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Kryst McLinn

The warrior-paladin with mismatched eyes

0 · 187 views · located in Calisma

a character in “Calisma”, as played by Ƒɨrɛ aŋd Ɨcɛ


Full Name: Kryst McLinn

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Height: 6'1''

Race: Human

Class Warrior and paladin

Skills: Hunting, magic, and defense

Weakness(es): Ranged attacks and uncertain situations

Equipment: Longsword, staff, and daggers.

Personal Quote: "If we deny our heart's wishes, we die a little every day. I'll never face a day where I must live and die at the same time."

Description: Kryst's left eye is dark blue while the other is jade green, though fortunately she can keep at least one hidden behind her curly mass of black hair, as to keep herself from being remembered, recognized, and generally feared. She's well built; not overly muscular, but you can tell she's not weak by any means. Her face is sparsely dotted with freckles. For armor, she wears nothing on her arms, nor her head, which allows everyone to see her fire lily tattoo on her left shoulder.

Personality: Especially with both her eyes boring into you, Kryst can be an intimidating, and her height does little to help that. She can also have a fiery temper when irritated. However, she's generally kind-hearted and thoughtful, though she may seem cold and distant at first. She's cautious, curious, extremely stubborn, open-minded, sharp-tongued, and strong-willed.

History: Born in Paetax, she was given many chances few others were blessed with. When she started showing potential with magic, her parents immediately became excited, but anyone who could have taught her turned her away, fearful that her mismatched eyes meant some kind of curse. So she studied on her own as far as she could. Then she found how much she loved the art of fencing, which soon turned into a wish to be a warrior. She never forgot her magical gifts, however, and continued to improve on them as she could. If you ever find her reading, don't interrupt. She's studying magic and unless someone is dying, she believes there's no reason for her to be disturbed.

So begins...

Kryst McLinn's Story