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Hannah Sylvia

"To fight for our cause and strike down opposers by any means necessary."

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a character in “Call of Pandora”, as played by VincentRayne


Guardians of the Box. Protectors of humanity.


║█╠═ Hannah Sylvia ═╣█║

Nickname: Symphonia (due to her infatuation with the instrument when she was younger)

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity: Native American

Appearance: Hannah's most distinct feature are her eyes. They are a very rich gold color. When light
directly hits them their color seems yellow. Despite being in battle many times her features still retain
a soft appearance.

Personality: Hannah treats all with respect and will speak to people with
a smile. But once her smile fades people know she means all business. In battle, Hannah is
seen as a ruthless and merciless combatant. She does not question her moralities and if she feels the
to kill someone will benefit the greater good then Hannah will not hesitate to strike those that
oppose the Council's ideals down whether they be men, women, or even children. Normally, Hannah
is a careful and patient person that looks out for her brothers and sisters. But when the situation
calls for it she can be cold and unwavering.

ImageStrengths: Combat experience. Battle strategy. proficient in
multiple weapons. unwavering resolve. Calm
in the midst of chaos.

Weaknesses: unwavering resolve. (can tend to not let her give mercy
to anyone) Looks down on anyone that does not share the Centuries'
ideals. Can come off as cold due to this as well as dangerous.

History: Being of Native American descent, Hannah and her family
already had already been part of the Council for generations. It wasn't
a surprise when Hannah decided to follow in her family's footsteps.
Hannah started training once she moved to England when in her teens
in preparation to becoming part of the Council of
Centuries. It was during fights that made even her own family
worry about her. Hannah seemed to change into a different person
entirely. She no longer was the kind girl everyone knew her to be.
She became ruthless and cold. Of course the Council saw this as a very positive trait. To have someone that would follow orders without question. Sometimes situations arose that would have a person have to do what may seem difficult. It's at times like these that having someone who didn't falter could be beneficial.

So begins...

Hannah Sylvia's Story


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Heather tossed and turned while murmuring in her sleep. It was the nightmares again eating away at her. A loud clap of thunder jolted her awake. She lie awake in her bed, drenched in cold sweats with her eyes darting around the dark room as if the creatures that plagued her nightmares somehow made it out. The only thing that could be heard was the blanketing sound of rainfall and the occasional faint roar of thunder.

Heather took a few moments convincing herself that every shadow wasn’t a bloodthirsty monster before she finally turned on the light on her nightstand. Her clock read 3 o’clock in the morning. It didn’t surprise her. Heather felt that her nightmares were more than just bad dreams. She felt that maybe they were either a sign or maybe even a vision. Her nightmares happened so often and on top of that they were so vivid. So much to the fact that sometimes Heather had a problem figuring out if she was truly awake.

The girl reached into her nightstand drawer and pulled out a small journal. She flipped through it quickly to find a blank page. As she skipped through the book each page reminded her of every terrible dream she recorded. Sketches of monsters that stood out to her in her nightmares filled the pages. The book was almost filled.

After filling out the latest entry in the journal Heather placed it back and settled herself back down into her bed. Drowsiness was surfacing again since it was the middle of the night. She reached out to turn off the lamp but froze halfway. Instead she grabbed her necklace of a crucifix and put her lips to it before turning in her bed and closing her eyes.

It seemed like Heather had only shut her eyes for a second when she was awakened again. This time by knock on her door. The girl noticed there was some faint form of light outside. It was morning but the clouds still dominated the sky. The clock now read that it was seven in the morning.

The knock came again at the same rhythm as the last. Heather stood up from her bed and slowly made her way to the door. She released the deadbolt but left the safety chain on as she opened the door. Standing in the hallway was her friend, Hannah. She was fully dressed and wore her usual thin smile.

“Good morning.” She greeted. Heather found it to be too early for the morning to be good and couldn’t form any strength to form a smile to match her friend’s. Instead, Heather shut the door to undo the chain and reopened it to let Hannah in.

“Coffee?” Heather managed to form the question as she closed the door behind her friend and was already making her way towards coffee maker that was in the kitchen area inside the hotel suite she stayed in. Hannah always had coffee. Heather asking was more of a formality than an actual question.
“Yes, thank you.” Hannah answered anyway as she sat down on the couch. “I suppose you want to know why I’m here so early.”

“Maybe.” Heather answered. She did wonder who could possibly be knocking on the door so early in the morning. But upon seeing it was her friend she dismissed the thought.
“I have somewhere I want to take yo-”


“Trust me. It’s completely for your benefit.” Heather looked at Hannah with a curious expression. “I found someone may be able to explain to you what these nightmares, you have, are.” Heather let out a disappointed sigh and Hannah immediately continued. “It seems like they have higher source of energy than others. I think they might be the real deal. It couldn’t hurt to check it out. Especially, if that person has answers to your these nightmares you have.” Heather narrowed her eyes at her friend.

“This is the last time.” Heather said through gritted teeth. Hannah seemed pleased with the answer. Hannah was going out of her way to help Heather. The least she could do is put up with it until it became frustratingly annoying which would be after this if it proved to be another fraud.

The streets of Cambridge, England were still very wet and a light drizzle continued from the storm of the previous night. There were a few people out and about but it wasn’t busy like it was during mid day.

As they approached their destination they noticed a small crowd. As the two girls got closer they noticed people were gathered around a man that seemed to be giving a speech.

“There are some that say the Earth will end in fire! Others say in Ice. Even now you have books and movies that speculate and entertain the idea of how our humanity will reach its end. Will it be a zombie apocalypse or will we meet an end at the cause of our own hands; Nuclear destruction.” The man paused for a moment so that the crowd’s murmurs would die down.

“I say humanity is not ready to go extinct. The End that will happen will only shape us and bring us forth into a new age. We will adapt and evolve and the ones that are the strongest will move on as the rest of humanity will die off.” The man’s eyes shot towards Heather and he quickly pointed a finger in her direction. Heather hadn’t even noticed she stopped walking. It was like she was pulled in and entranced. There’s no way she’d even consider the ramblings of a man who looked dirty and homeless.

By the time Heather came back to her senses the man was standing right in front of her. The crowd was now formed around Heather and he.

“You-your aura is different.” Heather thought for a mere second that this man had to be talking to someone else. “You are conflicted. You are at struggle with something but you don’t know what it is, do you?” With that the man turned and walked back to the wooden pedestal he stood behind earlier and continued his speech.

Hannah must have found out that she wasn’t being followed anymore and quickly looked around for Heather. It didn’t take very long to retrace her footsteps and find the girl mixed in with the crowd.

“There you are. Why are-” Heather held up a finger and Hannah stopped speaking. Then she, too, seemed to be drawn into the man’s speech and listened silently. After a few more minutes he finished and the crowd dispersed, going back to whatever they were going to do prior to listening to the homeless man’s message.

“You there!” He was looking directly at Heather. “Come.” The two girls exchanged glances before moving towards the pedestal.

“As I said, you have a conflicted aura. It looks like it is being suppressed by a lingering shadow.” Heather tensed when she heard this.

“Is there a way to get rid of the shadow?” Hannah asked and the man scoffed.

“I don’t fix the shadows. All I can do is tell you they are there. Every man has his own demons to face. But I will say that under the shadow is a light trying to get out. It’s funny isn’t it? A shadow suppressing light? It’s normally the other way around. It’s why you stand out to me. You’re a girl different amongst the rest. I would easily spot you in a crowd of hundreds.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Heather asked this time. She hadn’t felt this antsy in a very long time. It’s the first time she came to anything close resembling answers.

“Sometimes people walk around their whole lives not knowing what to do. They may write it off as hauntings or possessions. That’s what happens when you don’t deal with this issue. Those are the people that don’t face their monsters. They try to rationalize it away. The only thing you can possibly do is accept it is apart of you. That way you can control it and then send it back to the darkness from whence it came.” A rumble of thunder was heard and the man picked up his small pedestal.

“I believe that’s all I can help you with, but trust me. I don’t think you’ll get a better answer. I have seen the shadows. At the moment all I can do is call on the lord’s help to keep them at bay until i can find a way to confront them. But they are closing in on me just as your shadows are closing in on you.” And with that the man walked away leaving both Heather and Hannah stunned.

The setting changes from crisis to London, England


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Heather quickly walked down the road making her way back to the apartment with Hannah on her heels trying to rationalize what they just heard.

“Heather, you can’t say you believe the guy. He’s obviously crazy. I’m sure he points out to random people all the time and gives that vague story.” Heather stopped suddenly, making Hannah bump into her. She pulled out her phone and answered it. Hannah waited anxiously until Heather ended the call with a worried expression on her face.

“What is it? Was that the Council? What’d they want?” Heather faced her friend.

“I guess it’s true when they say the people that spout nonsense in the streets are really prophets.”

As the two girls approached London,by car, they listened to the radio while Hannah was watching the News through her phone. What they heard and saw were something out of a movie.

“Are the End of Days really upon us?” Hannah asked and Heather remained silent, still listening intently to the updates of what was happening in New York City. There were reports of monsters and earthquakes as well as a large scale storm that seemed to spawn from nowhere.

Heather, absently mindedly, clutched her necklace. She felt like it was the only thing keeping her from losing it at this point. It was a present she had received from her mother and father shortly after the nightmares started. They said it would protect her from the figures that lurked in the darkness. Heather didn’t know if it really did or it was because she believed it did. Either way, the crucifix helped her. At a glance Heather didn’t seem like the faithful type at all. It didn’t reflect in her personality or her speech. Not like some of her other colleagues who were open about their faith. Heather didn’t like bringing in her beliefs outside her room. Faith and the real world didn’t seem to work together too well from what Heather could tell.

When they arrived at Headquarters the place was the busiest the girls had ever seen. The place was in chaos as people rushed about and everyone seemed to be yelling and shouting one thing or another. The two rushed to the briefing room that the other Centuries were to meet in.

It took a little while to rush through the massive building HQ was. Luckily, they made it just in time as they burst through the doors leading to the room. The other Centuries were also taking their seats as well. There were only about seventy-eight which meant the Council was holding the rest for defending. The Grand Century started their briefing, right on time, his booming voice filling the auditorium.

“Good morning. I’m Grand Century Allen. As you should all know we have a bit of a conundrum on our hands. Less than an hour ago something wrong happened on American soil. Someone tampered with something that shouldn’t have been tampered with. It seems someone has opened Pandora’s box based on the type of pandemonium that is being reported on the News and by our intel. Of course it falls to us to retrieve that box by any means necessary as well as locating the individual who opened it.

“I know not all of you are not trained in the field of combat but nevertheless we will be making our way to America. And, yes, that means six of us Grand Centuries will be going with you as aid. This is not just your fight but ours.” The Grand Century turned on a projector showing photos and various videos of the carnage happening in New York City.

“Would our combat Centuries please stand?” About a third of the room stood including Heather and Hannah. “I plan on dividing you lot in half. I can’t have all of you going in while leaving the rest. The others should be able to do their jobs without looking over their shoulders. If they can do their jobs then they in turn can, in turn, make you have an easier time with yours. I’ll start by having volunteers to go in first. Those of you that are willing to go in first, step down to the stage.” Heather immediately stood with Hannah standing up right after. Soon there were only nine Centuries that came to the front. After it was apparent that no one else would move the Grand Century continued.

“You have the most important job right now, albeit the toughest. You lot are going in first. You are our front line as well as our raw data collectors. It is risky but you volunteering will not go unnoticed. You all will be taking the first plane traveling to Ground Zero. I’m glad to see Century Heather and Century Hannah once again teaming up. You will be briefed more on your plane ride there as The Council receives more information. We want you going in with as much knowledge as possible. You lot are dismissed to prepare for your departure!” Grand Century Allen saluted as did everyone else inside the auditorium as the nine Centuries exited the room and headed for the locker room to change and stock up on equipment.

“So,” One of the other Centuries spoke up after they were all dressed and heading to the armory. “Do we even need flack jackets? I’ve seen some of the monsters there and I don’t think bullet proof vest will do a whole lot against beaks and talons along with god-knows-what that is sprouting that box.”
“We do have The Order to deal with as well.” Hannah said. “Who knows if they’re the reason why this happened in the first place or if it was by someone else.” They reached the armory and started grabbing their specialized and standard weapons while Hannah continued. “But I doubt they will sit back and let us look for the box and the person who opened without a fuss. They would be after the same thing, I presume. What do you think, Heather?” Everyone looked towards Heather who was checking over her signature stockless shotgun that had a crucifix dangling from the fore-end.

“I ask that we ask the Lord to protect us and see to it that we complete our objectives. I have seen those creatures in a dream and now I know why. I spent years putting up with nightmares and I thought it was just cruel torture.”

“Heather? Are you okay?” One of the Centuries asked and Heather seemed to snap out of whatever trance she was in and her usual facial features returned.

“Sorry. I’m just nervous. I’m sure I can’t be the only one.” There was a slight murmur of agreements among the Centuries. “But we, along with our personally trained platoons, are ready for this.”