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Button Liole

"Will you stand and fight or will you turn tail and run like a coward?"

0 · 745 views · located in Underlands

a character in “Camelot V2.0.1”, as played by Cyline


"Whoops! My hand slipped!"

Full Name:
Buthayna Celia Liole
Nicknames and Aliases:
Button~Butha~Subject 220


Role/Code Name:
Lady of the Lake
Sexual Orientation:


Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Violet: In some lighting, her eyes can also take on an almost indigo tone; she considers her eyes one of her greatest traits.
5'0": Five feet even, not a centimeter over, and Button hates it.
110 lbs: She finds this very odd because she loves to eat, fast metabolism is the best explanation, but still...

Button has a tendency to wear her own mechanical creations as if they're the latest fashion.

{Fair, Bubbly, Observant, Arrogant}
Button can blend in easily into a crowd, appearing as nothing more than another teenage girl. She is bubbly and energetic as well as very arrogant about her abilities. However, there are some things that make Button different than an average person aside from her cybernetic parts. She is strangely observant, which is a trait people don't usually realize she has because she so loud and eccentric. In actuality, Button is able to tell what's going on around her perfectly as well as know who is talking about what and when, people's emotions, and their physical movements. There is another trait that makes Button appear unusual to some. She is the most fair person one will ever meet as well as being ridiculously honest. Seriously. She may never directly lie to you, but she is also very good at diverting the conversation away from the person as well as being incredibly persuasive. She has a strong sense of justice and will never falter in her resolve.
Glutton~Biting lip when nervous~Talking like a child when she wants something
~Animals~Inventing~Books~Life~Purple~Sweets~ Food~Learning~Fighting~Happiness~Sunlight~Angels~

~Rats~Bullies~Thieves ~Flies~Heights~Disrespect~Pessimism~Fire~The Skies and the Oceans

Intellect: Button surpasses the level of any genius in the universe in terms of intellect.
Fighting: Because of her muscle memory, intelligence, and training, Button is a skilled fighter, able to hold her own in a battle.
Hopeful: Her optimistic outlook on everything always helps raise people's spirits.
Piloting: Button can pilot airships perfectly, easily learning how to use ones she's never been in before.
Engineering/Inventing: Button is great at engineering and inventing new devices to use, even when pressed for time; she is even able to fix almost anything mechanical.

Cooking: Button cannot cook to save her life unless it is premade
Males: Button gets very flustered around people of the opposite sex and finds it difficult to talk to them
Strength: Although she is good at fighting, Button is not inherently strong
Taking Care of Herself: If it wasn't for her fellow teammates, Button would not be able to take care of herself, often not sleeping, eating, or drinking when working on something
Height: Button is very small and short, which makes it difficult for her to reach things high up; she also has short-man syndrome
Temper: Button is rash and impulsive when provoked.
Seizures: Button is prone to seizures. When she has them, she has flashes of her life before Camelot, but she can never make sense of them.


Swordsmanship/Blades: Button is very skilled with using a sword, usually a broadsword or a katana, but she can also use small blades such as knives, daggers, and kunai.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Because of her Adoptive Muscle Memory, Button is very apt in hand-to-hand combat because she is able to mimic the moves of previous opponents or simply people she has seen fight.

Engineering: Because of her intelligence, Button is always making new weapons and toys to play with, so she could randomly bring out something no one has ever seen before.

Intelligence: Button is exceedingly intelligent, bypassing what would be considered a genius. She could talk by the time she was three months old and walk soon afterwards. Button is able to process things quickly and come up with solutions. She was all the first human to figure out how to channel mana. However, the mana is transferred through androids rather than the human body.

Adoptive Muscle Memory: Button has natural Adoptive Muscle Memory, able to copy a person's movements perfectly.

Photographic Memory: Along with her muscle memory, Button has a photographic memory and can remember everything that has ever happened to her perfectly.

Transformation: Although still in the experimental stage, Button possesses an ability to change her appearance and enhance her capabilities two times over. It takes an extreme amount of energy and she tries to avoid using it as much as possible.

Once upon a time, a baby girl named Ercilia was born to the most wealthy people in the world. She was born in a beautiful castle in city called Arcadia that floated in the sky, a Utopia. Then tragedy struck the young girl's family and her parents were lost to a shooting in a strange place she didn't recognize. They turned the gun towards her and the girl was almost killed. Her eyes landed on a breaking wire and she made a show of knocking it down and dumping some water from a gutter onto the men. The wire electrocuted them while Ercilia walked over some rubber tubing safely to the other side. And so, she ran until she passed out on the road.

She woke up in a strange place, strapped down. Over the course of a few weeks, the poor girl was experimented on and injected with many different things. This led her to insanity and many mental complications. However, after she was declared a near perfect specimen, she had her memories erased and was sent to become a member of Camelot V2.0.1. She proved to be a better success than they thought with amazing memory and intelligence and athleticism. Unfortunately for them, she was a bit rebellious and had more morals than the majority of the others. She also had many issues such as her inability to communicate with the other gender efficiently, her lack of self reliance, and her epileptic seizures.

So, even with her powerful abilities, the girl- renamed Buthayna- was marked as a failure and not put in charge of any units. She became known as Button or the Lady of the Lake, one of the most powerful of Camelot's officers. Button, however, had different ideas. She disregarded the orders given to her and began fighting for true justice, not what the Skies and the Oceans called justice. She rallied some of the other members of Camelot who were for the same cause and started the Middles. She is aware of her power and knows that the Skies and Oceans won't mess with her unless she actually hurts them, which she will do if it ever becomes necessary.

Face Claim:
Neptune~Hyperdimension Neptunia

So begins...

Button Liole's Story