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Elisha Bringmore


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a character in “Calisma”, as played by SkullsandSlippers


Full Name: Elisha Bringmore

Nickname: El or Ellie

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 5’7

Race: Human

Class Druid

-Innate ability to speak to plants, animals and natural living things in general.
-use of a bow
-recognition of plants for medicinal/harmful purposes.
-works as an alchemist

-prefers forest to a city, becomes a bit claustrophobic in areas with more buildings than greenery
-dislikes crowds for the most part
-hard of hearing (making it hard for her in noisy rooms/crowds, also easier for her to be startled)
-fear of loud noises
-insomniac. As such does a great deal of gathering at night.


Her basic clothing consists of simple dresses and a cloak, one for the spring/fall and one for winter. When out gathering plants and other items for medicines, etc. Elisha carries a heavy duty pack on her back and a belt holding her dagger, a smaller knife and a small trowel. She keeps a small selection of bottles in the pack for collections of bugs or smaller, more delicate plants/items. She also carries her bow and a quiver with her for protection and hunting.

Her home as well as the shop she works in is in Rousillen. Her room is sparse and neat. A bed, a chest and basic items reside here. It has a large window.

The shop, owned by Malthew and Jenna Bringmore. It is small but does a good deal of business. Elisha’s potions are quite good quality. She loathes to make poisons and such but understands they have a place. She only makes them by special request.

Personal Quote:
“Nature, the plants and animals have a special voice all their own. You have want to listen for it. When you do the things you can learn are wonderous.”


Elisha is a brunette thought the strands of her hair sometimes carry notes of red/auburn. It hangs long, about to her mid-back. Her brown eyes are bordered with long dark lashes.

Her figure is curvy and feminine. There is no mistaking her as anything but a woman. Her hands are a bit rough from working with plants and in the dirt. Often there are traces of soil under her nails.


Quiet and timid are the words that those who know Elisha use to describe her. Both Malthew and Jenna do the talking, bartering and orders in the shop. Elisha is content to stay in the back room with the door open to the outdoors as she works. She has a great amount of patience.

She has very few human friends though quite a few animals make their presence known when she is in the forest. Elisha talks to them as she works. She is often caught talking to seemingly no one but when pressed she will tell any who ask, in a quiet but dulcet voice that she is talking to the plants.

Elisha is easily frightened or startled due to her hearing issues but there also seems to be more behind the reactions. She tends to shrink away from people, seemingly overly cautious.


Malthew and Jenna will tell you that Elisha is their daughter. Elisha will tell anyone who asks the same thing. The difference is she believes it as that is all she has always known and they are lying.

Elisha’s birth parents were both druids. They had a small home in the woods. Malthew and her birth father worked together in an alchemist shop. Her father gathered and they both made the potions.

One evening the families were in the shop late when something went wrong. Elisha, not even a year old was sitting on the floor when the explosion occurred. She had no memory of the event or her parents.

Malthew and Jenna moved away and set up a new shop in Rousillen. Here they raised Elisha as their own. It was clear that the explosion had damaged the girl’s hearing. They told her she was born that way.

In their new shop, with their new life they employed an elderly druid. Nelon doted on the little girl. He taught Elisha everything he knew when it was clear that the girl had a natural affinity to nature. He took her on as a student and by the time she was a teenager, when he passed away, Malthew put her to work in the shop.

Jenna, as a mother was overbearing and hard. She instilled in the girl a sense of fear and trepidation. Elisha always does her best to please her mother though it seemed the girl can do no right.

Elisha does not know her real parents, her real last name. She has been kept in the dark about her heritage completely.

Anything Else: Malthew and Elisha are travelling to the coronation. She does not really want to go knowing the capital will be crowded and busy but Malthew was insistent that she attend. He has brought a large stock of potions and such from the shop with hopes of setting up a booth to sell things to the nobles as they arrive and leave.

So begins...

Elisha Bringmore's Story


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The cart wheels rattled a little as they pushed on down the road. Her father was talking to her but Elisha was having a hard time hearing him over the noise. She would occasionally turn her face to him and smile a little as if she was listening. He often talked and she had learned long ago that is was most often for himself rather than to her. Malthew was a very good salesman but when it came to conversations her mother tended to dominate them. The man seemed content to prattle on whenever he and Elisha were alone. The young woman assumed it was because she did not often comment or offer her own opinion. So he prattled on as she pretended to listen. Meanwhile he steered their horse down the road.

Malthew had been insistent that they attend the coronation. Elisha had hoped her parents would go, sell their wares and leave her to herself for a time. Her father had other ideas however. If he was going to sell the potions and things she had made than she should be there to answer any questions. On the way home he promised he would stop so she could gather plants that she might normally not find closer to home. That had been enough to get Elisha’s attention. The whole thing had caused a fight between her parents however. Jenna wanted to go, to mix with the nobles and sell in a market in the capital. She wanted to close the shop for the whole family to go. Malthew disagreed. The argument had gone on right up to the moment they had pulled away. Elisha had stayed out of it. She learned in her early years not to say anything that might be taken as her having an opinion, especially if it was not in agreement with her mother.

Her eyes began to grow heavy and soon closed. Malthew kept right on talking and never noticed when he daughter had drifted off to sleep. If he had he would have been surprised. Elisha had never slept well or for very long. From early in her childhood they would find the girl up all hours of the night. When she did sleep it was in short bursts and never seemed long enough. As a teenager and then as an adult they simply left Elisha to her own devices. Jenna had long ago thrown up her hands in despair claiming “If she doesn’t want to sleep I won’t make her. It is useless. She is a faulty thing.” It was just one of the many things the woman would say about her child. Malthew had always tried to soften the impact of his wife’s hard words but after a few years he could no longer stand up to the force that was Jenna.

Elisha slept and dreamt of wolves running. A great pack of them off on a hunt. She longed to join them. She could feel the pull of the pack, the need to run, to be free. She did not know what they were going after but she did not care. She wanted to be one with the pack but found herself too timid to follow. Even when the great alpha wolf turned and looked at her, their eyes meeting, all she could do was stand there. She awoke from the dream with a start.

When they arrived Malthew made short work of setting up the makeshift booth. He had prepared the cart so he could display the bottle and dried plants for the nobles. He wanted to see the coronation of course, it was a momentous occasion but he also hoped to profit from all the nobles would were descending on the capital for the event. A lot of coin would come through the city and he wanted to take advantage to the fullest.

Elisha found the place beautiful but frightening. There were too many people, too many buildings and not enough space. She found herself in an almost constant state of anxiety. She longed for the trees, for the dirt and the creatures that lived there. She stood in the booth and found she could hardly hear what people were asking. She looked over at Malthew helplessly.

I hate it here. Why did you make me come with you?

Elisha did not complain however, in fact she had barely said anything since they set out from their home.

By their second day in the capital her father pressed some coin into her hand and told her to go take in the market. Elisha donned her cloak, pulling her hood up over dark hair and ventured slowly into the crowd.

There were too many bodies. Too many people pushing against one another. Elisha tried to stay on the edges of the crowd. She stopped at one table to look at the wares there. Standing there a hand suddenly came down on her shoulder. Elisha almost jumped out of her skin. Her head whipped to look behind her. A elderly woman stood there. She was speaking to Elisha but over the noise of the crowd she could not really hear the woman’s words. She strained trying to listen but finally, tears in her eyes Elisha shook her head and darted away.

She ran and turned suddenly down an alley. Her heart was pounding, her chest rising and falling quickly. Elisha pressed her back against the cold stone wall of the building. Her eyes closed.

I just want the coronation to be over. Just stick the crown on the Prince’s head and let this be done.

A cold sweat had broken out on her body. It was too much. The city. The walls that surrounded it. The market. The people. She did not know anyone but her father. It was not that they were not nice there was just too many and she felt out of place amongst them.

Feeling calmer Elisha made her way back to her father’s cart. She pressed the coin back into his hand and stood by the cart, her eyes cast down to the ground.

Once the coronation is over I can go home.

The setting changes from Paetax to Calisma


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~Vyga Emerth~

This celebration was taking longer then Vyga had even imagined it would, though it was nice to see the children running and playing and the games being played among the locals it was the same he had seen before. Everyone was going about enjoying themselves and he found himself only wondering when it would be over.
Walking among the other patrons of the gathering he could smell delightful scents wafting through the air, as if someone had opened a great bottle of spiced yams or something like that. He looked for the source of the scent but to no avail he could not manage to see it through the crowd even with his own height giving him an advantage as such.

He found himself losing the thought of that sensation but at that moment a cloaked figure brushed against his back, passing at what seemed to be a great hurry and as he turned to face them the scent returned. It was someone within the crowd that possessed such a fantastic aroma. This took precedence over what his current situation was holding for, someone that smelled interesting usually proved to be far more worth in they're time then what he was willing to hope for. So he followed the cloaked figure as best he could, keeping the scent to his nose and his eyes to their back. However the figure was smaller and faster then him and he could not risk running through the streets of the city so fast in his chase for fear of bowling innocent people over.

So it was that he lost sight of his quarry. "Damn.." He spoke as silently under his voice as he could bare.

He had found a small section of space as so he could pace in turn, like a massive wolf agitated and on the prowl. He would periodically take a whiff of the air with his nose and see if he could retrace that same scent but to no avail. There were more people here at the edge of the market and all the strange flavors in the air threw him off a kept sniffing. Several people were taking notice of him as he would draw in more air with his nose more and more. It was rather impossible for anyone near not to take notice of him, seeing as he was basically searching

The setting changes from Calisma to Paetax


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Malthew frowned as Elisha gave him back the coin. Customers came to his cart so he left her to hide by the cart as he took care of them.

The day went on and many came to buy the bottled potions and tinctures. Heal salves went quickly as well. Elisha could not help but be happy to see so many interested in things that helped rather than harmed.

One man did come and inquired into a specific mix. He wanted one that would give the victim the appearance of sleep. Elisha listened from the shadows of the cart. Malthew explained to the man that things of that nature were only made specially for each person, that he did not carry it on a regular basis. If the man wanted it Malthew could certainly provide it to him for the right price. The man bartered with Malthew a bit. Her heart sank as she heard them agree on a price.

The day went on and Elisha withdrew to the cart as often as she could. She watched people approach and leave, watched her carefully prepared concoctions go to new homes.

”Did you hear me? Go get us some food for dinner.”

The young woman jumped and turned to face her father. She had not been paying attention and had not heard him approach. Malthew held out some coin. Elisha shook her head.

”You go. I will watch the booth.”

She did not want to go out there again. As it got closer to the afternoon the crowd picked up and more people had filled in the crowd. Elisha did not think it possible to fit so many people in a city, let alone in the market.

Malthew chuckled. ”Leave you to watch the booth? And what will you do when they ask you questions and you can hardly hear them? I don’t think so Ellie. Go on. Get us something tasty and a treat for after.”

Her shoulders slumped in defeat. He was right. She was no use to him in the booth and definitely at a detriment if she were alone. Elisha reached out and took the coin.

”Don’t take too long alright? I am hungry.” Malthew rubbed his stomach as if to emphasize his statement.

”Do you have something for a sour stomach?”

Malthew turned and faced the woman who stood at the cart. ”Of course!”

Elisha sighed, pulled up her hood and left him to the customer. She slipped out from behind the cart and join the throng of people.

Instantly her heart started pounding. She felt as if she were being suffocated. She tried to pretend they were all trees but the shoving and bumping kept breaking her concentration. Her lip quivered. One man shoved past her and almost sent her to her knees. Elisha tried to move with the crowd but felt as if she were like a fish trying to swim against the current.

Her eyes spotted bread and she made her way to the table. She leaned forward. ”Loaf of bread please.”

A round woman with rosey cheeks and a kind face turned to face her. She smiled. ”Pretty young thing you are and a loaf of bread you will have. Anything else?”

Elisha frowned and looked down at the table. The woman spoke in a loud voice and this was a blessing.

”Do you have anything sweet as well?”

Elisha looked around. Perhaps she could make short work of getting food and be back at the safety of the cart sooner than she hoped.

”Sweets for a sweetheart? I have these, dear. Pastries.”

The woman pointed to some sticky looking baked goods as Elisha blushed. ”Two please.”

She did not want one but after the woman’s tease she could not bring herself to only get one. Her hands darted out to drop the coin and grab the bread and sweet pastries.

”Thank you dear. Have a lovely day!”

Elisha wanted to go back to the cart but with only bread goods it would not do for a midday meal. She balanced the pastries in her hand, the bread was tucked under her arm as she sought out some meat. She could see dried meat hanging from one booth and tried to make her way through the crowd.

By the time she approached she was sweating lightly and on the verge of being ill. The crowd was just too much for her. She tossed some coin onto the table and looked up at the man.

He gave her a nod and pulled down a small bundle of dried meat. He placed it on the table and scooped up her coin. Elisha snatched the meat and immediately headed back to the cart. It was slower going than before. The crowd was thicker and her hands loaded down.

Elisha weaved slowly and tried to find space where she could. Once again she felt as if she needed to go in the opposite direction of everyone else. She spotted a clear path, though it would take longer to get to the cart that way Elisha prefered the space and greater distance to managing the crowd.

She stopped for a moment, closed her eyes and tried to breathe. Her breathing slowed and though there was still people she did not feel quite so squished here.

Elisha began to walk. This path took her around the backs of many of the booths and carts. She stepped over discarded vegetables and fruits.

If it could stay like this from now till we leave I will be grateful. If it was like this I might even enjoy the whole festivities of the coronation.

Elisha’s body had relaxed now that she was out of the majority of the crowd and few paid the cloaked woman any mind as she made her way.

The setting changes from Paetax to Calisma


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Vyga had stopped moving about in his consolidated circle for searching and was now standing firmly with his back towards the thinnest section of the crowd and he held his eyes firmly shut, taking a drag of the air as if to check for that same sent again. But to no avail, because the air here was stuffed with too many vibrant and mundane smells. Off the edge of his hearing was a woman peddling perfumes and not far from that was a baker making the most of her wares that it was hard to ignore all the profound distractions as it was.

His eyes opened as he let out a long sigh.. "Damn.. not again."

He stepped back from inside the crowd as a way to clear himself from the mass of shoving and shouting bodies, but in that instant fate reared its head in the most interrupting way.
As he stepped back he did not notice the path of who he was moving into and he felt a stiff nudge as someone ran into him. It was a young cloaked figure and as his eyes looked down upon them he realized it was a small girl. She was reeling from the light impact with him and if it weren't for her footing she might have fallen. Noticing that she had her hands loaded down with food and treats he reached forward to help her, as it was his fault that she was now faltering.

Reaching out he took a light hold of her cloaked shoulder and helped steady her, his height requiring him to lean down towards her slightly and it was then that he caught that same scent once again. "My apologies little miss.. I did not mean for this.." He was so busy fixing what he had done helping lift her own hands to support her belongings, that he did not realize he was invading her personal space.


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Elisha was not entirely paying attention and only caught the movement out of the corner of her eye before she bumped into the man. She was tipping over. Elisha herself was not about to hit the ground but panic filled her as she envisioned the food falling to the street. Her clumsiness would waste Malthew’s money and leave them with nothing to eat for the midday meal.

Large hands found her shoulder and Elisha was able to hold onto the food as the stranger held onto her.

He apologized, she could barely make out his words. Elisha turned to look at the man she had bumped into. He was tall. Very tall and she tilted her head back to see his face. His hair was blonde, his eyes blue. Her eyes went wide.

Elisha’s heart was pounding. He was still holding her shoulder and standing extremely close. He towered over her. She felt trapped all of a sudden though something about him told her he was not about to hurt her.

”It is alright. I-I should be going.”

She backed away slowly, her eyes still on him.

"Apologies little miss.. Vyga said with a calm tone to his deep voice. He pulled his arms back from the girl and let her take her own footing as to not force her to face him. He looked her over, her small form was not that wanting in the least but the smell of her presence was still there now. His eyes drew a calm glare as he breathed in that fragrance once again and sighed softly as he responded once again.

"Are you alright?.. "

Elisha nodded slowly. Her eyes were trying to take him in. He was quite a bit bigger than she was and though did not come across as violent or menacing he was certainly intimidating. She knew he was talking and made out most of what he said but the lower tone of his voice made it harder for her. On instinct she leaned in to hear him better.

"I am alright. I just have to get back. Food...."

Elisha held up her hands as if the gesture would explain everything. He made her nervous but not afraid exactly. She took a small step backwards.

Vyga nodded as she motioned with her hands and he could see that she was bearing a rather heavy load with the meal she was carrying. He looked over his shoulder and a thought came to mind as he turned back towards her. "Then may I help you by clearing the way miss?" He stood head over her and began to walk away in the direction she motioned, his presence doing its own job of making the other patrons part from his path.

Her eyes followed him as he began to walk, clearing a path in the direction she was heading. Cannot exactly not follow him...
Elisha walked but found that his strides, much like everything else about him were much bigger than her own. She began to jog to keep up.

"I am going...I am going to the cart just down there...the one with the jars..."

She could not exactly point and there had been no time to explain so she did her best to keep up and guide him with her words.

"Four carts down. To your left."

Vyga kept his pace somewhat oblivious to the figure chasing him, his mind was set to clearing her a path and that is what he was doing. People would move or otherwise scatter as he walked by and that made her act of chasing him easy even though it was somewhat straining. Following her words his eyes picked out a cart on the position she mentioned and he adjusted his aim accordingly so as to make a straight path.

As he got closer more intense sensations came to his nose, his sense of smell was being bombarded with more powerful emanations. He would have bothered to stop and ask what it was that he was smelling in the air if he had not topped at the carts edge so abruptly, his eyes caught the image of bottled herbs and powdered plants and he finally got the idea of what it was that gave her such a powerful fragrance. He gave a sly look over his shoulder as he spoke back to her..

"We are there little miss"

Elisha gave a small chirp as the man stopped suddenly.

Malthew spotted the large man standing near the cart. "What can I get for you sir? I have the finest potions, medicines and tonics you will find anywhere."

Elisha stepped around the large man. Her eyes watched him carefully. "Thank you..."

Her voice was quiet, almost a whisper as she handed Malthew the food. He stared at her for a moment, taking the food before looking back at the man. A slight frown appeared. "And who might you be sir? Being so nice as to escort my daughter back?" There was wariness and concern in his tone. The man did not make him uncomfortable per say but it seemed odd for anyone to be with Elisha, let alone this person.

For her part Elisha moved to the shadow of the cart where she could see everything but could hide if need be.

The setting changes from Calisma to Paetax


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Yyga ran his eyes across the wares strone across the decent length of the cart and let his sight wander. There were many bottles and bags with labels dotting them, some of which he knew upon looking what they did. But others that just left his mind to wonder what they did..
He looked on before his eyes came to look upon the man again and he spoke a question. "Do you happen to have anything for stamina?" He asked.

The thought donned him that when he had managed to use his gifts for too long a period at a time he would become too over taxed and not feel well. So it was that he clerified his question more. "Anything to sustain or restore ones own stamina, I know much of what you have placed here. But I do not see any for such a need."

Malthew smiled, "Of course if we do not have it now it can be made for you." He still eyed the man warily.

Elisha peered at the man from her hiding place in the shadows of the cart. He is a large man. Does not seem threatening but...

Malthew crossed his arms. "Tell me sir, how did you come about helping my daughter and I will see what I can do about sorting through some of my other inventory for what you are looking for as you talk. You do not look as if you are from around here." He waited a moment before turning to look through a trunk at his feet.

Elisha frowned. She knew she had made some things for stamina but more as requested by women for their men in bed. She did not think that was what this man meant.

Malthew was still half watching the man as he sorted through bottles waiting for an answer.

"I just happened upon her near the square, she seemed as though she was in a hurry and something was bothering her. I ment no impass by speaking or helping her I assure you" Vyga made an unconcious act of pulling one of his long blonde braids from his shoulder and over his back as he spoke.
"But you are right." He returned again.

"I come from the north, from the snow covered peeks and I am currently on.. a personal quest of sorts." He said as his eyes slowly drew away for a moment. He did not mean to impose at all. But to tell the man he was on a path of self discovery may be too much to speak for such an occasion.

Malthew nodded. "Aye I sent her out for food. Doesn't do well in crowds unfortunately." He smiled and winked at the shadow where Elisha hid.

Vyga drew his head back slightly in understanding, being that the state he found her in he was beginning to think he should ask another question about how and why she was reacting the way she did. The thought could be seen dancing around just behind his eyes as he thought more about it as the moment drew on.

"Now then are you looking for something to keep you going in the bedroom? I have a stamina boost for that. If you are looking for a specific draught though I am not the one who makes them. You'd have to see if you can coax a potion from her." Malthew pointed to the shadow where Elisha hid.

Elisha let out a small noise of surprise as Malthew pointed her out. Her hood was still on as she leaned just a little around the cart and out of the shadow. She did not make out all the words he had said but she knew he was talking about her.
"So then Mr...I did not get your name what sort of stamina restoration were you looking for?"

The young woman eyed the blonde man. He had braids in his hair and he spoke of being from the North. Her teeth were on her lower lip as she stifled the urge to ask him about the plants and animals there.

Looking down at her as she gazed up at him he smiled. "My name is Vyga little miss." He gave a slight bow of his head as he spoke. His lips budded a bit as he fought back a slight laughter as he said his spoke again. "So... is that all that brew is used for down here?" A slight snicker sat on the edge of his face and a smile formed at the edge of his eyes.

Elisha felt a blush form on her cheeks. "This particular one yes." She pointed to the bottle in Malthew's hand. "But it was made to be concentrated and focused for that um...well that particular problem."

Her neck felt hot now. Her fingers pulled on her hood to hide her face once again. "If you were looking for something specific I can tailor a potion for you. If you were looking for a general boost in the morning I can also put something together. Let my father know..."

She began to slink away again. Malthew stepped in front of Vyga. "So then...what can I do for you and we can negotiate price. While we do that....hungry?"

Malthew liked the man now that he knew he hadn't meant any ill will towards Elisha. He excuded a kind of calm. Malthew held out the bread that Elisha had bought to Vyga. "How long have you been travelling?

Elisha licked her lips and did not stray too far. She wanted to be able to hear everything that was said and it would get harder to do if she hid too far off. There was something about him that reminded her of an animal. It made her want to sit and talk to him the way she did the creatures that came to her in the forest when she was working. He had a wildness to him that was like an oasis in this stifling city. Vyga....

Vya takes a some of the bread, seeing as he has been enjoying the festivities all day he could use something in his stomach other then spiced meats and sweet stuffs. Looking back at Malthew.. "I am a person of certain skills.. those skills have a tendacy to drain my stamina rather quickly." He ran a hand over his chest slightly as if to emphasis what he ment.
Elisha frowned. Certain skills.

Malthew nodded appreciatively. Skills eh? Well I am sure I can give you a fair price." He held out the meat as well. "You know she is quite good. This isn't some snake oil. She can make anything and it will work too."

Elisha felt her cheeks turn warm once more. Hearing him brag about her made her feel strange. A stark contrast from her mother. It was good in a way, to see Malthew so outgoing now as his overbearing wife was not there to stifle them both.

She inched closer to the men. Her eyes on Vyga the whole time. He had helped her and he was something extremely interesting to her.

Malthew chewed a bit of bread. "Did you leave a wife behind then?"
Her hood slipped off, her long dark hair blew slightly now but Elisha was too busy trying to hear everything the man might say. She had so many questions about where he was from, where he was going and what he was looking for exactly.

The setting changes from Paetax to Calisma


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Vyga rubbed the back of his neck for a moment as the man asked about his past and if he had a wife.

"Well no sir, I left some family behind but non to speak of nicely.." He drew on the last of his words to keep the tension away as he was trying to keep an uncomfortable feeling from swooping in. Taking a bite of the bread that was handed to him in an effort to keep himself occupied.

"I mostly just came this far to see the cerimony for the new kings coronation and make sure that I was there. Looking for meaning in life means looking everywhere that one can find chance to see." The conversation was slightly broken by the sound of fireworks being shot off nearby, only to have children run by with sparklers in hand.

Elisha was watching Vyga with interest. He said he had no family that he would speak nicely of and she could understand the sentiment. She often felt like that about her mother.

Malthew nodded "We don't always get to choose our family." His eyes clouded over for a moment. He shook it off and smiled at Vyga. "The coronation? I wanted to show Elisha the new king. You know it is historic and something I think she needs to see. Her mother didn't agree but add to that the business I can do here, well we had to come."

He turned to face the girl. "You are going to go see the coronation aren't you?"

Ellie's eyes went wide and then she looked down, shaking her head.

Malthew frowned. "The whole point was for you to see the new king my girl. That and to give the nobles a taste of what you are capable of." He smiled wide at Ellie and reached out, lifting her chin. "The crowd won't be bad. Everyone just wants to see."

Elisha moved away from her father and he sighed. "She's rather hide out here than venture to see the spectacle."

The sound of the fireworks were making the woman very nervous. Every boom, even at a distance made her heart race. Malthew looked at Vyga. "Not good with loud noises either. Hearing is a bit off as well." He spoke in low, hushed tones knowing Ellie would not be able to hear him.

For her part Ellie was trying to shrink into herself yet she wanted to hear more about the man who had helped her.

Vyga looked down at the young woman and gave a solemn smile, she was just not used to being in such a place and he looked back at her father to ask. "She doesnt spend much time with others, does she not?" He was asking an ernest question for the sake of knowing what it was that the girl had a true problem with. He knew the same as her, after several weeks out in the forest and plains with no other contact the that of the animals, he can be socially awkward as well.

Elisha jumped as the sound of another firework went off. She could not hear the men speaking. Her heart was pounding.

Malthew nodded slowly and took his eyes from the man to look back at his daughter for a moment. Once again he looked sad.

"She spends her time gathering ingredients in the forest and then working on the concoctions. She was never one for people, more plants and animals."

He looked back at Vyga, "You speak like you know her...." Once again Malthew appraised the man.

Vyga leaned down and looked at Elisha for a moment. Leaning in he gave her a solatary look that almost spoke of gentleness. "You can say I know that feeling very well. When I walk through such places I used to imagine that every one was a flower swaying in the fields just to get my mind of the thought that they were people running around all day.

He stands and sets his hand on the end of the cart before giving a glance at the crowd ahead.

"Sir I would be delighted to accompany your daughter to the coronation. It should prove to be the defigning moment of the year at least.

Elisha looked up at Vyga, once again marking how tall he was. His words made her suddenly feel calmer. He seemed to know, seemed to understand. Her lips parted as if she were gong to speak to him but Malthew interrupted.

"You seem to speak her language which is interesting since I don't think I ever could...." He gave a small, sad smile as he stared at Ellie's back. She was too focused on the larger man to notice or even hear her father. Another firework went off and she resisted the urge to cover her ears.

Malthew contemplated Vyga's offer. Part of him was still unsure though he did not think the man meant Elisha any harm. He really did want her to see the coronation and not hide around the cart the entire trip. He did not know how many more times he would be able to show her someplace other than the forest around their home and he wanted her to experience a life that was not under the thumb of his wife.

He crossed to Ellie and put his arm around her. She was startled having not heard him approach. Her eyes went wide and she tensed until she realized who it was.

Malthew nodded, "Yes I think it would be alright for you to take her. You seem a man I could trust though know I have have marked your name and you stand out in a crowd so if anything were to happen to her I will send the guards after you." His tone was serious and he hugged Elisha to him. She frowned as she put together what he was saying.

Elisha blushed and looked unsure. Go...with him... Her teeth pulled at her lower lip.

Malthew looked down at her. "Go and see the new king. Enjoy this moment. Vyga will stay with you, he has offered and I think you should go."

Elisha swallowed and nodded. There did not seem to be a way she could deny her father this. Her eyes moved to Vyga. "Thank you."

He nodded back as he held out his hand toward the crowd as if to say she may lead, but it truth it was only to ask her to follow along. "Everything will be fine I assure you. He said in response to Malthew's words.

The father was right to be so cautious. Vyga was after all almost four times the young womans size and he was still a new aquaintance to say the least.

But he put on his best smile and the kindest look that his eyes could muster as to put the girl to ease and with that be began to lead her away from the cart and her father. The crowd thankfully had settled more since before and everyone was getting into the mood of the day, kind words being exchanged around every shoulder and greetings abound in full swing.

"Still doing okay? He asked over his shoulder to her as she walked behind him.

She was following dutifully behind him. Elisha did her best not to panic whenever anyone came near her. Vyga kept people divided so they had an easier time passing and she did mark that the crowd seemed tamer than before.

Her eyes moved up to his face as the large man looked over at her. She strained to hear him but nodded. "Yes I am fine. Thank you." Elisha wasn't sure why he was being so nice but she knew that he understood her a little more than others did. She ran a little to keep up with him."You like the forest as well?"

Elisha decided in that moment that the aura of calm that came off of Vyga reminded her of her teacher, of the man who had taught her all she knew of plants and the life of the forest. She even smiled at him though it was a small and sweet smile, not one of celebration like many were wearing.

He flashed a bright grin as he walked "Yes I do, the animals speaking from the lowest reaches of the ground to the birds singing in the sky. Not to mention the hum of the tree's in the changing seasons. They speak well of the changing days.. as they should be speaking with you, don't they?" Vyga had just called her out on what kind of person she was and what it was she may be hiding from her very father.

"Not many people at your age could be so gifted with potions and salves as well as you without some proper insite into the natural world. So its obvious that you have a certain little atvantage when it comes to those things."

Elisha grew shy for a moment, her eyes dropping towards her feet. "They do and my teacher taught me to listen. He worked for my parents. They understand potions but not plants. He did and I had an affinity to nature the way he did. He taught me and my parents mostly left me be. My father does not understand that I am happier in the trees than with people."

She looked back up at Vyga, "My potions are better because I know the things that go in them and I pick them and I can tailor them better than most." Elisha was a little embarassed by the way he seemed to know things about her yet it also felt like there was a kindred spirit in Vyga. He had said he knew the voices of nature and it seemed to be true.

As the two continued their conversation, Vyga lead the way through most of the people and now they had begun to breach the square of the castle courtyard.

But he looked back after stopping in a nice clear spot with her before him and kept his smile there for her to see.

"In all honesty I was lost myself before I made my way into the wilderness and was found by those that took me in.. taught me the ways of the wild. Now I spend my days among the animals of nature and the people of civilization. For they are nothing but the animals of their own inner world." He placed his large hand on her shoulder as if to consol her in a moment of need.

"All you must do is realize that you will one day be a part of that civilization again.. but its not like you need to rush things." He gave her a wink with the end of his sly look. It was easy enough to get across that he was making a joke, though his honesty about the moment was still slightly hazy.


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Vyga looked at his companion and smiled at her, despite how meekly she acted most of the time he was glad that he could bring her along. The last few weeks of being alone was hard for him and just a moment to share with another individual, much less one like himself was a godsend in its own right.

"Are you enjoying the festival?" He asked as he looked down at Elisha.

The young woman looked around. "Yes." Though it was a hesitant answer. "I like being able to be here for this moment but I would rather there be fewer people."

He smiled back at her as she answered and he knew what she meant, there were people clammering on all sides of them. Even though the crowd was rather loose for sure it was obviouse that everyone would get packed in tight every once in a while. "Yes I understand what you mean.. some of these city people can be far more comfortable with being so close to one another most times.

He sits on one of the many chairs set up in the lower section of the pavilion. Others were at least giving him the space that he needed to move about but many mored moved about endlessly. He started tugging lightly on one of his own braids to keep it off his shoulder.

"See? why can't they just be still?" Elisha indicated those around them that kept trying to edge closer, get a better position. She shrunk a little closer to Vyga. His large frame a bit of security in the sea of bodies. They all wanted to see the coronation, to see the new king. Elisha wondered if it was because they cared or just wanted to see a spectacle. A new king, especially with everything that had happened to bring Rydas to this point in his life made the coronation important and an historic event. She had the feeling most just wanted to say they had been there. It saddened her that people cheapened things the way they did.

Vyga laughed with a hardy bellow in his voice, he could see how this whole event was effecting her but her question was a simple to answer as one could be.

"Their alive Elisha.. more so than the life of the forest. Such existence can not stand to be still for one moment or they feel something has been missed or lost in that way." He pats her on the shoulder to comfort her for a moment. "Besides when all things are said and done, its just the way life is here in the city."

"You would love the life I had back in the village, slow days of working with the land and being part of it.. so peaceful"[/b}

Elisha smiled up at him. [b]"I spend my days in the forest gathering herbs and talking to the animals. It makes me happy."
She looked around. "This is historic though. Rydas is...well he..." She blushed a little at the sound of her own voice talking about the Prince as if she knew him. She only knew stories, she had never even seen him. "I just think they should take it in more is all. Appreciate the moment."

"Well they do" He answers "But in their own special way as ever" He returns with a smile.

Elisha chuckled, "Their ways are strange."

There seemed to be a stirring, a ripple in the crowd as things seemed to be starting.Elisha strained on tiptoe to see the Prince as he walked forward. He was handsome, what she had heard of him was true. Her hands went to Vyga's arm, steadying herself as she balanced trying to see it all. His voice rang out, projected to the crowd that gathered due to the acoustics. Elisha felt goosebumps form on her arms. She was witnessing history.

The young woman did not even realize she was holding her breath as the call went out for anyone who might challenge the crown. Only when the princess, beautiful in her dress, step forward did Elisha breathe out. She looked to Vyga, a slight frown on her face. "What is going on?

Vyga could feel the grip of the young woman attached to him and her eyes cut into a part of him when she asked that simple question.

But he could feel it in the air, sinister and powerful magic. Such dark power left a taint in the air and it was unsettling him to the bone.

"Nothing good little miss.. nothing good at all."

Elisha's fingers dug into Vyga's arms as she watched. She couldn't look away but she didn't want to watch. "No, no.... The words were a sob on her lips. She turned and buried her face into Vyga.

He rested his arm around her for the moment, though he could not tear his eyes away from the act itself. He was watching keeping aware of the whole.

The crowd up ahead of them surged with a pale motion, it was as if something had taken them all in the same manner of surprise at once. Vya's surprise was not missing either as his height did afford him some manner of perception to the event at hand.

Elisha kept her face buried against Vyga. She had seen enough. Even at this distance there was no missing the flash of the blade or the red blood. Even with her eyes closed she could see it. Something was wrong, the whole room felt wrong. Her fingers gripped his shirt as if attempting to assure herself that he was real and perhaps this all wasn't a horrible dream.

It did not take long for the people to react. There were cries and shouts as people began milling about, some moving forward to gawk and others trying to get away. Elisha felt herself jostled and was glad in that moment for the large arm around her.

Vyga could see from both sides of the crowd that the guards were now sending people away from the front of the crowd, dispersing them as much as possible. This made the mass of people around the two loosen and flow with more ease. But Vyga stayed right where he was and only looked down at Elisha for a moment.

"We must get closer.. something has gone terribly wrong on this day."
He began to step forward with his grip on her growing lighter by the moment, if she were to pull away. His hand would release from her shoulder and she would be released back into the crowd.

"I am coming too." Elisha feared he would let her go and she would be alone in the chaos of the crowd. She could feel his arm loosen about her. "I will go with you to see what has happened." Bile rose in her throat. She did not want to see but she felt it was the right thing to do. Something about the aura around Vyga encompassed her and she felt calmer with him, less afraid.

About them the crowd was being funneled out and controlled by guards that appeared from various doorways, alcoves and seemingly the shadows. They were stopping to talk to people but otherwise did their best to keep things orderly.

Elisha pulled herself away from Vyga's chest but gripped his sleeve out of fear of being separated. Her eyes took in the scene around them.

The two reached the massive doorway that separated them from the front of the mass of bodies but the guards were already there doing their best to keep the bustle under control. "Let us through.. we must see." Vyga made sure that he pulled his young companion closer to keep her from harm. His size and presence was no longer enough to make people part in his path as their need to see was rivaling his own.

"I can feel it, something vile has taken place." The sound of murder on the lips of the other people was not all that he spoke of. Something dark had been used to cause all of this and he could feel its sickly aura still clinging to the world at hand.

The guards looked the large man over. Do you have knowledge of what happened?" They were trying to turn away gawkers and only find those who had knowledge of what happened or those looking to pledge their lives to the king. There were plenty who only wanted to look at the body and there was no time for that. "We all know something has gone wrong, the question is what do you know of it?"

Vyga gazes down on the guard sternly.

Elisha was tense. She did not know the best way to help and remained quiet for the moment. She observed the guards and Vyga waiting for a moment she could help.

The moment of an intense stare had passed and the guard was still standing his ground waiting for Vyga to speak. "Magic has been used.. dark magic."

"That is why I must see.. she is my companion" He shows the guard that he is tightly connected to Elisha as she still clings to him. The guard gives a solemn gesture with his head as he waves the two on allowing for them to pass.

Elisha held her breath as Vyga and the guard stared at each other. Finally the guard let them pass. Elisha's cheeks would have reddened at the comment that she was his companion had the situation not been so tense already. Her hand was on Vyga's arm, refusing to let him go. She did not want to see but knew that it was required. She inhaled and steeled herself for the sight.

The walk through the vast door was quick and tense, Vyga knew that the moment was close.

Soon however there it was, the area of the deed itself.
Blood was still fresh on the ground and the people were still reeling from what had just happened, having to press his way around several well dressed and high standing individuals.

Elisha walked with Vyga, her eyes on the red that stained the stone. It was still bright and wet, the body still laying there for all to see. The prince, now king was nowhere in sight. I hope he is alright. Her eyes moved across those who were moving about. She felt out of place yet like Vyga she had a sense that something was just not right. This was not a simple assassination attempt. Her very core felt tight as if the air itself was wrong. "What has happened?" She whispered to Vyga. "I can see what...I mean...why...and why does the whole room feel wrong?"

The hall lacked the feel of the city, the feel of confinement, it also did not have any calm or peace about it. It made Elisha feel like something slimy and distasteful were trying to wrap itself around her. Vyga had mentioned dark magic. Elisha had little experience with it though her teacher had often told her that those that sought the peace and goodness in nature could feel the residual effects of evil.

Vyga took a knee as he was not interested in the body but instead at a point in the floor not far from him.

"To clarify Elisha.. all magic is natural in a way. But when you wield such power in a way that fractures the natural world, its leaves a mark." He waves his hand at the air in front of his face with a look of concentration in his eyes.

The air itself seems to distort as if there were a trace of water behind his hand but the effect simply fades from sight. "Not only that.. but using such power leaves a mark of the caster behind as well. So the more terrible your intent.. the more soured the magic becomes." His hand begins to give off a faint glow as he kept it in place. "This place must be purified.."

Elisha's mouth felt dry was she watched Vyga. The talk of fracturing the natural world and soured magic made her stomach tighten. She had heard stories of unnatrual creatures and plants, things warped by evil magic but had thankfully never encountered any in her tiny area of the forest.There was no escaping it here.

"Can you do that? Purify it I mean?"

"Yes." He answered. "By passing the energy through myself, I can remove that which blights it."

A man came over, robe brushing the floor. "Excuse me but did you say you can help?"

Elisha looked startled for a moment but remained quiet. Will we be arrested for coming in here now? Her eyes went from the new man to Vyga.

Vyga stood with a new found stiff feeling in his hand now. Most of the feeling was paramount with what he had just done and it was slowly creeping up to his elbow. But he looked back at the robed man and nodded. "Yes.. I am Vyga and I would like to offer what assistance I can." Vyga could feel a swell of pride in himself somehow. He had been searching for a way to add meaning to his life for some time now and this might be the only way he could.

He turns his eyes back to Elisha who he found was looking dead at him. Just what was going on had a deep look of worry running across her face and he tried to ease her worry with a soft look of his own.

The man nodded. "Good, good.And she is?"

Elisha was looking at Vyga when the man addressed her and she jumped a little. "Elisha, sir. I am an alchemist I might be able to help as well."

She wasn't exactly sure what she might do in this instance or if she was actually going to be any help but she did not want to be thrown out or arrested. The man nodded. "Alight, guard!"

Elisha's eyes went a little wide with fear and she moved to stand next to Vyga. Her hand reached out to grip his sleeve. A guard approached the robed man. They spoke quietly.

Vyga looked down at the young woman clinging to him and asked quietly. "What about your father? Did you not come here with him to see your wares?"

Elisha looked up at him. "He is fine. He came to sell the potions and things. He brought me to see history and this seems important. I want to stay." She was nervous and unsure she could actually help but she did not want to leave. "I want to try and help."

The guard and the robed man come towards the pair. "You are to go with him." The robed man gestured to the guard. Elisha nodded slowly. "The prince is looking for anyone with knowledge of what happened or those willing to help."

Vyga sterned his resolve as he nodded back and stepped forward.

Elisha moved as well. The guard turned and began to walk away, not waiting to see if they followed.

The guard walked into the inner parts of the palace. He just walked, not saying anything to them. Elisha held her breath as they walked. What am I doing?

The guard stopped in front of a set of doors. "In here. The prince is taking audience in the library."

The doors before Vyga and Elisha marked a threshold, they would cross and begin a new chapter on something vast. He looked down at her and could see her nerves getting the better of her as he smiled gently at her.

Elisha took a deep breath in and her eyes met Vyga's. She offered him a small smile. "Shall we?" She whispered to him.

"We shall.." He lifted a hand and opened the latch pressing forward with Elisha in tow.

As the door swung free they could feel a deep warmth coming from inside as a testament to all the bodies gathered within and how much heat it generated. The soft glow of the days last sunlight broke through the large windows overhead and the two could see a large gathering of people.