goin´" she said as she placed the weight of her left leg on the cane, Aze patted her head and gave her one last advice "Very well girl be careful now and try not to find pets in the rooftops all right?" she spat back an answer so fast that it made clear that it was what she had in mind "Actually sir, was catching meself some dinner"


He arrived late, thus he feared, starting his relationship with the royalty with the proverbial left foot.

It could be worse, at least he was stepping up into the stairs with the left foot, he could be stepping into a pit with bloodied spikes that had flesh eating scarabs nested on its depths, o how well he knew that kind of opening

Either things were taking a turn for the worse or he was not the only one late, he recognized a member of the third, it was strange to see one of them like this, Aze guessed it was rare for their members to meet royalty and that they had to make some kind of impression, the priest had his experiences with the third, they were like guards, a good one would make life easier and a bad one would make it short or painful, or both... the man did not seemed familiar to him, but then again that was how most of them worked, they either were fully devoted to their organization or if they feared for their friends and family wore elaborated masks when under duty, this one had to be a crucial member, if he was going to be the face which would identify the third with the royalty then the weight that his organization placed upon him could be similar to the one he felt, he always wanted to make the world a better place, he just wasn’t sure that being the top dog of a church on one of the world´s most important cities was the thing he had been born to do.

"Good evening"
he realized that the man was standing aside allowing others to go through "Glad to see the thirds can be civil enough to work it out with representatives instead of steel" the prince was there as well, with something else in his mind as he did not seem to be noticing his surroundings "Hail, Rydas Errion your majesty and soon to be king, the church of Deud is steadfast in its support to our ruler and defends and acknowledges your sovereign" he cut short there, in the speech he had read there was more words but he suddenly had forgotten them, it would be best if he didn’t began to speak of nonsense, he bowed and continued "I am Azevrec, the highest ranking clergy member of the church of Deud and I have come to extend the support of our people in what form in might be presented or delivered your majesty"

It was good enough, he had not stumbled, shambled, shaken, tripped or any other ill fortune that might stain his first impression "If I might be so bold, I was told that some others from the endeavor to retrieve the fable Panacea are here to offer their support as well?" he could barely contain the excitement "I would look forward to talking to them if it was possible your majesty, I have so much unreliable fables and tales that speak about how you met a dancing crocodile or how one of you wrestled a giant firespitting ferret, frankly I believe most of those are utter nonsense and it would be great to find out the truth about it all"


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Auris Tel'avi

There he sat, circled by frolicking patrons and crowned heads. Confusion was but one of the many cogs which designed bewildered expression, Auris discernibly perplexed by guests which stood neither beggars, nor kings. "We note: during spare time, inquire as to what scope such odd individuals present at court." - per usual habits, the Inquisitor adopted proper stance nearby the entrance, arms folded across tabard whilst invitees took to castle corridors. Eyes sketched each figure, no matter size, no matter shape, details docked in the depths of own thoughts, all of significance to further tasks. "Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock." he mumbled, annoyed by those which still lingered nearby, an imagined impediment which sat between himself and aforementioned goal. Yet, patience is key. Rotating briefly as to offer hind to curios sight, hands clutched at his sash, fingers removing journal from place ahead of searching amidst disparate notes.

Page 288 produced sought after record; mere 7 words, scribbled in black ink: "Ruler. Calisma. Journey. Tommyknockers. Results. Jury. Ceremony." - in honesty, a preposterous lack of detail posed itself as hindrance, yet such issues had grown a custom, means to surmount it long found. Gingerly lacing logs at belt, body now turned to face doors when intentions stood abruptly halted by a foreign voice. A priest spoke, conviction palpable in words. Head angled to side, gaze caved atop the petite frame which obstructed his movement. Reply first lacked, though neither was it asked for. If judged by own concern, Auris had little beyond grunts and smirks to offer, more so to one absent of manners. Notwithstanding, body stilled and ears perked, attention given (if ever so shortly):

"Good evening. Glad to see the thirds can be civil enough to work it out with representatives instead of steel" -

"We lack understanding of your affirmation. Our metal is not meant for those of your kin, yet it shall not stand far from your heart be it required. Such a tiny man, with such curly hair; perhaps a woman, and we are mista'.." - yet before query saw end, Azevrec had turned to greet proud Rydas.

Impassively reverting to prior mission, legs set forth when yet another deemed fit to interrupt. Golden locks lined porcelain face whilst feet waltzed with not but a care, petite frame planting herself before his towering body, denying both passage and escape. Presented in quaint vesture, she gave away the image of mediocre insanity; by chance a whim of irony to be paired with he which lacked knowledge of women. Withal, notice paled in seconds when gap parted both and own being lay besieged by her aura. A magic wielder; a capable one at that. Reflex drew steel inch by inch from nest, adrenaline intently grasping hold of motions. Ah, such chaos boiled in her bosom, such latent strength still to be tamed. Mayhap sword would have taken to neck if not for what was to follow: spring.

Joy. Light bathed the body whilst winds took carries past seas, the scent of tulips tingling nostrils ever so gently. What bliss, what delight, to be ever-present in the midst of the most wonderful of seasons. For a second had he forgotten of duties and posture, lips parted, eyes wide, figure mazed by unprecedented gift. What burning lust caged tongue from voicing gratitude for she which bestowed the most precious of pleasures upon him. Alas, ecstasy withered, countered by the very magics which had slain the witch, Victoria. In an instant had his hand rested on her chest, hushed chant to shatter charm and silence voices within, quarter void of magics for Cord and others alike. Firm expression draped as mask, veiling shock at lack of guard, only to calm and have soft murmur break shackles of wizardry once more. Grasp clutching garments, Auris drew her inches from self:

"Insolence. How dare you, shaman, bewitch us? We would shove sword down throat this very moment be it not for the amount of explanations we would have to offer." - harsh were words, yet voice torpid.

'Twas as if fist prayed to crack skull but mind gave no tell, a constant struggle between ardour and apathy. What an odd individual he was. No bidding came after, no quarrel to be had, hand parted from garb to rest at side. Ignorance given to dinner invitation, he sat unmoved, eyes tending to the one before him. Heart still boomed, blood still rushed, even so, reason lacked for given presence. What was it he wished from her? Another eluding trip to realms unreal? Such occurrences were not be to repeated, nor be taken lightly. Nevertheless, there he was, arms once more folded across tabard, lips pursed, idly awaiting.


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Green eyes, in stark contrast to golden-hued skin, were closed briefly. Calloused fingers held against pressure points in attempt to release some of the tension that was forming within his skull. There was time to kill before the events of the night began, but he was torn; he longed to catch up with the familiar faces of his adventurer crew, but his body begged for sleep. No good had come from sleep as of late, but even to close his eyes and lay down would suffice for a nap.

"Hail, Rydas Errion your majesty and soon to be king, the church of Deud is steadfast in its support to our ruler and defends and acknowledges your sovereign"

The words were spoken at his back. A latecomer, or two, had arrived without his notice; testament to just how weary the Prince was in the changing times. The formal words, title and full names were unexpected, and the name of a newer deity caught him off guard even more. The imposing noble turned, stiff, nodding. A tinge of pain flashed through him in remembrance of his fallen friend, nostalgic momentarily at name of Deud. He had heard rumours of the clergy setting up shop within Paetax, but he hadn’t expected officials to make is acquaintance. The man, Azevrec, spouted off his rankings—so much for one so young.

Rydas squared his shoulders. It was his best impression of regality, though he was a soldier through and through. His head nodded, curtly, in greeting. He spoke, aptly leaving out title as he wasn’t sure which would apply to the case of a head of church.

“It is good to meet you, Azevrec. I thank you for your support. Our people need spiritual guidance in such controversial times…” His voice trailed off, intent to listen to the man shift directions. Tones took on excitement, with as much nonsense and fiction as fact spouting from lips. These were topics he didn’t wish to relive, but he’d humour the man for good will.

”You hear truth in Panacea.” He said, formally. Hands strayed to the amulet around his neck. It was as much a savior as it was a curse. ”The adventure party will be attending a feast in their honour, the doings of my sister. If you would be so kind as to attend, I’m sure you can hear first hand accounts.” Yes, that would do. He had sidestepped nicely. Thoughts returned to bed.

¨"You honor me your highness"
Azevrec had the impression that he was getting on the prince´s good grace but it seemed that something was troubling him, he could not hide the fact that he had been deprived of sleep "You will grace us with you presence on this feast I would assume?" He really wanted to ask about what had his superior´s demise had been like... he had some evasive answers from a certain yellow clad monk
If words were covers for other thoughts within the clergyman, Rydas showed know sign of knowledge. Words, instead, were taken at face value. He nodded in agreement, offering answer even before response.

“I will be in attendance, yes. I fear what Sena would do to me if I were to miss it.” It was attempt at lighthearted conversation, though his tone was far too serious in his present state. “There are a few hours until the feast. Please, if you don’t have accommodations, allow a guest to show you to quarters and feel free to explore. Should you need anything, any of my staff would be happy to help you. Please, excuse me until then.”

He offered a short bow, something unnecessary in his high ranking but a curtsey none the less. Rydas took long strides towards his chambers.

"Of course your highness I have taken too much of your time already " Azevrec felt more confident in himself and the future of the organization he would be leading, the prince was gentle, understanding and patient. He had displayed respect by inviting him at his house and wisdom at hearing his words... Akdov had told him that the mortality rate of those who dared to preach to royalty was daunting... there had been many martyrs in their order.

Then there was the sister... or the mother or saint, he was ambivalent toward the woman... sure she had managed to guide the people after the disaster that had been the King´s demise, but the zeal of those that worshiped her had ended in blood with some of his more fanatical followers as well.

Was she a victim of that position like he was? He had not asked to become the core of the church of Deud, he was a follower not a leader... why had he been pinned in this position? had Deud moved the circumstances because he was testing the man? would he be able to do as was expected in him ?

Is Senalae an enemy? Has she taken the position and life of a so called living saint to keep the nation from crumbling? Could a man like me and a woman like...

Azevrec caught himself thinking things that he really should not be, finally he arrived to the dinning table, a magnificent variety of dishes were available there, most strange was that he was the first there to arrive, mayhap was because they had donned honorary clothes to be fit to be the company of a king, he was tempted to take some of it... but they would have to wait for the prince, it was only proper... and he could call for a blessing


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#, as written by conor
The corridors seemed to go on forever as Feylon silently moved down them getting closer and closer to the hall in which the banquet was taking place. More nervous than he usually would be. He came out of respect for the king, but primarily because he needed a new job, and Rydas was the one he was offering his services too. He stopped in the middle of a brightly lit corridor and took a deep breath. Servants and maids could be heard not to far away scurrying about. Finally regaining his composure he pressed on down the corridor, finally breaking out into the hall wherein the feast was to take place.

He took his seat quietly and looked around. Familiar faces greeted him as he analyzed the guests at the tables. a few faces he did not recognised he guessed must be nobility, one of the many families either kissing royalties arse or scheming to be the next royals. Either way nobility were among his least favorite of the social classes narrowly being beaten by members of the clergy. The table was lavishly decorated from head to toe in all manners of finery and utensils. The meal ahead he was sure was going to be one of the best he would ever lay eyes on, and indeed ever consume. He would savor it that's for sure.

Finally the Princess began to speak. Thanking them for their service to the crown. Feylon saw it more as a contract of pay rather than a service to the crown. At least that's what he wanted himself to think. He enjoyed working for the king in the past, and as much as he hated to admit it he was saddened that he was now gone. Would Rydas live up to expectations now that his father had set the bar. When the Princess had finished talking it was the turn of Rydas. Who seemed unenthusiastic about the whole event but then Feylon would too, entertaining people was never his strong point, even if that was not the reason for the Princes lack of enthusiasm.

When the Prince asked them to stay after the meal he was pleasantly intrigued, a new way to make money perhaps? It had been a while since he blew most of his money from the previous journey purchasing half of the whore house in the seedier district of Paetax. At least he got free servicing from now on. However his enthusiasm was cut short when the new priest was announced. "Yay, nothing beats talking to your delusions before a nice meal" he muttered to himself. He sat staring at the opposite wall waiting for the prayers to be over.


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More and more guests flowed in having returned from the quarters by that had been provided by the prince ´s servants and guessed right that among them there would be those who would have been with his tutor on his final moments

"You are much to kind your magnificence" Azevrec told with a bow and continued

"Please merry hall lord
Heed your herald
Protect the princes prosperity
Save us from sin
Watch over our worries
Keep our king calm and safe
So that your peace and kindness
Might once be done and at last
We be worthy of your presence
And savour salvation"

There were some glances thrown his way, some indifferent, others full of contempt and some had completely ignored him and were adressing the prince... a noble seemed like "If-" he shaked a little and his voice cracked, he might be overstepping his King to be hospitality... but the reward was too great to pass up "If I might be so bold your majesty" Azevrec was not sure if his voice succesfully delivered how uncertain he felt "As my superior agreed the construction of our church is well and going, it is a shame that neither of our tutors lived to see it but I would request your highness and those who wish to come and grace us with your presence I am certain that the late Akdov would have liked nothing more than that" he held back his question of wishing to know what his final hours had been like... mostly because he was afraid of what he would hear.

When he had been Tom Chalk, there had been death and plenty on the streets of Paetax, he had known that death rarely came with dignity or caution, he didnt want to hear that Akdov had been poisoned or that he had tripped over a pit or that he had triggered a trap and his remains now covered some far off spikes on a gruesome mechanism of doom "I see many of our most influential nobles are here as well" this was perhaps a one in a million chance he had to do his best "Heed me please, I beg of you the strains of our loss are felt clearly there has been a reduction in the flow of gold and people ever since our grace abandoned us, I dont know how well informed you are but believe when I say the situation is dire and that if left unchecked might blow out of proportion"

He took a seat quaking and was quick to grab an drink which to raise his spirits, maybe he would not make an embarrassment of himself if he could keep his witt about him


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#, as written by Celedia
Though Siobhán went back to her room after weaving her way through every nook and cranny of the castle, it wasn’t to redress or prepare for dinner. Her black gown would suffice for the duration of the meal so the object she returned to her quarters to reclaim was actually a velvet bag containing a small journal. Tying the cord of the pouch around her belt, she set off once more to milk what little time remained of her freedom.

Since the inside was thoroughly explored, the young cleric set on a path that carried her outside. Elaborately landscaped gardens, twisting paths crafted from satiny smooth cobblestones, it was everything she had imagined and more until she turned a corner whilst her jaw dropped in awe.

Far from hidden but not something that one would come across easily, there was a section of the Palace grounds carved out specifically to house a menagerie of animals- a zoo. Elaborate habitats were constructed for each species, replicating their natural environment and Siobhán’s mouth remained in the form of a soft ‘o’ as she wandered, her forest green gaze dancing with delight.

In the harsh and frigid climate of her homeland, she had rarely seen such creatures. Bold and beautiful, with colors varying to shades she had never witnessed outside of human-crafted dyes. An avian creature strutted around a small pond featuring feathers that spanned the vast array of hues in a sunset. Splashing its way into the water close by was a petite smooth-skinned animal the color of cobalt with long ears pressed flat against its neck.

For the longest time, the cleric stood there, captivated by the scene playing out in front of her and only when the sun began to dip lower upon the horizon did she gasp in dismay.

I’m late!

Gathering her long, flowing skirts in one hand and clasping her journal-laden pouch to her hip with the other, she took off at a dead run and made it to the dining hall just as one of the other Priests was finishing a prayer. While all eyes were upon Azevrec, she ventured to an empty seat which just happened to be near him.


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#, as written by Skwidge
Talsin Inicka

Click click… click. Click click… click. The sound of Tal’s boot heel spread across the rather void halls as he walked, his back straight and one hand behind his back. ’Step step, hop. Step step, hop.’ He mused to himself as he acted out his odd little shuffle. A soft tune wavered behind Tal’s closed lips, pausing only when he breathed. His footfalls matched the song which he hummed, and every so often the notes would drop as he brought up his left hand, opening his mouth and then biting down on the soft flesh of some sort of fruit.

The male twin smiled cheerfully to no one save himself, and then licked at the corners of his lips where juice threatened to dribble down. His movements could be seen as clockwork- fairly precise and very continual. ’Step step, hop…. Step step, hop.’ Click click… click. Click click… click.

After having attempted to chase after that Acacia girl, Tal figured he had seen enough of the castle for one day. He had also decided it to be best not to get lost and then make a scene and cause trouble for the hidden workers of the castle. So he had wandered off and found some sort of sustenance. Click click… click-k. Tal’s ear twitched, and he abruptly stopped, retaining his content grin as his sister suddenly appeared at his side. He broke his stance to perform a small little wave to her before continuing to move.

He blinked, his gaze shifting down towards her outstretched hand. He rubbed his chin for a few seconds before shrugging. ”Don’t know,” He leaned against the wall with a mellow facial expression before taking another bite of his mystery fruit. Continuing on to elaborate more on his sister’s written question, Tal’s voice worked its way around the small pieces of fruit within his mouth, ”It appears to be a hybrid of peach and plum, but I don’t rightfully know what it’s called.” His walking- and humming- resumed and Ira followed behind. Click click… click. Click click… cli- ”Hey Ira, do you remember that little marionette doll. You know- the one from the small town… uh, Tempera I believe it was?” -ck. Click click… click. Ira’s eyes shifted over to her brother’s form, and took the extra step-breaking the merged sound of their footsteps- and her step settled seemingly perfect with his.

She neatly deposited a little puppet string into his free palm before falling back in step with him, although this time at his side. Tal smiled, tilting his head and peering down at the object. ”So you’ve still kept it, huh? That’s nice to know. Sometimes I wonder how deep those pockets of yours are… but then I remember I don’t ever want to find out. It would ruin the fun and excitement!” He let out a short laugh before humming once more.

He finished his fruit and then deposited the pit onto a small table nearby and then gazed up at the grand ceilings. He opened his lips and words came forth from his hummed song, “But alas, her string- began to fray; Alas, the little puppet girl knew not- for if that knot unraveled that day; The little puppet girl would never get to play… again.” The tune he carried on humming until they ran into a pair of servants who had been sent out to find and corral the adventurers to dine. They led the two to the dining room, and Tal entered cheerfully, his eyes scanning over many of the already-seated guests. However, there were some new faces as well- nobles, as he soon discovered from the idle chatter going about the table.

The male twin simply strode to an empty seat, his facials brightening as he realized it was next to the One-Who-Keeps-Avoiding-Me, and fell lightly into it. ”So, what do you think of the castle so far?” He blinked, his focus directed solely on her with a small smile. However, it faltered a bit when she failed to answer him. ”Acacia?” He waved three fingers in front of her face, trying to grasp her attention.

”Oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” Tal let out a soft cough, squinting one eye before restating his question. After a few more moments she answered him, only to receive another subtle cough. ”Very… big and… nice words.” He mimicked good-naturedly, a cheerful smile on his face to show no hard feelings were meant in his jape. He opened his mouth to say something else, but was instead interrupted by a sharp jab in the ribs- the result of his sister sitting next to him, and the Prince began to speak. So they’d have to listen to some prayer or other. Tal’s lips pursed uneasily, but he remained polite and silent.

After the prayer was finished Tal’s eyes widened as the plethora of food entered the room. The smells were fantastic, and his stomach growled eagerly. He tucked into the food before him, but ate rather modestly for fear of being beaten by Ira afterwards and stuck to a new training schedule. He shuddered at the thought before quickly putting it away. He chewed thoughtfully and laughed often with the conversations floating around him, having almost completely forgotten about the encounter minutes ago with Acacia.

However, as the servants returned to dispose of their dishes, their attention was recalled by Rydas. A look of distaste wove itself onto Tal’s countenance, but he focused nonetheless. His eyes widened as he noted the random objects set before them- all linked by their magical properties. “These items will be sought out by friends and foe alike, and while Paetax’s own treasury is safe, I fear housing all this power in one place is asking for doom. Your task, should you accept it, is to safeguard an item and use it to protect this realm.” Blinking, the male twin leaned back further against his chair, pondering over each one in particular, his only thoughts being that of just what they did. And, since Rydas himself had one, what the consequences were.

Iravey Inicka

Ira stepped from her room, quietly shutting the door behind her- now that her things were unpacked, she wished them to remain anonymous from prying eyes. She would have to find herself a key later on, but for now, she set off on her task of finding the dining room. Unlike her brother, her steps were relatively silent- the result of something practiced for many years. Of course, she was a lot more casual about her mannerisms as she was a guest, and figured that there wouldn’t be many watchful eyes out. Being loud just wasn’t something she could make herself do anymore for fear that it would break her carefully constructed demeanor.

Her eyes quickly landed on that of her brother’s back, and she immediately advanced towards him with her steps shifting in sync with his. She was about a second off, and the ending of her footfall delayed after his, causing her twin to stop, waiting for her. Her eyes travelled up and down his form critically, and a piece of small parchment was in her hand while she scribbled something down as they resumed motion. What are you eating? She held it out for him to read, and he responded with a very vague answer.

”Hey Ira, do you remember that little marionette doll. You know- the one from the small town… uh, Tempera I believe it was?” With a blink, the female twin shifted around in her pockets before producing the small golden string, her leg stiffening to match down with her brother’s step and depositing the item in his hand before shifting back and walking next to him. ”So you’ve still kept it, huh? That’s nice to know. Sometimes I wonder how deep those pockets of yours are… but then I remember I don’t ever want to find out. It would ruin the fun and excitement!” She grinned slightly at him, her eyes shining with the emotion before it was wiped clean from her face. He continued his humming- the song he had created from the days they spent within that town and the small puppet.

Tal stuffed the string into one of his own pockets before continuing down the hall with Ira close at hand. They quickly ran into two servants who immediately led them to the dining hall- a small relief for Ira. As they entered, her eyes scanned over the faces within the room- quite a few had still to arrive, but there were new people as well. Her form stiffened for two seconds before she forced it to relax, but she was on the alert. Nobles- those who rarely should be trusted. She quickly turned and followed Tal to the table, taking the seat to his right as he conversed with the woman from before. Her gaze shifted around the room, taking in the faces and focusing on what was going on around her.

However, after a short prayer, the food was quick to arrive, and she settled back into her chair, waiting for her plate to be set. Once it was, she ate silently, listening in on the conversations going on about her. She constantly found her gaze shifted more towards the nobles, noting how they acted and how they spoke.

Once dinner was over and the servants appeared to take away their dishes, Rydas recalled their attention to himself as he spoke- changing the topic to something apparently more serious. Just what was quickly revealed as the Prince removed a cloth from a table. Twenty items of power- it boded many things, good and bad. Her thoughts immediately went to the nobles- in her opinion, it wasn’t very wise to have them there if they were rather influential. They were called the twenty items of power for a reason. Her eyes focused on the Prince’s face, rather docile towards what he wanted them to do.

Magna Romea

Her ears shot up as she heard the voices of some of the nobles of the house, and the softest of growls threatened past her vocals to lightly test the air. ’How offensive! They invite practically all the highest ranking nobles, and I didn’t see a single servant walking towards the direction of my room.’ Her whiskers twitched softly, another display of irritation. Oh well, it hardly mattered in any case- she was there after all. Her head twitched up as the man departed from the Princess to sit down.

Magna’s sleek form shifted from her seated position on the floor to the pillow which was placed specifically for her near the Princess’s side. It was rather soft and filled to just the right proportion to be comfortable and still allow her a good view. She settled into the center, her tail curling over her left haunch and stopping at her side. And then Sena announced they had to listen to some priest drone on in a prayer, and Magna’s ears flicked backwards fractionally to display her distaste.

Thankfully, it was a short one, so the food would be arriving shortly. She was rather hungry, and was definitely ready to eat. However, her head tilted up to peer at the priest who then addressed the Prince and Princess, asking for a donation. ’Tactless.’ She thought mildly towards the man, her tail tip twitching softly against the fabric of her pillow. Her eyes darted upwards, her gaze settled on Sena’s facials as her own anger showed up in some of the angles of her cheeks and countenance. A soft meow pressed past her lips and she reached out a paw to tap lightly on the hem of the Princess’s skirt before returning to her body. Rydas addressed the man, and Magna let out a short purr.

Her ear twitched as Sena clapped, indicating that food was soon to come, and Magna’s eyes brightened at the aspect of delicious food. Soon she felt the soft hand of Sena sliding across her head and back as she was stroked, and a light purr rumbled through her vocals. The feline daintily took the small pieces of meat from the Princess’s hand, being sure to refrain from actually touching her fingers. She chewed cheerfully, relishing the tastes that filled her heightened senses.

Her ears swiveled constantly, never ceasing to pick up pieces of all conversations. She was learning a lot about these people, even though they only shared a few tidbits of what they had been up to lately. Rydas soon stood once more, calling everyone’s attention. Her head swiftly edged up so her sight would rest on him, and he revealed that he had something important to explain at this gathering. Her ears flicked forward readily, eager to gain the information.

But she wasn’t expecting what he unveiled. A soft hiss escaped her vocals, and her ears fell flat against her skull. Her form tensed and many thoughts flew through her head. The nobles were here- it wasn’t even a question to think that they’d want those items. It wasn’t safe for them to be here, and she was quickly put off.

Rydas continued to speak, and her form reverted to its normal state, though still tense. So he was going to entrust his adventurers to these items. That was clever of him. Magna rose from her pillow and gingerly leaped up to the lap of the Princess and settled down, ready to depart if she showed any signs of not wanting her there. She wanted to see who would get what.


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#, as written by Deallo
Nel entered with Mirabella to the vast dining room after sitting down, the monk took one good look over in order to take in how grand the proceedings were, admiring the architectural work around the dining room before finally scanning through the guests. She only knew those who she traveled with, Mirabella, Acacia, Callavan, the paladin, the tiny mage, and though she remembered some who were tied to chairs at the cathedral, their names still eluded her. The rest was filled with those of fair and dainty skin, colorful cloth, and high status. Though who was to say that she knew any of her friends, even Mirabella, even though she hadn't known anything about them except the bare essentials. Instantly regretting her spot amongst the table, she stood up, about to move, until an unsavory sight caught her glance.

For a moment she wondered if this was a dream, more specifically, an annoying nightmare.

Any thought about rejoining her companions were pushed aside as she sat down with a deep anger brewing in the pit of her belly, the sight of a familiar, cowardly, and most bothersome priest met her line of vision. A few days ago, one of the first thoughts she had regarding the news to joining the prince was "Well, at least I'll be rid of him." The prince and ever worshipped princess burst into the room, wearing each a assortment of lovely clothes, distracting Nel from the priest's dogged presence. For a moment, she wished she hadn't simply dressed down into her civilian clothes, being the plainest dressed one in sight but she dismissed it. They thanked everyone for arriving and for saving the prince's life and just as it seemed the meal was about to commence, to the anticipation of a hungry monk, he turned and motioned to the priest.

She closed her eyes and opened it again and after pinching herself under the table, realized this was no figment of her imagination or illusion. The name of "Deud" sounded ever so familiar but the connection to the party's original priest didn't click especially not with the month or two listening to this one preach and having to chase him off multiple times out The Black Vagabond. Nelinia's hand grasped the goblet full of mead tightly and tipped the drink to her lips in a fastidious matter, the mead gone within seconds. Drinking was useful for dulling the senses, which was excellent in ignoring people, but no refill in sight only brought her to tightly grasp the goblet, lighten up the grip, and squeeze tighter. The goblet was made of a steel so it held together but if one was observant enough, they saw it'd been ever so slightly bent, the circle of the goblet from the top resembling more like an oval. Listening to the prayer, again if she might add, was like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

His words for donation flew over her head, elaborate speech was never her strong suite, but she did catch on to Rydas' reply with a small snicker. The doors had suddenly burst open with tables of food being carted in one amongst the other, the sudden scents of exotic food hitting the senses, but she as she allowed herself to take a sip of water, an image approached from the corner of her eye, and the sound of a empty chair being moved back was enough for Nel to reasonably deduce who took his place next to her. Without turning around, she addressed him, right after taking another sip of water.

"Hello Azevrac." She said, spitting out his name with disdain like it was a soiled fruit. "What are you doing here?"

Azevrec made a squeak very much alike to a surprised rat on a kitchen once the prince reminded him of his place, I’ve gone too far, he immediately sat being now a hand full of nerves and was happy to see Nelinia.

"Nel god be merry are you a sight for sore eyes, I was invited here by the prince and it seems like I already endangered any second opportunities to enjoy their hospitality, It must be good for you to find your friends after all this time, surely you have so much catching up to do, tell me could I get you something ?" Azevrec had always possessed the mind of a servant which would either make him a terrible or ideal religious figure depending on whom you asked, he lifted his hand to call the attention of one of the servants and spat out "Hi very nice to meet you, could you please bring me a bottle of Rwal beer if you would be so kind? o and for the lady?" he gestured to Nelinia.

Ironically enough, the worst thing about Azevrac that separated him from the rest of the priests was that he was too meek. Paetax was filled with men of different religions and there was a beautiful structure that separated them from another: normally involving an insult, shouting, and a fight in the verbal sense, although the more zealous weren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and exchange blows. After one such encounter, you'll probably never see them again because they don't want to see you and you don't want to see them. The problem that remained with this priest was that he could care any less that a person holds him in disgust, preaching otherwise with some sort of optimism, and what this did was make him something like a persistent tumor. The only excuse Nel could come up with for kicking him out The Black Vagabond was whenever he was preaching too loudly and it was hard to find a reason otherwise. Reason was still important. Still, Azervac was a benign tumor, the monk's increasing tolerance enough to put up with him to the point where she didn't feel like punching him in the face. Wringing his neck perhaps.

"Just the Rwal." Nel replied, knowing she needed a couple of drinks before she could fully put up with Azevrac. "I could get the rest myself." She said, stretching over the table to grab a few plates of food, some cooked vegetables, cheese, fruits, nuts and bread to lay in front of her like a good feast. Most of the cooked dishes were of something odd to her; unable to tell if they were filled with meats or not. The many different types of forks and knives were ignored for a practical set of hands, picking and eating, the various sorts of food at a careful, slow pace.

Without a word of warning or even an extended invitation to join the two, Siobhán suddenly slid onto the empty seat on Azevrec’s other side. There just happened to be a lull in the conversation so she took it upon herself for swift introductions since she had never met the other priest before and the monk was only seen briefly but never spoken to.

“Well met, to the both of you!” A kind smile tilted her lips and she blushed then, feeling as if she were interrupting. “I hope you don’t mind if I join you, the other seats have been taken and…” Her shyness almost made her clasp her mouth shut but she pressed on, “I am Siobhán. Pleasure to meet you both.”

That monk had always been uncivilized in her mannerism, but it was understandable she had grown in some barbarous society that had a fascination for the yellow color and unlike the civilized people seem to have a terrible aversion to the wondrous products derived of fermentation… well Deud had told his disciplines to be understanding and kind to the less educated, and so he would
“O lady Nelinia surely you must grace the royalty by savoring one of their gracious accommodations?”
She cast a sideways glance towards the tumor’s direction before continuing to peel an orange as she replied. “I only eat what I know: meats and strange foods I know not.” Azevrec gave a sigh and felt sympathy for those who frequented the Vagabound, it was a good thing that Vinny was the one running the shots or else things might go sour for them, then he caught notice that the other woman had actually talked to them "Pleasure is all mine, lady Shiòvahn... is that your last name or your first name?" he had a custom to never call anyone or anything by its first name and acknowledge their importance by addressing them with titles or their last names, it was a shame that he had gotten her name wrong "My name is Azevrec and I don’t mind you joining us, after all the merry one left instructions that life was meant to be enjoyed most in company" he realized that his words probably came off as a confusing and nonsensical rubbish "Nevermind that, I accompany lady..." he rubbed his index against his thumb as he did his best to recall her last name and failed as well "Nelinia" he continued "She is one of the brave adventurers that went with the prince you know"

Nel looked at the woman who addressed them, a pale sort with black hair who looked unsure of herself, and held her eyes on her, trying to remember where she had seen her before suddenly remembering. Whilst chewing a few slices of orange, she talked for herself, cutting off anything Siobhan had to say.
“She knows.“ A gulp. Her voice was clearer, though her lips seem to be pressed sternly together, though she faced neither Azevrac nor Siobhan. “She was in the citadel with us.” The monk grabbed a piece of cheese and ate it, alongside an orange slice, mixing the flavors together to satisfy her appetite.

It fell on him like a slap to the face, but he had delved into the tales of their quest on the underground citadel of the fallen necromancer, perhaps the gossip of her exploits had not found the interest or imagination of the bards and soothsayers "O really?" his face failed to hide his embarrassment "O in that case lady Shióvahn it is my pleasure indeed, I had been researching your tale in most earnest, truth be told there are several accounts and interpretations and they contradict themselves at times, I have had only lady Nelinia here to offer her insight and it has been rather" he chose his words carefully, he didnt want to be rude or anything "well... it seems that storytelling is not the talent that Deud blessed her with" he leaned towards Siobhan "But I’ve seen her roll over brawlers like a hot knife through butter"

Siobhán’s mouth tilted in an amused grin while the two spoke amongst themselves, clearly relieved that the direction of the conversation didn’t rely on her and her alone. Only when confronted with a pointed question did she finally respond.

”I wasn’t really there for much of it.” She began, picking at the food upon her plate again though not eating any of it while she spoke. ”I awoke tied to a chair, words were tossed about like daggers then demons rained from above. Many of the adventurers fought quite valiantly and at the end of the battle I cast a healing spell…. Then I remember nothing.”

A soft blush colored her cheeks, embarrassed that her magic had drained her so easily of her energy. "O so it was demons then?" Aze said as he had his Rwal beer delivered at last, he snatched it and gave a vow of gratitude "I’ve heard that there was a 2 headed dragon with a head spitting fire and the other ice, also I heard something about a ghoul that was immune to magic and replenished itself with each attack, o and there was something about a demonic were-panther vampire that ate organs and bones" he took a heavy gulp of the beer and continued "And also I heard that they fought Idassava´s own spirit which had possessed a monstrous golem made out of furniture; O I’ve also heard that you faced some kind of... bear, demon, boar or some kind of mixed beast... I take it some of those are not true but it has been terribly taxing to tell which is fair and which isn’t"

At the mention of a healing spell, Nel perked up her head, remembering how bloody and pained she was after the encounter, a blinding light, then the restoration of her wounds and fist, which she was sure she had cracked. She didn’t know whether to thank the cleric or berate her for ridding all the scars of battle from her skin.
Although the monk may have ignored the priest for an extended period of time, stuffing various fresh foods in her mouth in the attempt to do so, she could still easily overhear him. Although she didn’t know some of the creatures he talked about, she drew the line at “golem of furniture”. The second that Azevrac stopped his speech, eagerly awaiting an answer, he received a very generous smack on the back of the head with Nel’s open palm. It was a very necessary evil else the man would go on for hours on end.

“Don’t start with that again!” She said, luckily having her Rwal delivered shortly after the priest's, drinking a heavy amount before turning to him and having to face his ridiculousness. “I told you, a giant cat, and tall bird-men with claws.” It wasn't the epic that Azevrac wanted, but it was the truth, and the truth was enough. "I forget myself" Azevrec knew he was an impatient and rash fellow, made all the more embarrassing since Rydas had just brought it to everyone´s attention just minutes ago "It was not my intention to hassle you Lady Shióvahn, mayhap we would do best to enjoy our meal, have you tried Rwal beer?"

Siobhán flashed a kind smile at Azevrec before inclining her head towards the monk. ”I was not there for the… giant cat. I do commend your group on their bravery, though. I do not know if I would’ve been able to stay put throughout the entire battle. The demons were frightening enough.”

Holding up a hand to the priest of Deud, she shook her head at his suggestion of beverage and gestured towards her own. ”And I thank you, but I already have something. I do not want to seem too gluttonous at the Prince’s reception.”

Her gaze lifted towards the Prince and Princess and as if it had been planned, they rose to speak about treasures acquired within the Citadel. ”A most noble gesture on the part of the Royal family.” Her gaze and pleasant countenance returned once more to her dinner companions. ”Don’t you agree?

"Indeed it is a most noble gesture" Azevrec was not really sure what else to add, surely they were not about to ask him of all people to guard some ancient weapon of dread, he wasn't about to put words in other people mouths and much less questioning the wisdom of the prince`s choices but... well truth be told some of these people were nothing less than mercenaries; was giving them potentially dangerous items that belonged to the royal treasury such a good idea?

“Yes, a noble gesture.” Nel replied skeptically to Siobhan and Azevrec with a raised brow, wondering if they heard the same words come from the prince and princess as the monk did. “They’re giving them to us because they don’t want them.” She thought, but she could barely remember the various objects they took from the citadel, she remembered their existence, though to be an “object of power” they looked rather quaint now that she watched them on the table, seemingly a random assortment of objects.

Though the line “protectors of this realm” was an odd line for the prince to speak of, even among the flowery speech of nobles, almost as if it was meant to be taken literally.


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“Well indeed” Azevrec said as the priestess met his gaze “I did manage to run off those barbarians with my bare hands” his perfectly toned naked chest and arms strong as iron, he grabbed her by the wrist as she left out a yell but did not resist his savage advance her gentle curves shook under his tender, yet firm, grasp as she managed to let out a quaked whisper to him “I had been waiting for this Azevrec... all of my life” then their lips met in passion

“No fair!” Senalae shouted as she ran in those tight see-through silken garments that left nothing to the imagination “I want some Aze too!” the cleric thundered a laugh as he took the princess and pulled her to him and shouted “No need to fight there is enough Aze for all!” then all the women on the hall went to the cleric unchained lust dripping from their souls, for too long had they had to keep their ravenous and primal urges at check, but now they could leave behind the woman wearing the queenly mask, they could stop negating themselves their instinct and it was time for Aze to wake up their inner goddess


The Cleric woke up in sweat from his bed, the images of that dream were vivid and left a longing in his being, he could not remember the whom, the where or the why... but he could certainly remember the what, while the Church of Deud did not frown upon non committed bedding as much as the other churches did, it was nowhere near being embraced or welcomed, it occurred to him that reading that book of “Kunan the Savage: Adventures of the Kimmerian” might be doing something to his sleep sight seeing, after all Kunan was always saving women on revealing garments while he often sneaked into places with just a loincloth

In retrospective it was a good break from his other nightmares, often he would reminisce about the construction of the church, the matter was more complicated that he would have feared, if only Akdov was around to give some much needed advice.

He got up from his bed and lighted a candle which shed some light into his quarters, he saw how a mess of parchments, scrolls, empty cups and books laid strewn all over the place.
Lately his life had been a complicated mess, there was a lot of baggage behind the church and some was beyond his power, the talk was that the prince had been brainwashed by this new heretical wave of religious nutjobs that threathened to destroy the values of societhy and descend into an anarchy.

It was an exaggeration of course, but the fact remained that before he even was a king he had already made a commitment to build a church to house a widely disputed and often ridiculed cult, a shiver ran through Azevrec´s back as he realized that kings were crowned in the eyes of God and men... he would not be the man to shoulder that burden would he?

In any case the prince did not seem to be a faithful of Deud, it was mostly the commitment of Akdov and his death that had brought the prince forward with that kind of support, Aze wondered how Akdov would feel from this success and how much of a shame it was that the old priest was not here to reap the benefits.

Ah silly old bugger, what were you thinking Akdov? you were too damn old to go crusading for King and country, I need you here damnit half of these texts are undecipherable and the others that I do understand have conflicting points.

Point in case was that there was no “begginers guide to the church of Deud” book, without it the church would have a hard time trying to gain initiates, a book to approach the common man was the first step towards a serious and organized effort to be recognized, yet the material to include into such text was something that did not cease to trouble Azevrec.

The priest placed the candle on his worktable and took a seat, there where the scribblings of Akdov and of his master Aliket, Aze could not help to wonder what was the deal behind these different interpretations of the same god

Akdov was convinced that Deud was a male personification and that it took the shape of a man and had a definite core of personality that wanted his name and ideals praised and respected, a god who looked after its subjects with compassion and benevolence

Aliket however was much more distinct in his view, he wrote about the fact that Deud was above gender limitations not concerning itself with human concepts like male and female and that rather than a self aware entity it was a force that generated through certain feelings and interactions

Aze leaned his back against his chair and rubbed his hands against his face, how the hell was he supposed to lead a cult when he himself had no damn clue as to the origins and representation of the god of his religion, he was afraid of this because if each men had to bring forth his own interpretation of Deud forward that would mean that right now his view, his interpretation was the cornerstone of the foundations of the cult of Deud.

And being frank he was not certain about these things, he had really just gone with the whole thing out of inertia, Akdov had kind of dragged him into it and he had just hopped along for the ride.

Wish you were here old man

The priest often questioned just how certain had Akdov been of his teachings, did he just made it up as he went along? was this whole church thing just an excuse to drink and party as much as he could?.

Then Azevrec´s eyes drifted to the envelope with the broken wax symbol of the house Errion, the coronation was the talk of everyone, there could be no way he would miss such opportunity to attend to interact with the power circles of Paetax and in the best scenario gain allies and in the worse notoriety, besides a celebration without an emisary of Deud was not much of a celebration in any case.

The plots and counterplots that ran through his mind saw an interruption when he heard a loud bang on the door of his current residence, the church outside of the walls, it was so loud it filled the meeting hall and reached all the way to the second floor where the clergy had made its home, it was a single and decisive strike whose echo thundered throughout the building.

Azevrec made his way towards the door, there had been no attempt to break in or anything malevolent, it had just been a knock... one who might have as well come from a giant “Hello?” Aze managed to croak a response but he got no answer, he turned away when suddenly a sound beyond the door caught his notice... it was unmistakable and probably the last thing he needed

Rushing outside he peeked outside and saw a basket, wrapped in sheets inside he made out the source of the crying that he had heard once he was about to walk out

I never asked for this