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[color=red:22exfmvn]"Yeah, I am Alex Reed"[/color:22exfmvn] [color=green:22exfmvn]"And I am Adam Reed".[/color:22exfmvn] They even sounded nearly the same. Alex and Adam both also looked somewhat groggy, or annoyed. [color=red:22exfmvn]"You know where we are? Or why they decided to move us in the middle of the night? Damnit I am tired".[/color:22exfmvn] [color=green:22exfmvn]"You probably got us in trouble, again"[/color:22exfmvn] [color=red:22exfmvn]"Nu uh, you did![/color:22exfmvn] Adam gave Alex a look. [color=green:22exfmvn]"We both know it's you who get us into trouble"[/color:22exfmvn] Alex had a slight smile, then turned to the others around. [color=red:22exfmvn]"So, who are you?"[/color:22exfmvn] (Meh, minor writers block. >.>)