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Solorlinna Malthalthar

Frankly love, I don't give a damn

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a character in “Call to Arms: The Dark Prince Rises”, originally authored by Shavnia_Velmount, as played by XxChristinaxX


Solorlinna Malthalthar

Picture: Image

Race: Wood Elf

*Essence of Dark Elf-The ability, for a time, to make him or herself appear as something they are not. This is a form of hypnotism or charm. If an elf is a lycanthrope, vampire, magician, or has any other race that they were turned or changed to, they will be weakened proportionately.Once the appearance has "run it's course" the elf must rest and is unable to perform glamour again for 2 days for each year of life.

*Berserker Charm-This spell allows the caster to charm a handful of monsters and control them at will, it causes them to berserk and kill upon command. The physical strain is minimal.

*Sorrowful touch-Creation of a bond by the touch of her hand upon someone's forehead, that forces the victim to feel all sorrow, pain, anger, grief, lonlieness until it reaches a point and sends the victim into a state of mental exhaustion leaving them babbling incoherently while it deteriates their memories and thoughts.

*Terra Attack-When a caster is yelling the formula of this spell, the aimed opponent gets not seldom a horrified look at his face. A huge plant with enormous teeth seems to appear out of thin air trying to devour the unlucky being with neck and crop. Particularly against energy dominated creatures this spell can be deadly in the hands of an experienced sorcerer or druid. It requires only little mana and offers a reliable, instantaneous performance.

*Locator-Another cheap, but useful spell that is highly popular with all vocations, Find Person will allow the caster to locate the life essence of any person with a certain radius. Unfortunately, it is not possible to identify the exact whereabouts due to the complexity of this ritual. Rather, the caster will only learn the general direction in which the targeted character can be found. For this reason it may be necessary to cast the spell a couple of times before you will meet the character you are looking for.

*Enchantment-The Enchant Party spell enables caster to charm or enchant someone against their will. It has a sort of puppy love effect that causes the victim to desire to please the caster. However, due to the huge amount of magical energy that is needed for such a spell, sorcerers can only cast this spell on party members that are within range of the spell. Even though, the spell costs extra mana for every profiting party member, the average mana costs decrease with every additional member.

*Ethereal Spear-When the formula of the Ethereal Spear spell is spoken, a magic spear is created by the sheer willpower of the caster and shoot on the selected opponent. The power of this attack will rise with the caster's skill to handle distance weapons.

*Hell's Rage- Like the name indicates, this spell is as destructive as hell itself. By tapping the most inner forces of the universe, it can unleash frightful fire explosions that surpass all other spells in their devastating effect and their range of effect. The raw destructive power of the Hell's Rage spell is such that it can instantly kill all but the most powerful of creatures that are caught within its enormous blast radius. For this reason it must be used with extreme caution. More than one well-meaning caster accidentally fried his own party members. Worse, the enormous physical and mental strain will leave the caster crippled and drained of mana. A badly placed Hell's Rage spell could well be the last thing a caster does before being torn apart in combat.(Never used....yet)


Nicknames: ( She's only called this by the Dark Prince) Lady Solar
What other names does your character go by? Solarus, Lina

Gender: Female

Age: 1,000

Personality: Solar is calm and levelheaded, she has a sense of strong emotions that tend to easily become provoked or aroused. She's been known for her condenscending attitude which off puts others. She has a proud nature about her that some would call snobbish, but she's easy at fooling others with pretty words. Unlike her fellow wood elves, Solar is not harmonious or compassionate in dealing with others, she's judgemental and critical. One flaw she gained from wood elves as a direct line to high elves, she feels superior at times to other species. Solar sometimes carries herself as if she were a dark elf of the underdark. At times when she's particularly upset or being spiteful her words drip venom and her tongue a dagger to which she attacks. Hot tempered at times Solar finds self control to be something she's still working on and may never quite grab the handle on. When in large groups, she's found to be more observant rather then the talkative chits that are born these days. Solar's biggest problem is she's confrontational as well as stubborn. Most that come in contact with her always leave frustrated and angry that she wont back down, even if she's wrong. Her wicked nature is what has banned her from her homelands and left her to become a nomad of sorts. This has left her bitter and a bit stand offish.

Brief Description: She stands at five foot eight, slender and lithe in build, but curved naturally well in the most feminine attributes of a female. Pointed ears peek out from beneath silverish purple hair that falls just to her shoulders, and frame her slender face with high cheek bones, accenting her violet purple eyes. Her skin tone when she remains indoors can be a soft alabaster white, but when she steps out during the summer time she can quickly gain a copper tan skin tone. The outfits she wears are form fitting but loose fabric that hands down in a multitude of shades and colors, she wears gold arm bands etched and crested with garnet stones, her feet adorned with dainty elvish slippers with strings that entwine up her legs.

*Herbal knowledge that allows her to identify any plant and what homeopathic qualities it has.
*Primal Magic usually used by Druids

-She's frail and cannot handle herself in hand to hand combat
-Phobia towards tight spaces or places


History: Solor was born to Althea Malthalthar a single mother and wood elf. She was raised never knowing who her father was. Her mother never spoke of him, when the subject presented itself the subject was changed with a rather rough tone. As she grew older things didn't make sense and so with the lack of information provided Solor felt she had no choice and one night sparked an arguement with her mother, shortly after the night ended with her leaving her home and later being banished for murdering her mother. Slowly as she took the nomadic path and traveled she later found a home in a desolate part of a forest and made it her home. Years later she was visited by the Dark Prince, he wished to know more about a herb he'd heard rumored would help him create a potion to find stronger mana. In aiding him in his quest to become stronger by gathering mana from the strongest Mages he rewarded her with immortality. She gracefully accepted the gift and over time while in the background helped him achieve his goal, but when he began losing she backed out slowly, unnoticed. She chose to wait it out with the notion she'd help him rise away, after all she had little to lose. She began building up her own group to assist her, and in the meantime when news came that the High Elves were calling to arms those that would aid them in going up against the Dark Prince she took up the offer.

Other: Solar is bonded with a puma named Zoba who is her faithful companion. He's always with Solar and even aids her if she's attacked, Zoba is highly protective and often can be heard giving a throaty growl if he feels Solar is in danger.
Anything else? Not yet

So begins...

Solorlinna Malthalthar's Story


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His brow razing slightly with a grin, watching how Veida addressed her fellow Elf. Mairjra didn't expect her to defend him, but also the language she used to insult the man also struck home. Reminding him of the times of when his father would speak to the peasantry that miss behaved, Mairjra also learned how to insult someone below him in the same matter but ever had the chance. But Veida's words sliced through the air as she spoke, as if they had more of an affect than he actually expected. With a deep sigh the High Elf spoke " Begone from this place..." from their he took his leave walking into the back of the shop, and with a shrug Mairjra stood putting the hood from the dark green cloak above his head. "We should go, does the pub sound nice to you? I need something to eat" Mairjra stated making his way toward the door not looking back to see if she was following, he felt nothing but hate and annoyance for that shop-keep. Being kicked out and back into the open wasn't the best situation for him, the guards would be searching for him.

As the door swung open night was beginning to fall, the sky was dimly lit with the light from the sun as it set over the horizon. Keeping his head down, walking between crowds of people heading toward the pub watching as a line to get in extended into the streets of Aerios. Picking his eyes up slightly squeezing between two men entering the pub quietly, great Mairjra thought this place is packed sighing and making his way to a table across from a strange looking animal and a elf. Mairjra closed his eyes laying the blade he bought beside him, as he started to drain the mana from area around him gently tugging on the magical flow in the area so slightly just small enough of a pull to not affect anyone around him.