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"The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind."

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a character in “Calisma”, as played by xXPepperWattzXx


Full Name:
Scarlett Bates
Scar, Pepper
Sexual Orientation:
  • Parasight:
    To see things via another person's eyes.
  • Veridical Dreaming:
    to dream actual ongoing far-off events
  • Speaking with Spirits:
    The ability to speak spirits of the diseased.
  • The Seeing Touch:
    To see a brief vision of a a past owner's life by touching an object.
Small Animals(She is easily detracted by their adorableness), Spirits of those who have been tortured, children's spirits, and the dark.
A silver necklace with a pendant bearing a blue gem,
A silver dagger she keeps in her boot,
and her staff that amplifies her powers to talk to spirits.
Personal Quote:
"The wold is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind."

Scarlett is very small for her age, but still has the qualities of a young woman. Her eye's usually shin a bright amber, but cloud up white when she is focused on a spirit. Her hair is naturally white and red, and her tattoos all have a personal connection to her personal life. Her face is heart shaped with small, yet thick lips and a small nose accenting her big bright eyes. Scarlett also wears a blue amulet around her neck at all times, and come sometimes be seen whispering to it when she is at a dead end.

Scarlett is a very sweet yet bold young woman. Though she has lots to learn, she is still very confident in her abilities. She tries to hide her fear of the dark, but old memories still haunt her. She puts up an emotional barrios with most people, preventing them from getting to close to her. Scarlett has a soft spot for troubled souls, though she is friendly to those she gets a good feeling from.

As a young girl, Scarlett wasn't often looked at as a 'normal' girl, always whispering to herself and shadows. She never told her parents of her strange friends who talked to her, and never wanted to. Her widowed mother expected Scarlet to marry to a wealthy young gentlemen, have babies, and live a happy, rich lifestyle like she never got too. Hearing that her daughter talked to people who had died wasn't the most ideal characteristic in an eligible bride.
As the years past and Scarlett got older, her poor mother got sick. To afford to keep their home and get her mother well, Scarlett took a job as an assistant to the local priest. By then she had learned to block out some of the spirits voices, but the older spirits of the cemetery where much to strong to ignore.

One day when Scarlett was going out to rake the leaves near the graveyard, a strange young girl came up behind Scarlett, tugging at her skirt. Scar looked down at the little girl and smiled. She had bright blue eyes and long, wavy blond hair. "Why hello there," Scarlett greeted. "How can I help you little girl?" The young girl simple smiled menacingly and skipped behind a shed closer to the graveyard. 'I wonder..' Scar thought. She walked after the girl and gasped as her eyes fell on what lay behind the shed. The little girl she had seen not 5 minutes ago was laying there, lifeless and covered in her own blood.

Her limbs lay twisted and broken on awkward directions, making her look like a rag-doll carelessly thrown on the ground. Scarlett fell to her knees and sobbed. The priest heard her cries and found Scarlett behind the shed. He gasped and pulled the young girl away from the scene, holding her tightly as she cried into his shoulder. He shushed her tell she stopped her sobbing, leaving her eyes red and her breath catching in gasps.
The priest asked her about her finding and in her excitement told him about the little girl and how she followed her behind the shed. The old man nodded and guided her into his temple and pulled out a great staff from what looked to be a broom closet. "Keep this close, dear. It will keep the bad spirits away, and the good spirits near." He smiled. "I think you'd better go home. Why don't you have a few days rest. Take care of your poor mother." He smiled reassuringly at Scarlett. That day, Scarlett went home to her mother lying limply in her bed. She had died of the illness that plagued her, unfortunately, and Scarlett was left alone.

The priest let her go, but the day of her mother's funeral, approached her with a small leather sack. "Take this money and make a life for your self, dear. Use your talent. There is nothing for you here. Go into the world and accomplish great things. Ah! And before I forget. Take this necklace. It was your mother's and i'm sure she'd want you too keep it. Keep her close, you know?" He grinned at Scar who forced a smile in reply. She nodded, accepting his gift and advice.

As soon as she arrived home, Scarlett packed her things and left. Walking down the lonely road made Scarlett Ponder her existence.

'Why do I have to be left with this burden? Why do I have to plagued by these constant whispers in my ear?'

Just then a faint whisper came from the amulet she had left in her pocket. Pulling it out, she looked at it in awe as the blue gem began to glow and flicker in her hand. A man's voice came from the gem that sounded strangely familiar.

'Pepper I know you do not know who I am, and I am sorry for that. My name is Greyson Bates, and I am your father. Before I died, I asked an old friend of mine to bind my soul to this gem so that I may help you when the time came in your life that you began to hear the voices.'

The voice of Scarlett's father began to tell her the history of her family. According to him, Clairvoyance ran in the family, passed down from generation to generation. Scarlett was the next in a long line of Clairvoyant beings in her family, and it was now her duty to use it to help the people in any and everyway she can.
'I'm sorry I was not there for you, Scarlett, but I am now and I am here to help you get through what must seem like a curse.' Scarlett smiled, holding back tears in her eyes. She clasped the necklace around her neck, letting it hang over her heart.
'Well at least I'm not alone.' She continued down the road, holding the gem pendent in her hand.

So begins...

Scarlett's Story