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Gabriel "Gabe" Balis

His hair just glows, nothing special.

0 · 188 views · located in New York City, United States

a character in “Call of Pandora”, as played by ShadtheWerepire


(Sorry in advanced for the swearing, apparently this character is going to be like that)

Name: Gabriel Balis
Nicknames: Gabe
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human


Gabe has platinum blond hair, fair complexion and striking blue eyes. The most noticeable thing about him is the faint glow of his hair. In the day light it’s not too obvious but at night it is easily mistaken for industrial strength, glow in the dark hair spray. His height is average and he’s pretty slim due to a fast metabolism.

Personality: Gabe is a bit of an isolationist and doesn’t keep many people close to him. He’s a professional sous-chef so he has a love for food, but he typically eats it all himself. His life mostly revolves around hiding his hair so he got super deep into NYC’s rave culture and frequents dance clubs where glowing hair is a plus instead of a distraction. So he’s not lazy in any respect, he works hard at his job, goes hard in the club, and passes out only to wake up and do it all over again. He’s got a pretty polished schedule at this point and isn’t anxious to change it.

Strengths: Athletic, able to cook for himself, self-sufficient adult, unknown to him but the hair glows brighter in the presence of high concentrations of animus energy (think bilbo’s sword).

Weaknesses: Zero combat experience unless you count that one self-defense class he took to pick up a chick, His hair glows all the time so he’s very visible, can’t dye his hair so no disguising that shit, can’t sneak, the hair glows brighter when near enemies, doesn’t know anything about his signet, allergic to Mango.

History: Raised in rural upstate New York, Gabe froze his ass off for years. His hair didn’t really start glowing until he hit puberty, perfect time for a kid to go from normal to glow-stick. For a moment the small town was interested, the local news station interviewed him, doctors figured it was a special chain of proteins in his hair follicles. But no one could really explain it. Either way, Gabe left the small town life for a culinary school in NYC where he worked his ass off and discovered the nightclub scene. He’s now a sous-chef for a modern cuisine restaurant in Manhattan. Nothing particularly life changing has happened since he cemented the job. He lives in a shitty apartment and makes barely enough to cover city rent but hey there’s a nightclub right down the street.

So begins...

Gabriel "Gabe" Balis's Story

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Gabriel Balis--Modern Mystery Restaurant, NYC

The hum of the restaurant was intense as the second wave of rush hour came in and the final entrees from the first wave were going out.

"We're in the weeds now, Ash, fire 1 wings, 1 texmex." Gabe shouted out over the clamor of pots. There were two more tickets on the pass, but those wings needed to be out 5 minutes ago. The expediter was a no show so now Gabe was not only cooking half the entrees he was calling out the orders. The pan sizzled as he lay down the limp pork wrapped veggies and prepped for the next side of bacon wrapped asparagus.

Ashley, the slightly older sous chef with a mousy look, began tossing a large metal bowl of pheasant wings with a maple rub. "7-out" she chirped in reply as she emptied the contents of her bowl into a fryer and took it for a dip.

Being a few blocks down from the Natural History Museum meant adventurous patrons willing to pay the New York City price would flock to the “Modern Mystery”. A modern, American eatery with a daily special you didn’t get to know before you ordered. Gabe fell in love with this places food ages ago and after culinary school he’s finally one of the guys who gets to choose the mystery.

Though tonight, the mystery was not Gabe’s responsibility. Eddy was handling the specials, Gabe was calling out more orders.
“Four specials, two Taquilas, three oven-baked on order. That’s a 9-top, keep up! Two more orders on deck!” He called out louder this time so the bird-brain covering the Oven-Baked Sherry Salmon could hear him from the back of the kitchen. He sighed as a response was called out and the wings moved to the pass.

Adjusting his sleeves, he called out the next order. It was going to be a long night.


The setting changes from new-york-city-united-states to Crisis


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Character Portrait: Gabriel "Gabe" Balis
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Gabe was sprawled in the back seat of a cab, not a bad day to be riding to Grand Central Station. An old friend from culinary school, Charlie, was having a barbecue out in the burbs. Any excuse to get out of the city for some fresh air is a good excuse. Any excuse to get some of Charlie's barbecue was an even better excuse

Knowing Charlie had a kid, and half the reason for the barbecue was the kid's birthday, Gabe was even nice enough to bring a present. There was a sheathed blue light-saber with a black shiny ribbon tied around the handle sitting on his lap. He left it unwrapped of course so he could randomly flick his wrist and extend the blade for fun, much to the displeasure of the taxi driver. After about the third disgruntled look back Gabe collapsed the sword and left it resting on his lap but he impatiently tapped his leg wanting to mess around some more.

He moved to staring out the window, they were passing the museum and it was always cool to check what the new exhibits were. As they passed though Gabe noticed people were running, no, flooding out of the museum. Was that fire? There were sparks as lightning landed just inches from the car. The taxi driver began to show concern. It appeared a really bad storm had suddenly descended on the area but there wasn't any rain.

It all seemed natural until the death-beam shot up from the museum. As Gabe turned to look at the driver's reaction he found himself staring face to face with a terrifyingly sharp beak. He swore and tightened his grip on the light-saber on his lap, it wasn't a real sword but he could still hit whatever the hell that thing was with it. The bird thing seemed more interested in the driver though and proceeded to drag him from the car.

Gabe took that opportunity to get the fuck out of the car. He did not take his time as he saw a few bodies around and he made a move to the nearest storefront. He was making good progress when one of the magical lightning bolts came down before he could respond. The shock went straight through him and into the ground. There was no time to panic, no time to realize what had happened. Just pure electric power, and pain, lots of pain. He fell to the ground, a symbol burned into his neck behind his right ear. He stayed huddled on the sidewalk clutching the light-saber. He was alive, but his hair was glowing at about 100 watts and he had no desire to move for the rest of the day.

The setting changes from crisis to New York City, United States

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Character Portrait: Gabriel "Gabe" Balis Character Portrait: Seth Ackerman
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The moment the world ended, Seth was taking a bathroom break.

He'd spent most of the morning handling boxes containing books, materials and weapons and transporting them to other council members like a delivery boy from a local company, as usual. Most had just accepted it with a curt nod or just ignored him, but others had thanked him with a smile and an offer of a drink or a biscuit. Of course, that tend to be followed by a request to transport more things, but since they'd given him food and drink Seth couldn't really do much but accept it and head off riding to the next destination.

Of course, he still had to accept for the ones who'd asked for another transport somewhere without an offer of food or drink, but since Seth's working description was after all a delivery boy, he couldn't exactly refused, could he?

It was a good thing he knew his way around the city.

But that's not the point here. After finishing his last delivery, Seth decided to take a bathroom break before heading off to the museum. He was a couple of hours early, Xander would probably be glad to have someone to talk to and he could check up on Dan at the same time. The kid had looked a bit jumpy this morning, although he'd just claim excitement for the museum when Seth had asked. Maybe he was nervous about that homework?

Of course, that was before the building rumbled.

The fuck?! Seth staggered, quickly gripping the basin before he fell over. Momentarily thankful that the rumble hadn't happened while he was, well, doing his business, Seth let go and sprinted outside as quickly as he could, not quite willing to die via collapsed bathroom in case it really was an earthquake. He did not want to be found dead in a bathroom, thank you very much.

It wasn't an earthquake.

It was something far worse.

"Holy shit." Seth muttered the words without thinking, a horrified, almost awed tone to his hush voice as he saw the scene. A beam of light was shooting out into the sky like a special move from a videogame. As he watched, eyes widening, the beam of light rapidly expanded, red and blue hues mixing together until it flared upwards through the clouds in a neverending column of light almost too blinding to see. Squeezing his eyes so that only a smidgen of it was left, Seth waited for the light to die off before looking around, blinking rapidly to get the white spots out of his eyes. Leaning his back against a wall, Seth reached up and activated the comm link in his ear.

He winced as a jumble of noise came through the speaker. Reaching his hands up to his ear, Seth rapidly adjusted the volume until it wasn't earshatteringly loud, tension rising through him as he began to make sense of what the other members inside the council were saying on the main channel.

"-did you see that light-"

"-oh my God do you think it was the Order-"

"-Pandora's box might have been found -"

"-the beam of light came from the museum-"

Seth's blood ran cold. His heart stopped.

The museum. The museum, where he was heading to. The museum, where Xander and Dan were. Where his best friend and his best friend's cousin (who was young, so young oh God) was in -

Seth's heart started to pound hard in his chest, beating to the tune of a wardrum.

Stay cool. Stay calm. Think. The words ran ran through his head like a mantra, and Seth clung to it like a drowning man to a lifevest.

He had to think rationally. Max Ackermann, Seth's caretaker and the one who had introduced him to the world of the council, wasn't anywhere near the museum. He was with the other council members planning a stakeout - it had been part of the reason why Seth had been playing carrier boy. His mentor was safe and could defend himself. Xander was tough even if he smiled like a little kid, and Dan had been taking martial arts lessons for years even if he was a scrawny little brat who looked like he couldn't benchpress a bench. They could take care of themselves, even if they were at the heart of the veritable magical crapstorm.

But that wouldn't mean squat if they were caught in the beam of light,
Seth's thoughts whispered, a second voice that cut through the first thought. They can take care of themselves, but against the order with their amulets? Against what they don't know?

Rational. He had to be rational.

Deliberately, he strode over to his bike. The black mountain bicycle had remained miraculously upright despite the quake, and Seth began to unchain it, gritting his teeth with focused determination as he forced his fingers not to tremble and waste precious time. Chain unlocked, bicycle free, Seth took a moment to look and make sure noone was looking at him (they were gaping at the now-gone beam in the sky instead) before he swung his leg over the seat and directed the bicycle towards the direction of the museum, eyes narrowed with determination.

Under his shirt, a small silver winged sneaker charm glowed, and Seth took off like a rocket. Moving so fast he was a blur, Seth cycled past people leaving nothing but wind in his wake. Long brown hair trailing behind him in the slipstream he was making, Seth made it to the museum in seconds (passing through a red wave of energy) and came to a halt with a squeal of rubber, swinging his bicycle in a ninety degrees turn to the right as he braked in front of the museum.

Panting for breath, Seth stared around him for a second, eyes widening as he took in the scene. His jaw dropped. "The hell?!"

The place was pure chaos. Corpses and injured people lied everywhere, the museum was on fire, and alarms mixed in with the screams of the people from the cars that were destroyed like a monster truck rally at opening night. And there were weird monsters - where'd they come from?! - flying around everywhere. Seth ducked as a a half-lion half-eagle hybrid (a griffon, he registered from the back of his mind) flew over his head with a screech only to land on a car a few feet away.

Seth's first thought at seeing the monster probably shouldn't have been a sense pf elation and Hah, knew they existed!

That was quickly demolished when Seth watched the Griffon beginning to squeeze the car roof into crumpled pieces with its clawed feet. A girl who looked no older than 18 scrambled out of the car with a scream, barely dodging the Griffon's jab towards her head. The griffon tried again, but all it did was scratch the girl's arm before she was out of reach, huddling behind an upturned car as she sobbed and clutched her bleeding arm.

Holy fuck, what the hell happened here?

Well, monsters. That was pretty obvious. Also the beam of light. Where they came from, though, could wait. For now, he had to help the survivors - and find Xander and Dan. Shaking off the shock, Seth shot a look back at the girl and his surroundings, noting the area analytically.

The girl was safe. She was running towards a shop filled with people. The guy with the shining hair on the ground a few yards away, however, was not. The glowing hair would probably make a good beacon for the griffons - a bit like saying 'hey, one meal here! Come and get fresh human!' - but so far, dude seemed unharmed. Cycling towards Lightbulb (since his hair was like a glowing light), Seth got off the bike and quickly checked his pulse. No point rescuing a dead person, after all.

Lightbulb was alive, good. "Mr- uh - Dude, can you stand?" Seth asked, reaching out an arm to hoist him up. "Let's get out of here before the birds notice your head."