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Cyrus Millena

"The world is filled with hundreds of millions of people, so tell me, why should I care about one?"

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by roomrider


Name: Cyrus Millena

Nickname: Mathew Cahill (Alt. Identity)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6'0

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Intelligence: Cyrus is very intelligent, he is a superior strategist and tactition, but he lacks a certain amount of creativity.
Stealth: Cyrus is very silent and stealthy, due to excessive practice and experience of slipping away since he was a child.
Efficiency: Cyrus is very efficient, meaning that he gets things done as quickly and organized as possible.
Leadership: Despite the fact that Cyrus prefers to work alone, he is a great leader, mostly because of his superior battle strategies which make effective use of everyone's strengths.
Self Control: Cyrus knows when to let go, being able to let a rude comment or bad behavior have no effect on him. But he knows how to hold grudges, and will carry out his revenge in due time.

Magic: Since he's only human, and has no protection whatsoever from magical enchantments or attacks other than his natural resistance and his enchanted chain-mail which has saved him more than a couple times.
Brute Strength: He cannot best brute strength since he's not the most masculine. Don't get the wrong idea, he is surely no weakling but he would not be able to take down a huge brute wielding an ax with just his knives.
Thirds: Their superior teamwork and skills make them a dreaded enemy.
Infamous: Cyrus is sought after, and wanted in areas around his hometown. Therefore, he has to keep a low profile, or use a disguise around where his name is known.

Crossbow(s): Since he prefers a crossbow to any other type of bow, that's what he carries (preferably with a quiver full of bolts). though he could still make use of a longbow for instance.
Knives: Cyrus also carries an assortment of fighting and throwing knives, as well as a hunting knife. He conceals and keeps them in various places. One place in particular is inside his boot heel, which when twisted, will release the knife.
Poisons: Due to working as an assassin, Cyrus carries a few different types of poisons, most are applicable to his bolts or knives.
Garrot: A strangling cord.
Armor: He also wears a coat of enchanted chain mail under some light leather armor which helps protect Cyrus from magical attacks, he also wears leather pants to protect his legs. On his wrists he wears metal gauntlets, and he also wears gloves and leather boots.
Misc. Due to his nomadic nature, Cyrus carries with him a bag of essentials which includes food, water, flint, medicine, and a few other things needed to live in the wild. He also wears a green cloak which does a magical job of hiding him, but it is most effective in forest areas.

Personal Quote: "Every person is like a tool, they have their strengths and weaknesses, which must be found and exploited against."
"As long as there are two people left on this world, one'll want the other one dead."
"Don't get me wrong, I do have a heart. It's just that it seems to be frozen solid."

Cyrus is on the taller side, he has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a dark green cloak with chain mail underneath, he usually doesn't wear a lot of armor unless it's a "full frontal assault" type of mission (which Cyrus tends to avoid participating in). He also wears gauntlets and gloves, which protect his wrist and hands. He wears leather boots that come up to his knees and also wears a belt, which holds many of his "little surprises." During battles, Cyrus tends to stay off to the sidelines and let others do the fighting. Cyrus is a great leader, due to his uncanny ability to develop insanely effective strategies and make use of everyone's strengths. Cyrus is amazingly good at acting, and you wouldn't be able to tell if he's lying, hiding his real identity, or masking his personality. Some say he even has multiple personalities.

Cyrus makes decisions based on his benefit. He's coldhearted and cares only for his own safety, which can be a problem. He losses confidence if he is thwarted and will make a "run for it" if he can. He will sacrifice others or their safety in order to sty alive or complete his quest. Although there are a few people that he actually cares about, other than that everyone else is a tool at his disposal. He rarely, but every now and then shows pity or kindness to someone who has nothing to give him, and he does have his soft spots.

Cyrus was born to a poor family in Orranli. He had a sister Clyde Millena who he got along with quite well. During his childhood, his parents could barely bring food to the table every day, and worked day and night. As he grew older, Cyrus began to practice thievery in many variations. He quickly became an excellent pickpocket, and worked with a small band of others to get his work done. Later still, Cyrus became very successful in stealing pelts from the local solicitors, and traders.
But one day, when Cyrus was about 18 years old, his parents grew very ill. Cyrus and Clyde both knew there were no healers nearby, and they couldn't afford one either. So the two could only watch as their parents grew worse and worse every day until they finally passed. It was the same day that his parents passed that Cyrus got into a struggle with a member of the town's gang. Luckily for Cyrus, he had a beautifully decorated knife with him at the time, which he had nicked from a local "Artifact Seller" a while back. In his nimble hands it worked horrifically effectively on the gang member, but strangely enough he felt a strange wave of emotion hit him as he slashed and cut up the other man. Running from the scene as the gang member lay dying in his own pool of blood, Cyrus ran into a man looking for his help. The reward was quite handsome, more than he would've imagined actually. Which is how Cyrus and his sister began to live in more reasonable conditions, off of blood money of course.
Cyrus found himself going back to his client over and over again, and Cyrus at the same time began building his own secret little arsenal to help him with his "little deeds." As Cyrus kept at his new job, he found himself changing in many ways. He couldn't stop it, but he did his best to conceal it to his sister, who didn't have a clue about his new "occupation."

So begins...

Cyrus Millena's Story


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The sun was beginning to set, and the last rays were reaching their way across the ground. The merchants were beginning to pack up for the day, they rolled up their beautiful animal skins and collapsed there stations. Among the commotion of the merchants, a figure was walking down the road. He wasn't there to buy anything from the merchants, he wasn't in a rush either. He just took his time, strolling along. This man was clearly not one of the few lucky ones of the town, one could clearly tell by a single glance. No rings decorated his fingers nor did he wear any fancy garments worth more than a year's worth of food. All he wore was a simple looking cloak with a hood that covered his face..

The man, also known as Cyrus Millena, stopped near a dwelling not to far from the street. This was not just an ordinary living-place, it was large, much larger than any of the other houses in the vicinity. Cyrus walked up to the front door and knocked. He waited patiently, but no answer came. "That's strange, there's always someone home." After knocking once again, which resulted in the same conclusion, Cyrus attempted to open the door himself. To his surprise, it swung open voluntarily. "Even stranger, he always keeps this place locked up." Cyrus took a look around, the room looked normal until his eyes crossed with the body of a dead man on the floor. His eyes widened and Cyrus instinctively reached for the knife hidden near his leg. As he frantically scanned the rest of the room, he came to the conclusion that the murderers had already left the scene.

Cyrus decided to take a closer look at the body, since no imminent threat was presented. "Mr. Donaghey..." he breathed. " did it come to this?" As realization hit him a cold wave seemed to pass through his heart. "If Mr. Donaghey's dead, than who'll pay me? How will I get food on the table? As he stood up, he saw a piece of paper on Mr. Donaghey's desk. "Maybe a few final words?" he thought. His hopes were crushed as he read the letter. "Your next." His heart skipped a beat, he had to leave for sure now. "Wait, Donaghey wasn't the one pulling the strings here, he had his own boss too. That means..." a smile crept it's way into his lips. "...I'm still in business." He ruffled through the letters and paperwork in Donaghey's drawer until he found it. "To: Gabriel Donaghey, Orranli" it read. "From: William J. Prescott, Paetex"


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Night was beginning to fall on Orranli. The moon stood pale against the dark night sky as Cyrus was packing his things, deciding what to take and what not to take. "I don't understand! Why do you have to leave so abruptly?" his sister had been at him for a while now.

"Urgent business, I have to leave tonight." he replied.

"Can't you at least tell me where your going?"Cyrus didn't even bother to look up anymore, he just concentrated on packing his belongings.

"Nope, confidential." He finally finished stuffing the last of his clothes into a bag and hoisted it over his shoulder. "Don't worry sis, you'll be fine just as long as you stay with the neighbors."

"Yeah I know," his sister sighed. "It's just that I'm the older one, you know? I feel like I should be the one out working, not staying at home while you go out."

"Don't think about it sis," Cyrus said as he approached the door. "after all, girls just do the household chores right? And you've been great at it." he joked. Clyde allowed a smile as Cyrus walked out of the door.

"When will you be back?" she called out after him.

"Soon enough!" he replied as he walked down the dirt road. "Yeah, soon enough. What a joke."

"Alright," Cyrus muttered to himself. "If I make my way through Katevon Valley, and catch something to eat, then I can go around the Sky Foothills and through Gaeric Forest, I'll be at Paetex." After he finished that sentence, Cyrus took his first step out of Orranli. "Not much of a difference." he said to himself. He couldn't have been more incorrect.

It had only been a few hours before Cyrus began to encounter his first wildlife. Of course he saw a few wild dogs in town, or a few rats scurrying along the ground. But he had never saw anything like deer for instance, or the hairs that raced across the prairie. He stared in awe of all of the new things that his eyes had never set sight on before. His eyes scanned the many acres in his line of sight until they abruptly screeched to a stop. There, about 50 yards away was an enormous buck grazing on the grass.

"I'm gonna catch me a prize." he said excitedly. Cyrus rummaged around his sack until his hands found the familiar geography of his crossbow. He pulled it out along with his quiver stuffed with bolts. His experienced hands slipped the bolt into the grooves of the crossbow and pulled the string back and hooked it onto the groove that held it in place. He brought the contraption to his shoulder as his right hand found the trigger. His eyes narrowed, his piercing gaze set on the sights, and his sights set on his prey. He pulled the trigger.


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The bolt flew true to it's designated path, embedding itself in the unsuspecting prey. The buck fell to the ground, a bolt protruding from it's abdomen. "Not much different than a person." Cyrus went over to inspect the fallen animal. "Got it right in the heart. Well done." he thought. "Now for the unpleasant part." he said pulling a hunting knife from his person.

It took him a while, but he finished skinning and gutting the thing. "The skin could sell for something." he thought. So Cyrus managed to roll it up to make it fit for carrying and collected the meat that he could carry. "Hopefully this will be enough until I get to Paetex or something."

It took a couple days until he found himself on the outskirts of Gaeric Forest. As he aproached the intimidating structure of the body of trees, Cyrus heard voices not to far away. He inched closer to the noise until he could see the owners of the voices. "His majesty's troops." he muttered. "Scouts, no doubt." The men were lightly armored and carried nothing more than swords. "Should I go around them? Or engage? They don't seem to be more than four." As he was pondering this he heard the sound of a sword leaving it's scabberd from behind him.

"Who are you?" he heard a voice say.

"I'm going to have to play this safe. These guys don't look to joyful." Cyrus turned to face the scout, "Only his majesty's servant wondering why troops are in the area. Is war a'brew?"

"What are you doing here?"

"If he persisted this was going to be difficult." "Well I was out a'hunting and I saw you soldiers here, so I decided to take a closer look." "Did he buy it?"

"Well, why don't you come with us. It looks like you were going to take a trip through this forest, weren't you? It'll be safer if you come with us."

"Oh no! This was bad!" The scout grabbed Cyrus by the arm and led him to the main group of soldiers that were gathered.

"Who's that?" one asked.

"Oh, just someone who needed some safe passage through these woods." his captor answered.

"Uh..." Cyrus stuttered. "So what are you guys doing here?"

"Well, we had some orders to come scout the area out. Look for anything suspicious." a soldier answered.

"Well, there's got to be a reason behind it." Cyrus persisted.

His captor replied this time, "Some sneaky stuff going around at Paetex, Demonic things."

"Well, were are we going?"

The soldiers replied in unision, "Paetex."

That was the last thing Cyrus remembered before he found himself in a library of sorts. With some other strange characters.