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Melisande Campion

"A little stabbing, a little drinking, and a lot of dancing. I call that a good time."

0 · 241 views · located in Paetax

a character in “Calisma”, as played by WendyDarling


Full Name: Melisande Campion
Nickname: Lethe
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: Five feet, five inches.
Race: Human.
Class Third.

Skills: Melisande is very skilled with small martial and exotic weapons. Her favorite weapons are two saber claws, small curved daggers. She relies on speed, agility and stealth rather than brute strength. Melisande's magical abilities follow her physical ones. She is capable of concealing herself from magical spells and even holds a certain amount of resistance to offensive magic, concealed or not.

Weakness(es): Melisande, as a small human female, cannot match the physical strength of a well-trained human male, although her body is also trained. She has some resistance to magic, especially spells of subduing and holding person, but this resistance is finite. She can dodge spells, but if they hit her she can only withstand so many before they will start to affect her. Her stealth abilities are quite good, but if she is hit by a magical attack while she is using this ability she will lose all her magical powers for about a day. A strike while she is stealthed will also halve her speed and dexterity, making Melisande choose between a chance of escape and getting to her target, risking death.

  • Two saber claws, two poisoned daggers, and a small light crossbow.
  • A small leather pouch with various herbs for making poisons, stimulants, or healing drafts.
  • A "little black book" for targets and connections, including their personal details
  • One ring with a small magical charge, used mostly for creating temporary distractions. Must be recharged regularly.

Personal Quote: "Just because I have to do unspeakable things to a target in the name of the Guild, doesn't mean I can't have a companionable drink with them beforehand."


Description: Melisande has waist-length black hair, thick and straight. Her skin is very pale most of the time, and she finds it very difficult to gain any sort of tan. Her eyes are bright blue and usually dancing with some sort of amusement, surrounded by thick black lashes and black eyebrows. A few freckles, the bane of her existence, are scattered on her upper cheeks and her nose. Masks are often useful to make her more intimidating. High cheekbones and a heart shaped face sit atop a delicately curved figure, with enough to tempt a man but not enough to get in her way as a Third. She is usually in light armor, often with blue accents, and always carries her two saber claws on her belt or hidden elsewhere. An enveloping cloak, the newest of which is a deep scarlet, often enshrouds her. Unless she's only going somewhere for pleasure and nothing else, Melisande always wears practical footwear, knee high boots being a favorite.


Personality: Melisande is social, garrulous, and charismatic. She makes many friends to use as connections for her Guild work, and never shuns away from a pleasurable experience. However, she takes her duty as a Third very seriously, and would never let a detail slip that would jeopardize a mission. For that matter, although she enjoys her friends and liaisons, she would never allow her feelings for them to keep her from completing her task.

The Third training caused Melisande's love of all things pleasurable and legal to become an extreme. She revels in her parties, friends, and lovers, immersing herself in the enjoyment of them in between tasks. Even her tasks as a Third have become pleasurable for her, a sort of dark satisfaction and amusement when she defeats her prey. It is accurate to say that while she can ape sobriety, unless she is truly afraid or in pain she is never without her own private mirth or pleasure. It makes Melisande restless, always seeking the next experience, while still being confined to her no longer onerous duty of killing those who disobey the Guild. That is, perhaps, the reason she eventually chose to specialize in daggers and small weapons, so that she could be up close and personal with the kill, feeling the lifeblood splash across her, feeding her passion for life.

She loves to see new places and experience new things. Being a Third is her duty, and her honor, but it is not her entire life. Currently she's attempting to learn how to play the pan pipe, the latest in a series of rather eccentric and mostly useless hobbies. In contrast to her rather more hedonistic nature, she does also enjoy being secretive and stealthy, and loves to puzzle out the nature of those around her. Melisande is not ambitious as such, but she does want to be the best she can, and that has propelled her up in the ranks thus far.


History: Melisande was born into an upper middle class family in Rousillen. Her mother was an herbalist and her father a former soldier. From the cradle Melisande was taught to dance with music or blades, sometimes both at once. Her parents loved her but had little time for her, so young Melisande wandered through the streets of Rousillen, learning whatever skills others would teach her. As she grew older, those who had known her since childhood grew weary of her scattered ways. No apprenticeship, no marriage, no direction? Rousillen's answer was to hint, tell, and eventually unofficially exile her from their company, hoping it would make her grow up.

The Guild's work was hardly a secret, as they had come almost regularly to monitor and regulate the druids. Soon after Melisande was shunned by the people she had known and loved in their attempt at "tough love," a Third came through town. His skill and the respect her garnered captured her attention quite strongly, so she went to the Guild to complete her training and become one of the elite. Pleasure was exchanged, for a time, for nothing but strict regulations and training, and so when the strictures were loosened she went a little wild again, albeit in a discreet way. She gained back the balance she needed, but at a cost--she had to work even harder to advance in the ranks and become a Third, to prove herself. She has proven herself, but there are still some in the higher Guild echelons that still carry doubt that her hedonism hides a core of poisoned steel.


Anything Else: Melisande has six piercings in each ear and two tattoos, one of which has magical properties that boost her defenses against magic, another which aids her stealth.

So begins...

Melisande Campion's Story