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Camp Athens II

Camp Athens


a part of Camp Athens II, by FeistyDeadlySins.


FeistyDeadlySins holds sovereignty over Camp Athens, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Camp Athens is a part of Camp Athens II.

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Mason Hughson [236] The Harbinger
Andromeda Bolton [218] The Dauntless
Wesley Preston [210] The One-Armed Teddy Bear
Alexandria Valis [190] The Wild Child
Ajax Valis [188] The Righteous
Daniel Vadas [174] Loki Junior
Sylas Astor [166] The Deceiver
Sloane Astor [160] The Prodigy
Evelyn Masters [157] WIP | The X Factor

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xxxxxxx T R I N I T Y xx W A L L A C E
xxxx Daughter of Ares | Outfit | #461f4b


Andy sat next to her and Trinity mirrored her poor smile. Beyond that, the two didn't converse and paid attention to the illusions.

Wes and herself were undoubtedly due up at some point, but hearing his name struck a panic chord in her. She wasn't sure who squeezed who but she felt anxious and restless that he had to go through the archway that converted most peers to silence and sadness. These trials were breaking people. "I'll be right back. Ok?" Trinity did the stupid thing of letting his hand go.

In his world, Alex was a bitch, which wouldn't have been all that surprising, except even Trinity knew Wesley was in her good books and she didn't speak to him that way. Wes and Alex adored each other. She hated seeing him regarded so poorly. But whatever she wanted to do to the illusion of Alex..she wanted to do to the vision of herself worse. Trinity watched and listen to herself tear Wes apart, her face contorting between confusion and pain. It nearly drove her insane to watch. Watching his heart break, broke her own. But the final straw was when he abandoned himself to the enemies in the woods. Trinity jumped to her feet, but a sharp look from her father demanding not to cause a commotion too made her pause and jaw twitch. She sunk back down watching Wes embrace his doom with no care for himself.

She frowned when he came to, begging for him to look at her but he never did. God, this was such bullshit. In typical Trinity fashion, her sadness and stress turned to frustration. She was frustrated at the gods, frustrated at Wes...Why couldn't he just keep fighting? Why did they all have to go through this crap? Extort Sylas' and Liam's fears for them all to see. Punish them! Or better yet let Liam get it out of his system and do some pest extermination. If Alex got a free pass why couldn't he?

The reel of nightmares rolled on, Trinity watching with her arms crossed, unenthused and aching to punch something. And then finally, the one that deserved it was called upon like music to her ears. Boy did she make sure to perk up and tune in to his little slice of paradise. A mountain of familiar bodies laid as corpses causing her to arch a brow while Sylas contained the bloodied sword. Liam, Wes, her. Again, it was an odd sensation to see yourself in another's head, whether as a bitch or lifeless. But did they need more proof to evict him from camp? He just "hypothetically" killed them all to appease the goddess on top of them all. But boy did it get better when Sloane came along and stabbed him. Suffer. And the thought looped on repeat.

Of course, Trinity considered moving next to Wes. But another part of her didn't want to move because neither of them needed her lecture right now or eyes on them. Maybe he wanted to be alone anyway. Meanwhile, she needed to be alone when she was feeling so destructive and hateful. She'd be called upon sooner or later anyway.

"It won't be long now..." she heard Andy speak her mind.

xxxxxxx E V E L Y N xx M A S T E R S
xxxxxDaughter of Nemesis | Outift | #ffc300


Welsey, Cherise, Nelly. Evelyn watched them all but not with the same intrigue as before. She couldn't quite analyze, decipher and invest in others illusions when her own plagued her mind. She shot a wry glance to Nemesis now and then but her mother was trained and intent on the trials that exposed themselves. Subconsciously, she cupped her wrist where Reece had his vice grip on her.

"Sylas Astor. Step forward." Evelyn's eyes lifted from her wrist to the son of Eris. His test was one that would hold her utmost attention, since he was not only an enigma but part of the cause they were all here. Somehow she was expecting a last trick pulled from his sleeve, something to somehow distort his true demons.

But he couldn't escape it either and the illusion played crystal clear for them all to see. Sylas was blood soaked and exerted with a pile of bodies before him. Her gut churned as her eyes worked from bottom to the top to reveal significant features of the demigods and her own corpse among them, and a woman – a Goddess, standing on top of her body. To treat them as disposable insects made sense for the Goddess, but Sylas showed no flicker of emotion. Thanks to his illusion, he now demonstrated where they stood for him. They were just objects in his playground until he wanted something else. She wasn't excluded from that category, and she wouldn't let herself forget it, staring at her own lifeless body.

She winced as the one assumed to be Eris shoved her body further from the pile. Meanwhile, Eris and him discussed his failed duty to wipe everyone from camp. Then Sloane appeared and finished the job, plunging the blade through his chest. Evelyn's breath hitched in her throat. There it was. The illusion of Eris verified his insecurities. "My dear boy. It was never going to be you."

Evelyn watched him experience his life fade away all too intently. Did he have regrets? Life flashing before his eyes or was all his energy consumed on trying to grasp onto life with a family that he simply wouldn't be good enough for?

The illusion faded and like many that experienced death, Sylas was left gasping for air and clawing at reality again. Evelyn cupped her throat finding herself daring for him to look at her, even if she did find it unsettling. But he did his best to avoid everyone's eyes and return to the stands.

What was it she was feeling? Beyond the horror and shock there was...disappointment. Sylas had said he was bad and, she knew manipulative, but then there was monstrous and completely inhuman. A league of his own. Still he reacted in no way. She averted her cold judgemental gaze, not realizing how tense her whole being was until Sylas was completely seated again. Evelyn hugged herself. Then before even she could help it, she was on her feet and moved to Sloane's row.

There was no interrogation, nor silent questions or pleas for answers, fake smiles or greetings. Evelyn's only intention was a united front sitting with her. Evelyn considered some dialogue rather than sit with her in silence, but the only thing she could think to ask was how she was coping. And that answer seemed to be the same all across the board. So silent support it was. Something Evelyn didn't feel the need to justify unless asked.


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#, as written by mombie
L I V x P F E I F F E R
o f x p o s e i d o n
#00CCCC || Outfit || pulvinus

Liv, like many others, quietly sat as witness to the many trials playing out before them. As Demigods marched, one by one, through the archway, she couldn't quite pinpoint her feelings. The duality of her personality emerged in silent expressions - from bitterness to stoic, to all the other facets of emotion. Yet, she couldn't figure out if these trials were a good things or not. Were they pointless? On one hand, the gods loved and cared for their children, even if they were not always present in their lives. They'd never put them through something for no reason. Perhaps, unless one was Hades, but Liv felt that even the God of the Underworld had a weakspot for his son.

From a coldly logical perspective, fear and insecurity caused others to do irrational things. It withheld one's full potential. These trials also laid bare that which her peers attempt to hide which gives a glimpse of insight. It's all newfound knowledge. The knowledge that Liv shall not waste as she watched with owlish curiosity, and attempted to pick apart the inferences, subtle or not, in their illusions. There were a couple of people she couldn't wait to watch walk through the archway. They'd not be able to hide behind their strength forever.

Whatever had transpired between Liam and Sylas, she'd have to thank them later.

She cast her gaze up at her father for a moment, but it wasn't the expression of a defiant daughter. As much as she'd like to keep being a pain in his ass, Liv needed to step up her role and banish the memories of his other children. That seemed to be the only way to get him to notice her.

The Children of Ares were most important to her, and just by Sloane's trial, perhaps there was something to exploit there. Her eyes drifted to Liam momentarily - of whom was muzzled and bound like the rabid beast he apparently was. A single Ares child could cause a lot of chaos if handled the right way. She kept that in mind and pulled her attention away from him to view other trials.

Evelyn's was interesting. Liv found herself wondering if the well-spoken and mannered redhead enjoyed flirting on the edge of danger and the vile potentials of her power. While she did not know her very well, she had a less loud presence in camp. Was she caught between desire and the constricting binds of morality? The daughter of Poseidon let out a little hmm, leaned forward with her elbows on her knees, and cradled her chin on the knuckles of her right hand. She always enjoyed an enigma, and at the moment, Liv also struggled with power and morality.

During Evelyn's trial, and a little bit after, Liv wondered if one could have desire and power without freedom from morality. In this world, so many sought power yet only one percent of people actually make it. Why is that? Studies show that there is a high level of sociopathy involved at the pinnacle of achievement.


She tucked Evelyn's plight in her proverbial pocket for later use.

Before too long, it was Liv's turn. Whilst she might've gone for a bit of an attitude about this or that, she felt that Rae and Liam accurately portrayed most feelings. To needlessly reiterate such things would only be a detriment to her relationship with her father, which at current, was not something to brag about. So, she took to the archway in a confident chin-up sort of stride, not allowing herself to make much eye contact with others. Without a word, she slipped into her trial.

She was at the bottom of an ascending staircase. When she looked up, it seemed almost like a perpetual climb toward nothing. At the bottom, it was dark and quiet; nothing around save for a confused girl that began her ascent after a moment or two.


Where was this headed? How many were left? The silence began to morph into groaning noises, and not before too long, the steps felt... less solid. They were slowly moving around as if one was stepping on someone's back for a boost. She looked down at her feet, and indeed - they were backs. Human. Suddenly, her feet were bare and she could feel the bumps of their spines on her own skin. She could feel their body's warmth. They were very much alive.

She thought about going back down, but when she looked over her shoulders there was nothing there. I've sired many children. Who are you to say that you are better than them? a thunderous voice called out to her. Her dad's voice. A moment of confusion flickered through her mind, and she glanced down at her feet again. Siblings. No wonder there was such hesitation. There was a familial connection in being half-siblings or just some kind of family in some sort of way. Through centuries of having his way with women and goddesses, Poseidon's spawn was in the hundreds.

But these were nobodies, and Liv was not one of them.

Against her better judgment, she coldly stepped on the backs of centuries of siblings. You're just like all the others. Easy to walk all over. You'll be on your hands and knees, too - just like this. Another useless stepping stone. Very few of my children ascend to anything. Most of them die as nothing. I bet you can't even name them all.

At some point, she lost track of how many stairs she had climbed.

Arrogance. His voice boomed again, a neighing outcry as something struck Pegasus, causing one of Poseidon's sons - Bellerophon, to fall into the black abyss of nothingness that awaited him. Her eyes widened at this. Thinking one can be better than the gods. Believing that you can step into my house - our house. The man, now crippled, miserably groaned as he walked back up the steps. As he moved past her, his disabled body was remolded into the epitome of health. Too much pride for such lowly beings. Bellerophon was revered by kings. A hero to the people. He was happily married; had a child, but he needed more. It seemed that Bellerophon was condemned to do this for the rest of his afterlife, dying alone with no one to remember his name or even put it in the history books.

My children are not fated for good lives. She walked again, this time through the Six Labours of another one of his children, the infamous Theseus. The envy of King Aegis as Theseus became renowned and revered as revolutionary in Athens. There was his trip to the Underworld after abducting Hades' wife, only to be rescued by Heracles later. You haven't even begun to live your life as my child. The slaying of the Minotaur. Only for his end to meet with Lycomedes throwing him off a cliff.

He tumbled down into the blackness only to begin his journey once again.

Has it been hundreds of steps? Thousands? Her feet were killing her. Soon she was surrounded by cliffs, and the monstrous Scylla's six dog heads sprouted from the crevices of both sides. They nipped and lapped at Liv. Scylla. You may have read that she was my daughter, or maybe my lover. Cursed to live like a monster. my wife poisoned the water she used to swim in, and now she lives like this.

When that stopped, Liv was finally at the precipice of the steps. She looked down at the toothed-whirlpool Charybdis. My daughter. She was a nymph regarded well for her beauty. She aided my fight against my brother, but in the end... he turned her into this; one that swallows the sea.

Don't get too ahead of yourself, Liv. It never turns out how you want it to. The odds are very much against you. They always have been.

She felt hands on her back - many of them all at once - and pushed her into Charybdis. Just shy of entering the gaping maw of the sea beast, she opened her eyes on the arena floor. Her heartbeat was racing, but she'd pull herself onto her feet and seat herself.

Whatever. It was just an illusion, and she didn't believe in fate.


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Character Portrait: Sylas Astor Character Portrait: Liv Pfeiffer Character Portrait: Iliana Remington-Taylor Character Portrait: Heath Taylor Character Portrait: Ethan Knox Character Portrait: Penelope Givens
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xEthan Knox ~ Hestia ~ #8B4513


xHeath Taylor ~ Athena ~ #808000


xxIliana Remington-Taylor ~ Demeter


xxxxPenelope Givens ~ Hermes ~

"Hey, you okay?" Ethan found himself asking Nelly right after she returned to her seat.

"Oh I am just peachy! What do you think Ethan?" Nelly asked sarcastically, taking Ethan aback a bit.

Raising his hands up, he said,"Whoa, sorry, Nelly. I was just concerned."

"Well, try to put yourself in my place before asking. I appreciate the concern though."

Ethan nodded as Sylas was called up next. Now this one had his full attention as well as Heath's. Seeing most of the campers dead was brutal, but what got Heath's attention was the figure of Eris appear. Nelly had to shake her head at the site.

"Hey, I thought Sylas said he was the son of Nemesis? Did he lie to me?

"You sound surprise. This helps answers a few questions for sure," Heath commented as mother and son communicated.

Being a son of Eris was different from being a son of Nemesis. Sylas always seem to come off as very outgoing, but something had been off. And Liam might be a big physical threat, but Heath would hope he would still need a good reason to go after someone, but who knows. What was interesting about Sylas's trial, at least from Heath's point-of-view, was they did have one thing in common, both didn't want to be a disappointment to their mothers, only Sylas went to extremes. Looked like the man was also jealous of Sloane. Heath could see that happening. Eris being the goddess of Discord, Heath wondered if she didn't mind that her offspring had a chaotic relationship between them. The real question was would Sylas be willing to go that far to please Eris. Doubtful, for their be hell to pay if he truly tried something so heinous. Eris would no doubt be in some trouble too if she ordered such a thing.

Nelly couldn't help but feel a bit of sympathy towards Sylas. Not having any siblings she knew of, well she didn't have any she grew up with, she didn't know what she would have done in Sylas's position. She never felt any jealousy at all. Seeing Sylas's state after his trial was over made her wonder what his next move would be. She would certainly be more wary of whatever he said or do now though.

Iliana felt nothing for Sylas, if she was being honest with herself. She couldn't stand those who lied or manipulated others. Of course with her own current emotional state, she was in no place to judge either. She knew she was capable of terrible acts. Still, to her knowledge, she never did anything intentionally try cause harm, she hoped.

Up next was Poseidon's daughter herself. Now for Heath, Liv was a complete enigma since he never interacted with her yet. He only recalled her during Alex's trial. He wondered how the Valises and Duke were doing at the moment. No doubt others who didn't know the trio left would have noticed their absence by now. Deciding not to think about it, Heath focused on Liv's trial.

The trial was another unique one, at least in Nelly's opinion. She had briefly interacted with Liv the other day, but not enough to get an opinion on her. She didn't know what to think of the trial. The idea that Poseidon had so many offspring over the years didn't surprise her though. She wouldn't be surprise if her own father had more. Hermes opening told her once that he had been with a lot of women, but did have his standards though. Still, the ever curious Nelly did read up on the myths of her father's exploits. She didn't a few of them, but never bothered asking since she didn't know if she could handle them. She'd like to think that a few of them were just glorified lies. Of course she had to remind herself that Hermes was considered the god of Liars also.

Iliana had the courage to look at Liv's trial. She recalled how the girl had warned her the other day. Who was this girl? Did she fear her own pride? Iliana couldn't get a good reading on her, but it was obvious the trial still affected the demigoddess. Poseidon sounded like an overbearing father, at least from Liv's perspective. Still he had a point in that trial. Iliana never thought for once she was better then anyone else. If anything she wished she didn't have the abilities she had for they seemed to do more harm then good.

Soon the trial ended and Poseidon said the next name.

"Ethan Knox, it's your turn."

Iliana and Heath looked at their friend instantly. Ethan had been secretly dreading this moment. After seeing so many trials, he had an idea of what he could be and was not looking forward to it. Looking at his two friends, he gives them an awkward smile.

"Well, let's see how I do."

Standing up, the redhead went down to the trial grounds and rubbing his hands together, he entered the portal.

A sense of dread crept up Ethan's spine as he ran. It felt like he'd been running for hours and his energy was almost spent. Oh sure, he jogged everyday, but he was no expert runner. Still he had to get away. Someone had found out he wasn't human and now he was running for his life. He tried reaching out to his mother for help, but couldn't. Surely she'd be here soon. After all, Demeter had saved Iliana at some point. For now though only he could rely on was himself. He couldn't involve Heath or Iliana. Lia had especially suffered enough. It was dark outside, Ethan might as well been running blind. He could hear shouting again. They were coming. Feeling panic set in, Ethan continued to run, even though he lungs were burning for air. He had no means of quickly getting away either. The voices seemed to get getting closer now. The fear in his heart made it feel like it was about to stop.

Staggering, Ethan could run no more. With no choice left, he turned to face his fate. Soon a group of people surrounded him with torches and other weapons. They had no faces for they were all in masks.

"I am not a monster. I have humanity in me also."

"You are a freak! A betrayer to humanity. People like you shouldn't even exist."[/color]

This whole time, Ethan kept trying to use his serenity inducement, but it failed him.

"My father loved my mother. I have every right to exist just as much as any of you."

"Aw yes your father, don't worry we already took care of that b---ard."

"WHAT?! No . . that can't be true! He would never harm a fly!"

Ethan could feel his anger rising. Someone had tried hurting his father once and paid for it.

"Need proof huh? Check this out!"[/color]

Suddenly the head of Cedric Knox was brought in. Something snapped in Ethan as he hollered in agony and he instantly physically attacked those that did this to his father. However the mob was too big and soon they attacked him. Ethan didn't have any way of fighting back and found himself on the ground as the mobbed attacked him with their feet and clubs. By the time they were done, he was bleeding and bruised from head to toe. He still still retained consciousness though and heard one of them speak again.

"Don't worry, freak. You and your father will always be together."

Everything went black after that. Soon he woke up, but something was wrong. Ethan was lying on his back and seemed to be in an enclosed space. He saw the head of his father right next to him. Something wasn't right. He tried moving but realized he couldn't move much. He manage to move his hands to the top of him and felt wood. Everywhere he felt there was wood. Panic start to sink in. He was trapped inside one of those old wooden coffins. He started screaming for help. Was he . . . buried alive?! His breath quickening, he tried drawing upon his architectural manipulation ability, but couldn't because of his mental state. He kept hollering and crying over and over, until he couldn't anymore. After that, a deathly silence.

Much like others, Ethan found himself on his back when he opened his eyes to see the ceiling of the arena. His voice was sore from screaming so much. The images from his head wouldn't leave. He had to take a few minutes for his emotions to start calming down. He did something he hadn't done on himself in awhile, used his own serenity inducement on himself. His mother had taught him that after that one time he snapped. Finally, after what felt like forever, Ethan managed to get himself up and he quietly returned to his seat. Iliana moved to sit between him and Heath and placed her head on Ethan's shoulder. Ethan pulled her tightly in. He was calm, but his mind was still not at peace.


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son of artemis
Location: Arena
Mood: Confused
Hex: #0000BF

Theo unfurled from his wolf state back into his normal self as he broke the tree line to camp. The best part about living at the edge of camp, among the outermost forest, was being able to come and go as he pleased without anyone really knowing. Still, he had to admit to himself that he had probably been going on his wolf trips a bit too frequently lately, neglecting his duty to "watch over" the camp. Things were just so tense. Theo didn't care for the fact that people he cared for were literally clashing with one another. He certainly didn't like the idea of having to pick a side. Sometimes, it was just easier for him to get away.

Upon approaching his cabin, Theo noticed that camp was eerily quiet. The usual faint noise of mid day bustle from the heart of camp that only he would be able to hear from this distance was notably absent. It did not necessarily draw too much concern from him though. Theo opted for a much needed quick shower and a change of clothes. He stepped out on his balcony for a brief moment to look out over the camp. Hmmmm... not a person in sight. Theo scooped up his bow and quiver, slinging them over his shoulder as he set out on his way. As he made his way down the path, he started to pick up faint murmurs from the direction of the arena. Theo felt an uneasiness come over him. Having everyone gathered in one place at this time of day was uncommon unless something important was happening. Can I not come back to a normal day for once? The noises got more distinct as he came closer and closer to the arena. He was to the point where he could basically pick out certain voices. Theo slowed slightly to listen more intently.

”Wesley Preston, please step forward.”

What the hell? Was that... Poseidon? Why was he here? What in the world was going on? Theo was thoroughly confused. As he approached the arena, he chose to enter with caution. Circling around to the back, Theo peeked into the arena just in time to see Wes disappear into the archway. No one could really see him yet, so he used the moment to take in the situation. There were the gods standing around that ominous looking archway, facing Theo's fellow campers. The campers' expressions were a mix between nervous and mortified. The Valis' were nowhere to be found. They must have left for Olympus in his absence. Theo caught a glimpse of Trinity. She looked bothered, distressed even. Andy looked nervous. Then there were the gods, Theo's mother Artemis among them. They looked annoyed. For some reason, Artemis had her gaze trained on Rae with a look of disappointment that was eerily familiar to Theo. What the hell was that about?

Turning his attention to what was going on with Wes in the archway, Theo tried to figure out what was going on. This whole situation looked downright brutal. Wes was in a battle on the camp grounds. Everyone was there. It’s not like what was going on in the archway was an inaccurate representation of Wes in battle. Then, out of nowhere, Theo heard himself. He was right there, kissing Trinity. Theo felt a twinge of longing as he watched archway Trinity tell archway Theo that she loved him. That moment clearly destroyed Wes, and Theo watched as Wes succumbed to the battle around him. He wasn’t sure where it came from, but Theo actually felt bad for Wes as he appeared back in the arena. He almost came out of the shadows then. He just wasn’t really sure what was going on yet. Staying put, he watched as Cherise, Penelope, Sylas, Liv, and Ethan came in and out of the archway, each one experiencing things just as shattering as the one before.

With his hand keen on his bow, he finally stepped into view of the gathering and spoke up. "Hi... ummmm sorry I missed the memo on the camp meeting, but can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here? Theo's confusion certainly came out in his tone and body language as he glanced between the campers and the gods before setting his eyes on Artemis. "Mother?" basically shrugging the question in the direction of his mother, looking for answers.

Theo's mother smiled at him gently. "Theo dear, I was wondering where you were. Please, relax your bow hand." Artemis spoke calmly, almost too calmly for Theo's liking considering the anxious state of his friends. "Several of us on Olympus decided the drama and fighting was getting out of hand. We are simply here to set the priorities straight at this camp. That being said, we felt it necessary to put each one of you through a trial of sorts. Make you face your fears. Allow you to see the consequences should you as a group continue to put drama before training, or, in your case, not be present at all."

Theo eased up slightly, letting his right hand fall away from his bow and to his side. "Fighting? I've only been gone a day and a half..." his voice trailed off as he took another look at the campers. It was at this point that Theo noticed Mason's face. He had certainly been involved in one of these fights. Theo slowly made his way over to the group of campers. "I assume since I'm here, you have a trial prepared for me as well. Let's get on with it, I guess."

Theo took his seat right behind Trinity, leaning forward to whisper to her. "I wasn't gone that long. What the hell happened?"


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xxxxxxMason Hughson

Others bit the dust and most of them withdrew into themselves after it, including that loud smokin red head and Sylas, and obviously Daniel who Andy went to comfort. Mason wasn't going to sit there and pretend it'd be easy and he'd pull out in better shape because the fact the arrogant ones in camp couldn't keep, or even try their poker face said it all. Even Trinity a seat away was getting restless.

Andy returned taking Mason's hand without hesitance. Normally he would have been surprised but he needed it and found himself giving her hand a squeeze while looking dead ahead. "It won't be long now..." Mason glanced at her from the corner of his eye. It was like a torture of its own not knowing when you'd come. What was worse was they were next to last, witnessing slowly what was in store for them.

"Yeah," he answered lowly. "Daniel okay?"

"Mason Hughson." Poseidon's voice calling his name made his blood freeze. Truthfully, Mason feared the Olympus Gods more than those that resided in the Underworld.

He inhaled deeply through his nose and unhooked his fingers from Andy's as he stood. "It's going to be okay," he whispered one more time. Probably the last lie he'd bother with for the day as he approached the arch.

Mason faced a dark empty throne. Granted, a King wasn't always perched on his throne but this one was vacated, calling for a new ruler. Through the warren of tunnels, there were all sorts of screams and cries to get out. Some thundering gallop made the screams reach a new pitch of terror, followed by Cerebrus's growl and bark. It seemed like the ideal title, the ruler of the Underworld, and it seemed amuck without Hades needing order soon, but Mason knew the responsibility attached and how he'd be bound to the throne.

"Olympus also beckons for a new ruler. It seems this was always your fate." Mason turned, confused to the foreign soft spoken voice in the Underworld. The woman, youthful and vibrant though so unfitting to the place, sounded so sure and stared back unflinching at him. "Alexandria Valis."

Mason looked back to the throne. If only to shut the screams up and bring order back...if only to show up the Valises... His brows pinched together suddenly. "Not Ajax?" The mysterious female didn't answer and he gathered she had no inclination to. "I won't be able to go up and see others again will I?"

"With time."

For the longest moment, he was frozen like the answer might hit him suddenly. The first move was an inch towards the throne before he sat completely in it. A shudder rippled up his spine and he exhaled slowly. The woman smiled slightly though it didn't reach her eyes and gestured forward a sandglass. "A gift to view the surface world. Now I must tend back to Elysium."

* * * * *

Unmoving. It seemed he had been glued to his throne for years and nothing good came from the sandglass, only torture watching his family and demigods choose their own paths. Evolve and grow...move on. Yet Mason gazed hard into the fog through the glass as apparitions gradually took shape. A female figure was sitting, fiddling with a device, then before his eyes she took finer shape and color and the silhouette revealed itself as Andy as the fog subsided to the outskirts of the vision. A pained expression was painted over her features.

"Andy." Ajax stepped into view and greeted her with a kiss, meanwhile, Andy closed her hand around the mysterious tool...the key to the portal, and destroyed it in her palm. On the same hand, she sported a fancy wedding ring. As Ajax stepped aside, a child sprang into her arms and it was all warm and bubbly and loving in that household. Mason looked away to be spared, something clenched tight in his own hand. He found the pair of the device in his own hand.

They had both been holding onto false hope for...too long. And she was moving on thinking he abandoned her.

A cold hand rested on his shoulder. Truly it felt like death, dread coming over him in one touch. "You don't belong to that kind of life. As I've always told you."

Mason jerked away, with nothing in sight and only shadows to point his sneer.

"Still too human for this task. The Underworld will take you for a lost soul for as long as you behave like one," Hades voice warned.

Several limbs like spiders wrapped themselves around him and before he could retreat, they turned into two lovely arms, hugging him from behind. "It’s not all bad," a distorted feminine voice cooed, as some hands splayed themselves out on his chest, the image behind him flickering between the appearance of Stephanie and Eve. "At least you have me."

Mason barely suppressed an angry twitch. This was a damn mad house. His own realm really was turning against him. "Enough! Hades is gone. I'm in charge now and I've lost my god damn chance at going back so you're stuck with me. I rule this place!"

Once he finally admitted to and owned his new role, Alex appeared in a burst of lightning, sparks crackling all around her and
a cold hard stare set on him. Mason stepped forward to confront the intruder but before he could say anything she shot lightning at him sending him catapulting until his back hit the cavern wall. As he collapsed he felt a burn in his chest and struggled to fill his lungs.

"I told you, Taturus is too good for you."

Mason narrowly avoided another bolt, however it didn't stop the debris shattering over him, keeping him hunched on all fours. Alex was there before he could recover, and placed the tip of her blade to the back of his neck. Mason flinched but not in fear as much as disappointment in himself.

"Mason!" That voice... Jennova burst through the souls gathered to watch the spectacle.

"Jenn!" Mason smiled and only felt relief. He finally found her, she was okay, she was here. She ran towards him - that was the last thing he saw and thought before Alex swung the sword down.

Mason jolted to life, panting for air and gripping at his neck to assure it was attached. His heart drummed violently against his chest on the verge of a heart attack. He sighed out collapsing his head to the arena, fingers curling into the ground. Then it clicked, with this new scenery, in the arena, there were other eyes on him. Slowly he lifted his head and got to his feet. He almost wanted to check whose eyes had been watching, but, he wouldn't like the answer.

He returned to the stands and withdrawal, praying for the next poor bastard to go so they could forget his. Or maybe so he could forget his own. Maybe he couldn't hack being the ruler of the Underworld and leaving...people behind. Mason glanced to Andy then lowered his eyes again.


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xxxxxxxx T R I N I T Y xx W A L L A C E
xxxxxx Daughter of Ares | Outfit | #461f4b


An interval from the nagging knot in her stomach came by Theo's official entrance. “Hi... ummmm sorry I missed the memo on the camp meeting, but can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here? Mother?”

You oblivious, idiot. Get out! Run for the hills! Yet he remained with that same en-guarde confused look as Artemis got him up to speed. Trinity shook her head to herself, glancing to the archway.

“Fighting? I've only been gone a day and a half...” his voice faded for a moment. “I assume since I'm here, you have a trial prepared for me as well. Let's get on with it, I guess.”

Trinity clenched her biceps harder, fighting the urge snap her head in his direction and shout out a sharp "idiot!". He really had no clue what was in store, how others were feeling and he had the chance to not even be here. They were suffering with or without him, it didn't make a difference.

She heard the lightest scuffle behind her, meanwhile, Mason was called. “I wasn't gone that long. What the hell happened?” Theo whispered.

She sighed out, keeping her eyes ahead. “Artemis just about covered it,” she replied lowly. “We've been at each other's throats. Alex had a go at Andy, somebody wants to kill the other, Liam went for Sylas and that was the final straw so the gods decided to interfere. Now we all get to be tortured and exposed.”

That was the reality of it and Mason's illusion exhibited the hell they all went through and had to go through yet. Trinity glanced to Andy checking how she responded but she didn't offer any words. What was there to say after all?

“Trinity Wallace.”

Startled, her eyes flickered suddenly to the gods, as if she hadn’t heard them right. But who else sounded like Trinity and Wallace. Besides, nobody else budged. She pushed off her seat and walked herself down with no clue what would show itself.

Trinity was in a large arena, the crowd of several thousands of people cheering and roaring. But there were seats that stood out above others and there, Ares was situated. Around her, numerous corpses already laid lifeless. She felt a warmth along her neck and put her hand up to tend to the strange source. It felt wet and Trinity inspected her red fingertips. But she wasn't hurt, on the contrary she never felt so alive and empowered and adrenalized. She tilted her head back closing her eyes, absorbing the blood and violence, the rage and energy that surrounded her. This was her element. Her domain. Her arena.

“Ares, Ares, Ares!”

A faint smile touched her lips and she opened her eyes, finally seeing the worship that was due. So it was his arena. As the gate rolled up, a gigantic man approached. She scooped up a spear in the sand and flipped it around walking up to him. Better to keep this guy at a distance, he has reach and size. She threw her weapon at the naked piece of armour in his leg. As he shouted and fell to his knees, Trinity rushed up to him and kneed him in the face with such force he collapsed backward. Trinity yanked out her spear and gave him a moment to recover from the stun of impact then prepared her blade over his head. “I have a family,” he wheezed.

“So do I,” she replied. She plunged the weapon downwards, feeling it pierce through flesh and bone, to which the crowd roared again.

She flipped her hair back out of her face and met Ares eyes who nodded at her. Trinity headed for the gate to join her father's side.

“We have two more opponents who will battle for the undefeated Scarlet Queen!” Scarlet Queen? A little theatrical but she liked that. And battle for? Well... “Two more who share the power of the gods in their own veins!” Curiosity got the better of her, and she looked over her shoulder. Out stepped Theo and Wes. Trinity's heart stopped. They squinted at the harsh light of the arena, looked confused at first but then their eyes darkened and body tensed. Suddenly they went for one another like ravenous beasts. Fists collided with faces and bodies, and they threw each other against the stone wall. The crowd spurring them on.

ImageIt was so violent from both sides she was in shock for a moment. She had seen them angry before but this was something beyond anger. Trinity looked up at Ares who had his eyes set on them.

“Hey!” She marched forward but was held back.

Ares fiery gaze moved to her. “Would you like to choose who lives and dies, or let natural selection take place?”

“This is not natural selection, this is you playing god!”

“Because I am a God!” Trinity jumped at his harsh bellow. “Do you think my entire existence was without sacrifice?”

Fine, she got message. Trinity flipped the man that held her and swiftly slit his throat. She ran to the boys who had nothing but hate in their eyes. Theo picked up a weapon and Trinity tugged on his armed wrist sharply. Wes took the opening to kick Theo. She tried to get between them, countering and defending but it was proving a task. “Stop!”

They all but shoved her out of the way to lunge at each other again. Trinity clenched her teeth. There was no speaking sense behind the rage of Ares but maybe she could redirect it. “It's me! You're angry at me. I waste your time. I'll never say how I feel. You're both...soft and weak.”

They earned some distance from each other and their dark gazes moved on her. Ah the male pride.. Theo was the first to strike at her. Trinity was sure to deflect and just as she punched him in the ribs hoping to wind him, Wes gave her a blow to her gut and grabbed a fistful of her hair. Before he could smash her face into the stone, Trinity braced herself with a gasp. She used the wall as leverage to spring back sending them both toppling over. She turned quickly and readied a fist but for that split second, she hesitated. That's when she was attacked again from the side.

The brawl continued relentlessly, the two tag-teaming to beat the holy crap out of her. If they weren't busy wanting the privilege to kill her as an individual she might have already been dead. But...she had lost one of her opponents. Theo was heading for his weapon of choice. Trinity sprinted over and threw her hip and shoulder into him as he retrieved the bow. They wrestled for control. Every blow she copped pushed her away from her defensive game and further into fury. Suddenly she gained the bow, only realizing too late because Theo plucked a closer weapon. Before he hacked into flesh, Trinity intercepted with her hand and cried out as the blade poked through it. She put her knee on his throat growling and watching him writhe before loading the bow, and drawing the string back to aim at his head. Then had a better idea. She turned her hips, adjusted her aim and shot him in the leg. Trinity jumped off, pulled his hands together above his head and crucified the rat.

Now, opponent number two. Wes came from behind, daggers in hand. He slashed out and swiped with such rhythm Trinity had no choice but to back away. He made a move for her heart and Trinity braced herself against his assault. Her muscles trembled against his. She yelled out as the tip of the metal began to sink into her chest. She hit his wrists away, summoned a blade and buried one into his own chest.

The rage seemed to fade in time for her to realize just what she had hit. Wes swayed a little and the look of betrayal with his face contorted in pain wounded her beyond belief. Trinity went to support his weight -

Suddenly a large hand snatched her throat, lifting her from the ground then slammed her down on the earth. “When I give you my blood and strength you do as I say,” Ares snarled, squeezing hard. Trinity clawed at his hand and tried to push him away, her efforts only a feeble attempt. Ares released her and Trinity gasped for Imageair and coughed turning to her side looking at Wes’s body. She scrambled to him desperately, pressing her hand against the wound.

Hope. Blind, stupid hope was all it was because deeper down Trinity knew it was too late. She saw his empty stare, making her head fall to his chest. She whimpered until it turned into a stream of tears, sobbing, her whole chest aching. “I love you. I love you so much,” she croaked for only his deceased body to hear, causing her whole body to shake. Trinity held him tighter, hugging him to her.

Then he was gone. She fell forward catching herself with an arm while the other cradled her stomach. The whole thing vanished, and she was knelt on the ground surrounded by her peers gawking eyes. Trinity wiped away her tears and slowly straightened. Rather than get to her feet and hold her head high as she intended, she remained on her knees for a time trying to get her bearings, blink back the remaining tears and trudged to her seat, eyes lowered and returned without engaging in eye contact or commentary. Never had she felt a pain like that.

The blood was gone, Theo was in one piece, Wes was alive, but that heaviness and pit of dread echoed all through her. She wrapped another arm around herself.


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xEthan Knox ~ Hestia ~ #8B4513


xHeath Taylor ~ Athena ~ #808000


xxIliana Remington-Taylor ~ Demeter


xxxxPenelope Givens ~ Hermes ~

Theo showing up was a pleasant surprise. Nelly had nearly forgotten the guy she met briefly the other night. He'd been hunting? It also seemed his mother was Artemis. Did that mean he was Rae's brother? Nelly wondered if the two knew they were related. She remembered their interaction and it didn't look like they knew. However, Nelly forgot about Theo again as the next trial commenced, which just happened to be Mason.

Heath watched that trial with a keen eye. It couldn't be easy being an offspring of Hades. The god caused issues last year at camp. Heath almost wished he had been there, but last year he was too busy trying to help his sister.

After Mason, it was Trinity's turn. Her trial was very fitting seeing how violent it was. Ethan felt himself flinch at the sight of all the bodies and the slaughter that was taking place. His heart went out for Trinity when Theo and Wesley showed up in it. He stole a glance at Iliana, who was crying again. To Ethan though, it seemed there was a possible love triangle going on, but it ended in tragedy.

Iliana didn't know how much she could take of this. She was falling apart inside. She wanted to comfort each of the campers, even Sylas. This was not right. However all thoughts exit her mind when Poseidon spoke again after Trinity sat down.

"Iliana Remington-Taylor."

Her blood ran cold and she could feel herself shaking. Heath turned to his sister, fear evident in his eyes. Both of them had a pretty good idea what was in store for Iliana and they weren't ready for it. Iliana was too scared to move at first, but Poseidon said her name again, much sterner this time. Shaking wildly, Iliana managed to stand up. Slowly she walked into the arena. Her eyes sought Apollo's as tears coursed down her face. She looked at the god, hoping he could stop her from doing this. Apollo looked at her sadly and shook his head. The god knew what Iliana had gone through and now everyone else would see it. Reality was scarier then any fear. Still crying and shaking, Iliana passed through the barrier.

It was dark and quiet. It always took awhile for Iliana to go to sleep because the darkness was unsettling. It’s why her daddy gave her a nightlight. He always made her feel at ease. She had been sleeping soundly when a noise woke her up. It was a noise she didn’t recognize at all. Maybe it was Daddy. Iliana thought to go back to sleep, but then she heard voices. One of them sounded like her daddy. Wanting to make sure he was okay, the little girl crawled out of her bed. The floor was made out of carpet so her feet never got cold, but she felt a chill up her spine though as fear entered her heart. Her father sounded distressed. Getting a flashlight shaped like a flower, she turned it on and managed to open the door to her room. Her room was on the first floor near her father’s room. Mommy couldn’t live with them due to her job. That’s what her parents said at least.

Walking down the hallway she heard the voices get louder and clearer. The anger and fear she was feeling from those people started making her shake, but she kept on walking. Soon she made it to the family room in time to see someone in black hit her father, who was trying to prevent him from getting into the hallway. The light was on in the room.

”Daddy!” Iliana cried out, gaining the attention of the stranger and her father.

“Lia, sweetie, run, get back!” Carter Remington pleaded as he staggered to his feet, desperate to protect his little girl.

The stranger suddenly sprinted forward and grabbed Iliana by the waist. Iliana felt something cold being held against her head as she tried squirming to get away from this man. What she didn’t realize was he was holding a gun to her head.

“Seems like I found your weak spot old man. Now you’re going to give me all of your material possessions or this little brat gets it.”

”Daddy . . .” Iliana started to cry.

“It’s okay baby, everything is going to be all right,” her father assured her as he started putting things in the bag the robber had brought.

Iliana kept trying to get loose but the man had a strong hold on her. She started getting angry and felt energy within her. Her mother told her she was special. Suddenly the man doubled over in pain as his stomach felt like it got stabbed. What he didn’t realize was that Iliana used her Induce Hunger ability on him for the first time. The man dropped the girl. Carter, in his desire to protect his daughter, lunged at the man to get the gun away from him. Sadly, the man was stronger and recovered from his pain. Time seemed to slow down as the robber managed to push Carter off of him, aimed his gun, and shot Carter right in the chest. Iliana didn’t know what she was seeing as she saw red liquid spread through her daddy’s t-shirt.

“Ili . . . an . . . a. . .” he stammered before dropping to the ground, never to wake up again.

Iliana screamed as the wind picked up around her, tossing the man off his feet. Suddenly, roots from a tree ripped through the house from the windows.

“What the devil?!” The man cried in terror as the roots wrapped around him, suffocating him. Cracking noises could be heard as the man died.

It was at that moment as Iliana tried to get her dad up that Demeter showed up. Everything went dark again.

Iliana was sleeping again, this time she was much older. Again, something woke her up, but instead of a sound, it was a light hitting her face directly. Something was very wrong. Opening her eyes, she saw she on a table of sorts that was bent at an angle. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed to the table, making it impossible to move. What happened to her? Last thing she recalled, she gone to bed. Wait, something happened. Someone had grabbed her, woke her up, and she recalled a sharp sensation in her neck before everything went black. It was then she realized she wasn’t in her flannel pjs either, but what looked like scrubs patients wore in a hospital. Also her head hurt too.

Iliana looked around the room and saw it was a big and looked to be a massive laboratory. Feeling scared, Iliana tried breaking free of her bonds but to no avail.

“I see you’ve finally waken up.”

Turning her head sharply, Iliana saw a middle age man in a lab coat.

”Who are you and where am I?” Iliana asked.

“My underground lab where no strangers can bother us. I am Dr. Fritz. I believe you know my son, you’re both in the same Geology Class.”

Iliana could see the resemblance. It still didn’t explain why she was here. Immediately she wish she had the ability to contact her loved ones, especially her mother. Her mother would be here soon. She always knew when Iliana was in trouble.

”Why am I here? Don’t you know it’s wrong to kidnap?!”

“Kidnap? Why my dear Iliana, I just merely need your help. Once I have it, I’ll let you go back.”

Iliana doubted that for some reason.

“Now that we’ve gotten pleasantries done, let’s get down to business. My son saw you do something and you were floating. Looked like magic, but that’s impossible, or should be by practical means. I plan to find out if it’s true or not. Will you assist me? It could be important to humanity.”

Any color on Iliana’s face vanished. She always tried to find a hidden and safe place to practice her powers. It was imperative she always keep calm when it came to them for her moods affected her abilities. Somehow someone saw her using it. And not just anyone could use her powers too. What the man was asking was impossible. Fear coursed through her, a feeling she hadn’t felt since her father died.

”I can’t help you . . .” she answered honestly.

“Or won’t. Listen Miss Iliana. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. I hate to be responsible for what happens next should you refuse.”

He meant it. Iliana might not know when someone was lying, but his energy was calm, with a sinister feel to it. Feeling tears well up in her eyes she shook her head.

“Have it your way.”

The man walked through a glass door not far from them. It was then Iliana realized she was surrounded by glass walls. As soon as the door closed, Dr. Fritz walked over to a machine and pressed a button. A current turned on as Iliana screamed out in intense pain. An electrical current ran through her. It was only for a split second, but it felt like ages for the pain wasn't anything like Iliana ever felt. It also triggered her wind ability for a second. Seeing this, the scientist turn off the switch and waited a few seconds before going into the containment room. Iliana was trying to catch her breath as she continued to cry. She had finally been able to get some hold of her powers, but in a manner of moments, that had changed. Her muscles twitched and the pain was slow to reside.

“Seems like pain triggers something Miss Iliana. I’d rather not use that as a means to get what I desire, but I am curious if you have any other special . . . ‘abilities’. Why don’t we do this the easy way. I don’t want to cause you any brain damage during your stay here. Of course I have other means of persuading you.”

Anger welling up in her, Iliana yelled, ”You have no right to do this to me! You’ll regret this!”

Her power flared as she ended up using her induce hunger on the scientist, who screamed out in pain as he doubled over. Suddenly, other people in lab coats appeared and one of them took a syringe and injected something into Iliana’s neck, which caused pain to flare up into her own head. She screamed as pain overrode her anger. It took a few minutes before Dr. Fritz regained himself.

“Looks like I’ll have to be careful around you Miss Iliana. Maybe keeping you distracted enough will prevent something like this from happening. Looks like you need more coaxing to see my side of things.”

Time seemed to slow down as the scientists tried different means of getting Iliana to talk about her abilities. The shock treatment was frequent, but other means were used like those pain injections and near suffocation methods.

Meanwhile outside of Iliana’s trial, which was being condensed to go fast for the viewers, Heath was using all of his willpower to stay in his seat for he remembered the warnings Poseidon gave. It was still torture for him to see the pain his sister was going through and he did something he never did before, he cried. He never felt such anger before either. He wanted to rush down there and save her, but he knew this had already happened, plus it was an illusion. He couldn’t stop himself from cursing once though.

Within the illusion, Iliana could feel herself fading away. Where was her mother? She should have been here by now. Iliana wanted the pain to end, but she refused to give the scientists what they wanted. They were clearly mad, but now Iliana could feel her own sanity slipping as the constant pain consumed her. They had managed to find out she could make it rain and plants grow.

“Fascinating Miss Iliana. Truly incredible! I hate to see you in pain, so I’ll ask you again, how do you harness these abilities? If possible I want other humans to attain them. It could revolutionize so many things.”

”Im. . . .possible . . . you’re . . . . human.” Iliana said, cracking a bit.

Realizing what she said, her eyes open wide in fear. What had she done?!

“Oh? You’re not human then Miss Iliana. Now I am curious. What are you then?”

Turning her head to the side, Iliana refuse to say anything. Seeing she wasn’t going to budge, Dr. Fritz continued to try to ‘persuade’ her and it was agonizing. Iliana’s sanity finally snapped. In her desperation to stop talking and to prevent the scientists from finding out about her divine nature, she used her power on herself. Wind picked out as it headed inside of her throat, destroying her own vocal chords. The screaming stopped but it caused her to cough up blood as she knocked herself out. Suddenly Dr. Fritz stopped what he was doing and he and the other doctors examine her and injected something into her to wake her up.

“Unbelievable, you destroyed your own voice. Well, looks like I’ll have to find other means to getting what I want.”

Suddenly the room shook and there was a blast as Demeter burst onto the scene. She was raving mad, it was plain to see. She had been sent on a mission by Zeus and it was during this mission she felt her daughter’s pain. However she couldn't get to her until she completed her job. Not wasting any time, she used her abilities to take out most of the scientists, but Dr. Fritz was quick to secure Iliana. He had a blade next to her neck. Iliana, having seen her mother, cried.

“Well, well, what do we have here? Her mother I assumed. I wouldn’t be so quick if I were you.”

However before he could do anything, someone burst into the scene as Hermes took the man out before he could hurt Iliana more.

”Get her out of here, Athena. Hermes and I will take care of the rest.” Demeter said to the goddess as she appeared.

Athena nodded and freeing Iliana, took her away. Everything went black again and the next time Iliana regained consciousness, she felt different. She was so tired but she heard the voices of Apollo and her mother. He told her mother that he managed to heal her vocal chords, but she still may never be able to talk again and then mentioned that he removed a chip that been in her head. It seemed to be a tracking chip. The idea she could have been found was just too much, and Iliana shut down.

Trial done, Iliana dropped to her knees. She remembered everything. She killed . . . and tried to kill again. The shock of it all left her broken on the inside. The images kept replaying in her head over and over, she would never forget them again. Suddenly without warning, she let out a piercing scream from the depths of her soul. Nelly had to cover her ears it was so loud. Ethan, who had started crying too, just shook his head. He had no idea Iliana had been through so much. And Heath was a wreck too. He wanted to run down there and scoop his sister up, but Iliana had to be the one to come back. After screaming, Iliana went silent as she numbly got up and walked back to the seats, without even realizing it. Heath tried comforting her, but she rejected his touch. She felt like a monster and didn’t feel she deserve such kindness. Her face showed no emotion and she ignored everything else. Feeling helpless, Heath let her be.


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son of artemis
Location: Archway
Mood: Anxious
Hex: #0000BF

Theo's anxiety rose as he watched the trials, waiting on his turn to come up. The idea of having his deepest fears brought out in this illusion made his head spin. There was no telling what he had coming.

Theo looked on intently as Trinity's trial unfolded. He wasn't necessarily surprised that he got a starring role in her illusion, but that didn't make it any less gut wrenching. Watching Trinity destroy Wes and himself made him wince more than once. Then there was the big revelation. Trinity loved Wes, and there was nothing he could do about it... Theo hung his head when Trinity found herself back in the arena. Looking at her was too hard. Obviously he mattered to her, but apparently he didn't matter enough. He tried to refocus as Iliana went through her trial, as brutal as it was. Her trial felt different, almost more like a memory than a nightmare. As Iliana emerged from the archway, Poseidon's gaze fell on Theo, causing a lump to arise in his throat.

"Theophilus Smith, please step forward."

Time felt like it froze. Mythical monsters, other demigods, war... none of it had ever really scared Theo. This was different though. His friends were about to find out what Theo truly feared. Hell, Theo was about to find out himself. After what felt like an eternity, he stepped forward, pausing at the arch to glance at his mother. She nodded at him softly. Why was she making him go through this?

As Theo stepped through the archway, the world around him changed. Camp, he was at camp. There was a menacing looking army of mythological creatures gathering across the clearing. Were they in a battle? The campers were all staring intently at him, like they were waiting on him to speak. Why would they be looking at him? "What's the plan? Where is Ajax?" Theo questioned, locking eyes with Andy.

Andy's face dropped, "Theo... Ajax is gone. As for the plan, we were waiting on you to tell us. You ARE the leader now."

Theo broke eye contact with Andy. Why was Ajax gone? Why was he all of a sudden the leader? He hated when people were relying on him. He couldn't lead, not with these stakes. This battle was clearly going to be a nasty one. Theo looked across the field again, and then back to the campers, his gaze finally landing on Trinity. Not her, too. Even she was eagerly looking at him, waiting for answers.

"I... ummmm..." Theo was stammering, nerves evident in his tone, "Look, I don't have some big plan. It's not like anyone ever follows a plan anyway. Play to your strengths. Just fight like hell. We're demigods, that's what we do." They were all just looking at him, hanging on every word as if it was gospel. How did Ajax always do this? No wonder he's a mess. This pressure was suffocating. "Go! Let's go!" Theo stepped forward, looking for his vantage point where he could be most effective with his bow and arrow. The campers bumped him as they charged past him. They just took off, no questions asked. It's not like he had come up with a good plan, or really any plan at all. Why hadn't Andy, or Trinity, or even Mason questioned him? Theo shook his head, taking off for a tree at the edge of the woods. The opposing sides were charging at each other. The battle was about to begin, and Theo readied his bow and arrow.

Then the clash happened, and everything became a blur. Theo was doing his best, picking off enemies from a distance. It just wasn't helping much. Things were not looking pretty. These monsters were strong, and there were too many of them. He watched as Daniel and Cherise were swallowed by a crowd of monsters. No... He shot arrows in their direction, but it was too late. They were already being torn apart. Theo scanned the field, his attention falling on Andy and Trinity. At least they were holding their own for the time being. He spotted Evelyn and Sylas getting overpowered by a team of monsters. Ethan, Heath, Iliana, Penelope... they were all going down. Then completely across the battlefield, he caught a glimpse of Rae, unloading her own quiver of arrows as enemies ate up ground between edge of the battle and her tree. Mason was in a sticky situation as well. Theo watched as Andy left Trinity's side to help Mason, but even she was knocked off her feet and enveloped in monsters as she ran to him.

Helplessness... that is what Theo felt in this moment. He could not help the people he cared about. He could not save the camp that was his home. They had all looked to him for answers, and he had none.


Wes' voice jerked Theo out of his self pity. He was in as bad a spot as anyone else, surrounded by enemies that even the strongest of them would struggle against. Trinity must have heard him too because she was making a beeline straight across the battlefield to Wes. She got to him, throwing monsters off of him as she tried to pull him together. From Theo's view it was too late, but he fired arrows in their direction anyway. He had to protect Trinity at all costs. He wouldn't lose her too. Trinity was frantic, trying to bring Wes to and fight off everything around her at the same time.

"Wes, Wes, wake up! Come on! Don't do this! You have got to wake up. I need you Wes, come on! Wake up!" Did Trinity really care that much for Wes? Theo had never heard Trinity admit she needed anyone. Could she really not live without Wes?

Then Theo saw it, a huge dog like creature heading right at Trinity. Theo leapt from his tree, transforming into his wolf form on his way down. He had to get to her. Now, would be a great time for Trinity to suddenly develop super senses like Theo. He had to get close enough for him to warn her, but time was short. The dog was faster than him, but Theo pressed on. Trinity would not leave Wes, and she would never see the creature coming. Go... go.. go... Theo was almost there. He leapt in the air, transforming back into himself, stretching his voice as far as he could, "Trinity! Watch..."

He never had a chance to finish the words as Trinity was blindsided by the creature and slammed to the ground. The sound of her scream was too much. Theo dropped to his knees. He had failed. Everyone he cared for was going to die, and it was all his fault. All he could do was sit there, defeated. Theo closed his eyes, accepting his fate, waiting for whatever came. He barely felt it as he was knocked on his back, something with sharp teeth tearing into him. As everything faded to black Theo realized what exactly was killing him.


Theo came to on all fours in the arena. It took his brain a moment to process that everything he had just experienced wasn't real. It was just an illusion, a damn good illusion. That didn't change anything, though. He felt the eyes of his fellow campers on him, as he lifted his head, looking at no one in particular. He couldn't, not in this moment. They all knew now. Theo could never lead. He was just going disappoint everyone. Theo staggered his way onto his feet, and took his place back with his friends, slightly away from the rest of the group this time.


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#, as written by mjolnir

andromeda bolton

"Yeah." Mason's voice was quiet. He didn't want to admit it anymore than Andy did. "Daniel okay?" He changed the subject, which she didn't know if she was happy about or not.

She never got the chance to respond regardless. Mason's name was called next and subconsciously her hand gripped tighter to his. He unhooked his fingers from hers as he stood. Andy let him, but only to avoid further wrath from the Gods. She didn't want him to go. She saw what it was doing to everyone and she wanted to keep him, Trinity and even herself from experiencing it. But they had no choice.

"It's going to be okay." A lie. No one was ok when they came back out.

Andy curled in on herself as her anxiety only seemed to rise. She crossed one leg over the other. Her left held her abdomen while she chewed on her right thumbnail. With every step Mason took closer to the arch her leg bounced furiously. Somehow she was more scared of what he'd see in there than her inevitable trial. Andy and Mason's relationship was rocky at best. It finally seemed like they had reached stable ground. She was terrified whatever would happen in there could undo everything.

She was silent, almost holding her breath as Mason entered the illusion. Andy's brows furrowed as a vision of herself came to life in his trial. But then there was Ajax... And a child. Her heart sank as her gaze fell back to Mason. He couldn't bear to look at it. She just sat there and watched him, watched his sadness and pain. Gods she hated this. What was worse? Being stuck in your own worst nightmares? Or the people you care about in their nightmares as you watch helplessly? This was all its own new breed of hell.

Then the crash of lightning made her flinch. For a moment Andy could have swore she felt the pain all over again. It was hard for her to watch, each bolt sent a chill down her back. But the fight ended as quickly as it began leaving Mason on his knees with a sword at his neck. She knew he wasn't going to die. She saw enough of the other demigods face their own demise within the illusions. That didn't stop her from wanting to jump up from her seat and go after Alex. But she was frozen in place. There was nothing she could do. Andy turned her head away, flinching as the sword swung down. She waited a long moment as a single tear rolled down her cheek before looking back toward the arena, finding Mason unharmed... Or, alive at least.

Andy's gaze didn't leave him as he returned to the stands. Mason didn't sit beside her though. It seemed he sat almost as far away as possible. For only a brief second he looked toward her. She wanted to beckon him closer, or perhaps go join him. But his gaze fell and he didn't move closer. Neither did she.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, Trinity was called next. Andy tried her best to give her friend a brave smile but it was sympathetic more than anything. At first it was a blood bath, but at Trinity's own hands. She had a bloodlust that made Andy thankful to not be on the opposing side of the blonde. It was an interesting trial, but so far nothing that seemed overly scarring. That was until Theo and Wes emerged. First the pair fought each other until Trin got their attention.

"What are you doing?" Andy whispered under her breath. Trinity should have let the men fight, but now she had no choice but to take them on herself. First she handled Theo, pinning him to the ground with an arrow or two, but that left Wes. Andy's stomach twisted as she watched the lovers fight. She already knew how it'd end before it did and opted not to watch.

When Trinity returned to her seat, Andy did the only thing she could think of. Without a word or a sideways glance, she reached out and took her friend's hand in hers. They sat there in silence, stoic like statues as the next trial commenced. In the blink of an eye her attention drifted as all the possibilities of what she could face inside flashed through her mind. Trinity was one of the strongest people she knew and seeing her broken only frightened Andy more. They were getting to the end which only seemed to make her nerves worse.

Andy only managed to look up when she heard her own voice. No matter how many times she saw herself in these illusions it didn't make it any easier. Theo's trial felt like a strange deja vu, but not. This time everyone relied on him for guidance. Then one by one they died. Her hand tightened around Trinity's as Wes died before their eyes for a third time that day. Suicide, his lover's blade and monsters. She could only imagine how hard that was to watch.

"Andromeda Bolton."

Her heart skipped a beat. Andy looked around at the demigods scattered throughout the arena like her name being called was an accident. But it wasn't. It was only herself and Liam left. She took a deep breath and gave Trinity's hand one final squeeze before moving to her feet. She found herself looking back towards Daniel and Mason for some amount of reassurance although nothing would help. Rather than hesitate, when Andy reached the archway her pace quickened and she entered it head first. The sooner in, the sooner out.

It was dark, nearly pitch black, aside from a feint glow emitting from the far end of the corridor. She was in a cavern of some sort, not man made but not quite natural either. The deeper Andy wondered the more her heart raced. Like a breeze, voices no louder than whispers swept past her, inaudible but pleading. It all felt familiar, but sickeningly so. She wanted to turn back, but the path behind her seemed darker and more daunting. She escaped the Underworld before, she could do it again. Just follow the light.

The cave slowly began to widen. Andy's pace quickened until she was running towards the light. The corridor opened to reveal a large room that still managed to feel claustrophobic. There was barely enough light to see the surrounding walls. And unmoving in the center, like an ominous demon, stood Hades, cloaked in black with a sick grin. "Miss Bolton, good to see you."

"No..." Andy shook her head before she turned around and tried to exit the way she came. But behind her was no path, just another rock wall like those around the room. She groaned out of aggravation and punched the wall. "No. No. No." Her voice pleaded like she was trying to wake herself up from a cruel nightmare.

"What's the rush? You only just arrived." Hades slowly approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

The brief contact of their skin made memories of her last time in the Underworld flash before her eyes. The cold, dark and damp. The torture at the God's own hands. It plagued her nightmares every night, but this wasn't a dream. She couldn't wake herself. Andy slipped from his grasp and shoved Hades backwards. "Don't touch me!"

"Come now? Can't we be civilized?" He held out his hand in a slight surrendering gesture.

Andy backed away until she was butt up against the wall with no where to go. "What do you want?"

Hades sighed, giving up the game of trying to remain polite and cordial. "We have a score to settle," he said nonchalantly as he cupped his hands behind his back.

Her brows furrowed. "What are you talking about?"

The God diverted towards her, stopping a foot away from her, pointing an index finger. "Don't play coy with me. A deal was struck. Your life in exchange for that pathetic Valis boy."

"I..." Andy searched for the words but came up blank. She had no argument. It was a fair trade. And she would have remained there if it wasn't for...

Hades cut her off her train of thought as he took a hold of her jaw and pressed her head back into the wall. "I didn't have you for a day before my stupid son stuck his nose where it didn't belong. He's soft. Like his mother." He released her face with a shove, nearly knocking her to the ground. He began to pace angrily. His steps echoed off the walls masking the whispers of the lost souls. "You owe me a debt and I demand payment." He turned to face Andy and pointed toward the ground. "Now!"

With the boom of his voice, torches appeared illuminating the room. The flames grew as two gallows materialized in the center of the chamber behind Hades. Two nooses swung free absent a hangman. "A life for a life? That was the original bargain, was it not?" He approached her and took hold of the back of her neck, forcefully leading her to the center of the room.

"Let go of me!" Andy fought against his hold, but Hades's grasp was tight. Each time she squirmed his fingers constricted.

"You will choose!" He shoved her forward, causing Andy to stumble and fall to her knees. When she looked up the nooses that were once empty were then occupied. On the gallows to the right stood Ajax and on the left, Mason. The rope was tight around their throats with their hands tied behind their backs. Both mumbled through their gags and fount their restraints as they locked eyes with Andy.

The panic instantly set in. Tears fell from her eyes. Andy's chest constricted as she gasped for air, unable to breathe. She turned towards Hades, groveling on her hands and knees. "No. P-please," she begged through struggled breaths. "Kill me! Take me! I'll do whatever you want. I won't leave! I won't fight!" She held her hands up above her head, wrists together in surrender.

Hades slowly crouched down to meet her eye to eye. "You already promised me your life in exchange for one of their's and you broke that promise. Your life is not worth two. I want you to suffer for crossing me. You will live. And a day won't go by where you don't think about the life you ended because of your misdeeds." He stood back upright, pushing off his knees. "So... Who will it be? The man you sacrificed yourself for? Or the man who saved you?"

Andy nearly doubled over as she began to sob. "Please..." She sounded defeated. Her voice barely louder than a whisper.

"You will choose... Or I shall kill them both!" The God raised his hand, motioning his fingers towards the gallows.

The sound of struggling and thrashing made Andy whip her head around. Before her eyes the ropes tightened around Mason's and Ajax's throats, and began to lift them off the ground. "No!" she screamed as she scrambled to her feet and ran towards the wooden platforms.

Hades snapped and the two men landed back on their feet. "Then choose!"

Andy remained frozen where she stood. Her chest heaved with every breath on the edge of hyperventilating. Her eyes shifted back and forth between the two. Ajax's own gaze was soft. There was no begging or fear. It was like he already knew she would pick him and he was trying to sooth her through a single glance. But Mason... He didn't dare look at her at all. His eyes were fixed on his father. A death glare. He looked as though he had accepted his fate and was ready to die, his only regret being he couldn't take Hades with him.

She had to choose. There was no other way. She was in Hades's domain... And so were they. Andy was out powered and out matched. It wasn't fair, none of it. While the time that passed might have only felt like a few minutes, to her it was an eternity. A lifetime of memories passed before her eyes. Memories of Ajax and memories of Mason, the good and the bad. All of it, every moment. She tried to weigh the two choices, to come to a decision logically. But no matter how many times she went over it, her heart over ruled her head. She knew from the moment they appeared before her. There was one she instinctually wanted to run to and save. It was there all along. Her head fell as she let out a sob in defeat.

Hades slowly walked up behind her and spoke quietly. "You've chosen?"

Under her breath, not even loud enough to be a whisper, Andy said the name. That doomed name of someone she cared about, destined to die. She dared not say it louder, nor would she watch it happen. It was done. She chose. That was the end of it.

"By your lead," Hades motioned his hands towards the gallows, signaling that she would be the one to do the deed.

It was like a punch to the gut. She felt like the wind was knocked out of her. "Please..." Andy begged once more, this time looking into the God's eyes. But there was no remorse, no pity. Just anger.

"If I have to repeat myself once more... I'll kill your brother too."

"Fuck!" She cried out in defeat and anger, before burying her face in her hands.

Somehow, Andy forced herself to move, before Hades could threaten anyone else in her life. She ascended the wooden stairs of the scaffold in a haze. With every step she tried to think of a way out of it, but in the end nothing would work. He was a God. She couldn't beat that no matter how hard she tried. It'd only get more people killed. A trembling hand reached out to grab the lever and she froze. She took a deep breath and looked over at her victim. "I'm sorry, Ajax." She prayed Zeus would show up in the nick of time.

Andy closed her eyes and turned her head away as she pulled the lever. Then there was the sound of a trap door opening and thrashing. She looked over to find Ajax still standing beside her, but in the distance Mason dangled from the rope, writhing like a fish out of water. "No!" She screamed as she leapt from the platform and stumbled into her landing. She scrambled to her feet and sprinted towards Mason. She tried to support his weight best she could, but couldn't hold him and remove the noose. She conjured a knife and quickly hacked at the rope until it snapped.

Mason's limp body collapsed to the ground, taking Andy down with it. He was already dead. Anyone else would have seen it. But Andy was in a furious haze. She quickly moved to his side and pulled the noose from around his neck. "Mason?!" Her voice cracked as she said his name. She leaned down to listen for a heart beat and started giving him chest compressions. But when she finally looked back at him, blank eyes glazed over stared up at the ceiling.

Hades chuckled as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Andy tried to pull Mason into her lap, but as she reached for him her hands passed straight through him. He vanished right before her eyes. "No. No. NO!" She let out a blood curdling scream as she frantically dug at the dirt trying to bring him back.

Andy kept digging, covering herself in dirt, the dust clinging to the tear trails on her cheeks. She didn't stop, not until a gentle hand reached out and touched her shoulder. "...Andromeda."

She pulled away quickly, looking over her shoulder to find her Hecate looking down at her with, what almost looked like, concern in her eyes. Andy quickly moved to her feet when reality set back in. Her gaze quickly searched the crown until she saw Mason sitting there. Then, and only then, was she able to finally breathe, taking in a sharp breath like she had nearly been suffocating. She looked back at her mother with a sad and angry gaze that said everything she didn't need to. She wasted no time finding her way to the stands, taking a seat that was closest to the exit. She wanted nothing more than to be out of there as soon as possible.


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#, as written by mombie
L I A M x O ' C O N N O R
o f x a r e s
#EB641D || Outfit || Location

Liam watched in forced silence and invisible bondage; impossibly still from his restraints, the powers of the Gods ensuring that his rage did not overwhelm the others. He boiled. Not only would everyone blame him for what they are going through, but he couldn’t even control his own emotions. His fuse was ungodly short; a hair away from exploding or imploding, whichever came first.

Most of the Trials did not overly excite him, though some piqued his emotion which were prickling at his skin. When his half-sister was up, he wasn’t sure how to feel about it. They weren’t family-family, whatever that was. Yet something about it rose his blood, if it could have possibly risen to any higher temperature than it already was.

There it was - Ares children, displayed like beasts, killers, pit against their loved ones as if they had no right to that emotion. The collar of Ares was strapped tight to their throats; the leash just long enough to reach something good, only for them to be yanked back into their place. It wasn’t fair to either of them. By this time, words could no longer describe the way he felt. He didn’t like to see how defeated his half-sister looked; like some sort of undeserving animal under Ares’ thumb. If one thread of his restraints would unwind, he’d end up spiraling downward hard.

The last Trial before his was to come was Andy’s. He didn’t know her very well, either, nor did he know anything about the Ajax and Mason situation. Again - the gods sewed more doubt into relationships that might have been stable had they not been the children of shitty parents.

* * *

Liam did not just have skeletons in his closet; he had demons. If anyone looked into that abyss, they'd find that monster looking back at them. That monster was him, Liam. It was evident that he didn't want anyone to view his life, especially Sloane. If it had been any other day before he met her, then maybe he wouldn't care. It was his life. Yet, his life has become wrapped up in her life, and vice versa, which made this whole exposure so... nerve-wracking. That says a lot because Liam wasn't scared of shit. Not until the very moment that his name was called.

He looked up but remained in his seat; unable to speak or move at will, only to glare at the gods as they are so righteously seated with their judgemental eyes. It didn't matter, though. The powers that be, from the gods (whichever it might have been), forced his body up. That same feminine whisper played through his mind, urging him forward. He looked like an inmate being walked to his execution; solemn like it was his last day on Earth. His physical body struggled with the godly command cast upon him, but it wouldn't have done much more than amuse whoever's strings were attached to his limbs.

Before he stepped through the archway, he looked up at Sloane. If he could speak, he would probably apologize for what was about to play out. This was probably going to be the last time he could look her in the face, and maybe even the last that she'd want to look at him. Then, as if pushed by an invisible hand, the beast was shoved through the portal into his darkness.

Little to his knowledge, a little more godly magic would work into his trial. Where it might have done him better to have context into the scenery, a little background into the tragic moments of his life, it would be all but absent. Only the monster would be displayed to the crowd of onlookers. That was true punishment - to let them know that Liam was nothing more than a brutish thug with a nasty pension for assaulting "helpless" people.

The scene that began to unravel was a much younger Liam - a boy that was barely 17-years old but looked like a fully grown adult. Without context into why he had blown up in this way, his mother was crying. The high schooler had flown into a fit of rage, and his mother had her back against the wall, clutching onto his baby sister for dear life. The woman's pose was one of a battered person; her body turning slightly away from him in an attempt to show him her back. That way he wouldn't accidentally attack the infant.

The emotions are strong in this scene; a fit of raw anger that was uncontrolled and devoid of all sense. He wasn't even human. The worst part was that he wanted to stop. Liam loved his mother and sister so much, but his anger was all-consuming and did not discriminate against loved ones and foes. He paced back and forth, his fists covered in bruises and blood, his hands clawing at his face as if his biggest fight was against himself right now.

He grabbed one of the chairs at the kitchen island and threw it at the wall just shy of his mother; the wood splintering, his mom screaming out for him to stop. The infant cried, naturally, due to the stress and the noise. It didn't help that Liam's own emotions penetrated even the little one, causing her to also become unsettled. The entire tiny apartment they lived in was a nasty wreck; he had torn up everything and every person.

And to anyone that was an animal lover, he had killed his mom's annoying cat. Its body laid on the floor in the living room area, which wasn't hard to see through the open-floor design of the impoverished residence.

When that one melted away, more scenes would emerge like a reel of all of his crimes and shitty behaviors. It looked like he just did as he pleased. He treated women like his bitches, even coming close to non consensual physical contact. He did lines of coke, beat men nearly to death in the ring, and generally disregarded everything and everyone he loved or cared for.

In the end, when his memories spat him back out into reality, he was just left with a lot of shame. Most of all, a lot of anger. Yes, he was guilty of a lot of unpleasant things in his life. He wasn't a good man. He never claimed to be, and never wanted to be. He had no reason to be decent. What pissed him off was a lack of context - that everything painted him as some sort of monster without any reason.

This forced him to relive the nightmare and the emotional pain that was losing his father, and that immediately opened the floodgates for resentment.

He could speak, though, as the gods couldn't quite leash him up fast enough, "I'm going to kill someone,". The rage that filled him from sole to crown permeated through Pulvinus. It would affect everyone; especially those more sensitive to emotion. He was free, and his eyes were painted over with some kind of thick red cloud, and he tried to run for Heath like a bull. He didn't even know who he was about to attack; only that it was someone.

Sort of getting within arm's reach of Heath, Poseidon stepped in and grabbed the brute. Liam had clearly lost all common sense. His eyes were glazed over with anger, and they were nearly red in hue. His body had become harder, veinier, like he had hulked out - which would be nearly a correct interpretation.

The bonds were replaced immediately, and the God of the Seas made his intent with Liam clear, "Unfortunately, due to the danger that Liam presents, he will not be immediately returning to camp. We have a special place for animals like him."

With that, Liam was hauled away by several gods, and they dispelled the rage that once plagued the arena to be taken to Tartarus, as was promised.