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Matilda Rose Williams

Child I have been around on this planet before you where even thought of don't even start with me. Now be a dear and get the sugar.

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a character in “Call of the Wolf”, as played by RahRadio14




“Life is short why waste it on the bad when you can be creating more good?”

Mattie , Rosie, or Mother Hen



quarter Elf

=Birth Date=

December 1st

“Darling of lived long enough to do everything but nothing is as good as a man for me.


Wide hips from child birth, slightly toned, and still strong.

=Skin Tone=
ivory with a couple of wrinkles, and moles.

=Hair Color=
White and gray combined to look almost silver

=Eye Color=
A medium brown.

Stretch marks from child birth almost faded scars from various means. Only one set of piercings in her lobe

=Clothing Description=
As an older woman Matilda wears clothes fitting her age. Long loose gsyp skirts, long dresses, soft boots, studry jeans, and lots and lots of sweaters or shalls. If she must become fancy she has ball gowns stashed in the back of her closet. But mainly Matilda’s line of work calls for comfort. The colors are usually pastels, or dark colors.


=Known Languages=
English/Spanish/ French

Mothering. Matilda has the bad habit of mothering everyone and everything in front of her. In her eyes most people are younger than her so they are fair game to be mothered.
Matilda is known for her fierce protection for the weak, wither were or human.
Matilda loves to give gifts she enjoys crafting beautiful lunches for friends and then not letting them buy her anything in return.
She has an odd attachment to the earth she can mostly be found outside.


Matilda is one of the best people in her field not because her slightly above average powers but her wiliness to help both side. The mother and fierce protector in her is always finds a way to settle the problem peacefully.
She has enough combat skills to defeat most humans and if not human the silver bullets in her company issued shot guns should handle anything else.
Her connection to nature improves her powers of fore sight, making it easier for Matilda to settle disputes between groups.
She is a survivor, her love of nature let her learn how to survive on the bear essentials if she had to. (Though she prefers not to, she’d miss her kitchen too much.)

Matilda is a warm and caring person; she sees both the good and bad in the world and knows that while there are bad people there are good people to. Though she forgives she doesn’t forget the wrongs a person have done wither to her or her huge family. She loves her children and will do anything for them. She has had her difficult moments trying to work a job and talk care of many children. With her strong will and belief in Christ she was able to make it to outlive two husbands.


=Relationship Status=
Deceased husband Dale McJohn (Human)
Children Xavier McJohn -35-and Lucy McJohn nee Evans -34-
Deceased husband Robin Green (Mediator)
Children Tabitha Green nee Red -32-, Lillian Green nee Knight -31-
Eric Green -30-
Separated Juliet Rosier (Were)
Adopted children Lilith Rosier -37- Abraham Light -40- Justin X -25-
Married Oscar Williams 60 (Were) CURRENT
Children Mary Williams -21-, Catharine Williams -16-,
Zachary Williams -15-

=Immediate Family=
Matilida’s family is quite large and consist of grandchildren, children, in laws, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Though she considered her immediate family her husband and all her elven of her children.

As a young girl Matilda grew up in the end of the war. The era was one of terror. At night her Mama would tell her stories of the scary creatures that lived in the forest. Her Papi at dinner would scream what horrible people that the beasts were.
Matilda could not find it with in herself to hate them. At that time she hated broccoli and bed time but did not see the nice couple down the lane as monsters. Matilda never voiced her thoughts in fear of being hit. She had seen her Mama get hit by her Papi, after that her mother changed no longer would see smile. Mama was an emotionless doll going about her business. This emotionless mask did not break until Papi was killed by a were in front of both Matilda and her Mama.
It was her Mama’s breaking point; the once strong women had clospased into the few remains of her husband. Thankfully Matilda wasn’t forced to live on the street, the nice were couple down the lane took her in. It wasn’t till she turned ten did Matilda’s abilities manifest. At this age she didn’t know the wonders she would achieve with her ability, the war was still going on, and any and everything that was different was being hunted. It wasn’t until after high school that the wall was formed. Matilda instead of staying in the forest with her adopted parents choose to stay in the human cities. Matilda traveled danced partied and saw all of humanity, both ugly and beautiful.
At the age of 19 Matilda entered the newly created academy to help people with powers become mediators. This is where she meet her first husband Dale a human in the hunter program. Matilda fell head over heels in love with Dale. The two were married and starting a happy family. Sadly Dale left her with two children and a broken heart. She threw herself into her work and into her kids, never taking a break for herself. Her next husband Robin came in half a year later; he helped her put the pieces back together, and taught her to take time to herself. Robin passed peacefully in his sleep, leaving five children in totally to take care off.
At this stage in her life Matilda was going through a midlife crisis, she dyed her hair a funky blue and had gone dancing every night. All of the kids old enough to fend for themselves or even help each other, it must have been the alcohol she drank that night, but one moment she was dancing the next she was waking up next to another woman. The relationship between Juliet was and still is a fire cracker; she was never sitting down. For the four years the couples were together Juliet had not once slowed down. She did in an effort to keep Matilda adopt three kids. The arguments became louder and louder, till one day Juliet never came back. She left three more kids for Matilda to take care of.
Matilda threw herself into her work gaining higher in the ranks then every before, it was through her new promotion that she meet her current Husband Oscar a beta in a wolf pack. The two just looked at each other and BAM!!!! Love. Oscar had put a ring on her finger and the couple had been married for 35 years happy with eleven children, a heard of grandchildren and other relatives.

So begins...

Matilda Rose Williams's Story