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Camp DePrae

Camp DePrae


Camp DePrae for Troubled Youth has some scary rumors, scary enough to get the government to go undercover. Will they find out the truth before it's too late?

842 readers have visited Camp DePrae since PandoraBox created it.


Camp DePrae- A History
Built on an old Indian burial ground, Camp DePrae has a long and spooky history. Originally DePrae Juvenal Detention Center, it was known for taking in the hardest juvenile criminals and them turning into almost robotic programmed angels. Although the place was high-security and very hush-hush, stories when around. Mumblings of brainwashing, hypnosis, threats, beating, and other cruel rumors were common, but most were either ignored or denied. After almost 50 years of smooth running, one event would change the entire history of DePrae. There was an uprising of every prisoner against every warden. Needless to say, due to the fact that prisoners were aged 12-17 and wardens were heavily armed, not many of the children survived. The few that did were shipped off to other prisons and DePrae was closed and left in ruins. That was 1973.
In 2000 a rich man, Nicolas Bernard, bought the land. Mr. Bernard owned a pharmaceuticals company, and wanted to shake rumors of human testing by showing a charitable side. He cleared away the old prison to show the beauty of the land, including a forest, a clear blue lake, and wilderness that made the area so remote. Soon, he built a camp on the land. Two large cabin buildings and a main office we the focus of his plans, but no one but him knew the uses of the large back building. People assumed it was just storage, but no one except trusted personnel had ever ventured inside. Once the beautiful camp was build, with all the resources for a great summer, Camp DePrae for Troubled Youth opened.
The camp took in its first batch of juvenile delinquents the summer of 2009. Most of the children returned home changed people, and their parents were thrilled. But there was an accident, or so, that’s was the camp said. Three children died when the snuck out to the wilderness, mauled by some sort of animal. Their bodies were never found. This was the story the company stuck too, but many had suspicions. After investigating and finding nothing, FBI called in a special force to go undercover in the camp. The organization, which you will read about in the next section, is called MASC.

MASC- Multinational Agents Special Cover
MASC is a secret organization assembled by the powerful governments of the world. Its main purpose is to assist in cases where a top undercover agent is need. MASC recruits of all ages so they have some one perfect for every job. For the DePrae job, two young adults with much training in defense and stealth were needed. They were going to be posing as councilors at the camp in order to find out what really was happening to the kids. The mission is dangerous but these kids know what they’re doing.

Now the second summer open, about 10 kids are being taken on a luxury bus to the wilderness to spend their summers in the beautiful Camp DePrae. Some start to change and enjoy the camp, but others refuse to participate. However, consequences are harsh for breaking rules. Screams can be heard at night from punishment, though the children can’t ever seem to recall what had happened to them. Most of the kids are scared into submission. Most of the normal councilors don’t want to get involved and ignore the horrible fate of children punished. The agents are trying desperately to find out what goes on in the detention room. Can they do it before they are discovered or it is too late?

CAMP DEPRAE RULES- (most are punishable by a night in detention)
1. All children must be in their cabins with lights out at 10 pm.
2. All children must be awake and at flagpole at 8 am.
3. No child or councilor may EVER enter the back building/detention center unless in accompanied by authorized personnel.
4. Any violence or misconduct will result in heavy punishment.
5. Any child who disobeys or talks back to councilors, or any other employees will face punishment.

(*** Means filled)
(BTW you don’t NEED to fit one of these roles, but someone has to be them)

Mr. Bernard’s Henchmen/women-
(Aged 18+) Tough, loyal, and sometimes cruel, these are Mr. Bernard’s enforcers. They keep things running smoothly and everything in order. They also keep all children and councils alike in line.

The Two MASC agents- (One left)
(Aged 18-22) Highly trained in stealth, investigation, and fighting, these two agents are posing as councilors at the camp to find out more information about the deaths at the camp. They must blend in or consequences could be deadly.
W. P. Inman- Played by Katryn

Troubled Youth at Camp-
(Aged 13-16) Trouble making kids who’s parents were fed up. Most have money because the camp is rather expensive due to its luxury and astounding results. Most have been scared into submission, but others stay rebels and will probably face harsh punishment. Romance will bloom, friendships will form, and enemies will be made.
Emily Hayden Wolke- Played by PandoraBox
Amber Lena Feye- Played by Dib

(These roles do not need to be filled but are welcome to be filled)

Nicolas Bernard-
(Aged 30+) Rich, owner of Bernard Pharmaceuticals. Known for being heartless and emotionless, he tries not to be in the public eye too much. Not much is know about him but he lives close to the camp in a giant mansion. He often visits the camp to make sure everything is running smoothly and that his plan is being executed.

Normal Councilors-
(Aged 18-22) They make sure the children follow rules and lead activities. Most don’t want to get involved with the rumored horrors of punishment and remain ignorant. Those who speak out or try to investigate don’t last long. They care for the kids but know their place in the camp.

Original Role-
If you really can’t fit into any of the other role, ask me on the OOC thread about creating an original role. I will not accept original roles without my approval before character submission.

Feel free to PM me with any questions, ideas, or corrections. AND HAVE FUN!!!!!! :)

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Character Portrait: W. P. Inman
Character Portrait: Amber Lena Feye


Character Portrait: Amber Lena Feye
Amber Lena Feye

Heh. I'm in trouble for NOT taking drugs.

Character Portrait: W. P. Inman
W. P. Inman

A 22-year-old MASC agent, Inman is calm and collective. His face is very average and easily forgotten, which is extremely necessary for the job he does.


Character Portrait: Amber Lena Feye
Amber Lena Feye

Heh. I'm in trouble for NOT taking drugs.

Character Portrait: W. P. Inman
W. P. Inman

A 22-year-old MASC agent, Inman is calm and collective. His face is very average and easily forgotten, which is extremely necessary for the job he does.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: W. P. Inman
W. P. Inman

A 22-year-old MASC agent, Inman is calm and collective. His face is very average and easily forgotten, which is extremely necessary for the job he does.

Character Portrait: Amber Lena Feye
Amber Lena Feye

Heh. I'm in trouble for NOT taking drugs.

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