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Tabitha Montclair

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a character in “Call of Pandora”, as played by ShadtheWerepire


With the power of the box, they wish to change the world.


Name: Dr. Tabitha Montclair
Nicknames: Dr. M, Tabby? I don’t think she’d like that name very much
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human



Tabitha has dark hair and shallow grey eyes. She’s not tall, standing at about 5’3’’ and has a slight figure. Her attire is a bit more practical than the outfit pictured above. Typically she wears pants but those boots and the lab coat are a staple.

Tabitha loves a good challenge, most of the time she prefers to be challenged in a lab setting and is not one for doing field work but from time to time she’ll leave the comfort zone. She’s overconfident in her work but never discouraged by failure. However, she is temperamental when her assistants tell her something didn’t work as planned. Her beliefs are very much in line with the Order and she has faith they will be able to harness the box’s powers with modern technology. She is very prepared to make sacrifices and usually won’t even bother telling her assistants a new invention can and will kill them.

-Talking her way out of problems.
-Inventing, more than half the time the thing works.
-Leading, she tends to have 3-4 “students” working under her that wouldn’t dare work against her.

-Combat, she completed lab safety training not boot camp.
-Water, her machines tend to not be water proof the expenses are not covered under her current Order of Hephaestus Grant.
-Loss of Funding, can’t do anything if you don’t have the money to do it. Sometimes to cut costs she hires members of the Enclave to do testing.

Tabitha’s family is very involved in the Order, from a young age she was taught of the existence of artifacts strong enough to give people powers and unleash unthinkable beasts. As years went by Tabitha would write them off as children’s stories and go back to planning for her next battle bots competition with her middle school team. She loved working with circuitry and mechanisms, eventually graduating from Northwestern in Electrical Engineering.

When it came time to look for a job she was having trouble finding herself and went right back for her PhD. Still struggling with career plans her boyfriend, now husband, suggested she work for the company her father was involved in. Unsure, her Dad introduced her to the tech side of the order and they practically handed her thousands of dollars in funding to develop new technologies they could use to harness all Pandora’s Box has to offer. She took the job.

Now, she’s located at the NYC branch and has a large collection of experiments prepared to activate or begin testing when the box is found. Currently, she’s obsessing over a signet locator and the potential of using the box as an energy source for tools.

Side Note:
Feel free to PM me about creating one of her "students" they can be enclave or order supporters. If you plan on being in the council as like a spy in her lab I'm probably going to give you a big no unless you prove to me it's not generic and it will add to the story. Also, they might die, if you want to make a character that only lasts a mission that's fun too!

So begins...

Tabitha Montclair's Story

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Looking displeased Tabitha paced the open floor in front of her desk. The small office in the back of the lab was cramped but there was enough room for quick repetitive paces back and forth. The window hole in the door of her office was blocked out with clever comics to prevent any of her colleagues from seeing her pace like this. It was unbecoming of her to be this frustrated.

One of her vital devices was malfunctioning. The Pandora External Locator (PEL) was on the fritz, all day it had been beeping like crazy. Now, she didn’t know if the thing even worked right in the first place but today it was reacting as if the box itself was right next to it. The machine was supposed to be able to sense Animus Vitae (AVI) but only in extreme concentrations. For it to be acting this way was just wrong, there is no physically possible way there is a high enough concentration of AVI in the air to activate it.

She tried turning it off and turning it back on, kicking it, nothing was working. So she shut the thing down before slamming the door to her office and pacing.

Tabitha paused took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “We’ll just have to recalibrate it.” She muttered under her breath before grabbing the computer dongle for the PEL USB connection. Turning the door knob she began to cross the office to hand off the job to her inferiors when she noticed someone had arrived.

“Oh, Vivian.” Tabitha stopped what she was doing and sighed. “I’ll be right up, no need for small talk let me get my notebook. She turned on her heal and directly back into her office. There's no way this is good news. She thought as she took her notebook from her top desk drawer and made her way out of the labs and up to the offices.

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LeFey was waiting for her. He'd already leafed through the file on her, she was quite the accomplished inventor. When she opened the door, he shooed away one of the guards, and smiled.

"Hello, Miss Montclair. Take a seat will you? The conversation we are about to have is not to be shared with another soul, and your task is to be completed quietly and quickly." He gestured to the file on his desk, pausing in his speech. "Though I expect that should be no problem for a brilliant mind such as yours."

Tabitha sat slowly crossing her legs and being sure to keep her back straight. She wasn't typing data into a computer slouched over, she was meeting with the boss. She tried to keep straight faced, not wanting to show too much excitement as he mentioned the prospect of a new project.

"Quietly I can do, quickly depends on what it is." She replied simply. "A new challenge is always welcome in my lab. What exactly do you need?" Tabitha asked, appearing interested.

"Something of the utmost importance to our organization. You see, I've recently stumbled across a lead, that may endmost favorably for us. But, we still lack the tech to realize our end goals."

"Tabitha, my dear." LeFey leaned forwards, clasping his hands together. "We need to build some kind of Animus Control device. We need to be able to manipulate this energy in it's purest form and force it into the tool that we will use to shape our new world."

"Animus control device" she mumbled. "We need a converter then, something to take in the pure AVI and then convert it to a usable energy form. What do you want the final product to be able to do? Energy weapons? Animus Blockers?" Tabitha rattled off a few options. The blocker was in the testing phase already and the energy weapons had been gathering dust in a lab closet. Their current converters were inefficient but they're functioning, hopefully he wanted something already in development.

"I'll leave the specifics up to you, however I hear that plasma, or electricity could have a multitude of uses for our other, less qualified, scientists."

LeFey made a genture for her to leave, but paused briefly. "Actually, Miss Montclair, if you find your current laboratory insufficient, feel free to meet with your superiors. I've already sent them a notice, along with a free pick of assistants."

"Oh, and a final thing... Don't fail me. Your work within the next few weeks may decide the fate of our organization." LeFey leaned back again. "Now go."

"Yes Sir." Tabitha responded with an enthusiastic, but sloppy salute. "Plasma or electricity converter for universal uses. I'm sure with a few assistants I'll be done in no time at all. Thank you for you generosity and support." She said with a nod before turning to leave. She jotted a few notes in her notebook and then scuttled out the door. She could not, and would not fail. Time to check out the new recruits and make her pick.