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Bryant Monteccello

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by legacy14



ImageFull Name: Bryant Monteccello

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'1''

Race: Human

Class: Sudaje

Description: Bryant's tall and lengthy stature creates a bit of a 'looming' presence, especially when compared to someone of an average height, but even more so due the fact he never slouches or stoops his posture. Despite this, he is never an incredibly intimidating sight due to his lithe form coupled with his smooth features and stunning blue eyes that seem to catch any and all light. His neatly brushed dark hair cascades down the sides of his face, gently framing his high cheekbones and gentle smile.

His skin is hardly tanned, taking on a bit of a porcelain shade hinting at the lack of exposure outdoors, or at least the lack of direct sun to skin contact. Along with this, he is covered from boot to neck in fine clothing, varying in shades from grey to white with an occasional splash of color. Atop this is a flowing covering with a high collar.. This is usually thrown back to allow free movement of his arms and shoulders.

"A smile is one of the greatest treasures.
It can open up doors as well as spurn allies to your side.
And it often makes people wonder when you do it for no reason..."

Skills: As one of the Sudaje, Bryant is gifted with the ability of Incorporealization, or the ability of shifting himself beyond the physical plane for a short period of time. When this is in effect, he seems to fade from sight, becoming almost completely transparent to the common eye and is able to move where his physical self would normally be unable to. Passing through a common door or other object blocking his path. Objects pass through him as easily as air when he does this and people as well, though they would feel a definite change in temperature when doing so. He is able to communicate ethereally with either of the other Sudaje in Calisma. Aside from these gifts, Bryant is also quite talented with his slender rapier as well as an accomplished acrobat.

Use of his Sudaje abilities are 'hit and miss' when he attempts to use them. Sometimes flawlessly passing through a thick wall, while running smack into a wooden door he meant to walk through. Additionally, Bryant is quite limited in his sight when attempting one of these 'passes', often being unable to discern one face from another, as well as having no idea what might wait for him on the other side of a wall or door. Due to his past, he is somewhat unsure of himself at times and can be a bit hesitant when the need for action is apparent. While he is highly elusive and talented with his blade, he lacks the strength and real training that most swordsman are blessed with. Being of lower birth, he was not given special training as those with higher status were gifted with.

As a side note....while he is no slouch and can drink with the best of anyone, he is limited to the drinking part and lacks significant talent in the 'holding it all down part...

Equipment: First and foremost, many will notice the odd blade that rests delicately at his side, hanging from a leather strap extending from his belt. The Rapier doesn't look like much when it is hidden away in it's dull sheath, but upon inspection of the naked blade, one would find it dangerously sharp on both sides, as well as coming to a slender point capable of easily finding a gap in many armors. Aside from the blade, Bryant doesn't carry much of anything else that catches the eye, save for the covering that drapes his shoulders and halfway down his long legs. A dull greyish-blue in color, the cape-like shroud makes it increasingly difficult to see his form when he attempts to fade from the physical realm.

"You would think facing Death would make you live life anew...
But it really makes you cautious of facing it again..."

Bryant is always honest and upfront, abhorring the games and hoops most people like to jump through just to make a point. He can be a bit tight-lipped at times, as his memories tend to put him slightly on the cautious side, often trying to think through things instead of barging in. This can easily present itself when he has a rather weighty decision to make or a difficult choice. Though this is a perfect way to describe him, it is also completely inaccurate concerning regular social affairs. He can be quite charming at times and is more than willing to use his smile to get him out, or rather into, trouble. At times, he can be quite a lively individual in an attempt to alleviate any frowns currently present around him.

Bryant Rosby was born to a lowly farmer and his wife, the third child they would be graced with and the middle child of the group. Even as a young boy he was a hard worker and welcomed young face around many of the small markets they would visit. But as he grew older, his parents began to notice the dangerous stunts he would attempt, and on most occasions, pull off with ease. In his mind, he was simply easing the boredom that came with the country life.

Although his father still considers it his biggest mistake, Bryant considers the day his father brought him to see the traveling caravan show the first turning point in his life. At the age of six, the incredibly hairy woman, the man that could throw boulders with ease, a fire breathing beauty....Bryant was enthralled and could think of nothing else for a long while and went back everyday to see them. Until he heard they would be moving on to the next town. Gathering up his scarce belongings, Bryant slipped out of his small home in the dead of night and caught the caravan just outside the nearby village. Their next stop, Paetax. Begging the leader of the marvelous spectacle, Monteccello, Bryant did everything he could to convince them to let him join. e ran and jumped and did every reckless thing his mother had scolded him to until he was breathless and staring up into the faces of the caravan's leadership. Slightly impressed, the leader saw he had a bit of talent, and took him on as a show hand. Not actually performing, but cleaning up and assisting in the normal day to day routine of a traveling show.

For two years he found his life to be utter bliss, around what he loved watching, as well as being taught many different techniques to prepare him to take the stage. High dives, balance feats, as well as reckless stunts and various mischief accelerated his standing with the established members and won him a spot in the show. That is, until the caravan made a stop at a low-ranking noble's estate outside Thoav. Walking easily atop a large ball, Bryant steered his eight year old legs toward the young noble girls, targeting their affection with his charming and childish features to loosen their purses for the show. Unfortunately, he did a bit too well in this show. After the show was ended, a rather tall man approached him with Monteccello. It was explained that he was the nobleman who owned the estate, and that Bryant was the newest source of his daughter's affection. And what his daughter wanted...she always got. Bryant was sold to the family to be a noble girl's plaything.

For the next decade and a half, Bryant was subjected to the politics and boring affairs of noble life, attending Mischa, the nobleman's daughter, wherever she went. His only reprieve came when she attended her daily etiquette lessons. It was a bit frowned upon to have a male disturbing the peace and Bryant was allowed to slip away to the barracks to watch the guardsman practice their drills. He was a welcomed source of entertainment to the men, and in turn, they gave him more than a few lessons with a sword. It was Mischa's father who spurned the idea of giving him a sword to escort his daughter around when he noticed the young man's talent. But appearances were everything in the new world, and he had a slender blade commissioned to fit Bryant's appearance rather than him carrying a plain soldier's shortsword.

It was some years later, Bryant had become quite proficient with the blade at his side and was now as close as one could get at being called the Right Hand of a noblewoman. On one of the many dull and boring social visits Mischa was expected to keep, her small escort was attacked by brigands as they headed back to her father's estate. The attack took everyone by surprise and they had little chance to defend themselves. Bryant launched himself headstrong into the foray, and earned a crossbow bolt in his shoulder. Trying to pull Mischa to safety, they rushed through the woods in a desperate attempt to flee, the noble girl stumbling at every turn and twist. They were cornered above a small inlet as the bandits fired their crossbows. Bolts ripped through the air toward Bryant and he heard Mischa scream before he fell over the side and his world went black.

Bryant opened his eyes slowly to the face of a wrinkled and decrepit old woman. He had been sure he died, but in his sleep, he had mysterious visions and impossibilities he knew could not be true. Most important of all, were the visions of The Oracle. Upon inspecting his body, he found only two wounds from the dozens of bolts loosed on him. Flinching at every stab of pain, he remembered everything in bits, but it seemed like it had been in a completely different life. Bryant had somehow survived his ordeal, but at the same time....had not. It was as if he was reborn, and with new purpose. Bryant's body was the same, but the man inside it was not. Racking his memory, he knew things that were not from the life of Bryant Rosby, yet they were part of his life. The only other name that stood out in his mind was that of the old caravan leader, Monteccello. Bryant Rosby had died when he fell from that cliff. The man who rose was not the same and could not be called the same by his thought.

Realizing there was nothing left of his past life, Bryant Monteccello was born at the age of 29, and headed toward the place he needed to visit most. Paetax.


So begins...

Bryant Monteccello's Story


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Paetax was in full motion as people rushed about, hurrying about their day, or rushing toward the palace for the day's events. Only a coronation was a grand event to be had, but the chance of seeing one of the brave adventurers that had made it happen was turning the event into a spectacle that simply could not be missed. And yet...unless you were invited, you were going to miss the grand masquerade that was the central focus of these grand events.


The sound continued as Bryant's soft boots made contact with the cobblestones under his foot as he puzzled out his next move. The castle was well guarded and the men holding the entrances didn't look to be in a particularly exempting mood. Walking up that way and trying to slip in was only going to get him thrown out. 'Of course...' he thought ruefully. 'I don't necessarily have to use the door...' And that was the danger. Slipping into the castle like he was planning would only land him in further trouble if he was caught. So many eyes were present to see him if he attempted such a reckless feat, especially how they were heavily concentrated around the gates. 'Hmm...'

The normally cautious man clad in white and grey pushed himself from the wall he had using as a lean post and began wading into the crowd milling around the front of the castle gates. 'I don't have time to sit here and wait. I have to get in there now.' Masquerades, coronations, and once-in-a-lifetime-events were things he usually didn't want to miss, but he had much more important business to attend to. Prince Rydas was inside the castle, and that's where Bryant was going to go.

Gently at first, he began pushing people out of his way to get through, but began shoving harder and harder for no apparent reason. Angry mutters and a few shouts were thrown his way and he ducked a little to avoid the sight of the guards up ahead. The walls to either side of the throng funneled them all into a tight, and rather uncomfortable spot just before the gates where the guards were stopping people. Bryant was shoved back as a man refused to be pushed and growled angrily. Another shove made him turn and Bryant waded closer to the edge of the crowd, shoving more and more people along the way. Another push in retaliation nearly toppled him over and he could see the wall so close to him. "Move!" he called angrily and gave a strong shove at his target in front of him. The man stood his ground and shoved him hard into the wall. Bryant braced and let himself fall into the hard stone.

And he bounced off of it. His eyes went wide for a moment at his failed attempt at passing through the stone. He began to panic as he saw a helmet of a guard pushing through the angry crowd in Bryant's direction. 'I'm going to be arrested! No, I can't, I have to see-!' Another shove took him by surprise and he fell back to the wall once more as more people began pushing each other around him. He reached back to push off the wall and defend himself when his hands caught nothing but air. Blinking, he tried to clear his vision as he toppled and something tangled his face and arms. Struggling for a moment, he yanked on the curtain and realized he was no longer in front of the gates, but the inner walls to the sides of them. The uproar outside spurred him back into motion, and he headed toward the sounds of celebration.

'Prince Rydas.'

Bryant's stunning blue eyes found the man immediately as he slipped into the hall. The tall prince was unmistakable in his black attire and all the appraising faces around him. And all the guards as well. As much as Bryant wanted to sprint over and explain to the prince what he had seen, he knew that was not going to happen. 'That's a good way to get shot....again...' He thought, regarding the crossbows on a few of the guards. His face scrunched up as he tried desperately to find a way to approach the prince. 'I'm so close...' And then he had an idea as he cast his eyes around, trying to pick out one of the adventurers that would have easy access to the prince himself.

'Brother, sister, can you hear me?'

Bryant froze. The words echoed in his head, more feelings than actual words. They seemed so familiar and he knew what they were, even when he had never experienced the feeling before. Suddenly he realized they must be here as well. The others sent by the Oracle. The others like him, Sudaje. He cast his gaze around once again but couldn't pick anyone in particular out. Closing his eyes, he had no real idea what he was doing, but reached out to the voice.

'I can hear you. I see the Prince, but...where are you?'

The setting changes from Paetax to Calisma


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#, as written by Lialore
Collaborative post with legacy14 and Vasilion

She’d spent her time prudently, plotting as she satisfied her hunger in a shadowed corner, trying to ignore the goings on around her; whether it was the increasing number of drunken men surrounding the nearby bar or the dreams which wrapped themselves around her, willing her to give in. She couldn’t. What she needed to do was figure out how to pull off her exploit. After her break had come the final run. She padded through the city, head down, shoulders aching but mind focused.

Now she stood in her shared house floor before the cracked mirror, smudged with dust, staring at her paled face in the reflection. She tied her cloak at the neck with sharp movements. This was it. Her chest rose as she drew in a deep breath. Alys was ready…

'Brother, sister, can you hear me?'

Her hands stopped moving, fingers still tangled in the thin leather straps. She gazed into the mirror, as if expecting to spot someone doing the talking in the room behind her. However, as she stared, she realised… it wasn’t a voice. It had no audible tone or character. But she knew exactly who it was. Finally. How long had she yearned to meet the only other beings - if that was how to describe them - that she felt she truly understood? Simply a matter of time; she had known this for a while. Trouble would thrive from the very heart of Calisma and it was destined that they should fuse.

They had grown on her, with her. They were part of her and her of them. And the triad would be united unlike ever before.

'I can hear you. I see the Prince, but...where are you?'

Already? She felt like a failure, this was where she lived and worked. It should have been her. One thing she had been dreading about this grand reveal, was, well... her being herself. It was bizarre how closely connected the three could be, yet she knew nothing about them. Not in this 'real' world where children starved and good men died by the swords of the greedy. The world where they had been hiding for so long, doing nothing and growing complacent.

”Yes” She thought in return, constructing the words carefully, willing it to carry to the others. ”My situation is difficult. It seems I may be of some disappointment to you, but believe me, I will try.”

Belandor was pleased both responded, he was no longer alone. His relief was quickly replaced with amazement. How had one of them managed to reach the prince so easily? It stung quite a bit that someone had succeeded where he had failed, and failed miserably for that matter. At least they were making progress, even if he hadn’t been helpful at all.

“It brings me great joy to hear you all, we will have to work together in order to be successful,” he responded slightly louder than necessary. He reprimanded himself, his enthusiasm was no reason for shouting across the ethereal world like that.

“I am currently in a prison, a result of my attempts to get in touch with the prince. Don’t fear though, this discomfort is merely momentarily,” he spoke, trying to sound bored rather than annoyed with the situation. He had hoped to avoid the subject, as if he could have hidden something like that from his family.

“Brother, see whether you can get an opportunity to talk with the prince tonight, but be careful. I’ve already found out first-hand how distrustful people sometimes can be. Sister, do not worry. You are a Sudaje, that is all that matters. The task that lies before us is so monumental that our pasts are irrelevant,” he soothed, wishing for his words to be true. His own past hadn’t been too remarkable either. Maybe that was the reason he had failed where his brother had succeeded.

“I guess I might as well introduce myself. I am Belandor,” he smiled ruefully; this was the second time in as many days that he had almost forgotten to introduce himself. Given the situation he could hardly blame himself. Their current form of communication was most unique to say the least. He had just shouted in the ethereal world, hoping for someone to answer.

"Glad to have a name to the...uh...voice." Bryant expressed into their ethereal communication network. Realizing where he was in the physical world, he shot a hasty smile to a few guests staring at him. Nodding along and changing facial expressions as one normally would in a conversation, he no doubt looked quite nuts to the men and women around him. None of which could hear the interaction in his head.

"You may call me Bryant if it pleases you." Shifting from one foot to the other, he scanned the hall once more, following the Prince with his eyes as Rydas moved through the crowd. The black-clad figure was easy to spot, but the guards that followed his every step were much easier to see. "Getting to him shouldn't cause too much of a problem, but..." he hesitated in his thoughts, remembering the painful mistakes in the memories of his past life. Somehow, Belandor's earlier statement to the woman in the conversation was brought forth and he found the voice in his thoughts again. "Nevermind, I'll just have to do my best not to get a sword through my chest or a quarrel in my face."

Wincing audibly, he sneered to one of the noble women that gave him an odd look before noticeably moving a few paces away. Bryant still wasn't too sure on how to get an audience alone with the, now, most powerful man in the realm. Sneaking into his bedchamber at night seemed like a horrible idea, and one that would most likely get his head posted on a stake. "Rydas must be told," he thought once again to the others, reaffirming the statement to himself more than anything. "But what of the adventurers? Surely their part in the future must be significant?"

Despite warm reassurance, their words didn’t do much to soothe Alys, she couldn’t bring herself to believe that pasts were irrelevant – no matter, now wasn’t the time for such mundane niggles. The blade tucked into her sleeve seemed to grow in presence as their one third who had named himself Belandor had stated his whereabouts. Prison. The dungeons. And it hadn’t ended in success for him…

”I expect so.” Alys moved through the dim room to the window, where above the thatch the palace was visible, its glory lighting part of the city below. She could recall Siobhán’s dreams throughout the adventure almost perfectly. ”Such a tainted expedition will surely have left their fate intertwined. We will know for certain soon.” No doubt that would mean having to swallow her own pride and face a certain old friend, now priestess, in the near future. The young woman was her main unknown reason for allowing that this prince was worth her help, a second encourager whose perspective she had treasured so secretly - a seemingly forgotten childhood friend. Alys was not looking forward to it. No matter how many situations she’d live through on this long journey, it didn’t get any easier. How could she explain? Liar. Turncoat. Ungracious.

”Very well, then I suppose you may call me Alys.” It was noticeable to her how utterly bland that sounded.

”I suggest you be prepared to... demonstrate…”

"The adventurers are…unpredictable. I believe they still have a large part to play but whether they will be a help or an obstacle remains to be seen. Should you choose to approach some of them, watch out for the woman Nelinia Jaze brother. She is one of the adventurers and while her intentions are good, her actions are often misguided. She is the reason I am in my current predicament,” Belandor had to resist the urge to spit, “if you would manage to convince the prince, see whether you can get me out of here. I can also get out of here on my own, but the idea of being an escaped prisoner isn’t exactly appealing,” Belandor concluded as he fought back a cough.

It was a good thing he wouldn’t be much longer in this jail, it was hurting his health. The whole place was way too dark, dreary and cold for his liking. He suppressed the urge to start cursing, there was no point in getting worked up about all of this.

Bryant had no way to explain it, but he felt much closer to the two unknown individuals that were conversing inside his head than he had to almost anyone else on this world. It was an odd sensation, and one he wasn't all to comfortable with, but it just felt...right. "Alys, Belandor...'' he said quietly, under his breath as to not catch any more undue attention from the masked wanderers around him. The two people he felt more comfortable with than anyone, yet he had never seen their faces...

'I will see what I can come up with.' The hesitation evident in his thoughts as he sent them, Bryant caught himself staring at the guests around him as if he was able to see the name Nelina Jaze written on one of the covered foreheads before him. 'I believe I will veer away from this Nelina if at all possible. And I will be sure to keep your name out of things, Belandor, just to be sure.' Even though he felt the matter had been settled, he couldn't help but wonder what Belandor had done to get thrown into prison. But that was irrelevent at the moment As his eyes followed the Prince as he made his rounds of the guests. The urge to march up and announce to the gathering that a Sudaje was among them began to tug at him once more, but he knew this wasn't the time or place.

As his eyes ventured around the soon-to-be-king, a glint of metal caught his eye from the door. A guard leaned over to another sentry and gestured toward where Bryant was standing, in clear view now that his wincing and muttering had driven the majority of the guests away from him. 'Alys, Belandor...' he thought as he began moving back into the crowd as the guards nodded and began wading through the crowd. No doubt one of them had an inkling that Bryant had been present for the small riot he had caused outside the doors. ”I will get back with you as soon as I can,” the distraction of moving and relaying his thoughts evident, ”Glad to have... Well...uh...met? Both of you. But I must get moving again. I'll see you both soon.”

”Stay safe” Alys finished.

And with that, an eerie quietness fell. Now that they had been introduced in this new, strangely personal way, it seemed odd to feel distant again when one of the three drew far out to concentrate on other happenings.

Nelina. She knew that name after working at The Black Vagabond for a few days, and her fellow’s advice sounded realistically accurate. Worry settled; hazing the growing number of dreams she could sense and making her frown out through the window down onto close begrimed backstreets and the twinkling celebration in the distance which was the Palace. So many things could go wrong for them. As for her; it was time to recalculate.