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'My life fucking rocks.'

0 · 1,595 views · located in Underlands

a character in “Camelot V2.0.1”, as played by afreerobin


"I'm good at what I do. What more could I ask for?"

Full Name:
'After my hair. You like?'
Nicknames and Aliases:
'Just Red.

'Beep bop I'm a fucking robot.'

Role/Code Name:
'It's got a nice ring.'

'No wee wee here.'
'You calling me old?'
Twenty Four
Sexual Orientation:
'You think I have time for that? No way.'
Pansexual but not intrested in dating.

Loyalty:'Forever and always.'

Hair Color:
'Pretty pretty. I love my hair.
Dark Red
Eye Color:
'Get lost in them.'
'Say, "How's the weather up there?" And I'll kill you.'
'Tch. Never ask that.

'Oh! I love them.'
A series of black swirls going down her right arm.
'I wish.'
'More like dents.'
A few on her back. The largest is on the back of her neck.
'Despite being built?'
She has an unusual love for guns.


{Impulsive, Blunt, Sarcastic, Cold}
Despite the norms for androids Red acts quite human. She laughs at what she finds funny -normally someone getting hurt- and is quick to anger. She has no problem with killing and does so with a smile on her face. Killing thrills her and the fact she can please her bosses helps.
Working out
She may be an android but the act calms her down.
Baking Not that she'd ever tell anyone but Red loves to cook.
Building Being built herself Red has a way with machinery.
SmokingThe actions has become normal for her. Smoke, work, smoke.
Cleaning She excessively cleans her guns.
Hair pulling Whenever she feels uncomfortable Red will tug on her hair.
  • Killing
  • Smoking
  • Guns
  • The color red
  • Her bosses

  • Lazy days
  • Health food
  • Losing a fight
  • The Abandoners  
  • The Middles

Gunfighting Red is a very skilled gunfighter.
Agility She hardly gets tired and is very agile.
Talking She can very easily talk civilians onto her side.
Speed Red can run very, very fast.

Water Androids and water don't mix.
Loyalty If there's such as thing as too loyal Red doesn't know it.
Kids She'd kill whoever she'd ordered to but kids make Red kind of sad when she has to go after them.
Egotistical Red thinks very highly of herself.

Red was made by a rather kind old man in his late sixties. His wife died years before along with his only child. Struck by grief he used the next decade of his life and most of his money to create a replacement of his lost daughter. Thus Red was born. For a long time Red and her 'father' lived happily. But once he reached the ripe age of ninety he passed away peaceful in his sleep. Men came to grab only to be shocked to see an android gasping over his body. Not so gently one of the men ripped her off her father and demanded why she, an android was near this man. Red was confused. She was never made aware she was built by her father. They left her staring in shock as her fathers body was dragged away.

For the next have year she wondered around intill her hardware broke down. She awoke again in a dim room with a man standing by her. He explained that she was a Loyal and that in a training exercise her memories had been whiped by accident. Not able to remember anything Red hurriedly agreed to this and began her training. Not months later Red became the hardcore killing machine she is today.

Face Claim:
Revy | Black Lagoon


So begins...

Red's Story