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Magna Romea

"If you ever see a cat around here, know that she's just as important as I am."

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by Skwidge


Magna Romea


Nickname: ‘Na, Roma
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 5’ 6 ½’’
Race: Human
Class Courtier
Family Ranking: Margrave/Marquis
Father: Evorn Romea
Mother: Lena Romea

Skills: ‘Na has the ability to shift her form into that of a feline’s. She’s fairly good at gathering information because of such, and most people only think: “Oh, it’s a cat- that’s nice.” And then go about their business. She has been fairly good at keeping her hide safe and keeping her name in relatively good standings. Her night vision is exceptionally good.

Weakness(es): When Magna goes through her shift, it causes her high levels of discomfort, and she has to stay feline for a certain amount of time before she can change back, and it is also, on rare occasions, difficult to control when she changes to or back. She’s also very mischievous, and can get into a lot of messes. Her pupils are sometimes contracted in human form, and she’d rather keep her ability a secret.

Equipment: A very decorated fan that is mainly a light strawberry red with gold and peach accents and designs. She has a leather pack which attaches to one thigh where she keeps a few items. She has a small knife for protection, and a green glass pendant which her mother gave her. ‘Na usually only wears the pendant for special occasions, though it’s always with her in her bag. There is a small leather bracelet on her left wrist that has a miniscule, ornate bell attached to it. The bell is silver with leaves on the top of it.

Personal Quote: "If you see a cat around here, just know that she's just as important of a guest as I am."

Description: Roma is actually a rather striking individual in that her hair is an actual deep red, and her eyes are a very pretty turquoise. Her build is lean, and she’s exceptionally agile because of the connection with her shape shifting form. Her skin is slightly tanned and fairly soft and smooth with only a few blemishes. She has a scar on her hip from a pinch she escaped from when she was fifteen.

On lax days she usually wears dark brown trousers and a raspberry red blouse along with her fan somewhere at her hip or, of course, in her hand. However, she does have quite a few other articles of clothing; she just prefers her own sense of style when it comes to non-event days.

In feline form, she resembles a grey tabby with black markings with white accents and paws. She also has a few browns in her pelt. Her eyes retain her striking turquoise but with a bit more greens and pale yellows. Roma’s fur is surprisingly soft and well kept despite what she crawls through.


Personality: Roma is, above all else, very mischievous and she fully enjoys getting others into trouble- even at her own expense. She’s usually found in her feline form, slinking around the castle or among other courtiers gathering information to use against them and to keep herself afloat. ‘Na is a bit outgoing and outspoken, although she knows when to keep quiet or when to stop pushing someone. She knows when to stop by how high their ranking is, and also by their fan motions or their posture. However, during meetings or events, most people only see her quiet side and the occasional smirks she hides behind her fans.

She’s usually only concerned about the people who she is close to, and is rather indifferent to most strangers unless they pose of some interest or if they look like good prey for pranks and mischief. However, she really has no one that she is close to- those that she was have either died or gone far from her.

History: Magna’s father was a noble, and her mother was a druid- thus her social standing as a courtier and her ability to shape shift. Her grandfather was the one who fought in the Sortelige Wars, acting as one of the important tactical officers. However, both he and her father were assassinated a few years after they received their titles. Evorn Romea was seriously injured, too late to receive help, and died rather quickly- Magna never really knew her father, but it shook her mother. It was then that her mother really became broken. Sure, she still loved Magna, but she was just so distant, and her love only reached so far. So ‘Na's personality understandably changed from the normal innocence of youth to what she is today.

~Internally, she’s still pretty sweet and rather kind in a quirky sort of way, but ever since she moved out to Paetax, no one’s really been able to get close to her- especially considering she’s so hard to find- because she’s usually in feline form and they’re searching for her human form- so no one really knows this side of her.~

But before she moved, she and her mother had lived out in the land bestowed to her family through her grandfather, away from most other humans. When ‘Na was relatively old enough to actually fend for herself, her mother seemed to take on the instincts of her animal form, and abandoned her daughter altogether. It was really strange and scary for Magna at first, but it was oddly not that different from when her mother had been there. However, what she didn't know was that her mother had sent out a letter to the King of Calisma, who by then had already heard of the assassinations, and was more than ready to make the needed arrangements.

She had been taught from the very start of their title shift how to be a lady and etiquette of the courts, and also how treacherous other courtiers were. She was tutored in politics and also learned how it was very similar to war itself. Magna is very proper when she needs to be, and is very skilled in reading and writing. However, her life style before being moved to Paetax was that of any other person, although reasonably more privileged in some aspects such as food and furniture.

She was around sixteen when she was escorted to Paetax, and thus has lived there for four years- although she wasn't always at the castle. She’s learned a plethora of secrets from other nobles and the castle itself, but she’s now most interested in the fact that the Prince’s group will be there in the castle for the coronation. The reason being that the Prince had always been so busy and she'd never really learned much about him- although she does know one or two secrets about him- and is interested to see what information these travelers can provide her. That and the fact that they're new and completely unexplored.

‘Na’s unnerved quite a few guests while in her feline form, because she’s usually found watching them at the most random of times and out of nowhere. However, she’s respected in cat form, and no one has really bothered her (chasing her away or trying to evict her from the premise) because of specific noting on Magna’s part when she first arrived.

Other nobles also know to watch themselves around her via knowledge quietly passed around behind open fans- she seems to excel at gathering information and picking out secrets, and is thus a threat one should be wary of.

Anything Else: When in feline form, occasionally Magna will have her bell bracelet around her neck as a collar. However, she usually just leaves it behind whenever she’s actually doing things of importance. Silence is important, after all. In her cat form, she has a range of emotional expressions that can slightly be compared to something almost human-like.


So begins...

Magna Romea's Story


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#, as written by Skwidge
Bright eyes shifted smoothly as a rather small silhouette gazed across the grass of one of the courtyards of the Castle. The sun was beginning to set, ’a rather pretty sight’, the little one mused, tail shifting over the soft blades of green. The lithe form rose from its crouched position and stretched forward, back legs receiving the main gist of the action. Her ears flicked lightly as a small gnat buzzed out of nowhere too near to her, and she let out a small yawn before refocusing on the grassy terra. She stepped out from under the stone bench, and slunk forward, a few feet from the small paved path to her right. There were a few courtiers out on a stroll, two or three to be precise, but she paid them mainly no mind.

After a brief pause in which a bird flying overhead caught her attention, Magna resumed walking comfortably. Her ears suddenly flicked up and swiveled, catching the sounds of a door being pushed open from somewhere above. Her head turned to determine just who it was, however there were a few bushes that disrupted her full vision. She trotted a few feet before coming into clear view of the balcony- there were two voices before, she easily caught that, but now there appeared to only be one there. ‘Na stood there, her tail tip an inch and a half above the ground, her head tilted up, and her eyes scanning over the man’s face. She quickly locked onto his eyes, forming eye contact- he didn't look familiar at all, which led her to believe he was part of Rydas' group, because he looked too different from any of the courtiers and nobles she had already met.

Travian lingered on the balcony after Acacia left. He was sort of embarrassed about his last words to her and was still blushing a bit from hers to him. "Good sir, huh? At least it's better than Champion..." He had already freshened up, and his drive to talk with someone had been satisfied for now. He just had to wait for dinner time, and this seemed a good spot to do it. He felt at peace amongst such pretty scenery: the sky was starting to take on an orange tint which made the whole courtyard shine like gold. Suddenly a small glint of light caught his eye which upon closer inspection was revealed to be the eye of a cat. He was surprised to see it there- he thought animals wouldn't be allowed in the palace. "I wonder if they're having problems with rats...." Or maybe it just belonged to someone really important, though none of the people in the courtyard appeared to be paying it any mind.

A small mew pressed through her vocals, and she trotted over to where the balcony was positioned, keeping her eyes focused on his face. She looked up, taking the opportunity to use the crevices between the stones as a sort of ladder, as well as the other decorations and ornaments. Her progress was only so-so, but she did manage to make it up to the balcony railing. Another meow rumbled out of her maw and she strolled over to him, sitting down and placing a paw on his arm for a moment. ”Meow.” It was a soft and pretty tone to the feline’s voice.

He watched with increasing befuddlement as the cat climbed up to him. Once it made it to the balcony it nonchalantly walked over to him and put a paw on his arm. "Uhh, can I help you?" was all he could think to say when it meowed at him. He always found cats slightly unnerving and the way this one had just climbed a wall to get to him was only making it worse. He very nervously put his hand out to pet its head, but waited to see how it would react before doing so.

Magna's ears swiveled momentarily, and her head darted to the left as something unheard by human ears distracted her. However, she soon turned back to the man before her, her eyes softly focused on his face and blinking slowly. She fractionally shifted away from him as he put his hand out to her, only momentarily wary of what he was planning on doing. "Mrah." Her newest vocal sounded more like a chatter, and it also dropped off at the end. The feline's ears shifted back just slightly and down, and a more relaxed look was on her face. She shifted forward and her nostrils could be seen slightly flaring as she took in his scent.

The cat withdrew from his hand. "Okay, well at least you're establishing that you don't want to pet. Most cats I've known wait till you start petting them and then bite you. So what are you doing around here anyway?" It was too clean to be a stray, and a stray couldn't have gotten this far into the palace anyway. But it didn't have a collar or anything either.

Magna tilted her chin up, meeting his gaze once more. A small, short purr rumbled through her vocals, but was quickly cut off. It was a response to his remark about most cats biting- she knew how that usually went down as well. The feline blinked a few times before letting out another small meow, her tail half dangling from the edge of the balcony's railing and twitching softly. She suddenly ran her tongue down her left shoulder and side, almost as if she had heard his thoughts. She hadn't though, of course.

After a while it seemed the cat wasn't going to do anything else that was particularly odd, and Travian relaxed again. He mostly watched the sky and the shifting clouds, but every so often a flicker of movement or noise would bring the cat back to his attention. Not much time had passed before soft steps were heard echoing from within the castle, and Magna’s head turned to watch as a servant once more stepped out onto the balcony.

"Excuse me, sir. You have been summoned to dinner." This time it was a male servant, but not one he recognized.

"Ah okay. See ya around cat." He said as he followed the servant back into the hallway. The man held the door open for him but did not follow as soon as Travian had stepped through. Confused, he turned to see that the man was still holding the door for the cat who strode right up next to him, dipping her head to the servant and letting out a small meow before stopping next to the man’s foot, a content- almost coy- look to her. "Uhh… shouldn't this cat stay out in the courtyard?"

"No, it has free reign here in the palace. However, she doesn’t often take to following people like she’s seemed to have latched onto you.”

"What; so it's just going to come with me to the prince's dinner table?!"

"It wouldn't be the first time, sir. Now if you'll just follow me."

"Does this cat belong to the princess or something!? There's no way it's Rydas'." He kept looking down at the cat in shock as he followed the servant to the dining room. He didn't particularly want to be stuck with the thing, but he couldn't say anything without risking ill favor from whichever influential person it belonged to. And how exactly could one stop a cat from following them anyway?

Magna shot off glances to the man she walked next to, retaining a bit of an internal smirk. ’Yes, that’s right. Just keep being shocked. I may not have been formally invited, but there’s no way I’m missing out on the specially prepared food set out for Rydas’ questing group, or what you guys are going to be talking about.’ The feline kept in stride with the man, although perhaps three inches behind his feet- something that was rather polite- and let out a rumbling purr as they made their way to the dining room.


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No one questioned the cat that was tailing Travian as he and the servant hurried to the dining hall. Apparently it had taken the man longer than he thought to find the paladin so he was running late. He was a little uncomfortable at the prospect of showing up late, especially with the cat. All of his life he’d lived with the rule that animals were absolutely not allowed indoors and he kept expecting someone to chastise him for it. He’d never forget how much trouble he’d gotten in that one time he snuck a puppy in the house back when he was still a little kid.

Magna blinked a few times, her tail swaying comfortably along the ground, a content look upon her face as she continued to follow along behind the man. He served as a guide, even though she already knew the way- one should arrive with another, after all.

They were indeed late, and Magna flicked her ear- she didn’t mind in all honesty, she figured she didn’t miss anything really important. What really irked her was the fact that there were a few other courtiers which she recognized- obviously late invites, and she had seen nor heard any servant coming to summon her; of course this worked out rather nicely, as she wouldn’t have to explain why she decided not to come, but nonetheless.

He felt the pressure of many eyes on him when he entered the hall at last. Most of the seats were already filled- mostly faces he knew but some new ones as well. After an uncomfortable moment standing there looking for an empty chair he finally spotted one. As he started moving towards it he realized he had to walk right by the royal family- which at first made him even more uncomfortable until he noticed a small pillow near the princess’ chair. “It must be for the cat!” he thought as he approached.

The Princess listened intently to her brother’s speech before switching her gaze to the clergyman that had just been introduced. It was movement, however, that tore her eyes away. A few late arrivals quietly made their way to empty seats, one of which strolled by her end of the table. It wasn’t the man, however, that caught her attention but rather the furry creature that followed him so diligently. Spsss, spsss… A soft catcall escaped her pretty lips, beckoning her familiar to her side where a comfortable cushion awaited.

Green gaze rose upwards, offering a soft smile to the man she recognized as a paladin. ‘Travian, I see you’ve met Lady. She’s a resident of the estates. I hope she hasn’t alarmed you at all, she’s usually quite well-mannered.”

"No, no, she's very well behaved. I was just suprised by her. So is she your cat, princess?"

The feline let out a soft meow, sitting down and curling her tail around her haunches and over her front paws, looking at both of them.

”Oh, Lady doesn’t belong to anyone. She does as she pleases.” Sena laughed, looking fondly at the cat.

"Oh how long has she been here then?" he asked, even more curious about the cat than before.

‘Oh, now he’s interested.’ Internally, the feline smirked, but remained rather happy looking on the exterior. She pawed at the man- Travian’s, leg, before looking back up at Sena, a short purr rumbling through her figure in response to her gaze. She then took the time to look around at the rest of the faces, cataloging their appearances in her mind, and how they reacted to each other.

"A few years." She replied simply, her eyes drifting back to the man who was about to make a prayer.
Following the princesses eyes he saw that a priest of some sort was about to make a prayer, so he made a respectful bow and walked over to his seat. He remained standing so as to not cause too much noise while the man was speaking. Once the priest was done speaking, Travian slid into his seat.


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#, as written by Skwidge
Talsin Inicka

Click click… click. Click click… click. The sound of Tal’s boot heel spread across the rather void halls as he walked, his back straight and one hand behind his back. ’Step step, hop. Step step, hop.’ He mused to himself as he acted out his odd little shuffle. A soft tune wavered behind Tal’s closed lips, pausing only when he breathed. His footfalls matched the song which he hummed, and every so often the notes would drop as he brought up his left hand, opening his mouth and then biting down on the soft flesh of some sort of fruit.

The male twin smiled cheerfully to no one save himself, and then licked at the corners of his lips where juice threatened to dribble down. His movements could be seen as clockwork- fairly precise and very continual. ’Step step, hop…. Step step, hop.’ Click click… click. Click click… click.

After having attempted to chase after that Acacia girl, Tal figured he had seen enough of the castle for one day. He had also decided it to be best not to get lost and then make a scene and cause trouble for the hidden workers of the castle. So he had wandered off and found some sort of sustenance. Click click… click-k. Tal’s ear twitched, and he abruptly stopped, retaining his content grin as his sister suddenly appeared at his side. He broke his stance to perform a small little wave to her before continuing to move.

He blinked, his gaze shifting down towards her outstretched hand. He rubbed his chin for a few seconds before shrugging. ”Don’t know,” He leaned against the wall with a mellow facial expression before taking another bite of his mystery fruit. Continuing on to elaborate more on his sister’s written question, Tal’s voice worked its way around the small pieces of fruit within his mouth, ”It appears to be a hybrid of peach and plum, but I don’t rightfully know what it’s called.” His walking- and humming- resumed and Ira followed behind. Click click… click. Click click… cli- ”Hey Ira, do you remember that little marionette doll. You know- the one from the small town… uh, Tempera I believe it was?” -ck. Click click… click. Ira’s eyes shifted over to her brother’s form, and took the extra step-breaking the merged sound of their footsteps- and her step settled seemingly perfect with his.

She neatly deposited a little puppet string into his free palm before falling back in step with him, although this time at his side. Tal smiled, tilting his head and peering down at the object. ”So you’ve still kept it, huh? That’s nice to know. Sometimes I wonder how deep those pockets of yours are… but then I remember I don’t ever want to find out. It would ruin the fun and excitement!” He let out a short laugh before humming once more.

He finished his fruit and then deposited the pit onto a small table nearby and then gazed up at the grand ceilings. He opened his lips and words came forth from his hummed song, “But alas, her string- began to fray; Alas, the little puppet girl knew not- for if that knot unraveled that day; The little puppet girl would never get to play… again.” The tune he carried on humming until they ran into a pair of servants who had been sent out to find and corral the adventurers to dine. They led the two to the dining room, and Tal entered cheerfully, his eyes scanning over many of the already-seated guests. However, there were some new faces as well- nobles, as he soon discovered from the idle chatter going about the table.

The male twin simply strode to an empty seat, his facials brightening as he realized it was next to the One-Who-Keeps-Avoiding-Me, and fell lightly into it. ”So, what do you think of the castle so far?” He blinked, his focus directed solely on her with a small smile. However, it faltered a bit when she failed to answer him. ”Acacia?” He waved three fingers in front of her face, trying to grasp her attention.

”Oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” Tal let out a soft cough, squinting one eye before restating his question. After a few more moments she answered him, only to receive another subtle cough. ”Very… big and… nice words.” He mimicked good-naturedly, a cheerful smile on his face to show no hard feelings were meant in his jape. He opened his mouth to say something else, but was instead interrupted by a sharp jab in the ribs- the result of his sister sitting next to him, and the Prince began to speak. So they’d have to listen to some prayer or other. Tal’s lips pursed uneasily, but he remained polite and silent.

After the prayer was finished Tal’s eyes widened as the plethora of food entered the room. The smells were fantastic, and his stomach growled eagerly. He tucked into the food before him, but ate rather modestly for fear of being beaten by Ira afterwards and stuck to a new training schedule. He shuddered at the thought before quickly putting it away. He chewed thoughtfully and laughed often with the conversations floating around him, having almost completely forgotten about the encounter minutes ago with Acacia.

However, as the servants returned to dispose of their dishes, their attention was recalled by Rydas. A look of distaste wove itself onto Tal’s countenance, but he focused nonetheless. His eyes widened as he noted the random objects set before them- all linked by their magical properties. “These items will be sought out by friends and foe alike, and while Paetax’s own treasury is safe, I fear housing all this power in one place is asking for doom. Your task, should you accept it, is to safeguard an item and use it to protect this realm.” Blinking, the male twin leaned back further against his chair, pondering over each one in particular, his only thoughts being that of just what they did. And, since Rydas himself had one, what the consequences were.

Iravey Inicka

Ira stepped from her room, quietly shutting the door behind her- now that her things were unpacked, she wished them to remain anonymous from prying eyes. She would have to find herself a key later on, but for now, she set off on her task of finding the dining room. Unlike her brother, her steps were relatively silent- the result of something practiced for many years. Of course, she was a lot more casual about her mannerisms as she was a guest, and figured that there wouldn’t be many watchful eyes out. Being loud just wasn’t something she could make herself do anymore for fear that it would break her carefully constructed demeanor.

Her eyes quickly landed on that of her brother’s back, and she immediately advanced towards him with her steps shifting in sync with his. She was about a second off, and the ending of her footfall delayed after his, causing her twin to stop, waiting for her. Her eyes travelled up and down his form critically, and a piece of small parchment was in her hand while she scribbled something down as they resumed motion. What are you eating? She held it out for him to read, and he responded with a very vague answer.

”Hey Ira, do you remember that little marionette doll. You know- the one from the small town… uh, Tempera I believe it was?” With a blink, the female twin shifted around in her pockets before producing the small golden string, her leg stiffening to match down with her brother’s step and depositing the item in his hand before shifting back and walking next to him. ”So you’ve still kept it, huh? That’s nice to know. Sometimes I wonder how deep those pockets of yours are… but then I remember I don’t ever want to find out. It would ruin the fun and excitement!” She grinned slightly at him, her eyes shining with the emotion before it was wiped clean from her face. He continued his humming- the song he had created from the days they spent within that town and the small puppet.

Tal stuffed the string into one of his own pockets before continuing down the hall with Ira close at hand. They quickly ran into two servants who immediately led them to the dining hall- a small relief for Ira. As they entered, her eyes scanned over the faces within the room- quite a few had still to arrive, but there were new people as well. Her form stiffened for two seconds before she forced it to relax, but she was on the alert. Nobles- those who rarely should be trusted. She quickly turned and followed Tal to the table, taking the seat to his right as he conversed with the woman from before. Her gaze shifted around the room, taking in the faces and focusing on what was going on around her.

However, after a short prayer, the food was quick to arrive, and she settled back into her chair, waiting for her plate to be set. Once it was, she ate silently, listening in on the conversations going on about her. She constantly found her gaze shifted more towards the nobles, noting how they acted and how they spoke.

Once dinner was over and the servants appeared to take away their dishes, Rydas recalled their attention to himself as he spoke- changing the topic to something apparently more serious. Just what was quickly revealed as the Prince removed a cloth from a table. Twenty items of power- it boded many things, good and bad. Her thoughts immediately went to the nobles- in her opinion, it wasn’t very wise to have them there if they were rather influential. They were called the twenty items of power for a reason. Her eyes focused on the Prince’s face, rather docile towards what he wanted them to do.

Magna Romea

Her ears shot up as she heard the voices of some of the nobles of the house, and the softest of growls threatened past her vocals to lightly test the air. ’How offensive! They invite practically all the highest ranking nobles, and I didn’t see a single servant walking towards the direction of my room.’ Her whiskers twitched softly, another display of irritation. Oh well, it hardly mattered in any case- she was there after all. Her head twitched up as the man departed from the Princess to sit down.

Magna’s sleek form shifted from her seated position on the floor to the pillow which was placed specifically for her near the Princess’s side. It was rather soft and filled to just the right proportion to be comfortable and still allow her a good view. She settled into the center, her tail curling over her left haunch and stopping at her side. And then Sena announced they had to listen to some priest drone on in a prayer, and Magna’s ears flicked backwards fractionally to display her distaste.

Thankfully, it was a short one, so the food would be arriving shortly. She was rather hungry, and was definitely ready to eat. However, her head tilted up to peer at the priest who then addressed the Prince and Princess, asking for a donation. ’Tactless.’ She thought mildly towards the man, her tail tip twitching softly against the fabric of her pillow. Her eyes darted upwards, her gaze settled on Sena’s facials as her own anger showed up in some of the angles of her cheeks and countenance. A soft meow pressed past her lips and she reached out a paw to tap lightly on the hem of the Princess’s skirt before returning to her body. Rydas addressed the man, and Magna let out a short purr.

Her ear twitched as Sena clapped, indicating that food was soon to come, and Magna’s eyes brightened at the aspect of delicious food. Soon she felt the soft hand of Sena sliding across her head and back as she was stroked, and a light purr rumbled through her vocals. The feline daintily took the small pieces of meat from the Princess’s hand, being sure to refrain from actually touching her fingers. She chewed cheerfully, relishing the tastes that filled her heightened senses.

Her ears swiveled constantly, never ceasing to pick up pieces of all conversations. She was learning a lot about these people, even though they only shared a few tidbits of what they had been up to lately. Rydas soon stood once more, calling everyone’s attention. Her head swiftly edged up so her sight would rest on him, and he revealed that he had something important to explain at this gathering. Her ears flicked forward readily, eager to gain the information.

But she wasn’t expecting what he unveiled. A soft hiss escaped her vocals, and her ears fell flat against her skull. Her form tensed and many thoughts flew through her head. The nobles were here- it wasn’t even a question to think that they’d want those items. It wasn’t safe for them to be here, and she was quickly put off.

Rydas continued to speak, and her form reverted to its normal state, though still tense. So he was going to entrust his adventurers to these items. That was clever of him. Magna rose from her pillow and gingerly leaped up to the lap of the Princess and settled down, ready to depart if she showed any signs of not wanting her there. She wanted to see who would get what.


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#, as written by Skwidge
Magna Romea

It had been a long day of prepping, hours and hours of perfecting her look. For once, she was invited to one of the Princess’ events on good terms, even though it was hardly acceptable. It was of course in the honor of Rydas, so all high nobility- ’And adventurers’ she paused for a moment to smirk while her eyes flickered with intrigue and mischief, before finishing her previous thought- would be expected to come. Of course she was to be invited, what with being the Marquis and her grandfather doing so much for the war.

All day she had been cleansing and changing, mixing and matching to come up with something stunning for the masquerade. She had almost had no chance to go snooping at all, alt form or plainly, so it was definitely something different for her.

In any case, Magna was to be on her best behavior when in the presence of any nobility, and she had figured picking the adventurers out of the crowd would be suuchh a cinch. She knew of many a thing that went around in the city of Paetax, from royal whispers to affairs of the lowliest of souls. In this last week she had been very busy indeed with all the excitement and flow of new people coming for the coronation, and Sena’s ball. Gods, how she detested that shell of a person; in all honesty, Magna really didn’t know where the malice spurred from, probably something buried in her younger years at castle Paetax. ’Oh, but the sheer, delicious irony of it all!’ She laughed gleefully in her mind, a cheerful expression springing across her face that one only gets when they know a secret and have the knowledge no one else would ever uncover.

’But enough musing, it’s fairly past time I should be getting a move on to the ball. Fashionably late, I suppose.’ Magna’s form was adorned with a very figure flattering dress that showed hints of her bodice at the sides. It was dull peach and light cherry red with golden swirls and rings, much like archaic design but only subtly so. Her face was done to perfection as well with matching tones and pale lips, her eyes seemed to pop out and really make a statement, even from behind her mask. Despite the chance to have a good laugh at everyone’s expense to an inside joke only she knew of, Magna had decided that wearing a mask that resembled an animal was a bit boring for tonight. It was wire framed and gold, only covering the upper half of her face, stars and moon detailed much of the object. She still found that subtle humor within it as to her status. Her red hair was done up into a work of art, with some curls and a frame around her face with her bangs swept to the side to cover one eyebrow. The last thing she grabbed was her fan, which she attached at her hip.

With a devious little grin, Magna rose from her chair and slipped out of the doors and down to the ballroom. The little man at the doors hardly needed to be reminded of who she was, and he coughed a little nervously as she passed. As she entered the room, he clearly announced to the whole room, ”Presenting the Marquis Lady Magna Romea!” Her face was completely transformed as she stepped through those doors, a look of elegance and a small smile that was somewhat abashed but knew she was worth it in any case. It held confidence somehow, and an internal smirk wriggled upon her as she heard a few whispers race across the room. As she looked around, she noted that Rydas had not yet made an appearance. ’Typical.’ She tsked internally as she descended the large stairs to the floor.

She had to admit, Sena sure knew how to decorate, it pleased Roma’s eyes, and she decided that it sufficed her tastes as well. It was soon after she had hit the floor that the guest of honor arrived, and everyone’s eyes darted to his form. He had practically been non-existent for the past month to most everyone else. But Magna had heard the cries of pain the echoed so often from his chambers. It was hard to drown out, even when she was in her own room floor below. In fact, half of the rumors spread about the prince had most likely been started by her. But just chalk that up to her unusually good hearing, and her snooping.

Nel moved around the ballroom with the grace of a drunken butterfly, moving around aimlessly in search of others, and subsequently turned her head as everyone else did to face the prince clad in black, Rydas, soon to be the next king. The monk’s last memories of the man, screaming, writhing in anguish as injuries of his own and sudden others opened up in his body and subsequently closed, spurred nightmares alongside those of the demons, fed by her own guilt regarding the matter.

“Maybe I don’t even need to speak with him?” She thought hopefully, the prince and everyone else in the party looking too inhuman with those flashy masks, and walking opposite of the direction to where the prince was, backing herself to a wall. While she did thought of the other adventurers, it was only now she realized that a majority of them fought with each other. She cracked the individual knuckles of her sweaty palms before plucking a glass of wine from a server, downing what she could in her mouth before pouring it back in the glass, the taste of rotting grapes unfamiliar and disgusting even for her dry mouth.

Her attention drifted from him rather quickly, already becoming distracted and slightly bored with her current thought process. Suddenly, her eyes landed on a sole figure in the back of the room which she could actually pick out in that strikingly bright yellow dress, and a smile widened across her lips as she was certain no nobles were watching and began approaching. A soft laugh fluttered past her lips, but glee was written in her eyes for a fraction of a second, ’That certainly must be one of the adventurers. I’ve seen her down in the city before, she’s uncomfortable here, and-‘ A look of comical disgust filled her entire features, only for the sake of the mask she wore- and not the one on her face- as the woman picked up a glass of wine, downed it, and then spit the whole thing back into the glass.

‘Na’s fan was immediately up at her face, fanning herself lightly as she neared.
“Well, that’s hardly lady-like. Tsk tsk tsk, you should certainly do your best to behave in events such as these, you never know who’s watching, and who’ll start talking~” Roma herself was one to talk about such things, especially scolding the girl when she did pretty much the same thing in a much more elegant fashion.

The monk jumped at the sudden voice that shamed her, twisting her body around to meet the young noble woman face-to-face, her words both confusing and frightening her.
“W-what do you mean? Who’s watching and who’s talking?” Nel said, suddenly looking left and right at every other being and watching their lips move with suspicion.

At the jumpy response she received, Magna didn’t know whether to sigh or grin. She did neither, and closed her fan with a flick of her wrist before reattaching it at her hip.
“Well, you’re watching me, and I’m talking to you.” It was sort of a play over to diffuse the situation, but ‘Na knew that it would only confuse the monk more. She was testing her bounds and how she reacted to things.
“No need to jump, we’re all ‘friends’ here, I suppose. Some play at it, some are honest about it, but you never know about these times.” She grinned softly, eyelids flickering closed before reopening.
“What brings you here, and what’s your profession?” A look that portrayed honest interest passed over her face and remained there as she waited for an answer she already knew. While she didn’t entirely know what the yellow-clad lady did, she may have snooped around The Black Vagabond a couple times on her rounds. She just wanted confirmation that she was indeed one of the adventurers, although Roma hardly knew why she needed it. They were somewhat easy to spot out amidst the well behaved around her.

“…Wait, what?” The monk tried reasoning the girl’s attempt to reassure her, filling her with even more confusion before she explained herself. Nel couldn’t understand how everyone was all “friends” on the ballroom floor especially since she didn’t even know half of these people and thought that the facial disguise was more unnerving and an overtly bizarre setup to make friends with. She thought back to Mirabella’s words that they might all be ugly underneath and softened just a bit for the woman, taking a moment or two before being realized she was being asked a question.

“Oh, I was one of the, umm, adventurers with Rydas so I was invited…I guess.” Nelinia still felt odd about self-proclaiming herself as an adventurer since adventurers have…well, adventures. “My profession, well, I own the Black Vagabond.” She downed some of the wine, visibly disgusted with its taste for a moment, but stomaching it as the liquid went down her throat.

At the lady’s remark, Magna grinned amiably and chirped out her own comment,
“Well it’s good to see the future king at least knows how to pay his respects.” She nodded her head once before watching as the woman answered her second question. ‘Na purposely widened her eyes a bit as she fractionally bobbed her head back and forth.
“Oh, I see. Well, perhaps I should pay a visit there. As long as you have good ale and bread that’s not stale, of course~” And indeed she probably would be visiting, but not in a way this adventurer would recognize.

Roma had to hold back a chuckle as the yellow clad lady lifted the glass to her lips and the liquid vanished down her throat, the very same she had spat back into the glass moments before. One eyebrow arched behind her mask, and she grinned,
“Any good? I’m unsure if I wan to partake of such a beverage. I missed your introduction, I’m Magna, and you are?”

Nel couldn’t help but smile as Magna expressed her wishes to visit the Black Vagabond sometime, somehow making an acquaintance where she thought she’d make none, maybe a testament to her newly formed social skills? Whatever it may have been; she was thankful for it eitherway.

Just as the lady mentioned the wine, the monk gave a small chuckle when she did, realizing even her own oddness and glad to give her input.
“It tastes like rotten grapes. I’m Nelinia, nice to meet you Magna.” With an outstretched hand out, maybe, just maybe she was starting to get comfortable here

After a moment of checking to see who might be watching and finding no threats, Roma gave a genuine smile and a small giggle at her observations,
“Usually it’s good, I suppose it might be an acquired taste, or too rich for those who haven’t had it before. And likewise, Adventurer. I must ask, what was your favorite part of your quest?”
Magna was certainly not going to ask a stupid question like, ‘what did you do, tell me of your adventures!’, because it was highly probably they’d told their stories hundreds of times. Besides, ‘Na figured she’d get her chance eventually. At the outstretched hand, Magna took it daintily, but looks were not to fool, as the return squeeze was firm and trained.

Staring at the red liquid it was difficult to believe how it could be, as Magna said, “rich”, as an imagined process of gold coins thrown into the wine and stirred began to swirl in Nel’s mind. The monk decided to squeeze lightly in the handshake, learning quickly in Paetex it wasn’t polite to hold too tightly from much of the curses she’d hear afterwards. The abnormal thought of gold wines was put aside as Nel responded perhaps a bit too quick and enthusiastic to her question.
“Yes, my favourite part was when-“ before stopping mid-speech as such as a “favourable” part of the quest was missing, her mind suddenly racing and body frozen in thought When we got the horses…no, my neck was sore after that incident…when we got to the cas…when we found Panac-“

An all too noticeable shudder traversed down her spine as the images of the Prince’s agony haunted her mind like a low-laying fog of despair that clung to the ground.

“I…really can’t think of one…” Nel admitted rather frankly before suddenly turning her head as if on a sudden revelation.
“No, wait! When everyone was around the fire, eating and telling tales. That was peaceful, almost fun.” The monk stared into the wine in her cup for a moment in thought.
“After that, I’d guess it’s when we finally got back.”

At that question it seemed she had freed some poor trapped animal and Nel just seemed to burst forward with enthusiasm before cutting herself off. Magna folded her hands in front of herself, waiting for her answer with good naturedly intrigued eyes. However, it had seemed for a moment she wouldn’t be getting an answer, and ‘Na almost felt a little depressed at the fact, plus the way Nelinia had thought she had one, but then said she didn’t. But Magna wasn’t left in distress for long as she then informed her of the campfire. A look that was almost never found on Roma’s face suddenly passed over her, and she smiled quietly. ’That sounds really nice. If you ignore the gruesome deaths and unbearable pain mixed in there.’ The look faded and Nel concluded.
“I see, sounds… exciting. If it weren’t for the massive amounts of danger and the inconveniences, I might have considered adventuring once or twice. But ah, such is not for me at the time being.”

“I thought of it as less an adventure and more something that needed to be done or else.” Nelinia tipped the glass to her lips and drank slowly but slowly more of the sour wine with visibly less disgust as she did the first time, finishing it, leaving just the glass which she held delicately from the top with the tips of her fingers.
“I’m pretty sure adventurers see more of the world then I had; considering this was my only such ‘adventure’.” Nel emphasized the last word, though not particularly in the way she had desired for it to be, which the adventure was, only in the technical sense.
“Danger and inconveniences indeed. People died and I guess it was inconvenient.” She said, her words suddenly bleak and emotionless, picking up quickly afterwards.

“If you do consider it, I think you should be strong and be good with a sword.”

As Nel commented on her point of inconvenience and her tone changed to something completely bland, a pang of boredom flickered to life for a fraction of a second. “If you do consider it, I think you should be strong and be good with a sword.” Magna scoffed quietly, “It does not take strength to win against an enemy, it takes wit.”

The monk twitched ever-so slightly at the stupid remark, her voice supressing a flame that grew at the pit of her stomach, a twinge of anger sounding as she spoke.
“Wit will do you no good against something that wants to kill you.”

With that remark, an obviously fake smile filled her lips as she tilted her head back a bit. “Hm, I believe it's a word called strategy. If one were to simply run against a monster with the intent to gouge it, odds are they would be the one to be gouged instead. Execution, and wit.” She spoke tactfully with that still fake smile, and as she concluded the smile twitched one corner of her lip up just a bit, almost smug but easily unreadable as such.

For some reason, Nelinia found distaste in the way the lady smiled after those words of fake knowledge, why she couldn’t say but only that it irked her so as she narrowed her eyes.
“And wit is useless if you can’t perform the execution with strength, and as part of it technique, to outmaneuver the monster.”

Roma was unfazed by Nel’s next comment and she clicked her tongue softly,
“It doesn’t take always take strength, if you were to simply disrupt the monster’s center of gravity, it would be dispatched for the time being and then defenseless for that period of time. And with a strategy, you’d have foreseen this and considering you’d be running on adrenaline by then, you could go in and dispatch of it.”

She couldn’t help but scoff and laugh, not in the condescending or soft way like many nobles do, but in an actual genuine manner that it seemed like the girl had the perfect punch line for a complete joke. With no doubt it’d garner attention from others nearby but Nel could care less because of the sheer ridiculousness she had to deal with.

At the rather unbecoming response she received from the yellow clad girl, Roma rose an eyebrow and a look of disdain flickered across her features.
“And once more, this is just another example as to why commoners do not truly belong anywhere near the courts. While I must thank you for assisting our future King, and showing continued support, it’s somewhat arrogant to express yourself so openly. Once more I must draw your attention to those who might be watching. Wars are not just fought with swords, Lady Nelinia.”

The monk managed to somehow stop laughing, still having little escapes of giggles through her words, most of Magna’s little speech ignored while laughing.
“T-that was adorable. Precious. Oh that was. Adrenaline!” Nel took the moment to wipe away a little tear that formed against her eye before continuing very cheery-like.

“You’ve probably never trained a day in your life, never picked up a sword, never used a bow, and think it’s so easy. Although I never picked up a sword, I make use of my hands for those matters.” She brought up both of her caloused hands in the air in front of her, wiggling her fingers before slowly creating a fist, the knuckles on her fingers cracking with a sickening sound as they tightened under the pressure, her right hand unintentionally crushing the very wineglass she held from the top.
”Whoops,” was all Nel could really say as she opened her hand, found it and let the tiny pieces of the glass fall to the ground. After four drinks back in the Black Vagabond earlier that day and now a glass of wine, it was proving more difficult to be aware of these things. While she looked left and right, a very surprised server was behind her, frozen when his very intention was to assist her with another drink. She obliged herself, taking another glass of wine with one hand, and wiping the glass that stuck to her skin on the edge of the plate the very server held before turning back to Magna, her hand revealing nothing more but a scrape or two from the delicate glass.

“I really must be going if I wish to speak with the others.” She turned the other way towards the ballroom floor before stopping and having a all-too noticeable smile on her face.
“Adrenaline. That’s too good.” She laughed softly as she starting to walk away and hopefully chat with others if they’d prove to be just as fun as Magna.

At the outburst of laughter from the poor fool before her, Magna simply shook her head and clicked her tongue. As Nel discredited her about weapons and training, a subtle smirk wriggled onto her lips, and glee flickered to life in her eyes. She loved having information others did not. ’And that’s where you’d be highly mistaken.’

As the glass broke in Neliana’s hand, rather than being intimated or impressed Magna was only disgusted at the display and how she could not pay attention to what was around her. She made a hasty farewell to her, and at her mocking glance back at Roma, she merely tilted her head with a smile, and then shook her head. ’Poor thing, probably isn’t going to survive very long. No matter.’


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Magna Romea & Ava Ambershard
(A collaborative post with Skwidge)

Ava’s boots made little noise as she wandered through the busy streets, it felt like it had been days since her last hot meal and she couldn’t even begin to remember the last time she’d slept in a real bed. Her last contract had turned into a dud; she was ambushed almost as soon as her boots touched onto the property, another trap to catch those of her noble profession.

Her hands reached down to her coin purse as she continued along the street, foraging for anything that could buy her food. She needed to get some work soon, she might even have to consider offering to guard a merchant at this rate, that or doing some banditry herself. Her digging had come up fruitless, as she knew it would. This was around the tenth time she had checked in the past hour alone.

‘Damned bastards!’ She thought angrily to herself turning away from the street filled with the rich aromas of warm food. She had no idea where she was headed of course, it was her first visit to the capital city all she had to go on was her mother’s tales when she was still a child and even then the kingdom itself had changed in more ways than one in that time.

Her aimless wanderings eventually took her into what she assumed was some sort of communal ground for festivals though with all that was happening in the city today it was still packed with people, it seemed there was little she could about that today. Eventually the growing pangs in her stomach forced her to stop and Ava took what little refuge she could find from the throngs of people. Leaning her back against a tree Ava allowed herself to slide down until she was left sitting against the trunk with her knees hugged tightly to her chest, her head lying defeated on her knees.

“Now what the fuck do I do?” she asked quietly to herself.

Brilliant orbs steadily followed a single form as it stamped along the cobbles, easily threading through the throngs of people. Every twitch and quirk of this figure's form was duly noted, nothing missed. Muscles suddenly tightened and the orbs dropped from their prey, now revealing a new scene. Smooth stone warmed from the shade by a small figure soon grew chilled and uncomfortable once more as a silent thud pressed into existence and the earth gave way to small paws. Sleek and dark, a tail twitched in the air, and the form stood at a lax position, but not for long. Soon she was shifting through many feet, darting under stalls, scenting the air for every rich morsel that drifted about. A grin seemed to appear upon the feline's face as she stalked towards her intended destination. As she had seen from her perch upon the walls, the figure she sought was slumped against a tree, looking pretty irritated indeed. This was an unfamiliar face, this she knew, as she was quite aware of everyone's presence in her city. It was her duty to check out most everyone, or at least it was quite entertaining as to how they reacted. Toying with them as she would a mouse or an insignificant person. And they almost never realized it until it was too late.

The feline paused suddenly as a foot landed mere inches from her. A low hiss rumbled through her form, and a yelp was given in return as the offending woman spotted her. Magna smirked cheerfully, though she did waver in her path in order to take the one less traveled by. No matter what her confidence level was, she wasn't stupid. And having your tail stepped on was a very unpleasant experience. Pushing aside such harrowing thoughts, Roma quickly slunk towards the tree. She came to a sleek stop, motion never stopping as she shifted into a sitting position and sliding her tail over her front paws. With a slightly tilted head, Magna's eyes fixated upon the female's form with an intense gaze.

Ava's eyes didn't flitter away from her boots for some moments as she attempted to imagine money into reality. After some time, the slight breeze created from the bustle of people around her made her look up at her surroundings. At first glance all she saw was the continuing hoards of people bustling towards their ends, shopkeepers and revellers alike but then as she made to rest her head back on her legs she noticed an admirer. An eyebrow raising slightly Ava held a hand out to the unusual feline. It's eyes were inlike anything she'd seen before, almost turquoise in colour. "You're not a normal cat are you?" Ava asked the new companion as she stroked it's soft fur. "It's ok. I'm not normal either." she added, with a slightly sinister smile that showed her unusually long canines.

Magna barely deigned to sniff at the outstretched digits before her. She grew wary as any normal cat should, and tilted her head backwards as the woman attempted to touch her. At her question, Magna tilted her head to the side and blinked once, obviously confused. "Meow?" The vocal slipped past her lips, but as soon as she felt those fingers on her fur, she got up and turned right around. Blood reeked from this female, something was not quite right with her. While Roma wasn't entirely against this individual, she did not like her presence in this city. She tilted her head back to gaze at the woman, and her tail tip twitched lightly as she faced forward once more, keen on enjoying the food of the night.

Ava sat back against the tree as the cat turned back around, toying with the idea of following it. Cats had little meat on them and her curse was currently satiated so she had no reason to hurt the small animal, not that she would have done unless desperate anyway but it was something that she had been faced with once before already. Deciding that she had nothing else to do with herself beside sitting and mourning her empty stomach Ava pulled herself to her feet and walked after the small feline. She couldn't place why but for some reason it felt strangely as though she was supposed to have followed. Then again she had just spoke to a cat, perhaps she was just hungrier than she realised.

Magna's ear twitched and swiveled slighty to display the slightest hint of annoyance at the prospect of this woman following her again. Her instincts set her on edge, warning her against this stranger, but she knew that they were only base animal ticks, so she remained steadily walking, her ears trained on the almost silent footsteps behind her. While she didn't make that much noise, other than her rumbling stomach, Roma could tell where she was by the faint scents that followed the stranger. Her tail shifted and she tilted her body in order to turn down a new path. She was walking backwards to the stands that held the rich aromas of bread and treats and meat. Almost jokingly Roma considered herself the guardian of the upper part of the city, near the castle. She kept her eyes and ears open for whatever she could in order to protect herself and the few that were relatively close to her. She constantly sent in anonymous tips to the guards around the city when things were going awry, but even with her edginess towards the stranger, she knew how bad an empty stomach was.

After padding for quite some time, the cat came to a momentary halt in order to build power in her back legs and propel herself up onto a wooden stand. The merchant behind seemed only slightly surprised, and in a welcome sort of way. "Ah, it's the little kitty that's stalks about. How ya' doing puss? Hungry?" Magna looked up at the man and purred, parting her jaws slightly and running her tail over the smooth wood. "Alright, alright. Here you go, but this is all you get." His hands moved about behind his trade, soon producing a few chunks of meat for the feline. It was only once Roma was gulping down the meat that he realised someone else was there. He wiped his hands on a cloth before engaging the stranger. "My, haven't seen you around these parts. What are you here for?"

It occured to Ava how mad she must be as she walked. She was following a cat she encountered randomly in a city that was likely filled with strays and pets as though this cat was going to turn into some sort of feline divine ready to grant her money, food or work. Hells, odds were she would soon be at a strangers doorstep stomach growling and looked more like a beggar than an assassin. Maybe begging was a feasible option at this point. Shaking her head at the thought Ava continued on her pointless journey, at least there might be a hayloft she could sleep in for the night. Her feline companion continued to lead her never seeming to take routes that Ava would have struggled with which although seemed odd she was thankful for, at least thinking about her own madness took her mind from her hunger.

This momentary distraction was shortlived as the smell of succulent food once again filled her senses. "Urgh, cat's are sadists." she whispered to herself as she began to consider walking back to the tree before suddenly the cat was sat atop a stand. Oh great, a butchers. Thanks cat. she thought sarcastically to herself, making an attempt to leave before she was spotted. Shit! What do I say? Oh hi... I followed this cat here for no reason, could I possibly have some free meat? Yeah, that won't make you sound like a whore or anything. Damnit Ava! You can sneak past guards and talk your way around diplomats you can handle a little shopkeeper! she barated herself. "H...Hello," she began slightly shakily. "I umm, came from a city up northways... I'm an adventurer." She attempted, trying to think of a story quickly, telling people of her profession tended to be a bit of a conversation killer. "Could you happen to spare something in return for a guard or anything could you? Or maybe I can hunt something for you? Please sir, I'm so hungry." There was a definite look of pleading in her eyes, usually Ava would hate to think of herself as anything but a noble assassin of great stoic brilliance but it was more often than not that she was doing something that could be taken as the total opposite.

As this woman made sad work of conversation, Magna turned her head to stare at her steadily, and the shopowner watched amusedly at this young lady's attempts to explain her situation. "Ah, speak no more. A friend of the puss can be a friend of mine, I suppose. I can't spare much, but here." He produced a thin slab of meat which was uncooked, but he grinned benignly as he handed it over to her. "Make sure she doesn't get into any trouble, now." It was unknown whether the man talked to the woman before him, or the feline perched upon his stand. He soon scratched the cat's ears, making no apologies for the uncooked portion of his offering, as it was nice enough to even give that much. Besides, the lady looked resourceful enough. "Now get on your way, if you're an adventurer, you'll surely want to hurry up to the castle to get a good spot to see the coronation."

Ava could barely contain her hapiness at the gift. "Thank you sir!" she nodded thankfully. "I swear I'll repay you as soon as I can, you have my word!" It was true, lying came naturally to her when she was playing the part but this time she was telling the truth. She turned to leave towards the castle stopping for an extra moment wondering whether the cat would follow but she eventually decided that even if it did she couldn't exactly call out it's name and expect it to suddenly have bonded to her. In the end she decided to just see what happens, so far that had worked out for her in the capital and who knew? Maybe her luck would hold out.

Magna blinked lazily, watching the girl's appreciation with little interest. She simply rose to her feet and stretched, leaping down to the ground once more before licking a paw daintily. She didn't even give the woman a last glance as she slipped back into the crowds, swiftly making her way up to the castle in order to prepare for today's events.


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#, as written by Skwidge
Magna Romea

As soon as Magna had returned to the castle, it had been an entire day of prepping for the huge event. Well, perhaps not all day, as she was entitled- even expected- to cause a bit of mischief here and there. And she certainly couldn’t leave her loving prey in despair over peace. It was mostly the usual startling, insulting behind polite words, and causing a bit of chaos in the kitchens, but there was one event that was particularly… interesting, to say the least. Suffice it to the imagination, cloth everywhere, hard to see, ladies screaming, and almost getting her tail chopped off by a slammed door.

’Ah, the daily life of Miss Romea.’ She mused, working on her red locks with a curler. She had been prepping for this event for the past week, though of course in only a personal way. Clothing, fashion, plans, possible mischief; but this was a really important and special day for Rydas, so other than her small uproars, she wouldn’t do anything drastic. In fact, she had truly wanted to be there for him today, even though they rarely spoke. He was practically like an annoying almost-brother, considering she had grown up alongside him. Their relations were nothing close, they really never were, and Sena and she had seemed to hit it off wrong quite early. The most ironic part, however, was that Sena technically loved and hated her, depending on her form. It was pretty much shared on Magna’s part too, while she hated her high and mighty ways, she really did have that affectionate loyalty to her, though Roma wouldn’t spill that even if someone tried to torture it out of her, or if her life depended on it.

Glancing up to peer at herself, she couldn’t help a pretty smirk from flitting onto her lips. At the cost of being vain, gods did she look fine. Curves accentuated at all the right places, striking eyes displayed further by just the right shades of dust, and that always present gleam of mischief to her features. She was a noble after all, and should anyone mock or shun her tendencies, they’d be getting a nasty shock soon after. She knew it really didn’t matter what she looked like, and when it came down to it, she honestly didn’t care. But she had an image to uphold, and besides, she wanted to look nice for today.

After finally perfecting her look, off she went down the corridors with fan waving before her face. Killing the last few minutes before she would find her place within the throne room with so many others.


Magna could feel the immediate change within the air as the entire scene flipped, could sense it before it happened. But she hadn’t thought to open her mouth. There really wasn’t enough time to, because soon everything was happening all at once. It was surreal really, the eerie silence that plagued the room as a sole voice spoke, commanding attention. It was coming from Sena, the woman she spent at least a third of her time with, and that certainly wasn’t who she knew.

Panic had struck her down to the bone, and like so many others, she could not move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t process quickly enough what was going on. And that was when the dagger was pulled upon the newly crowned King. Shock spread itself through her body, and soon blood rained upon the throne, splattering all that was near the source. But it was not of the crowned. Something sickening and horrid ran down Roma’s spine then, and that’s when the Princess was taken. She was grabbed and ripped away from her brother, from her realm, and from her life, and that was when Magna screamed out her name.

Roma sat silently within the library, her face emotionless save for the look of shock that still lingered within her eyes. The only real movement was the fan at her wrist, trying in vain to blow away the scenes she had just witnessed. It had been horrible, yes, unspeakable really. But where others found shock and utter terror, it was twice as strong for her. The blood… it just wouldn’t leave her senses. The scene just kept replaying and replaying in her mind, no matter how hard she tried to stop it. However, while she might have looked completely lost to the world, she was highly attuned to every word that was being passed within the royal library.

She had practically barged into the library once she had figured out what was going on, giving anyone who stood in her way a look that just quelled all opposition. If there was anything she could do to help, she would. Despite her utter dislike for the Princess, no one deserved a fate such as the one she had been forced into, besides, Sena wasn’t all that bad. The struggle within Magna was often neutral towards her human hate and her feline favoritism, but now it was clawing and scratching at her, and she was lost as to what she should be doing. Thus she had come to the conclusion to be present at the library.

Talsin & Iravey Inicka

The twins had actually found some really good spots for the coronation, right up in the front. Indeed good seats- for an unexpected horror show, that is. It all started off well enough, Rydas had seemed so confident and prepared when he spoke out the oath of the throne. Though the whole thing was much too serious and tense for Tal, he had of course gone without question and stayed through the whole thing, as was his duty as a friend and subordinate of the Prince. It really wasn’t like Tal to sit and focus on one thing for so long, especially with all the stuffy nobles around him and the stiffness in his spine. He wiggled and shuffled constantly, much to the subtle annoyance of his sister who had to constantly poke him in the side to get him to behave. Tal couldn’t help it, despite the seriousness and formality of the event, he was bored with having to stand about. He wanted to be up where the action was, or at least have things pick up so that the coronation would get more exciting.

Unfortunately, he got what he wished for.

At first, Tal had just thought that Sena was giving her kin well wishes, or giving him some encouragement. There was something off about the whole entire thing though, from the moment she started walking forward towards him. The little nagging sense was in the back of his head, and it seemed like déjà vu, so familiar yet he couldn’t place what it was. Besides, he should be focusing on Rydas and what Sena was saying to him. Tal’s previous thoughts, though, were not confirmed, and he instantly knew something was wrong when the color drained from the Prince- New King’s- face.

Ira had seen it too; she had been a little on edge the entire ceremony- probably because of all of the people, and the whole massiveness of the event itself, but her wariness had been justified when everything went wrong.

“Long live the King!” Everything happened instantaneously. Suddenly Sena had drawn a knife on the Prince, and immediately Ira had reached for the dagger she always kept in her boot. The murder was immensely clear on the Princess’ face, and foreseeing what she intended to do, a ruthless fury had suddenly flourished within Ira, one she could not place, but such trivial confusions were missed- the only thought in her mind that she could grasp and understand was simple. Kill before -Rydas- was killed.

But her dagger was not there; she had foolishly left it with the guards before she had entered. She had even hesitated when they asked for all weapons- she didn’t have to reveal that one, she could have kept several and they wouldn’t have been any the wiser. But she had been a complete fool and had decided to show good faith and leave them behind. She never did that, why did it have to be different the one time she needed it to be the same? Even if she had possession of her blade, she wouldn’t have been able to do much, because one, Tal had quickly covered her body with his own to ensure her safety, and two, because another had acted before her- one of the Guild, who abandoned his own life to save that of his new king. The twins had been close enough to her the sickening gurgle of blood within the man’s throat, had almost been close enough to be splotched with it.

But as the air changed, a shiver wracked both of their bodies simultaneously, and a foreboding chill prickled at the back of their necks- the familiar feeling of devil’s magic spread like tendrils throughout the room, and they had both immediately known what that feeling had meant. They had felt it before in the Citadel, and that spoke only one thing- Niluxeriel. Suddenly Sena was gone, pulled through a rip that connected to a world that held only the worst of hells, and Rydas was left bloodstained and shocked.


It had not taken long for a meeting of sorts to be called, and Ira and Tal had been among the first to arrive at the library. Both were rattled, but only Talsin really showed it. They had both found seats to occupy, Tal having grabbed the closest two and dragged them to the point the armrests were touching. Ira had taken her place silently, and Tal had kept his form protectively close to that of his sister’s. They waited, using the other’s presence for balance, for the announcement from Rydas concerning the events that had just taken place.

Cadeyrn Gaile

After the rather strange morning with Tariel, they had finally parted to prepare for the coronation. It irked Cadeyrn in a subtle way as to how Tariel behaved, and Lock didn’t trust him. While being the strangest noble he’d ever met, he was also the most wearisome and complicated at that. His mind was always trying to figure out the man, and eventually he simply came to the conclusion to try not to bother with it anymore, whatever that entailed.

Other than cleaning himself up, Lock did nothing to his appearance before the Coronation. He wasn’t expected to, and he wouldn’t have anyway. He had other things to do afterwards, and it would only be a pain to add extra mechanics to his routine. So by the time the event was taking place, he had quietly snuck in and taken a spot against the wall, watching without any emotion. He truly had no reason to be here other than show his allegiance to the Prince, so thus the occurrence was taken in such light. He hated these things, hated them. It was all just fancy wording, false politeness, condescending stares, all challenging the world and proclaiming victory when the battle had not even been fought. Nobles had no idea of what the real world held.

Cadeyrn crossed his arms and leaned further up against the wall, his chin tiled down and his eyes focused at his feet more often than not. However, when the time came for a challenge to the Prince’s right, Lock’s gaze shifted upwards to find Sena moving forward to Rydas. A harsh breath of air forced itself past his nostrils, and his eyes narrowed. It was a terrible time to be talking with her kin, especially when rights were questioned. Naturally a red flag popped up in his mind, and he stood up from his lax position, more focused on the scene in front of him. Suddenly a voice called out within the room, and the Princess lunged at her brother with a dagger that seemed to arrive from thin air.

Immediately Lock had grabbed for his bow- which he had sternly made clear he would not part with when the guards questioned- but he had left his arrows. A candlestick would have sufficed enough, had there been any nearby. And the thrice ‘demned guards stood idly by and did nothing as their new King’s life was practically taken from right from under their noses. However, by some power or fortune, another’s was taken in place of Rydas’, and blood splattered all over the floor. Suddenly the knife was clanging on the marble floor, and Sena looked absolutely shocked with herself. And then something practically knocked the breath from Lock’s form, and then the princess was tugged out of existence. After that, Lock had gained his senses back, and he immediately strode up towards the Prince with no care for any thoughts from others. There was no way in hell that he was letting any of the so called ‘guards’ handle anything from there, and Lock made that increasingly clear as he remained by his employer’s side, giving anyone who challenged him a death-sentencing glare.


As Rydas entered the library, Cadeyrn was close behind him, straying only so far as to slam his fist sideways into the clock that ticked innocently against one of the walls. Glass shattered loudly and the fragile mechanism within was cracked from the force of impact. Lock simply shook his sleeve once in order to dispose of the clinging fragments. Returning to the Prince’s side, he leaned back against one of the windows, crossing his arms and looking around the room with those eerily emotionless eyes of his. But his body language spoke doom to any who dared to try again at Rydas.

Lock had thought it a terrible idea to invite so many strangers into one room right after the newly crowned King’s life had been threatened. Did the man have a death wish or something? None of the people that gathered within the room struck him as particularly important, and a silent growl rumbled at the back of his vocals. He had almost immediately grabbed his weapons as they had left the throne room, and Lock was very obviously armed. A mistake like the one that had just happened would not be occurring again within the same day, or at least not if Cadeyrn had anything to say about it.

His natural instinct was, of course, to leave this entire mess behind him and slink back into the forest; there were many people gathering, and the flow did not seem to be dwindling any time soon. Despite his utter hatred for sticking around crowds, he would not leave the life of Rydas in the hands of imbeciles. The man deserved as much.